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Auctions / [Auction] Asian Connection
« on: March 05, 2020, 01:18:46 PM »
Business ID: 24
Business Name: Asian Connection
Business Type: Illegal gun store
Income: 40%
Required Level: 6
Market Price: $35,000
Starting Bid: $30,000

Other Races / House "Rules": Other Races Usage and Regulations
« on: February 03, 2020, 06:21:05 PM »
Hello there,

This forum board is dedicated to races that are not apart of the VWH Script, but do affect it in ways such as Storytelling and so on. There really isn't much else to say, as they will probably not be added as of yet to the script. Though, if there is a race you really want to be added, we may think about it and debate it (Refer to Suggestions board).

What's the point of this board as a whole?
  • To serve as a place to place and preserve guides for races such as Wraith, Mummy, general beasts, and so on.
  • To expose the other players to new possibilities and perhaps create a better understanding of WoD's expansive universe.

Lore book wise since this isn't anything you can apply for or get you may go nuts so long as it makes sense in game. If you are willing to come up with a guide for this board let me know.

Announcements / The "Workshop" Program
« on: January 28, 2020, 07:36:39 PM »
Hey there fellas,

This following program is, by all means, an experiment, and it may be removed if deemed too much work and if no one finds interest in it.

We have plenty of guides that are both long and painful reading, though they are basically compressing 400+ pages of a book into about 5 or 6 pages which is amazing. But sometimes, there are things that don't need a guide or perhaps a guide isn't the way to do it.

In this program, we will give a platform for anyone who deems knowledgable enough to come up and "lecture" about the certain WoD based knowledge they have. By Lecture I mean hop on a special Voice Chat channel we have on the community Discord and explain to an audience the topic.

I will take the liberty of the first throw, though it isn't WoD based but rather how to be a Storyteller or how to be a better one.
A special Discord tag will be handed out to those who want to be apart of the program and want to get the tag to see when is the next session.
There is no proper guideline as to how to do this, though as someone who taught for about 2 years you can come to me with ideas and I will help you solidify how you present the material at hand.

So, what do you do?
  • Think of an idea that is either not in a guide or too complex for a guide.
  • Write down to your best effort what the idea is and how you intend to go about explaing it.
  • Send me on Discord the whole thing so I can go through it with you.
  • If the Workshop session is greenlit, we can continue onto actually preparing for it.

What does this give me?

Well, if you want some incentive we are giving out about 50 contribution points if the material is big and "glorious" though for smaller sessions we may give less.
It varies really as it is not an exact science.

  • As a presenter you are to come prepared with the material yourself and should be made by your own self. It doesn't have to be long, but long enough to fill in at least 15-20 minutes.
  • You need to prepare to be asked questions and monitor debates.
  • If you are presenting or present in the session you need to agree to be recorded. This is for the sake of those that could not be online at the time (the sessions will be uploaded to a special VWH youtube channel).

Workshop Scheduling:

Workshop requests:

If you are interested in anything of these feel free to ask.
If you want to make something, send me a Discord message.

Beginner Guides / 2: Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners!
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:55:24 PM »
Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners!
Welcome to the Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners! Here we will discuss everything around the community, and around your character. This means that we will focus mostly on the forums, how to apply and progress your character, and a bit of information on how things work here.

Let’s get to it!

Before we begin, we must answer a few major questions (Which in turn, will cause major confusion).

What is VWH?
VWH (Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans Roleplay) is a Heavy-Dark-Roleplay server set in the year 2000’s, based on the collective systems provided by World of Darkness Tabletop (That is a mouthful).
In simpler terms, it is a mirror of a tabletop game inside of SA:MP. A simulator of sorts if you may call it. You can do various things from being a lunatic supernatural, or just a frightful human, based around a world of pure terror (did I mention we have Supernaturals here?)

What is World of Darkness?
The World of Darkness (WoD for short) is a Gothic-Punk setting for roleplaying games using the Storyteller System, published by White Wolf and its licensing partners (Oynx Path). While typically not a full-fledged game in its own right, it is the shared setting for a myriad of other games. It resembles Dungeons & Dragons, and all those other tabletop games. But the setting is usually in a modern era pre-2010’s/2000’s.
Specifically, in VWH, we ignore certain major possibilities that are dictated in the book that happens at the turn of the millennia (the year 2000) for the sake of enjoying a more rich environment.

Typically, this tabletop is split into different chronicles, one for each race, that touch upon each other yet never mix. This is what we call a Cross-Over (yes, very daunting). In VWH, we take this crossover mix and essentially mashed all the races into one tiny town in San Andreas.

To see what are our playable races please have a look at our other guide

Cross-over issues, and how we solve them
Because each chronicle has its own set of rules and terms, here in VWH we have specifically tailored rules for each race. Once you have decided on a race and applied for it (We will get to that soon) you will have to go through specific house rule to see what is different from how it is in the books (Oh god, no one told you there are books?
Each house rule is set inside the Race Specific Guide location (if you can’t see it, it must be you are not logged in or registered).

Books? What books?
Books. Books. Books… Very daunting indeed. But worry not, we are not an English Literature degree, nor are we trying to be experts. So, what are these books?
Each tabletop game has a variety of books for both what you will roleplay as, and how to play the game. We can split this to OOC books, and IC books. In WoD, we use a certain set of older generation books (Old WoD) because they mix better. That being said, I still haven’t covered what are these books.
Let’s take an example, Vampires! Do you want to play a vampire? No? Yes? It doesn’t matter. This is the same for each race. Each race has a “Main” book, usually titled “Chronicle Name: 20th Anniversary Edition” -- Or in our example: Vampire The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition.
Each book will start out by explaining how to use the book, and honestly, this is your best bet.
Once you settled on the race you want, go to the books (link above) and start skimming through it. If it is too much, I suggest googling “Whitewolf Wiki - RACE_NAME” and start reading about the race.
Each race/chronicle has additional books, which you can go to if you like to read, as well as Novels which are pretty neat to read.
Pro Tip: Go to the Whitewolf Wiki website, look around for the races you want, read the 40-word description of each race. Look at their powers more or less, see what they do. Only after you find that you like it, go to the book.
Another Pro Tip: We have Race Specific Guides and Race Moderators!!! Ask them for assistance if you need any.

Wait, Tabletops have Gamemasters I heard, so where are they?
We have a strong Staff Team that is divided to both enforce certain rules and to also assist in this regard. You are your own storyteller until you want someone to throw you into an enchanting event (which we have often in-game). To join such an event, I suggest hopping onto our Discord server and wait for a community message, they usually are there.
Link to our Staff List

Ok, I think I got this. But what about my Character? How do I make one?
Well, to make a character you first go through the idea of making it (usually on paper or some lost google document somewhere) and put yourself some guides, goals, and notes for this future character. And then, once you decide what spiffy race you want, you hop towards the and go to the Race Related Application.
There you will have a list of questions to see that you are indeed ready to hold onto this Mighty character you have created, only to go down the rabbit hole which is VWH (Warning: It may be addictive, some of us have been here for years, and forgot what are other games).

I made a character, but I want it to be cooler. More powerful! How do I do that?
Power-hungry are we? Jokes aside, we do have another sub-category of applications to powers and traits., THis is different from the usual Race application that makes you go through millions of questions. We know you know how to do your character. Now we need to know, how and why you want these specific powers.
Some of these “Character Related Applications” demand you to go in-game and roleplay obtaining the power/item/trait, while sometimes a simple short story (about 100 words for the simpler things) will be sufficient enough.

I am still lost. I tried everything, I need someone to help me.
If the whole process is too much, we have the Initiation Program that is there to assist you in joining our delightful ranks. Imagine this: You are lost, walking down the streets of Angel Pine, suddenly you turn your head and a man pops up. Who is this mystery man? Well it is probably a Veteran Player, hungry for Contribution points (A system that rewards players for assisting, while granting them a type of experience points that is useful for the character-related applications). This Veteran will reply to the post you will make in the Initiation Program  and if he is fitting enough, he will become your guide in this world of darkness.

If you have any more questions, hop onto our Discord, and shout for help. Usually, someone is always online.

Beginner Guides / 1: Introduction to VWH
« on: January 12, 2020, 01:05:19 PM »
The World of Darkness is two different lines of RPGs published by White Wolf and later Onyx Path that focus on deep role-playing and, depending on the specific sub-game, the horror genre. The setting can only be described as the modern world, but worse in every aspect. Every creeping suspicion you have is probably true, and the world is as dirty and corrupt as it often seems to be. In the old World of Darkness, each game was meant to be played separately; as a result the games often had conflicting metaplots and, despite using the same basic "Storyteller System", were incompatible when it came to various supernatural powers.
Vampires, Werewolves And Humans Roleplay (formerly known as VHRP) has been around for over a decade. It was initially developed and managed by Rudy. We have an extremely large script that allows you to customize your characters in a fair and way that provides greater depth to your roleplay. This is done via Character Sheets, a system initially introduced in the World of Darkness games. It allows you expend a limited amount of points and morph your character's traits in what you feel is an accurate representation of what it stands for. As you play the server, you will gain experience points which allow you to further increase your character traits. The combat system is usually solved via dicerolling. The in-built randomized system makes things fair for everyone, taking out admin bias and the usual "S/F?" arguments from a scenario. Given the hundreds of powers a player can learn for their character, such combat cannot be scripted, and therefore we opted for a tabletop similar system.
The server recently relaunched under a new management and staff roster. The server revolves primarily in Angel Pine (In Flint County). Previously, we were located in Palomino Creek (Red County), but after a decade a nice change of pace is always warranted.

(Click above for a full scale image)

In Midnight Pulse, you will normally start off as a human. After you learn the system and are confident in your ability to portray a supernatural, you can either apply or donate for a number of races, which will take your roleplaying experience to the next level. Each race is based on a specific gameline from the World of Darkness series. This is by no means the extensive list of character types you can choose from. There's many more options and combinations to try. Check our website for more details!
Vampire: The Masquerade
Vampires are undead creatures. Presumably descendants of Caine, they refer to themselves as Kindred or Cainites and roamed the earth for centuries, hiding behind the curtains of major historical ploys. There are thirteen clans of vampires you can choose from, each with their own quirks, weaknesses and powers. Play a stereotypical Gangrel who can assume the form of bats or wolves like the infamous Dracula, or be a conniving businessman who controls entire cities from the shadows.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse & Changing Breeds
Werewolves are a species of the shifting breeds. Thought to be created by Gaia, they are the sworn protectors of the earth and all that is pure in this world. They wage wars against vampires, demons and other creatures that would prey on humanity. Though war among themselves is not excluded, they are united by a strong sense of hatred for those who serve evil. Other than a Garou, you can portray a number of shifters. Wererats, serpents, bears and even creatures who can shift into human sized spiders.
Mage: The Ascension
The Enlightened, the awoken, the magi. These are your everyday humans who one day had an epiphany and realized there is much more to the world. They are scholars, warriors, or your everyday clerk. What defines them is their thirst for something more. They constantly strive to better themselves on their pursuit of enlightenment, and will more often than not spend their resources on learning and mastering new Spheres.
Hunter: The Reckoning
Hunters are mortals who in a fateful moment had an encounter with the so called "Messengers". These mysterious beings are supposedly the remaining Angels on Earth, and in an attempt to stave off the forces of evil, the imbue your character with power to fight the supernatural. With the power to ward yourself and your loved ones from those who lurk in the shadows, you must now choose how to approach this newly discovered threat.
Demon: The Fallen
The Fallen, also known as demons, are antagonistic characters who recently escaped from their prison. Their stay in Hell made them all go just the tiniest bit completely, murderously insane. After thousands of years the events of the metaplot caused the gates of the Hell that the fallen angels have been trapped in to crack open, allowing the Fallen to slip back to the world and find human hosts to inhabit to avoid falling into Hell again that, as a wonderful bonus also help them regain a bit of their lost sanity. Now the Fallen quarrel amongst themselves to figure out what to do next in the perversion of their creation that is the modern world where God and His angels are absent.

Changeling: The Dreaming
Player characters are changelings, fae souls reborn into human bodies, a practice begun by the fae to protect themselves as magic vanished from the world. The game explores the balance between imagination and practicality, and the struggle of art and beauty against the dark, mysterious "Gothic-Punk" World of Darkness. Changeling draws primarily from Gaelic mythology, particularly stories of the sidhe and Tuatha Dé Danann, but also uses mythology and folklore from various other cultures including Native American nations, Greece, India and Yoruba mythology of Africa.

(Click above for a full scale image)


Storytellers are essential to driving plot forward, not only for your character but for others as well. Generally speaking, you will get free reign over your character's decisions and the path they wish to follow. The storyteller is there to design the consequences for your actions and relate them to you in a way that's immersive and fun for everyone involved. Thanks to the dicerolling system, their actions or verdicts are arbitrary, and the course of the action is more often than not decided by the throw of a single die. In Midnight Pulse, admins can temporarily give permissions to a regular player to spawn NPCs, map an area or create labels to enhance their story.
There are two categories of jobs you can choose from. Start off as a legal fisherman, mechanic, repairman, lumberjack or deer hunter. These jobs are easy to get a hang of and are generally interactive enough to provided a fairly pleasant experience when trying to amass wealth. After you meet a level quota, you are able to become a car jacker, drug/blood salesman or arms dealer.
If you are unsatisfied with the choices provided by the script, you are also able to apply for any custom job fitting your character. Lawyers, physicians, teachers, drivers and so on. You can get an appropriate salary and a function set to you, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the career you chose for your character.
There are a number of scripted powers that you can gain access to via the labels system. For example, if your character has the Life sphere, Obeah discipline or a relevant Lore/Gift, you will be set the "Healing" label, which will allow you to heal yourself and other players with but a few buttons. There is also flight (wings), teleporation, heightened hearing, shapeshifting (turning into birds/animals) and so on.
As previously mentioned, at the creation of your character you are given a number of points to assign to your sheet. These points can be put into traits ranging from 1 to 5. The more points you put in a skill, the better your character is at performing tasks with that particular skillset. This will be reflected in your dicepools. Each dot in a specific skill will grant you 1 more die to roll against other players. For instance, your character is a hunter in the local woods. You assign Survival 2, Firearms 3, Wits 4 and Dexterity 2 to your sheet by using some of your points. You will use Wits + Survival (6 dice) to track down your prey, then shoot it with Dexterity + Firearms (5 dice). Depending on the successes gained on your roll, you will be able to define what happened. (I.e. shooting the heart precisely, or missing narrowly and hitting the hind legs of the deer, allowing it to try and escape).
Players are able to get overhead labels that reflect a permanent trait or something specific to them so you don't have to constantly /do it. This allows players to instinctively know what's up before they even approach you, once again providing a small boost to roleplay and avoiding odd missinterpretations.
RPFs are a menu which allows you to set up to 64 lines of roleplay features specific to your character. You are able to apply on the forum for Merits, Flaws or Backgrounds, which further shape your character by granting it small quirks. You could make him an Addict to cigaretes, but he's also a brilliant doctor, which in turn will reflect with a decreased difficulty to your Medicine trait rolls. The system is intricate but not too hard to get a grasp on, and the moderator team can help you find what fits your character.
When depositing money in your bank account, you will notice that you slowly begin to amass more money. This is due to a small interest rate, providing you with 0,1% of your total bank account per paycheck on top of your salary. An amount of money is deduced from your businesses, houses and vehicles in the form of taxes. Of course, you can also commit fraud and never register your vehicles, but that's a risky endeavor. Aside from registering vehicles or getting custom plates for them, you are able to insure your vehicles. When destroyed, the vehicles will be repaired by your insurance company within a number of hours. 
Owning a property provides you with locker rooms for your belongings. When you have a stable address, either by renting or owning a house, your paychecks are earned faster. At the beginning you're placed in a motel, but can soon move out and make your own nest, just the way you love it. You can own from 1 to 4 houses, and can custom map them to your preference by buying ingame furniture, up to a total of 300 objects per property.
The server is running on the 0.3.DL-R1 version of the game. This allowed us to import over 200 new textures comprised of skins (werewolves, birds) and objects (swords, guns, spears and so on) that allow you to further customize your character.
On top of having 4 to 7 accessory/toy slots, you can also get custom items, which when equipped spawn an additional accessory to reflect that item. Our inventory system allows you to create a near infinite amount of items, with a specific description, market price and accessory code. You could get a sword that fits your character, a specific weapon name or even something as trivial as a gas lighter that you have emotional ties to.
This is merely the tip of the iceberg. There's a plethora of features that are designed to make the system immersive, the economy balanced and constantly fluctuating. Car glove compartments, lockers, looting/robbing system, dropping items, character description boxes, a custom health system, intercoms, very interactive phones with contact lists, SMS history, deer hunting, masks, NPC transportation and so much more...

If you have additional questions or want to learn more before diving in, don't hesitate to hop on our discord or register on the website!

Guides & Tutorials / Custom VWH Related Backgrounds
« on: December 30, 2019, 08:10:00 PM »
Hello there,

Bellow are Backgrounds we specifically made for VWH. This list will keep getting updates as we go by.

Workshop: [Taken from Coeus's Mundane Crafting Guide]
A workshop (“forge” in the vernacular) is a place in your home, hideout or wherever that lets you craft things with ease, as it will contain the various tools, materials, and blueprints you'd might need. It can vary from a simple area to sew up some new clothing, to a sky forge filled with Premium Metal to craft that wondrous armor you've always dreamed of.

For example, A Workshop •• allows the player to produce to handle adequate raw materials.
Workshop • (Common wood shop) [In game cost $500]
Workshop •• (Amateur blacksmith station) [In game cost $2000]   
Workshop ••• (Modern/Professional Lab; +1 DP for crafting, 1 unique device) [In game cost $8000] 
Workshop •••• (High tier Lab / A malefactor’s forge, +2 DP for crafting, 2 unique devices) [In game cost $16000]  
Workshop ••••• ( Nudhri’s Forge, Forgotten arcane Workshop; +3 DP for crafting, and -1 for the difficulty, 3 unique devices) [In game cost $24000] 

An example of unique devices:
  • 3-In-1 Metal Worker: 3-In-1 Automated Metal Worker: This machine generates 3 fixed automatic successes if used for scrapping, repairing, and modifying metal or steel.
  • Chemistry Station: For crafting drugs, medicine, grenades, mines, poisons, and cutting fluid are at -1 difficulty.
  • Sewing Station: Ignore two botches when using this machine with crafting fabric or leatherworks.
  • The Armor forge: All rolls used to produce light, medium and heavy versions of the leather, metal and combat Armor sets are at a -1 difficulty.
  • Enchanted Anvil: The Smith receives 2 additional dices to all Forge rolls when using this item during creation.


Academic Degree:
You are a wise one, perhaps you went to Cambridge to learn all there is to Astrophysics, or perhaps you are simply a doctor in the local Hospital, all that you need to know is that down the line you have learned in an academical setting.

Academic Degree • (You have 1 BA/BSC)
Academic Degree •• (You have 1 BA/BSC and 1 MA/MSC in the same field)
Academic Degree ••• (You have 2 BA/BSC and 2 MA/MSC in the same fields)
Academic Degree •••• (You have 2 BA/BSC and 2 MA/MSC and a PHD in a field)
Academic Degree ••••• (You have 3 BA/BSC and 3 MA/MSC and a PHD in a field)

Certification (License to purchase and carry): [Taken from Raven's Certification Guide in SD]
This background will have roughly the same function as a Firearms License merit.
A character possessing this background will be allowed to purchase and carry a limited amount of weapons using this background. These weapons will not have a discount, but you will be able to apply for an item without an explanation. So long as you have the equivalent background, you will be able to purchase and safely carry any of these items. A list of regulations will be posted on the Government side. You will become accountable for the items you purchase. In order to prevent illegal resales, you are liable for the things you own.

Certification • You are allowed to purchase and conceal-carry unmodified weapons for your own protection, such as handguns.
Certification  •• You are allowed to purchase and conceal-carry unmodified weapons of smaller caliber. You may purchase sub-machine guns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, but not assault weapons*. Refer to the tier list below to see which weapons you may access freely.
Certification ••• You may purchase and conceal-carry assault type weapons. If unconcealed, they must remain in your vehicle or home to be deemed legal. Some leeway is allowed for modifications as well. Refer to the list below.
Certification •••• You may purchase and openly carry military grade equipment and weaponry. You may implement any modification to your weapons so long as they fit certain safety parameters.
Certification ••••• You may purchase certain explosives and other high grade weapons that are often employed in wars. You can openly flaunt a .50 caliber machine gun or a grenade launcher.

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