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Changelog / Re: 1.12.4 ~ 1.12.4a
« on: May 13, 2020, 17:33:19 PM »
  • The Abilities section in the Character Sheet system has been rearranged. (Outdated Abilities such as Dodge, Repair, Security, etc., have been removed.)
what if someone had those said trait with a rating?

Well done Rudy!!

they were refunded

Not all of them. I haven't gotten my Dodge refunded for example.
Are we allowed to refund the EXP via cmd?

Everything was refunded automatically. What is the account name?

Changelog / 1.12.4 ~ 1.12.4a
« on: May 09, 2020, 12:44:23 PM »
  • Bug fixes.
  • Editing main Traits is from now on logged in /e(xp)erience(log). (Main Traits such as Disciplines, Gifts, Willpower, Arete, Spheres, etc.)
  • The Abilities section in the Character Sheet system has been rearranged. (Outdated Abilities such as Dodge, Repair, Security, etc., have been removed.)
  • Secondary Abilities can be now be edited directly from the Character Sheet (administrators and moderators are able to set them):
  • Blood Sorcery paths and rituals can be added/edited directly from the Character Sheet:
  • 2 dog skins, 2 cat skins, 2 bear skins, 1 rat skin, 1 bat skin and 6 backpack models have been added.

Changelog / Re: 1.12.3 ~ 1.12.4
« on: April 21, 2020, 21:52:14 PM »
Main post has been edited.

Spark of Life Merit has been scripted and an apartment complex has been added. The newly added houses are up for sale at the price of $8,000.

Changelog / Re: 1.12.3 ~ 1.12.4
« on: April 20, 2020, 16:59:41 PM »
Yes, quote the whole Merit here please.

EDIT: Nevermind, found the book.

Changelog / Re: 1.12.3 ~ 1.12.4
« on: April 20, 2020, 16:32:37 PM »
Looks great!

Are you able to add in the quickened natural healing provided by the the mage merit Spark of Life eventually?

That's possible, yes.

How many active characters are there with that Merit?

The changelog has been edited as I forgot to document another important addition to the house furniture system.

Changelog / 1.12.3 ~ 1.12.4
« on: April 20, 2020, 12:17:38 PM »
  • Bug fixes.
  • Rage regeneration label has been scripted:
    Spoiler for Code:
    {FFFFFF}Rage Regeneration
  • Faith regeneration label has been scripted:
    Spoiler for Code:
    {FFFFFF}Faith Regeneration
  • Demons will no longer regenerate temporary Faith over time.
  • "/iweather" has been added. (The command is used for setting weathers to spawned interiors.)
  • Food items and other consumables will no longer restore HP.
  • The limit for furniture objects (300 by default) per house has been increased for accounts with donation package:
    • For Bronze donators the limit has been increased to 400.
    • For Silver donators the limit has been increased to 500.
    • For Gold donators the limit has been increased to 600.
    You will be able to keep all of the furniture objects bought even after the donation package expires.
  • Huge Size Merit has been scripted. (Those with the Merit have automatically gained 1 additional health level.)
  • The health system has been revamped:
    • A health chart has been added for the first 7 health levels:
    • Characters with extra health levels can see their full chart in "/stats" dialog (E.g.: A character with 12 health levels):
    • Vampires are now able to heal aggravated damage by spending blood. (A level of aggravated damage may be healed only with an expenditure of five blood points (though a vampire may cure additional aggravated health levels by spending an additional five blood points and one Willpower point per extra aggravated health level to be healed).)
    • Fera are also able to heal aggravated damage by using "/(w)erewolf(r)egeneration"
       and "/(f)era(r)egeneration" commands. (Unlike vampires, Fera cannot heal more than one health level of aggravated damage each IC day, not even with Willpower expenditure.)
    • Characters from other game lines will, every 2 paychecks, heal 1 level of bashing damage, up to Wounded level.  Bashing damage beyond Wounded will need medical intervention (Medkit item or hospital services).
      Aggravated damage for characters from other game lines is treated as lethal damage, which will also heal passively, every 3 paychecks, though only up to Hurt level. Lethal damage beyond Hurt will need medical intervention (Medkit item or hospital services).
    • In Final Death mode you will be able to use "/respawn" to respawn:
  • Spark of Life Merit has been scripted. (Injuries from lethal damage heal as if they were bashing damage and bashing injuries heal in less than an hour.)
  • An apartment complex with a total of eight houses has been added. Credits for the mapping go to Shoelace.

Announcements / Are you missing a topic?
« on: April 06, 2020, 16:56:47 PM »
The web server has switched host and unfortunately, topics created in the last two days couldn't be restored properly. I'll try to keep this website running for at least 24 hours before deleting it:

On that website you can find your missing topic and simply repost it here.

EDIT: If the temporary site is down, feel free to PM me and I'll retrieve the lost topics for you.

Changelog / 1.12.2b ~ 1.12.3
« on: March 22, 2020, 13:39:08 PM »
Note that most of these changes were implemented (in alpha stages) a couple weeks ago due to DDoS attacks the server was experiencing.

  • Bug fixes.
  • The HP gain from food items and other consumables has been moderately reduced.
  • Medkit is no longer restricted to ES members.
  • A Blood Siphoning Kit has been introduced as a scripted item. (The creation of blood packs won't be possible without this item; The players have to successfully use a Medkit on an incapacitated character while holding this item in their inventory.)
  • Levitation label has been implemented. (It works the same way the old mage spell of the same name used to work.)
  • "/(u)se(a)rt" and "/(s)ilent(u)se(a)rt" has been implemeneted for Changeling cahracters.
  • "Celestial Name" field has been added to the Demon Character Sheet window.
  • "Certification" Background now has the same script function as the Firearms License Merit.
  • The player's forum name has been added to the "/id" command. (You can toggle it with "/togforumname".)
  • Fera Varna Trait has been added to Mokole Character Sheet.
  • Fera with Sight of the True Form Gift now are able to use Scent of the True Form script feature.
  • An automatic initiative sorting system has been implemented:
    • /(printini)tiative [playerid/PartOfName] [range] [TimeWindow] - This command can be used without parameters; the player ID by default is your own player ID, the default range is 45.0 SA-MP distance units and the time window is 3 IC minutes. 99% of time you won't be needing to adjust the parameters.
    • /(ini)tiative(mod)ifier [modifier] - It lets you set your (PC) initiative modifier for the current initiative. (It is automatically cancelled after a new initiative is rolled.)
    • /(npcrollini)tiative [npcid] [dexterity] [wits] - This command is used to roll initiative for non-player characters.
    • /(npcini)tiative(mod)ifier [modifier] - It lets you set the initiative modifier of an NPC. (Unlike /(ini)tiative(mod)ifier which affects PCs, it is not automatically cancelled after a new initiative is rolled.)
    • /(togprintinid)etails - This lets you choose between detailed /(printini)tiative and basic /(printini)tiative view.
    • /(togprintinia)scending - This command lets you choose between ascending and descending initiative ordering.
  • A feauture for furniture retexturing has been added:
    • "/(h)ouse furniture" has a new option:

      You can manage your textures/materials:
    • The data of every texture available in SA:MP can be found here. Use this site to fill out all the required data for adding new texture.
    • Once you've successfully added your textures, "/(h)ouse furnituremat" is used to apply a previously added texture to a furniture object.
    • "/(h)ouse (furniturel)abels [DrawDistance]" will make your life easier when managing textures. (See picture above; Labels will be shown on furniture objects.)
    • "/(h)ouse (furnitures)elect [furnitureid]" is another tool added for easier furniture object management. (It lets you select and move a furniture object without having to click on the "/(h)ouse furniture" menu.)
  • "/(tog)gle(t)ext(d)raw(s)" command has been added. (It is used for temporary removing textdraws.)
  • "/(tog)gle(n)ame(t)ag(s)" command has been added. (It is used for temporary removing player nametags.)
  • Dying in the Folnkirk arena will no longer make you lose XP or PvP free death.
  • New skins have been added. (From ID 22055 to ID 22070.)

Changelog / Re: 1.12.2a ~ 1.12.2b
« on: November 22, 2019, 15:48:04 PM »
what happens when a character is in an interior and he summons another? do they get the marker at the house's door?

If the wielder is in a house, the entrance of that house is marked and the address of the house is show to the subject.

If the wielder is in, e.g.: Folnkirk, and the subject is in Angel Pine, the nearest sewer manhole is marked. Then when  the subject enters the sewer, the passage to Folnkirk is marked.

All interiors are pretty much covered.

Changelog / 1.12.2a ~ 1.12.2b
« on: November 22, 2019, 10:23:36 AM »
  • Bug fixes.
  • "/offlinerespawn" command has been added for administrators to respawn players stuck at spawn.
  • The 100 character explanation limit for "/(give)e(xp)erience" has been lifted. (You can now input as many characters as you can type into the chat box.)
  • Aura of Confidence (Level One Gift) has been implemented into the aura reading script.
  • Good Instincts Merit has been implemented into the aura reading script.
  • Hunters can no longer ditinguish other Hunters vai Discern (Level One Edge) or by spending Conviction points.
  • A functional phone booth has been added by the Library of Angel Pine.
  • "/(p)anic(b)utton" has been revamped and should work more smoothly now.
  • Summon (Presence ••••) has been scripted:
    • The following window is displayed when the power is activated using the "/(v)ampire(d)iscipline" or "/(s)ilent(v)ampire(d)iscipline" (E.g.: "/vd Presence 4 Summon."):
    • Then the appropriate rolling difficulty has to be selected:
    • This is what the Discipline user sees upon success (a blood point is spent automatically):
    • A marker is shown on the target's mini radar and the following message is printed:
    • "/(tog)gle(w)ill(p)ower" can be used to enable automatic Willpower expenditure for this power.
    • The script also checks if the target is three or more Generations lower than the wielder, when that's the case, the target gets an automated message. (This is an important piece of information for the vampires trying to resist Presence.)

Changelog / 1.12.2 ~ 1.12.2a
« on: October 24, 2019, 10:26:52 AM »
  • Bug fixes.
  • Pale Aura Merit has been implemented into the aura reading feature.
  • It is now possible to spawn temporary interiors for special events. The permission can be given by an administrator level 2+.
    Quote from: Commands:
    /icreate /idelete /ilist /ientrance /iexit /ilock /iinterior /iinteriorselect
    (You are obligated to delete the spawned interior after the event has ended.)
  • Administrators can now give out a set of permissions designed for storytellers with just one simple command:

    Storytellers can now go on duty by using the "/stduty" command.
  • New objects/skin models have been added. (For more information, click here.)
  • Four new values have been added to the Mage character sheet; Paradigm, Practice, Instruments and Instruments (Discarded).
  • HQ for Magadon Incorporated has been added.

Changelog / Re: 1.12.1 ~ 1.12.2
« on: October 16, 2019, 17:41:32 PM »
Can you make it so that people who have the "Pale Aura" merit show up as a vampire unless the user of aura perception or whatever gets 5 successes?

Which character has that Merit?

Changelog / 1.12.1 ~ 1.12.2
« on: October 16, 2019, 11:11:11 AM »
  • /(tog)gle(w)ill(p)ower is the newly implemented command for enabling automatic Willpower expenditure for the newly scripted race discearning powers. (Once enabled, a Willpower point will be automatically spent for the next Aura Perception, Scent of the True Form or Discern power usage.)
  • Roleplay items script has been improved:
    • Administrators can now check, edit, and give permissions for any roleplay items at any time.
    • The roleplay item description memory has been extended. (You can save up to 64 lines of text on each roleplay item.)
    • "/(e)dit(rpi)tem(d)escription" is the new command used to edit RP items details.
  • Master of the Masquerade and Blush of Health Merits will now subtract 1 success from the Hunter's Discern roll.
  • Distracting Aura Merit has been integrated into the aura reading script. (All uses of Aura Perception are at a +2 difficulty against the characters with this Merit.)
  • Life 1 and Prime 1 now can be also used for Aura Perception rotes (the scripted feature).
  • Mind Shield (Mind •) rote has been integrated into the aura reading script. (Each success invested on the effect removes one success from any other character's attempt to read the subject's aura. If you set the RPF correctly, the server will print the following message: "Mind Shield (Mind •) feature successfully set.". The feature is deactivated once the expiration IC date is reached.)

    Quote from: Correct Format A
    Mind Shield (Mind 1): Effect: [NumberOfSuccesses] successes; Duration: [NumberOfSuccesses] successes; Expires: dd/mm/yyyy
    Quote from: Correct Format B
    Mind Shield (Mind •): Effect: [NumberOfSuccesses] success; Duration: [NumberOfSuccesses] success; Expires: dd/mm/yyyy
  • A Quintessence/Paradox Wheel will be now displayed along with the mage character sheet window. (Note that Quintessence no longer replenishes automatically. Quintessence is now manually added with the /(g)ive(q)uintessence command. If Paradox and Quintessence meet in the middle and then begin to overlap, then Paradox cancels out Quintessence. Permanent Paradox is marked with red X's and it can be edited by using the /(g)ive(p)aradox command while playing the /chant animation.)

  • Custom appearance script now has a "Score" variable; it changes your score listed in the playerlist. Here is the correct format:
    Quote from: E.g.: Folken_Schezar nametag with skin ID 182 and shown as level 36 in the playerlist
    {FFFFFF}Name: Folken_Schezar; Skin ID: 182; Score: 36
  • All Fera now have their Temporary Renown displayed in their character sheets:

    Temporary Renown is given with the "/(giver)enown" command. (Administrators level 2+ and Fera race moderators have the permission to use the command.)

Changelog / Re: 1.12.0a ~ 1.12.1
« on: October 09, 2019, 15:54:01 PM »
Supposedly Prime can see the auras too, but not entirely sure.

Life 1 and Prime 1 combined. This will be added soon.

Changelog / Re: 1.12.0a ~ 1.12.1
« on: October 09, 2019, 14:01:42 PM »
Discern isn't based on aura readings so Deceptive Aura wouldn't affect HtR's Discern, but Blush of Health should have an effect on Discern as it alters the Vampire's appearance and Discern is mostly about how the monster is perceived in the Hunter's eyes.

Subtracting successes from the Hunter's roll isn't such a big deal and gives the Merits a script purpose.

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