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Blackrose Group Incorporated / The Blackrose Group Inc.
« on: May 24, 2020, 02:07:02 AM »

Code: (Job Application Format) [Select]

[size=6][glow=black,2,300][color=#AA3333]Job Application[/color][/glow][/size][/center]

[size=3][glow=black,2,300][color=#AA3333]Personal Information[/color][/glow][/size]
[color=white][b]Full Name:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Date of Birth:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Phone Number:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Martial Status:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Driver License (Yes/No):[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Firearms License (Yes/No):[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Previous Occupation:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Previous Criminal Record (Yes/No):[/b][/color]

[color=white][b]Applied Job:[/b][/color] (What job are you applying for?)

[color=white][b]Tell us about yourself:[/b][/color]
(Minimum 150 words, include your education and motives.)

[color=white][b]Tell us what you believe makes you fit the job you're applying for:[/b][/color]
(Minimum 30 words)

[color=white][b]Is there anything else you would like us to know?[/b][/color]

[i][u](Sign here)[u][/i]

[size=3][glow=black,2,300][color=#AA3333](( OOC Section ))[/color][/glow][/size]
[color=white][b]Character's Race:[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]Age:[/b][/color] (Optional)
[color=white][b]When was your last Admin-Record and what was it?[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]How active are you?[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]How familiar are you with the server's mechanics?[/b][/color]
[color=white][b]What made you apply?[/b][/color]

Character Profiles / Oz Winter
« on: February 25, 2020, 22:55:17 PM »

Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Brown.
Appearant Age: 22.
Clothing: Stylish, leather jacket & slimfit jeans.
Build: In Shape

Race: Human.
Awakened: Yes.
Affiliation: The Traditions, Order of Hermes - House Flambeau.
Avatar: Perfect Self (•••••) - Questing.
Focus: Might is Right, Gutter Magick.
Ghoul: Ex.
Domitor: Yahara/"Bill".
Bloodline: Toreador/Brujah.
Banality: •••
Hobies: Flirting, smoking, reading, writing, playing instruments, and art.
Dislikes: Wyld spirits, Wyrm spirits, street junkies, violence, and arrogance.
Sexual Orientation: Women.


Status Legend:

• In Love With
• Sexual Interest
• Good Friend
• Friendly
• Netural
• Dislike
• Hate

Mages: Dude what shall I fucking say?

Changelings: Awesome creatures of the dreaming (for the most part), they do tend to favor me mainly due to my beliefs, this is getting kinda mutual.

Wyld: You're supposed to be "the good guys" but do you brought nothing but wars to this town. Honestly? fuck off!

Wyrm: I got to see your good side and your ugly side, would rather not to dip my head into it, not at the moment.

Vampires: Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are the best in my bed!

Camarilla: Enforcers of the Masquerade, understandable. However, they're much different in this town.

Sabbat: Scums of the earth, will never forget, will NEVER forgive.

Scarlett Lee:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Ava Connor: More or less my best friend around the place, sometimes you're fucking retarded but I still love you.

"Freckles Number 1": Hmm, I won't forget that night when I kissed you at the bar and your face blushed in front of the squad. Hot, but I have found another love.

"Freckles Number 2": Baby didn't we say we gonna meet up for "crotch massage"? Hot, but it's too late, I'm occupied.

Alexa Black: The Ghoul of the Prince yet the best fuckmate around town. Once a Ghoul of the Prince, now a mysterious Assamite. Regardless, I'm sorry but it's over.

Jade Lawson: Would bang, would smash, would smack, but come on.. I could already tell you're a mess.

Mason Fletcher: I appreciate your mentorship and kindness, and woah I never expected to live in a manor on a mountain.

Qunitus: Thank you for taking me under your wing, even though I started from a dark place in the bottom, let us not mention it.

Theron the Dwarf: A fellow hothead Hermetic, initiated into the Flambeau. Do not mix his size and his personality, because this little motherfucker is a fucking Lion.

David Callaway: A shaman that I owe my life to, I appreciate you supported me in difficult times. I still can't get the whole spirit nonsense you're always talking about though.

Charles Tyrell: No words can describe my appreciation to your deeds.

Hunter Mills: You... literally died for me, I've no words left.

Arthur: A true warrior, I must give you that man, thanks, really... for everything.

Annie: Thank you for being there when I was an outcast, we spoke so much yet I feel I still know nothing about you.

Ellis Hayes: I can't believe you little bastard actually survived! One of my best friends but dude you needa chill the fuck out!

Stuart Turner: Sometimes it's time to forgive, you've proven yourself to be a good friend, hopefully you're doing well with Greg.

William Brandt: My previous Domitor, the one who gave me a chance, and released me when I requested.

Isaac Wylcoff: The previous Prince of the domain, disappeared as earth swallowed him... Honestly can't say I didn't like you... bro.

Isaac Walker: A troubled childe of the former Prince, hopefully, things will get better for you. It doesn't mean I will not claim my payback for my assistance someday, though.

Apollyon Morningstar: My blacksmith, hopefully we'll keep having smooth business. Dude, where you at?

Deborah Mananta: Cutie Toreador, friend of Scarlett, and now a roommate as well. To be frank I know you yet still feel like I know nothing about you, would love to get to know you better.

Emiel Bonhart: Thanks for helping me with the scar I had, also thank you for keeping Scarlett safe when it's needed, even though sometimes it gets creepy.

Benjamin Smith: One of the coolest dudes around town, but brah you gotta step outta the closet.

Gregory: What happened to you?

Latasha Love: You've got good intentions, but your goals are nothing but chaos. Every drop of water has its shadow, there's no good without bad, and you should learn how to live a balanced life.

Kevin Hayes: Stupid ass pyromaniac, and I thought we the Flambeau were supposed to take this role...

Corey Blackmore: Stay. Away. From my girl!

Guides & Tutorials / VWH-RP Lexicon
« on: February 22, 2020, 13:32:50 PM »
Alright, time to break the VWH lexicon down for new players, hit me up if you'd like anything to be added.

VWH-RP Lexicon

SD: Sherrif's Department
FD: Fire Department
EMS: Emergency Services
APES: Angel Pine Emergency Services
ERP: Erotic Roleplay
PC: Player Character
PC: Palomino Creek (The old town the server was based on, before we moved to Angel Pine).
AP: Angel Pine
NPC: Non-Player Character
ST: Storyteller
Battlechad: A character who focuses on combat only (most likely has unrealistic Character Sheet).
CS: Character Sheet (can be accessed with the command /cs)
RPF: Roleplay Feature (can be accessed with the command /rpf)
AR: Admin Record (can be accessed with the command /(A)dmin(R)ecord.
AC: Activity (can be accessed with the command /(Ac)tivity.
RC: Racechange token (can be donated for ($4), or purchased in game for $30,000).
AC: Agechange token (can be donated for ($2), or purchased in game for $10,000).
NC: Namechange token (can be donated for ($2), or purchased in game for $20,000).
Fae or Faerie: Changeling (a playable race).
Fallen: Demon (a playable race).
Magi: Mage (a playable race).
Awakened: Mage (a playable race).
Cool Kids: Mage (hateful slang).
Kool Kids: Mage (hateful slang).
Kool Kids Klub (KKK): The Circle of Knowledge (Mage faction) (hateful slang).
Permadox: Permanent Paradox (mage's permanent drawback).
WW: Werewolf (a playable race).
Furballs: Werewolves (hateful slang).
Dogs: Werewolves (hateful slang).
Crinos: The war form of the werewolves (see "Battlechad" above).
Kindred: Vampire(s) (a playable race).
Leech: Vampire (hateful slang).
Cadaver: Vampire (hateful slang).
Camarilla: Vampiric sect who enforces the Masquerade.
Masquerade: Hiding the fact vampires exist from humanity.
Brujah: A physically oriented vampiric clan (see "Battlechad" above).
Trujah: True Brujah (A vampiric bloodline).
DoC: Daughters of Cacophony (A vampiric bloodline).

IC: In-Character (what your character says)
OOC: Out-Of-Character (what you the player behind the computer says)
PK: Player Kill (when a character dies, but the player may keep playing their character).
CK: Character Kill (when the character dies, and that's final).
DM: Deathmatch (killing a player without a proper roleplay reason).
PG: Powergaming (forcing actions onto another player without proper roleplay, or using powers you do not really have).
RK: Revenge Kill (killing another player merely because they killed you earlier).
MG: Meta Gaming (using OOC information IC).
BH: Bunnyhopping (constantly jumping in order to get around quickly).
NJ: Ninja-Jacking (jacking another character's vehicle without proper roleplay).

Okay, so I get these questions very frequently, from new and veteran players as one.
I would recommend EVERYONE read this guide before allocating Character Sheet, unless you're 100% sure what you're doing.

Character Creation:
Upon character creation, your character sheet will obviously be empty. Your Attributes will be (1/5) and your Abilities will be (0/5). In order to increase those traits, you'll have to use your Starting Points, Freebies, or XP.  Each character starts with a few benefits that would allow them to have a solid start with basic stats, those are:
• Starting Points
• 15 Freebies
• 5 Background Freebies

Starting Points:
As mentioned above, upon character creation your Character Sheet would be empty. However, you have some Starting Points that will allow you to craft a solid base for your character. There are 3 types of them, Attributes Starting Points, Abilities Starting Points, and Virtues Starting Points (see pictures below).
Spoiler for Pictures:

Attributes Starting Points:
You get 15 Attributes Starting Points, those should be allocated into three categories, Physical, Social, and Mental. However, they have to be split into 7/5/3, the player has the choice to decide which of those sections would be their character's strong side.

Abilities Starting Points:
You get 27 Abilities Starting Points, those should be allocated into three categories as well, Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. However, they have to be split into 13/9/5, the player has the choice to decide which of those sections would be their character's strong side (Abilities are limited at a maximum of 3/5 at this stage).

Virtues Starting Points:
You get 7 Virtues Starting Points, you can allocate them in any way you want between your Virtues. Pretty simple.

Upon character creation, you'll get 5 Background-Freebies, you could purchase Backgrounds ONLY with those. However, you'll also get 15 regular Freebies, which would allow you to purchase anything from the list below:

* TIP: You could also get additional Freebie for each point of Flaw that you take (to a maximum of 7).

Personal Advise:
Many people find themselves accidentally spending all of their Freebies on their Character Sheet, while this is possible It is definitely not recommended. When allocating your Starting Points (see above) I would suggest you keep your eyes open, one wrong click and you will spend your Freebies on something you didn't plan.

If you ask me, spend it all on Merits. Merits are the only feature that can be purchased with Freebies only, the rest could be also purchased with XP, I would totally go for 22pt. Merits, 7pt. Flaws.
In case you really feel like you don't need more Merits, I'd say go for additional Backgrounds. The reason is that Backgrounds tend to be expensive when bought with XP, yet very cheap when purchased with Freebies.

You could also come up with your own wise combination, follow the Freebies2XP chart below:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Background: 1 Freebie (6 XP) per point.

Attribute 1 -> 2: 5 Freebies (4 XP).
Attribute 2 -> 3: 5 Freebies (8 XP).
Attribute 3 -> 4: 5 Freebies (12 XP).
Attribute 4 -> 5: 5 Freebies (16 XP).

Ability 0 -> 1: 2 Freebies (3 XP).
Ability 1 -> 2: 2 Freebies (2 XP).
Ability 2 -> 3: 2 Freebies (4 XP).
Ability 3 -> 4: 2 Freebies (6 XP).
Ability 4 -> 5: 2 Freebies (8 XP).

Willpower for Non-Changelings Only:
Willpower 1 -> 2: 1 Freebies (1 XP).
Willpower 2 -> 3: 1 Freebies (2 XP).
Willpower 3 -> 4: 1 Freebies (3 XP).
Willpower 4 -> 5: 1 Freebies (4 XP).
Willpower 5 -> 6: 1 Freebies (5 XP).
Willpower 6 -> 7: 1 Freebies (6 XP).
Willpower 7 -> 8: 1 Freebies (7 XP).
Willpower 8 -> 9: 1 Freebies (8 XP).
Willpower 9 -> 10: 1 Freebies (9 XP).

Willpower for Changelings Only:
Willpower 1 -> 2: 1 Freebies (2 XP).
Willpower 2 -> 3: 1 Freebies (4 XP).
Willpower 3 -> 4: 1 Freebies (6 XP).
Willpower 4 -> 5: 1 Freebies (8 XP).
Willpower 5 -> 6: 1 Freebies (10 XP).
Willpower 6 -> 7: 1 Freebies (12 XP).
Willpower 7 -> 8: 1 Freebies (14 XP).
Willpower 8 -> 9: 1 Freebies (16 XP).
Willpower 9 -> 10: 1 Freebies (18 XP).

Virtue 1 -> 2: 2 Freebies (2 XP).
Virtue 2 -> 3: 2 Freebies (4 XP).
Virtue 3 -> 4: 2 Freebies (6 XP).
Virtue 4 -> 5: 2 Freebies (8 XP).
Virtue 5 -> 6: 2 Freebies (10 XP).
Virtue 6 -> 7: 2 Freebies (12 XP).
Virtue 7 -> 8: 2 Freebies (14 XP).
Virtue 8 -> 9: 2 Freebies (16 XP).
Virtue 9 -> 10: 2 Freebies (18 XP).

Guides & Tutorials / Merit/Flaw/Background Formatter.
« on: December 15, 2019, 12:49:14 PM »
I have noticed that players misspell the correct RPFs format very often, if it's by exceeding the 128 characters limit, or other format misspellings.
It is kind of getting annoying to keep fixing it all of the time, so if you can't spell your RPFs correctly feel free to use this:

Character Profiles / Queen of Thorns
« on: September 30, 2019, 12:23:30 PM »

Like the rest of her kind, she has forever said her farewell to the light.
Hunting the nights, living on the remnants of others' lives...
But what do the other Childer of Caine truly know of darkness?


Legal Name: Camila Blackrose
Given Name:
Birth: October 31, 1613
Race: Vampire (?)
Bloodline: Demons
Allegiance: Azaneali
Sire: Dad

Appearance & Behavior

Camila usually will not wander around with her true appearance, she is adapting like a chameleon, fitting herself and her behavior into the environment around her, she can be anything and anyone; making it very unlikely that somebody will know what lies beneath. However, when Camila does not put her mask on she can be recognized as a young businesswoman in her early twenties. While she is indeed Mesopotamian, her extraordinarily pale skin usually makes her origin hard to determine. Regardless, her English is very fluent and it is hard to tell whether she is a native speaker or not.
Camila usually looks down on everything and anyone, believing this world is rotten to its core and doomed from the first place, she believes - she knows, that the only way to cure it is to bring the end. While she does possess a morbid world view, she refrains from actually showing it as it can question the integrity of her disguise. Most people do stay below her radar while the faithful and the scholar might actually be direct targets of her malicious conspiracies.
No matter where she goes, the mark of the doom accompanies her, filling the room with menace in such a mysterious way that both frighten and allure her surroundings. Subverting their minds and dominating them into submission like puppets on strings under her control.


---------------------- COLOR LEGEND ----------------------
⛧ Close Relative
⛧ Good Opinion
⛧ You're Okay
⛧ Negative Opinion
⛧ Hate

Demons: Keys to the universe, each one of them has incredible power and potential to be unleashed.
Werewolves: I could understand the concept of slaying to satisfy your God, you're just picking on the wrong one.
Tainted Werewolves: Very rare around Angel Pine, couldn't find many. Mainly solitary creatures who need some guidance.
Hybrids: I like the combination. However, once you become Kindred it makes you harder to control.
Mages: Those who hold the keys to the universe, yet are young and dumb for the most part. When you give a gun to a baby you better expect some unpredictable moves.
Humans: Mortals... All of them are useful in one way or another...
Hunters: Filthy mortals with false beliefs.

Vampires: Some of them are brainless, some of them are simply trying to impress their elders. While some of them are too afraid to take that glimpse beyond and see what true power is - The freedom to choose.

Baali: Those who can understand true power and actually strive towards the keys of the universe. I love your courage, yet I would slaughter each one of you to get you if it would be needed to achieve my goals.

Tremere: Our brothers and sisters, students of the occult... I admire your scholarship yet despise your rigidness and dependency on the Camarilla.

Lasombra: Students of the Abyss, we are closer than you would even imagine. But how unfortunate you can not see past the ephemeral shadows you summon.

True Brujah: The remnants of the true lineage, scholars who strive towards physical and mental balance, Yin and Yang I might say. Clan of Harmony.

Brujah: A fallen clan, used to be royal philosophers and look at them now...

Assamite: Nothing more but troubles since the days of Haqim, never trusted them and probably never will, hope you enjoy feeding on your own kind and being despised for it.

Malkavian: Lunatics, yet truth lies beyond their insanity...

Gangrel: Mundane and shallow, fear what they can not understand, clearly remaining under my radar.

Toreador: Cocky narcissists motherfuckers, obssessed with mundane beauty and material comforts...

Ventrue: Cocky Camarilla idiots who all they try is convincing others why they are the best, sad fools.

Camarilla: I understand the concept behind subtlety, but these cowards ban and afraid of what they do not know while all they do is manipulating themselves through denial of what's to come.

Anarchs: Some of them are dumb, some of them are simply angry. However, they got the right idea. Do not judge one for their age, but the wisdom that lies beneath.

Sabbat: Too vulgar, but at least they are smart enough to acknowledge what's to come.

⛧ Mary the Black:
⛧ Lucius Blackrose:      .̷͕̺̉̋̄ͅ_̵̨̨͎̪͖͉̘̪̺̋̐̈́̋̉͆̉͆͐̅́͠ͅͅ-̸͓̱̼̝̲̼̆̈́̓̆̈́̾̂̿̀̓͊̀.̶̧̥͙̬̱͛̒ͅͅ_̶͍̣̙͚̟̯̈́̓̌̆͠ͅ-̸͔͊̂.̸̣̞̖͙̝͔͒͗̊͋̌̃͊̀̔̍͒͝_̵̲͕͍̰͇̼̯̖͙̟̬̜̍̓͝͠ͅ-̸̛͔͇͓̏̀̊̃́̈́͒̄̐͝.̸̨̡͙̲͓͍͇̱̮͉̗̾́̋͛ͅ_̵̯͚͉̲̯̹͇̼̞̣͙͈̖̑̾͜͝ͅ-̴̛̘̿̉͐͆̿͆̑̏̿̓̑͝͝.̷̜̭̱̱͈̬̩͖̼̖̗͔͕̝̀͂͂_̸̛̛̖̘͈͖͙͕̱̫̣͈̮̘͓̈̽̒͌̈́͊̌̅̇͆̋̕͝-̶̧̲̳̦̙͔̘̠̺̤̒͌̇̉̀́.̶̰̱̈_̴̩̝̤̓̈́̀͑̂̀̎̓̂̉̽̎͘͠͝-̷͇̙̟̭̯̲̰̹̫̐̊͆̋̋̈́̇̓̉͌̂͗̾͂.̷̧̨̧̡̲̥̝̬̦̳̻͆_̷͈̲͖̬̬͎̙̐̆̄̾̋̅̈̀̾͊-̵̨̨̘͖̤͍̮̳̪̀̋͜.̸̨̨̡̱̭͇͙͕̝̟̋͗̿̍̀̆̉͘̕_̸̣̦͙̠̣͖̹͚̼͖̪̹̓̐̈́̈̐̕͜ͅ-̷̡̱͎͆̇̀̋͐͆͂͒̈͘̕̕͝.̷̡̡̡̡̰̭̬͖̱̪̻̱̟̉̃_̶̲͍͙̙̗̈́̽̐͑̾̿̔͑̅̎̚͠-̴̡̤͈̫̙̻̩̆́͐̓̏.̴̲̹̺̘̙̖̲͚͇̰̭͂͜ͅ_̸͉̰̈́̌̑̃̈̐̾͒̂-̸͇͚͇̗̬͑͐͗̍̓̚.̷͕̺̉̋̄ͅ_̵̨̨͎̪͖͉̘̪̺̋̐̈́̋̉͆̉͆͐̅́͠ͅͅ-̸͓̱̼̝̲̼̆̈́̓̆̈́̾̂̿̀̓͊̀.̶̧̥͙̬̱͛̒ͅͅ_̶͍̣̙͚̟̯̈́̓̌̆͠ͅ-̸͔͊̂.̸̣̞̖͙̝͔͒͗̊͋̌̃͊̀̔̍͒͝_̵̲͕͍̰͇̼̯̖͙̟̬̜̍̓͝͠ͅ-̸̛͔͇͓̏̀̊̃́̈́͒̄̐͝.̸̨̡͙̲͓͍͇̱̮͉̗̾́̋͛ͅ_̵̯͚͉̲̯̹͇̼̞̣͙͈̖̑̾͜͝ͅ-̴̛̘̿̉͐͆̿͆̑̏̿̓̑͝͝.̷̜̭̱̱͈̬̩͖̼̖̗͔͕̝̀͂͂_̸̛̛̖̘͈͖͙͕̱̫̣͈̮̘͓̈̽̒͌̈́͊̌̅̇͆̋̕͝-̶̧̲̳̦̙͔̘̠̺̤̒͌̇̉̀́.̶̰̱̈_̴̩̝̤̓̈́̀͑̂̀̎̓̂̉̽̎͘͠͝-̷͇̙̟̭̯̲̰̹̫̐̊͆̋̋̈́̇̓̉͌̂͗̾͂.̷̧̨̧̡̲̥̝̬̦̳̻͆_̷͈̲͖̬̬͎̙̐̆̄̾̋̅̈̀̾͊-̵̨̨̘͖̤͍̮̳̪̀̋͜.̸̨̨̡̱̭͇͙͕̝̟̋͗̿̍̀̆̉͘̕_̸̣̦͙̠̣͖̹͚̼͖̪̹̓̐̈́̈̐̕͜ͅ-̷̡̱͎͆̇̀̋͐͆͂͒̈͘̕̕͝.̷̡̡̡̡̰̭̬͖̱̪̻̱̟̉̃_̶̲͍͙̙̗̈́̽̐͑̾̿̔͑̅̎̚͠-̴̡̤͈̫̙̻̩̆́͐̓̏.̴̲̹̺̘̙̖̲͚͇̰̭͂͜ͅ_̸͉̰̈́̌̑̃̈̐̾͒̂-̸͇͚͇̗̬͑͐͗̍̓̚
⛧ Lord of Death:

⛧ Asher Lyon: Scholar of the Brujah, one from their true kind rather than the inferior ones, your disappearance is still a mystery while I still possess your whole library.

⛧ Cedric Ernchester: Time will tell what you are capable of.
⛧ William Brandt: Once a hero of the dead on earth, now serving in their own place, farewell, husband.
⛧ Leonard Graves: I like you and your ambition to help, however I think you do not fully undestand our structure and how we operate.
⛧ Isaac Wylcoff: Leadership is your strength, mercifulness is your weakness. You have done well for me, darling.
⛧ Ellis Hayes:
Spoiler for Hiden:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
⛧ Marvin: What the fuck happened to you? are you that weak? We'll see what would be your end.
⛧ Ragon Westergard: Once a herald of the Darkness, now ashes in the wind. I had nothing against you yet your plans clashed with mine, and now I finally realize I was wrong to fight you.
⛧ Latasha Love: You got the right idea, but to the wrong side.

This world has much greater powers than mere Kindred, those powers have names...
Names that are hidden in blood and shadows, away from the sight of the ignorant.
The Baali knows where they sleep, and someday will awaken them to lay their waste unto the world.

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