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Character Profiles / Re: Emily
« Last post by AndreeaM on Today at 12:57:48 PM »
Oh wow Stemily really broke up. I'm heart broken.
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by AndreeaM on Today at 12:56:46 PM »
Nice! Let's see how this goes.
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Seaside on Today at 12:47:25 PM »
Aww, that's just sweet... let's just hope Emily feels the same way.

Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Android on Today at 12:39:03 PM »
add me although nice cp
Character Profiles / Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Xinius on Today at 11:57:41 AM »
                                                     "The eyes are the true cover of the person's soul"



Name: Alexander Wolf
Age: 21
Nationality: Romanian
Town he was born in: Deva
Hobbies: Fighting, drinking, smoking and sleeping.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Race: Werewolf.
Likes: Hanging out, sleeping a shit ton of time, scaring the crap out of Yasuo, bisexual people, stealing cars.
Dislikes: Racist people, cops, selfish people, idiots who won't shut the fuck up, pink stuff, vegetables. 
Height: 1.92 m.
Eyes: Blue.
Style: A black cowboy hat, jacket, black jeans, black boots, black leather gloves and a mask.

Smoking: Yes.

Drinks: Hell yea!
Aware of supernaturals: Yes, he is one of them.
Maritial status: Single.
Family relations: Close and loving.

                                                     Thoughts about the other supernaturals

Changelings: Some stupid orcs? I don't fucking know what the fuck they are. But they are retarded anyway.
Humans: Cool and normal guys, not having problems at all. Easy food tho'. And them bitches.
Vampires: Some of you are alright and stuff, but some of yo' asses are just selfish pricks. But vampire bitches are hot as fuck.
Werewolves: You cocksuckers are all selfish worshipin' yo' fucking bitch. I hate that I am one of you, you pieces of shit.
Tainted Werewolves: You see my point of view and I love that. So we cool.
Abominations: Where can I sign up to join ya'll?
Mages: Saw a few of ya' on some occasions...Can't say much for now.
Demons: Really cool guys, always understanding problems and trying to help. You cool. OH! And them demon bitches tho'.
Other shapeshifters: You all are just like the other cocksuckers, so I won't hesitate killing you all.
Hunters: I don't want an arrow in my ass, so I'm kepping the distance, thank you.
[000]- Dead, killed by Wolf.
[000]- Will gladly slice your throat and fuck the wound.
[000]- Dislike, avoiding.
[000]- Neutral.
[000]- Friendly.
[000]- Like brothers.
[000]- Honor, to die for.
[000]- Sex friends.
[000]- Romantic interest.

Yasuo_Sight - You're the best guy I ever knew, you always up for hanging around and you don't have a problem with what I truly am and my disgusting nature. I respect you alot and I would die if I knew you would live to see another day.
Natalia_Aqua- You are really cool and stuff,And you are always open for chatting, always with your door warm open. I respect that...Still worth looking at that ass tho'.
Emily_Aldrin- You're nice and ya know,heh...can't say I don't like you.
Tyler_Schwartz- Well, I don't know where you went, but I miss you.
Megan_Waller-Did you run away with Tyler while I was hunting and didn't tell me? You guys just leave a big question mark above my head. I still wish you the best of luck
Gabriel_Scarletta- We used to be best friends and I loved hanging around with you, we had so many great times exploring and fucking with shit. Now you are just a selfish pothead who is always crying. I truly despise your existence.
Alain_Beauregard-You saved me for some unknown reason...So I guess you are alright.
Alice_Fox- Well, we are the same. I like you. AND DAMN THAT ASS.
Meidi_Swag- You're like Yasuo, but more likely in a kiddo way. We cool.
Abigail_Henry- Best friends! would slap that ass if you know what I mean.

Character Profiles / Re: Natalia Aqua
« Last post by Lirbo on Today at 11:52:02 AM »
dw natalia is rpk'ed, pls rip gabe and nameless out of the relationship.
i did
Character Profiles / Re: Gabriel Scarletta
« Last post by $hadow on Today at 11:33:46 AM »
Natalia Aqua - I hope you find peace in death, that you never had in life. Actually fuck that, you can go burn in hell for destroying my equipment! Fucking vampire... [PK]

Character Profiles / Re: Emily
« Last post by $hadow on Today at 11:28:19 AM »
Character Profiles / Re: Emily
« Last post by Skeeper0 on Today at 11:19:21 AM »
When she fights bad guys how do her socks stay up without garders

lol point

+ I updated some relations, but can't remember all ppl so... sorry
Application Center / Re: Martin Dahlman [RCSD Application]
« Last post by Simon on Today at 11:08:13 AM »

Red County Sheriff's Department
Dillimore 24

Dear applicant,

Thank you for your application. It has been received by the relevant authorities of the Sheriff's Department. After reviewing it carefully, we have decided to ACCEPT it, which means that you have passed the first stage. You may now move on to the second stage, which is the interview. You may request to be interviewed by a member of the Training & Recruitment division.

Training & Recruitment units are as follows:

Sheriff Mikhail Zharkov
Sergeant Tychus Rodriguez


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