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Character Profiles / Re: Heather Gauthier
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fail lol
Character Profiles / Re: Tree-Claws
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Fallen: Hostile

well I aint given up :(
Character Profiles / Re: Tree-Claws
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Character Profiles / Re: Ava Connor
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Character Profiles / Re: Heather Gauthier
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Character Profiles / Re: Heather Gauthier
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Spoiler for Quote:
"If you act like prey, they'll act like predators."

Spoiler for Theme Song:

Heather Gauthier

Place of Birth
Yukon, Canada

Embraced Age:




Spoiler for Info:
You are the type of person who is always alone, even in the midst of a crowd.  You are the wanderer, hunter and lone wolf. Though others might think of you as lonely, forsaken, isolated or remote, in truth you prefer your own company to that of others. There are many different reasons why this might be so: you don't understand people, you understand people too well, people dislike you, people like you too much, or you are simply lost in your own thoughts. Your reasons are your own.

Spoiler for Info:
Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own, and if others cannot protect their claims, they have no right to them. The Rogue is not necessarily a thug or bully, however. She simply refuses to succumb to the whims of others. Rogues almost universally possess a sense of self-sufficiency. They have their own best interests in mind at all times.

Thoughts on other Supernatural

Humans: Prey.
Humans (Hunters): I really hope I don't run into one of these fanatics.
Vampires: The Damned. Pity on us.
Ghouls: Most of them are just a liability, so I'm told.
Werewolves: I'm smart enough to both fear and respect them. I know what they're capable of.
Magi: I don't like mages.
Fallen: I still don't quite understand them.
Abominations: Some of them can be very noble. After all, we share the same blood.

Spoiler for Hidden:
- Heather was raised in the Catholic Church ways, but she's not exactly sure about God's existence anymore. You could say she developed an agnostic point of view in theological matters.
-She had a rather schizoid personality since she was but a teenager; this didn't change much during her adulthood. This ought to be the main reason behind her frequent reclusion in the wilderness and her constant evasion of big groups of people.
-During her stay in the Armeé canadienne, Heather learned a lot about discipline, respect and order; she climbed her way up to the Master Corporal rank before dropping her career due to a simple lack of interest and emotional stress. During her time active she was displayed in Bosnia as part of the SFOR - this way her eyes and her flesh experienced the consquences of war, which marked her deeply in an emotional way.
-Heather holds special grudge against criminals of all kinds, and she never goes soft on them; in her eyes, they're nothing but vermin. This "philosophy" tends to go a bit twisted as Heather sinks into the clutches of the Beast.
-She learned the art of the hunt back when she was a very young teenager, and it was considered as lifestyle by herself throughout the years (even today). Her knowledges on the matter all come from both her life as a hunter and the training she went through during the army.
-You could say Heather is not exactly happy with her vampiric nature; however, she sticks to survival and to her predatory instinct. Being slightly depressed about her own death is something that has been slowly fading away as the time passes, yet it is still there and it might very well be the main shred of Humanity she holds onto so dearly.
-The convivence amongst some of the animals inside the forest is perhaps the only thing that makes Heather feel some real warmth inside her. She might be a predator who preys on their blood (which she doesn't find distasteful at all), but she makes sure to treat them with the proper respect... mostly.
-Heather suffered from alcoholism during a couple of years before she was embraced. It was starting to become a problem and it would have most likely brought a premature death upon her.
-She keeps the old rifle her father gave to her up to this very day, an old but reliable Springfield M1903. It is probably the most precious possesion she has.
-Her childhood was blessed only with a single but real friendship. She considered Avery, a girl about her age, her best and only friend, but the relationship between them turned distant when Heather left her native Whitehorse to join the army. It was her who gave Heather the beanie hat she still uses back in her twelveth birthday.
-Heather was embraced out of the prowess display she'd often show when hunting out on the outskirts of the town she was residing in back in Oregon; nevertheless, her sire didn't ever come back after stealing away into the night the very day she was embraced. It is unsure for Heather if he's been watching her through these last years, but she surely managed to survive without his help. Heather met her sire recently; a mysterious vampire that goes by the name of Ansgar. This individual presented himself to Heather after almost three years watching her, proving his decision a wise one. He took the neonate under his wing, giving her lessons, teaching her new tricks and guiding her in overall.
-After suffering her first real frenzy and almost murdering Isaac in the process, Heather fell right into the occasional depressive thoughts that once lurked around her conscience during her first nights as Kindred, especially after beholding what the Beast is able to do to her.
-Heather has English as her native tongue, yet living in Canada during basically most of her life taught her fluent and almost flawless French.
-As usual, Heather appears to be an ever-silent individual with people she barely knows unless they're of her liking. A stranger that approaches her can't expect to squeeze a great conversation out of her.
-The Beast started to clutch tight around Heather's soul during the last events, turning her into a bit more cold, distant person. She's growing more and more careless as the time passes and her true nature emerges.
-During the last couple of months Heather developed a strong fascination for history and, to be more precise, the Occult. This has become her only motivation and "passion" lately. She spends great amounts of time gathering knowledge on the matter, and she also loves to have a chat about such topics.
-Heather is self-conscious about her strength as a Neonate, which is the reason why she avoids getting in conflict whenever possible. This also ought to be the reason behind her constant training in order to improve.
-After Avery's (who was also pregnant) death by the hand of the Sabbat, Heather lost further faith in Humanity and also in whatever vampiric society she could belong to - after all, being a vampire herself was the cause of this tragedy. It is very likely that she won't ever forgive herself because of that, and it surely paid its toll on her psyche and behaviour. After this event, Heather decided to retreat herself from any society, pledging loyalty to no one but herself.

[ooo] - Enemy: Dislike, distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Impartial: No relation, ambiguous ties.
[ooo] - Friendly: Decent, allies, friends.
[ooo] - Extremely Friendly: Family, close friends.
[ooo] - Love Interest

Alice Gauthier - Don't you ever get close to me. I don't want more blood in my hands.
Alexandre Gauthier - I'd give everything away to have you back, to have myself back. But for now, stay the fuck away from me - forever.
Isaac Wylcoff - Love is a weakness. I'm sorry.
Abel Rosewood - You just try to do the right thing for all of us, but you gotta understand that there's no such thing as a "huge family" - we either sink or swim. Protecting the weak won't help them grow strong one day, neither.
Samuel Herbert - You taught me almost everything I know, and that will be always present in my mind.
Robin Nico - Perhaps too kind and sweet... I hope that doesn't kill you.
Ansgar Aarseth - I appreciate everything you've done for me... In spite of the cost, that is. However, I hold your wisdom and knowledge with great respect.
Lilia Mayes - There's still a thing or two I might be able to teach you. I'd like to keep you around me, as friends.
Marcus Nadler - Hmmmm...
Brad Carson - Very instrospective, yet misterious - I don't feel completely easy around you yet. Perhaps having the feeling that you're always up to something allows me to keep my safe distance.
Killian James - Hunger kills. I'm sorry I had to make use of yours.
Juliett Lawson - Someone else tries to fix your screw-ups, how unusual.

Corey Jay Blackmore - [Deceased] You are truly missed.
Paxton Morrow - [Deceased] I will never forget you, friend. You gave your life for me, and that is something I will always keep in my heart.
Avery Bouchard - [Deceased] Why you of all people...? I will never forgive myself.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Signing up for this was a complete mistake. I've been here for around four months already, right here in Bania Luka - it hasn't been pretty at all so far, not in the slightest. War is not exactly a nice sight, but they don't tell you how bad it is to experience it on your own flesh, on your bones; I guess there wouldn't be any soldiers at all if they did.

These sort of conflicts didn't end up with World War II; what most of us ignore is that this same shit happens over and over on lesser European or African countries, and sometimes it can be ten times worse. Life has no meaning around these parts, not when political affairs are on top of the table. Though it's more about money, really. It is always about money.

Luckily, I'll be going home in "only" two more months, at least till the whole activity in the area has ceased. This Stabilisation Force has been a military success, so the press says, but it didn't stop the worst of this damned war, and it surely won't stop the humanitarian crisis this country is going through. I'll just stick to my shell and go home, pretending I didn't see any of this. Perhaps it's for the better to ignore this misery, to try to erase it from my memory - yet nothing will ever be the same, this has taken its toll on me... I feel it.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Was it even worth it? I'm quiting, for I don't feel pride nor joy any longer. My career was doing just fine, but the emptiness is almost unbearable; the thrill about being part of something bigger than myself simply banished as the time passed, or perhaps it was never there in the first place. Perhaps this "achievement" was nothing but a façade to fool myself; sometimes I can totally feel like a worhtless piece of shit, but why? I don't even know, and I think I could care less by now. I can find another job and keep on with my shit, even if my parents get bitter about it. For now, I need a drink.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm running short both on cash and support from my loved ones. Being this far from my hometown has made me feel more lonely than ever, and the funny thing about it is, I kinda like it some times... Couldn't explain. I do miss Avery and that river outside town where we could simply lay and watch the stars all night long; yet those times are long gone and crying over them in the present will bring nothing but sorrow, I guess. At least I get letters and phonecalls from time to time, but it will never be the same. On the other hand, I still get my daily bread by hunting down deers and reindeers; it provides up to some point, but I'm afraid renting in this shithole is getting expensive.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm losing the habit of writing down my thoughts on this thing often, and being sidetracked as it is doesn't help much neither. I was kicked out of my apartment back in Quebec and had to migrate west to Alberta, so I made my way up to a small town named Banff, which is where I'm planning to stay for a while until I figure something out. The place is pretty, small and offers a lot of opportunities to travelers like me, so I might as well stay here for two or three months... Not to mention the warm and welcoming people I've met here so far.

I don't know how to feel right now, as in... I'm far away from home and my direction isn't quite clear yet; I don't even know what am I going to do in the next years. Hell, where am I going to be in the next two or three years? I'm starting to think a lot about this subject lately, and what I see is not pretty at all.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Finally decided to run off Canada without a proper goodbye. Driven by mere instinct and perhaps a tiny bit of calculated risk, I made my way to migrate south... into the United States. This place is all but as magical as people claim it to be; though I'm right now in Washington, not exactly too far away from the frontier. Took a peek of this Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest so famous arounds these parts and I've got to say I'm quite amazed and comfortable, at least in terms of weather and flora. I'm planning in heading down to Oregon in two or three weeks to see how's it like in there.

I'm renting now in a cheap motel next to the road and it's raining outside as I write this... It's funny to admit that I almost forgot how relaxing is to release your thoughts on paper with a pencil. I'm feeling peaceful for the first time in a while now, perhaps this is the thrill of being in an unknown and new place. Further thoughts made me realize... I can start over here, it's a great opportunity.

Spoiler for Hidden:
The winter around these parts feels just like the hottest summer back up there in Yukon, so I'm having little problems in terms of adaptation. I made it to Oregon a month ago, later than I expected, really. My liquidity problems are getting a bit bad, and I've come to realize that I have serious problems with rum as well... I don't know, I woke up yesterday on a pool of vomit next to this guy, Mike; though I'm sure we had fun together.

Again, I'm renting in a motel next to the road since that's how I like it. My room's window faces the forest and a huge mountain that excels the pines, it's such a beautiful sight that somehow gives me a warm feeling that resembles to nostalgia for my home. I like it here.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I've never been so scared in my whole life. I might be having the worst nightmare ever, but I wouldn't be writting on these pages provided that was the case... It wasn't until today that I found the strength to grab my pencil again. I'm in the forest, all alone inside a cave. My memory is all blurred and fucked up, to say the least; couldn't find better words to describe how am I feeling mentally right now. The army teaches you how to endure stuff like this, but I'm having a lot of problems processing what just happened last night. My body temperature has grown really cold, but that might be just the weather, or perhaps I'm truly dying from hypothermia, but... why amn't I feeling it?

I tried to eat some of the beans I brought with me to regain some of my strength, but my body doesn't seem to be able to bear food right now. I wasn't even able to eat meat, so this could be a big problem... Might be appendicitis? If that is the case, I'd prefer to freeze to death.

I'm unsure of the time right now, and I'm not able to calculate it right now either. I lost all track of orientation ever since I got into this cave, so my chances of being rescued are really low. My hunger grows more and more restless as the time passes, yet food isn't an option for me right now... I need to do something about this or I will surely die.

Spoiler for Hidden:
How is it that we manage to pull off our shit to survive under the most extreme of the situations? Mere instinct could be the most obvious answer; instinct is moved by another primitive feeling we ought to experience during the most harsh and unbearable circumstances: Fear.

Our survival is always our top priority, no matter what we say or what we try to believe to make us feel better. I was so hungry and thirsty I could barely keep myself together, but the urges that struggled within me were just too strong to ignore; I needed to survive, and, again, my most primitive instincts were emerging to surface.

I killed a man. He was probably hiking or hunting, like me. His footsteps made their way through that snowstorm in complete ignorance of the mad lass that was hiding in a cave, barely five or six feet away. He awakened these urges once more and I... couldn't stop myself this time. I managed to pull out a strength I didn't know I was capable of and ran onto him, jumping on his back like a feral rodent or some shit like that. All I knew was, I needed to feed, I needed to survive and, on top of all, I needed to get out of that fucking place. I killed this man, and such memory weights heavy on my conscience for now.

What I did was twisted and sick, and I can relate some of this shit to what I've read about mythological bullshit and that sort of thing. His blood was so sweet, and the thrill it sent through my body was just... amazing; I don't recall feeling this good during my whole life. It's almost cringy to think about it this way, but I won't risk it. Again, fear takes over of my soul. Where is the Lord when stuff like this happens?

Spoiler for Hidden:
Haven't kept this updated in a while now since I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, exactly. Now my conclusions are as clear as day... I'm dead, and not just that, but I'm also undead. My body functions have ceased to work and my heart no longer beats; even the color of my cheeks has faded into nothing but pallor. It's better to accept and understand such things instead of going into denial, yet that last thing is hard to avoid when you behold the impossible right in front of your eyes.

I'm apparently what Bram Stoker calls a vampire, perhaps a little less fancy and elegant, but the symptoms clearly state so. Time has been very abundant to me since that little accident, yet my mind doesn't seem to be able digest this... I don't even know how to call it. I grow more and more anxious when I overthink this matter, especially when I ponder about stuff like my family or all that I once left behind; all those things that I would give my life for now - gone. It's funny, but perhaps this is what I truly wanted back in the day, yet I don't seem to enjoy it one bit nor do I want this kind of loneliness for the rest of my existence. Perhaps all of this is nothing but a stage, so I'll rub it off somehow.

As in for now... My only goal is to survive, by all means necessary.

Character Profiles / Re: Ava Connor
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nice pic, btw pls add more
Character Profiles / Re: Ava Connor
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Talkative a lot  :)
Character Profiles / Re: Ava Connor
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She needs to sleep!  :)
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