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Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by FewLeonTime on August 10, 2017, 04:18:53 PM »
hes an american
born in china
can speak english n french

where can i hang myself
you can stand on me dear, i'll be  ;)
sec lemme go get two ropes
get me one too
Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by C. White on August 10, 2017, 12:48:21 PM »
hes an american
born in china
can speak english n french

where can i hang myself
you can stand on me dear, i'll be  ;)
sec lemme go get two ropes
Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by Jackiee on August 10, 2017, 12:44:28 PM »
hes an american
born in china
can speak english n french

where can i hang myself
you can stand on me dear, i'll be  ;)
Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by Explosively Savage Arrow on August 10, 2017, 08:15:29 AM »
hes an american
born in china
can speak english n french

where can i hang myself
Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by Hiazro on August 10, 2017, 06:07:49 AM »
What's wrong with u ppl, ya just go bashing the CP just cos he named himself the 'Drift King' smh.
Character Profiles / Re: The Drift King.
« Last post by Katy_Andronie on August 09, 2017, 10:06:06 PM »
Edward Harris

"If you annoyed Eddy.... You better try to escape from his anger."

Isn't that too hardcore for a barbie drifting guy?
Mage Applications / Dem Shucklefield | Arete 1 | Virtual Adept
« Last post by Explosively Savage Arrow on August 08, 2017, 10:15:52 AM »
Mage Application

General Knowledge:

1. What is a mage? (100 words min)

  Good question, what is a mage? The answer however, is a little odd and full of variables, a Mage can be anyone, it could be your crazy ex girlfriend - your high school friend, your own parents it all depends on whether they opened their eyes and choose to see the truth or not; the short version of this answer that mage is a person, it just depends on what that person does and what they believe in, and from that belief comes their extraordinary skills. They’re people that can weave, bend, twist, break and shape reality with their mere will.

2. What is the awakening? (250 words min)

  Awakening is just how it sounds, you open your eyes to the truths of the world and become capable of seeing the reality in different ways, awakening is the sole reason why Mages are able to cast and use their magick, it's how they connect to their avatar, and how they're able to grow, once a Mage awakens, they become able to connect with the nine spheres of reality, which allows them to bend, twist, weave, shape and rebuild the reality as they wish for it to be. Awakening isn't always a pleasant experience, however - once you awaken, you're yanked out of your comfy life and thrown into an entirely different world than the one you thought you lived in, it's an entirely different place; you become to see the horrors of this world as they actually are, and some are simply unable to comprehend it.

  Awakening can vary from person to person, and so is the way they awakened. An awakening can occur randomly without any reason other than the fact your mind allows it, it could that your character believes that magick exists; another can occur after witnessing an act of magick yourself, you might see a guy throwing a fireball or jumping way higher than anyone could - it could be about as simple as reading an old spell book, or reading an awakened form of code if you were a nerd. There's also the possibility that you might've suffered quite the the trauma which threw into the awakening, such traumas is a person you love dies right in front of you - being sexually abused by someone.

3. What is an avatar? (150 words min)

  The Avatar is many things, some say the Avatar is the Mage himself, a part of the Mage's soul that's been sleeping, only to wake up after some sort of a bizarre event. What happens within the Awakening is that the Mage simply meets up with his Avatar which allows the Mage to access her powers. The Avatar is there to be for the Mage, to guide and lead the Mage to greatness, the Mage's ultimate mentor, it is the only thing in the world that's been around the mage ever since they awaken and until they die. That being said, Avatars aren't all lovey dovey, an Avatar will hold the Mage's hand to greatness or kick it, the personality of an avatar can be from soft, sweet and well spoken to a brash, abusive attitude of a drill sergeant, although the only thing that can be said about Avatars, no matter the personalty or their method of teaching her Mage, is that they want him to reach greatness.

4. What is an avatar's essence?

  An Avatar’s essence in a nutshell is the Avatar’s personality, it also shapes the Mage in a way, there are four essences of the Avatar, Primordial, Questing, Pattern and Dynamic; each of those drive their Mage in one way or another.

    Primordial essence drives the mage to uncover mysteries and whatnot, it drives the mage in odd yet meaningful ways, a Mage with this essence is rather secretive and if anything, she remains mysterious to others in more ways than she lets on.

  Pattern essence drives the mage to be more reliable and taking her time in order to figure something out, this essence is quite the opposite of the dynamic essence, it provides the fortified structure that other essences may lack.

  Dynamic essence drives the mages to be rather hyperactive and doing quite the daring challenges, which is driven by curiosity and sudden flashes of brilliance, just like the name says, dynamism is key for a Dynamic mage, they are adventurers by nature.

  Questing essence drives the mage on great quests to face the unknown, pushed by her avatar, a mage with this essence is always prepared to take on a quest, be it difficult or not, only to herself progress and become more and more wiser.

5. What is a mage's resonance?

   Resonance is the magickal residue, the metaphysical echoes of the mage, which more often than not seems to affect the mage and her surroundings in rather weird and unusual ways, not in a bad way, perse, it’s just rather odd and moreso impulsive, it also depends on how the mage uses her magick, given that the mage actually used it in quite the distressed situation or using it with quite the strong emotions.

6. What is the paradox? Why does it exist?

   Paradox is the way how the reality keeps the Mage in check, it’s the hammer that’s dropped down on you if you attempt to sway reality too much. You push reality too hard and it will push you back ten times as hard, it’s just how things are meant to be. You can’t believe that you’re able to break the Consensus without it fighting back.

7. What do you believe a mage's purpose in the world is?

   Depending on the faction they’re in, the Nine Mystick Traditions just want to make magick more common, thinking that it’s the best for humanity, whereas technocrats seem to believe that it’s best for humanity to not know that such things exist, a Nephandus however, they just want to see the world burn. Marauders just fuck shit up and get back on the road, they have no real purpose other than shaping the world the way they want it to be.

8. What would a mage's hobbies be? Justify your answer. (150 words min)
 A Mage’s hobbies varies from one to another, just like how people are - a Mage can be a gearhead, building up a car and renewing it from scratch, they can paly sports as a hobby, even go on long walks on beaches when the moon shines bright. Although some Mages take their hobbies to the next level, technomages who like to fix up technology and whatnot seem to, after awakening, take these skills in order to employ them in the magickal side of things.

 An Ecstatic mage for example can go to parties, one night stands and get high as some of his hobbies, maybe read and write erotica or join an orgy, where as a Virtual Adept’s hobby would be attempting to finish a video game and get all the easter eggs, they get personal satisfaction from this; just as I said above, they aren’t limited to only mages - a person can have all these same hobbies, so, in theory there are no special hobbies for a mage, unless you take casting spells as a hobby, which isn’t exactly so.

9. Are mages fighters or scholars? Why do you think so? (250 words justification)
 Mages are both scholars and fighters, in the world of Mage, fighting for your life is an everyday thing as well as for knowledge, Magick, with the funny K, exists for solely this purpose, the K is the character's knowledge on magick and how to weave, twist, bend shape and rebuild reality to one's own liking, so yes, this makes mages as much as fighters as they are scholars. Mages, by nature, are the quite wise individuals they gain that wisdom depending on the way they view the world, and that's how the paradigm and practice come in play; practices also support this answer so I'm listing down a few examples regarding that.

 The order of Hermes is a known tradition of the nine mystic one, they focus on knowledge in order to employ into their battles, they specialize in the sphere of forces and are quite the formidable opponents, they mostly acknowledge the strongest by their combat prowess, but to get to such level of combat skills you need to have the knowledge to go around with it. You simply can't hope to levitate in the air if you don't have the basic principles to see how it happens.

 As I was explaining about this, Mages in order to survive have to be both scholars AND fighters, but this doesn't necessarily mean they should go and fight vampires for a simple provocation, or burn down a werewolf infested forest because you can. That just beats the fact which states that mages are wise, and therefore it's utmost stupidity.

Character Developement:

Name:Dem_Shucklefield (original name Demetrius_Shucklefield has more than 24 letters and therefore not supported by samp.)
Age: 22
Starting Arete Rating: 1
Affinity Sphere: Data
Avatar Essence: Primordial
Avatar Rating: 3
Affiliation (Tradition, Technocratic Convention, Craft, Nephandi/Marauder): Virtual Adepts
Character Story: (Min. 1000 words)

   Keyboard tapping can be heard. The period between each tap is a little difficult to hear. As you approach, you reach a rather messy room. Half a eaten pizza somehow made it way to the ceiling and stuck there. Chinese food that’s rotting. Soda poured all over the wooden floor of the apartment. The only thing you can see that isn’t messy is a computer desk - completely clean. Your eyes fall onto the man who just closed a browser tab, he turns around as his eyes meet yours. “You’re finally here. Excuse the mess, come take a seat.” he points over to a chair next to him. As you make your way to the chair, something seems weird. The man isn’t even touching  the computer, but the words keep going on, the code is basically writing itself.  “Cool huh? It’s something I designed, works pretty good.”  He smiles. “What brings you here, agent…?”

“Codsworth, Agent Codsworth.”

“Really? Named after the butler robot of Fallout 4. Now, now. If you say your first name is Howard, I might as well fall in love with you.” The man smiled, looking straight towards the agent jokingly. The Agent replied with a rather straight face, not showing any reaction whatsoever.
“No. It isn’t. By the way, Brotherhood of Steel sorta resembles the Technocracy, in a way.”
The man was shocked, the Agent actually played Fallout. “Dude, you’re a legend.” he simply replies with those. “So. RetroAfro. You know why I’m here, so are you going to cooperate, make this easy for the both of us? If so tell me your story, how you got here, and what happened to you.”

“You needn’t ask.”

   A world within a computer is a different world than the one we live in. Sure, in the real world. You have responsibilities, you have shit to do. In the computer, you control what you do, and the shit you want to do. Understanding how Computers operate makes you anti-social, given that you put your time into it, to really break down how to commune with your device. I was given a gift, one that saved and changed my life. I can talk to Machines, a feat that’s misinterpreted throughout the ages. No, it’s not A.I. I can communicate with the algorithms, the Binary code it gives out.
“Wake up, D.” A familiar voice rings into the boy’s ears. He opened his eyes, rubbing them slightly. “What time is it, Mark?” he was up again, all night reading through his brothers programming, fixing some of the mistakes he made, correcting algorithms and whatnot, however, only on a minor scale. “Breakfast is ready, lil’ man. Go wash up and pack, we need to move.”

“Again? Really?” he was interrupted by Demetrius, who was furious. “I was just starting to make friends and you want us to move. Why, Mark? You never let me be happy.” The boys moved a lot. The little brother didn’t like that much, however, he understood. The Agents are prone to come after them at any time. Mark didn’t want to endanger Demetrius, and Demetrius knew it.
“I’m going out.” Demetrius, filled with raging teenage emotions, hormones going off the charts, picked up his laptop off the couch and decided to go out for a walk. He wanted to blow off some steam. He made his way to a local restaurant, The One Dollar Pizza. A place where they sold a slice of pizza for a dollar, it was owned by the mother of his newly found friend. “Heya D! How are you doin’ sugar?”

Demetrius let out a sigh, looking up at the lady. “Horrible. I have to move with my brother, again…” he seemed to be in a foul mood, he opened his laptop as he proceeded to view his brother’s work, which he copied out of interest the other night. He gets lost as he proceeds to view the numbers and whatnot, rudely ignoring the lady talking to him. He didn’t care, he was going to leave anyway, so, why bother? She left him be as he started to tap around on his computer, fixing another source code his brother couldn’t figure out. As usual, he was a lot better when it came to math, and was a natural with coding. 

He had spent a few hours working on the code, totally consumed by it. He eventually figured it out, compiling the code; he realized something, the code wasn’t normal - no, it was bizarre. A program was created, however, unlike any other, the program felt alive. Demetrius’ laptop shut down immediately. Everything around him froze. He could see everything in great detail - no, he could see the code of things. It was rather scary… The people around him, the ground, even the sky - it all turned into a binary code. Within each corner, Demetrius seems to slowly freak out over what’s going on. He never seen anything like this before. He focused around, noticing a line of code glowing differently than other. The Binary translated into something else. It was talking to him - how? Demetrius was in awe, he’d never seen anything like this before.

“What… The hell…?” It was all he could muster, everything was too trippy for him to understand, he was used to coding, he was used to having weird dreams, even ACID trips from time to time, but no, this was something entirely different - it was something new. Time and space weren’t a factor here and neither was logic, which confused the rational Demetrius way too much - focusing onto the glowing binary code, he was able to translate it, which took a while due to all the mental stress it caused. “Follow.” that’s all the code said - everything in the surroundings dimmed down, it wasn’t dark - no, it’s like they didn't matter anymore, and that much was true, they did not.

Whatever it is was going on, it pulled Demetrius just like gravity pulling an apply down to Newton’s head, albeit Demetrius was not going to created new laws of physics because of that, well, yet. The code’s color shifted to an almost retro pink-like color, moving throughout the code and Demetrius followed - he had stepped out of the restaurant following the glimmering light passing by everything in it’s way stopping just a couple of blocks away from his home before the numbers changed again.

The new numbers were shaped differently, set up in another way and it, indeed was something more informative. “For the truth, get in.” The light flashed all the to his home, the experience was trippy but that wasn’t the end of it, Demetrius still had doubts about whatever is going on but his curiosity out bested the rational and logical explanation of things and went back into his home - the house was empty, had no real scent and not even a sound within, which was weird - the place was cold though, extremely cold, which sent shivers down his spine.

“Mark?” His voice echoed through the empty rooms of the house, and of course, nothing replied to him but his own echos, the place was truly empty, too empty for comfort. The code of the house begun to act up, moving too rapidly, becoming a spiral of numbers and functions at the same time, too fast for Demetrius to understand what it meant before it embodied a man that looked roughly like him, walking straight towards the basement, which he followed.

He was surprised by a machine, resembling a computer, which was far greater than he ever imagined one would be. The chair turned to him, which was quite the inviting scene. He loved anything related to computers, which was far more seductive than any woman. 

The teenager walked up and sat on it, before it rotated and sat him up against the desk; the monitors begin to send a rather bright light, formed of data codes, wrapping up against his skin after looking back at the computer. “You know the truth now. I shall be seeing you soon.” A rather vague answer from a terrifying incident. 

Out of Character:

1. Can you use any power in public?

Yes, but at a cost. I like to quote the book on this matter. “You can hurl a fireball down the street like in DnD but there’s consequences for it.” So magick can be used anyway and any time, you just need to figure out how to use it subtly.

2. When and where is it safe to use your powers? (100 words min.)

 You can use your powers at anywhere and anytime, it's just the matter of if being flashy or not, it's not that you can't be flashy with magick, no, you very much can - but it comes at a cost, sometimes a great one. The important thing about the usage of magick is knowing how to be sneaky with it, which can allow for a mage to safely demonstrate subtle acts of it. I mean, you can set the entire world on fire and disappear into a Paradox realm, and even then, technocratic torture would seem like childs play, which is to say, mages should always keep their magick subtle, unless they really have to get flashy and bring out the big guns.

3. What would drive a mage into using his powers? Justify your answer. (200 words min)

 Many things can drive a mage to use his powers, it's only the matter of why they used it is what really counts for. A mage can use their magick in a variety of ways, mostly for their own advantage, although this does not mean it is okay to be used whenever the mage wants it to be used, for example a mage could theoretically use his magick in order to make a sandwich while sitting in the next room, but should he actually do that? No. Magick is to be used seriously and not be toyed around with, there are virtually unlimited cases when magick can be used, however.

 A mind mage can really turn tables to his side with a swift, yet very subtle effect, she can calm down her aggressors to an extent, or make others believe that she's harmless before stabbing them in the back, giving her an edge to escape; or using her magick to seduce someone in order to give her information otherwise they might not get. Mages can be flashy with their magick too, they can toss fireballs rather than inducing fear into their aggressors, but the twist here that the more flashy you are, the worse you will suffer from paradox, which isn't a good thing at all.

4. Why is it important for a mage to keep his secret unrevealed? (100 words min.)

 It is important to keep yourself a secret in order to protect yourself from different types of aggressors, mostly being religious fanatics that will simply crack your skull open in the name of god for being a heretic, to the all loving Technocrat hit squad who will not think twice about putting new holes in you for simply not being on their side, all in all, it's quite the bad situation to be figured out as someone who can shape reality with mere thought, break the laws of physics with mere touch. And that's why a Mage should stay hidden, for their own protection and well being.

5. What would you do if someone found out about your secret? (Min 100 words)
Me personally? I'm RPing a technological based mage, with Everything is Data as my character's paradigm and hypertech as the practice, it would be quite easy to spew some scientific mombo and attempt to make him believe in what the character's done, since the Consensus already agrees with the fact some technology is advanced enough to pull off some feats, it's always easier to explain laser gun rays than someone riding a dragon through a tacobell's drive through. Belief: The Shit factor also shows some insight regarding this and regarding how a belief in one area can be alien to the other. A technomage using an exo-skeleton in a 1st world country might not get paradox the same way if another mage used an exo-skeleton within a third world country, simply because of how people believe things are.

6. What are the factions in the world of Mage: The Ascension? What role do they have in the mage society?

 There are five factions within the world of Mage. The arrogant Traditions, the Techno-nazis, the Nephandi, the Nutjobs and your regular hamburger eatin’, tv watchin’, lazy motherfuckers AKA Sleepers..

 The Traditions goal is to control the consensus in order to give everyone an idea about Magick, and make it more and more common, they believe it’s what’s best for humanity, to uncover their true potential, much like the old days.

 As for Technocracy, it’s the opposite. They believe magick is merely a “complicated” fracture of reality, and that it would be harmful if the masses knew about it. And thus, wish to keep them in the grey instead of letting them reach their true potential. They believe that’s what’s best for humanity.

 Nephandus goals are simple. Dominance and corruption of this world, they seek to control everything. Nephandi Mages are everything but good. They wish for destruction of this world, and turning it into their own fucked up version of it. They don’t want anything good for humanity or anything, the just want to see the world burn.

 The Nutjobs AKA Marauders. These are quite… Unusual. There’s no certain goal for them, they just see the world that they want to see. I haven’t heard of anything that could mean for them to actually work their butts off to seek dominance and whatnot. So they remain a mystery, at least, to me. I theorize, however, that in their own crazy way seem to want what’s good for themselves, sometimes it might reflect good upon the community, sometimes it might not.

7. Present the reason for why the Ascension War took place. (Min 300 words)

 Have you ever heard of a massive circle jerk to be the one who controls everything? That’s basically the Ascension War. All of those who command reality seem to have a part in it. The Ascension War is an ongoing war between five factions, of whom wish to have control over the Consensus. The nine Traditions, The Marauders, or as I like to call them, nut-jobs; Tee-Kay, the more technologically advanced Nazis of our age, the Nephandi, these guys give me the creeps, alright?! And last, the Sleepers. You probably wonder why they are here, but being a sleeper doesn’t mean you wouldn’t know of this battle, some of which actually fight on or against either side.

 Where as the War raged for centuries, it's still here in the present world; the Arrogant Traditions wish to force humanity to undertake and be more used to magick as whole, to accept the idea that it does exist the same way air, water and earth exist, which is another way to say they want to control the consensus to their favor, under the holy purpose of protecting the humanity.

 The Technocracy, or as I like to call them, Techno-nazis, seem to take an entirely different but somehow rather similar approach to this war, they want to control the consensus, but not in the same way the traditions want to, these guys don't want the world to believe that magick exist, for their own protection, and you wonder why mages don't come on demand nowadays.

 The Nephandi well, they want to destroy the world in order to have another one rise up and replace it, a more chaotic and rather fucked up version of it, that's how they want to control the consensus, not for humanity but for their own, selfish needs.

 The Marauders seem to unintentionally wish for the consensus to be reshaped to their own bizarre version of this world but they usually don't give enough fucks to leave their own reality to turn the world into the reality they want, they are there, yes, but they simply don't care.

 The sleepers control the consensus, although they have no real way to reflect it, as I said in a previous question, they control the Unbelief factor, which is why they're by far the only faction which really made a difference.

Player Information:

1. For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? 3 years.

2. Make a list of your current and past characters.
Geralt White,
Cade Neville,
Amy Kidman,
(those are all the names that i remember tbh lol)
3. Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time? Yes, I do.

4. Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

Note: I have permission from Rudy to apply.
Around Red County / A Conversationalist
« Last post by Diplo on August 07, 2017, 06:26:41 PM »
Around PC, away from the casual sight chills a young man with impeccable social skills.
If approached, he'd initiate a conversation with you whilst being attentive of his surroundings.
He follows etiquettes and is streetsmart.
He'd ask around for information about a japanese man who he cannot describe properly.

Forum PM me your conversations with him, help him figure out who the japanese man is, i'll drop a clue that its an actual char ingame. keep them into brief paragraphs where you write the NPC's replies aswell. If good, I'll give you the next clue or step into this short event I'm making.

Regular actions can be replied here but forum PM is reccomended to avoid MG.
Hunter Applications / Ryan_Armstrong | Defender | Conviction 4
« Last post by Ezekiel on August 07, 2017, 06:02:09 PM »
((before i start with the app, i'd like to point out that in the hunter application format section there is not pointed out a proper headline so I came up with this))

Hunter Application

General knowledge:

1. Write a definiton of what a Hunter is according to you. (150 words min)
When the darkness falls and monsters begin roaming the streets, humanity is doomed. Hunters are the last straw, the chance for humanity as a whole to rise up and claim a world for itself. The struggle against the powerful beings. Hunters are monster exterminators - fearless, strong willed people with variety of weaponry and skills in their arsenal. However, they are not born and raised with such awareness of monsters or how to fight such creatures. All hunters were normal people with normal lives and suddenly get exposed to the monsters of this wicked world. However while most of the people who get confronted with such creatures would run away in fear, the would-be hunters are different from the majority. They posses the courage and bravery to stand in front of the -and even act against it. They call this "the Imbuing". It occurs to all hunters, regardless of age, sex, race or nationality. They hear voices, see messages on objects surrounding their areas, perceive strange smells, visions or sounds. Regardless of those "hallucinations" - the thing they experience is always a warning of a nearby danger. At the moment of Imbuing they are granted abilities to fight of the monsters, called - Edges, given by the Messengers who are entities of un-know origin to the Hunters. One of the most peculiar hunter abilities they gain the moment after Imbuing is reading and understanding the "Hunter Code". This is a language of symbols like never seen before. Even though the hunters never studied this language before, they immediately understand it, can write and read it as they knew it all their lives. Many hunters call this language "the Word".

2. In your opinion why was the Hunter race implemented into the server? (100 words minimum)
I would say the Hunters in added into the server for the same reason as why Hunters exists - lore wise. Hunters are out there in the world as a last ditch effort in saving the mankind. They are the cosmological answer to the monster's eternal abuses and crimes against the humanity, thus the Imbued exist for the sole purpose of punishing, understanding, redeeming the monsters or protecting the humanity. I would say they exist in our server for those same reasons I stated - there far too many supernaturals in this small county and the balance must be created among the humans and the monsters, and only the Hunters have this potential.

3. Are Hunters humans or supernaturals? (150 words min, justify your answer) ?
Just like Numina users, Hunters are in fact humans, not supernaturals. Most of them also believe that they are humans but with supernatural abilities (talking about the powers given by the Messengers to defend the humanity - the Edges). However, most of those Edges work only against supernatural creatures while having zero effects onto a regular human, so it's easy to claim the Hunters are anti-supernatural human beings who use mystical powers for their goals (be it redeem a supernatural or simply destroy it). As any human, they are vulnerable to physical, mental and emotional attacks if they are not prepared against. They are a new breed of people who are human but who rise above humanity and act in it's name. They are not "embraced" into the hunter world such as vampires embrace humans into their world, nor they are born and undergo through first change such werewolves. They are humans, who go experience a moment of realization of how actually the world runs - they see the danger that resides within the mankind. They are the ones who act when everyone else flees and they do whatever they can with their abilities to stand against the monsters. I would say this such display of bravery what makes them truly special.

4. In terms of game system, what is specific about the Hunter race? (150 words min, justify your answer) ?
There are four specifics about the Hunter race, game system wise. Conviction, Edges, the Hunter Code and Virtues. I start with the Edges - as I explained up there, these are supernatural, mystic powers granted to the Imbued from the Messengers. How does one learn more edges? It's simple. When you have the need of such edge ... you just are able to use it right on. Those powers cannot be taught, learned and so on. You just are able to use this certain Edge of time of desperation and from the point further, it's only about practicing it. Hunter code - a language that consists of symbols that no one (besides the Hunters of course) so far decipher it's meaning. Hunters past the Imbuing point immedietly can read, write and understand this language, even if they haven't heard about it prior. Conviction - it's fuel for two purposes. One of which is to active their Second Sight and to employ mind, emotion and body protection. Second purpose is to fuel their Edges, to make their edges more powerful effect wise or if the said Edge is powerful and is more demanding. Virtues are Mercy, Vision and Zeal which are more like paths, and shape a Hunters mentally about the Hunt. They go higher in Virtue if they stick to the path, and fulfill the Messengers needs. Primary Virtue is the main path they follow, which is linked to their Creed, and Creed is the set of beliefs Hunters have which influence they way they approach monsters. Innocence, Redemption, and Martyrdom are Mercy-based Creed, Visionary is Vision, and Defense, Judgement, and Vengeance are Zeal-based ones. Each has a different point of view about the Hunt.

Character developement:

Name: Ryan Armstrong
Primary Virtue: Zeal
Creed: Defender
Starting Conviction: 4
Character Story:(Min. 1500 words)

     A memoir of a hunter.

   I was on the ground, kneeling over her while the rain pouring down onto me. I had my arms crossed in front of my head and having my eyes shut. I put myself in front of the monsters, to protect her who was laying on the ground right behind me. She was bleeding, I was scared. I took a deep breath and awaited for it to happen. I thought that was it ... But it wasn't. The monsters couldn't approach. They were stopped just yards away from us. They growled, hissed and showed their fangs.

  How it all started? It's quite the complicated story ... I don't know myself. If I should go back to square one - then it all started in Cedars Sinai Medical Center - Los Angeles where I was born twenty-eight years ago. They, as in my parents, gave me the name of Ryan, Ryan Armstrong. (A small fact : to be fair, I prefer my surname to be used instead of my actual name). You would think that I had some unusual childhood or went through a life-changing situation during my youth ... but no. I was an average kid. You know, never really significant occurred during my life (at least not yet). I have two siblings, elder brother and younger sister. Our age gap is around three to four years. As the middle man of the family I had duties such as "protect your little sister" while my brother had "watch over them two". I developed this kind of protective mentality because of her at such young age. Anyways, these are not the important parts of my story. You want the action! There it is.

  It all started during a regular date with my ex-girlfriend - seventh of July - I remember the date. I remember it was night time, past twelve o'clock or something, can't remember now. We just had gotten out of the cinema and walking down the street to get into my car so I take her home. I took a peek at the billboard to check any new upcoming movies and momentarily a sentence flashed in front of my eyes, instead of the movie's name - "THEY DO NOT BREATH". I didn't know during that time how to react to that, thought I was just tired and that's all. We walked thirty more yards down the street and saw a group of hooded people approaching us head on. The street lamp on my left went out momentarily and flashed back under a street sign. It had the shape of a "STOP" sign yet I read it as "NOW". I grabbed her by the wrist and sprinted to the right through the empty alleyway. She was left confused yet continued running after me down the alley. The group howled as if they were wolves and stormed after us. Without realizing I led us to a dead-end. I pulled her behind myself, standing in front of her, facing the group approaching. I pulled out my pocket knife, held it in my right hand as they kept coming and coming. My heart was racing, adrenaline pumping to my brain - it was real. Bad shit was going to happen and I had to do something about it. The group finally stopped like ten yards away from us. I was outnumbered, one to four. "What do we have here ..." muttered one of them and smirked. I couldn't see their faces at first because it was dark - only their bodies as they were wearing white or gray hoodies. "Deal with this guy, K." - said the one standing in front of the rest. The tallest one just lashed out forwards. He was fast, really fast but he was clumsy. He swinged his fist towards my chest. I simply blocked his attack and stabbed him in the same arm. He grunted and stepped backwards. Not even seconds later he began acting as nothing really happened - and really that happened. His wound got sealed, only left blood stains on the cut on the sweater. He grabbed me and tossed me against the wall behind me like a sack of potatoes. I heard my ribs cracking because of the impact. I fell on the ground and gasped for air. While he was busy with me the rest feasted with my ex-girlfriend. Two of them bit her wrist and neck, the third one kept out of the rest so there are no one around besides us. I couldn't let that happen. Picked the knife again and slashed my way through towards her. I looked down at her - she looked like passed out. The group let out a laughter and that tall guy snatched my hand in which I was holding the knife. Before he managed to do something later, I jabbed my free arm, more specifically my elbow against his nose, leaving him stunned for a moment and having him stumble backwards. One of the group members standing from the side rushed forwards at me still at super sprinting manner. I braced for the impact - placed my arms in front of my head in a crossed shape and hid my face behind it. The impact never happened. I looked up thinking what is going on, only to see him standing yards away from us. He looked confused as well. He realized he couldn't take any step further, looked dead in my eyes and hissed, showing his bloody mouth and his long fangs. No matter what they did - they couldn't step closer than three yards. I had no time to think what is going on so I simply picked her up and paced forwards. As I walked forwards, they walked backwards even though it was clear they didn't want to do that, yelling in the mean time "What are you?!" at me. They kept at bay until I reached the main street. I then ran down the main street holding her bloody body with my arms and reached my car. The group observed us until we got in the car and drove away as quickly as I could. I got her to the closest emergency center. The police came and interrogated about the accident that happened to her. I explained everything in details ... except the part where I saw those signs where it warned me about the danger and about how we escaped. I lied that I fought my way out of that alley which the officer didn't really believe because it's not easy to fight alone against four. I didn't care however about what he believes in or not, that wasn't of importance right back then. I had to know who were these guys, what were they, why I was hallucinating such warnings and most importantly - how I stopped them. I needed information.

  Days and weeks passed. I still didn't know what had happened back then. I remember it was like two pm - noon. I was walking down the street. I saw a homeless man who begged me for a cigarette because I was smoking just back then. I gave him a cigar, he tanked me and walked away. As he walked away, he was blocking with his body a graffiti on the wall. I briefly looked at the graffiti ... and I understood it. I understood the symbols and what they meant. It meant "Safe haven, Right direction, Unity". I began walking, I followed the directions. There were like symbols on almost on each street, just hidden in plain sight within graffiti or house paintings, billboards, stickers on random street poles. I continued my way down and reached an apartment. I looked up and down, observed it before reaching for the handle. I opened the door and entered inside. This was the place - "Safe Haven". I paced down through the hall and suddenly two people jumped out of the doors in front of me - aiming guns. I quickly raised my hands and yelled "No! Don't shoot!". A moment later they lowered their weapons down and invited me inside. We sat down and I told and explained to them what happened to the any single detail. They told me they were gonna take care of those troublesome gang members and explained me what I actually did, what I was ... Everything. I felt enlightened and I believed them. The world is a scary place, I was there to protect people from the monsters. The best way to protect my ex-girlfriend was to leave her. I couldn't drag her with  to fight off monsters and protect humanity. She doesn't deserve to die. Weeks later as Joshua (one of the group members I met) was digging the hunter-net, he found a message. A hunter with username "light_bearer86" had asked for help in Los Santos and it's vicinity as the numbers of the monsters kept raising steadily. They had to be put to a halt as they became a real threat to the people living there. That was my next destination.

  Now that I arrived here, I am looking for the code, to guide me to him ... But I cannot find anything. Was I tricked to come here ... or I was too late?

Out of character:

1.Can you use any power in public ?
You can use any powers in public, that's not the problem. The problem is should you be using those powers in public.

2.When and where is it safe to use your powers ? (100 words min.)
Second Sight, edges that affect your perception (or just yourself, as in your body, protecting your mind, etc.) are safe to use in public as in no one would find out such effects are happening. However, if you are going to employ an Edge such as Burn, level 5 defender edge - others will /clearly/ see the energy running through your body as if you have lava instead of blood in your veins. For this reason, a safe place and time to use such powers is away from normal humans (for their own safety and for your secret). This wouldn't normally apply for monsters because if you use such powers against monsters, you probably wouldn't let them escape in the first place. So, your secret goes down to the grave with them.

3.What would drive an Hunter into using his powers ? Justify your answer. (250 words min)
Most of the cases, the monsters are the reason who drive a Hunter into using his powers. But each Hunter acts differently, according to his personality, Creed and goal in mind. For example, an Avanger would use his powers to destroy monsters, while Defender using his edges to protect humans or other hunters from the monsters, Redeemer to calm down the monster, stopping him from his action and make him realize his actions are in fact bad, Visionary - study and analyze the supernaturals - and it goes on and on. Alternatively to Edge usage, there is also employing Second Sight through Conviction. Once again, driving a hunter into using this power would be the hunter suspecting a monster is nearby or to shield himself from variety of attacks or illusions that effect them.

A hunter wouldn't use his powers just like that blatantly for no reason at all. Each usage of such powers might get risky as in the hunter being found out and their powers understood by their enemies. The less attention it brings onto himself the hunter - the better. But that doesn't mean a hunter wouldn't help the everyday person with his powers if it's necessesary. For instance, let's say a human gets gravely injured, a cop who was doing his duty but unlucky him - the suspect is a monster. The hunter wouldn't leave the police officer die and use his powers to heal at least his most fatal injuries. Though, that usually depends once again on the creed of the hunter.

4.Why is it important for an Hunter to keep his secret unrevealed ? What are the possible consequences ? (200 words min.)
It's SUPER important for the Hunter to stay undercovered, his secret unrevealed. There are multiple reasons for that. First of all - the police, general public and the media. Those people do not tend to take easily a hunter's actions because let's be fair. Hunters kill, colatoral damage occurs sometimes. No population or community of people like murders happening around them. The police are actively trying to arrest hunters even though they are not aware who they are. They only see murderers and terrorists, nothing good. The media - they love to escalate the stories. Let's say a hunter fucks up during his hunt and a loud shootout occurs with witnesses - the media slaps the terrorism stamp on your forehead and now the whole nation hates you and states sized manhunt is happening. No one would want that. Other reasons - supernaturals. For now no supernatural have a detailed answer what Hunters are, how do they work, their powers and so on. Let's say one monster slips with information about you being from "those people" (the hunters). They come later, outnumber you vastly and capture. Tortures are a great tool to make people talk. No one would want to rat their friends out, give information about their powers and arsenal, wouldn't they?

5.What would you do if someone found out about your character's secret ? (Min 100 words)
Basically, if the monster is a supernatural, they act according to their Creed. An Innocent, or Redeemer might just try to explain their purposes, becoming closer to the monster. A Defender, or Martyr will be on their guards still, mainly focusing on protecting others rather than themselves, but if their secret being out means humans getting harmed, they might as well slay the monster like an Avenger. A Judge will probably attempt to make a deal with the monster, using their Edges which are mainly based on judging supernaturals, and punishing them according. Visionaries gather information and aren't fighters so, they will most probably attempt to talk things out.
Humans have a hard time understanding what Hunters are actually doing. Their minds are blocked to the full understanding of how the world really is, so if they see a Hunter using something supernatural, they'll probably try to reason it with science. Perhaps that glowing light, emitted from a person is nothing but just a flashlight. But if they do really become suspicious, Hunters will attempt to explain and open their eyes, although it'd be still hard for a normal human to understand.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay?
Roughly four years now.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Present characters : Julia_Starkad ; Destiny_Avalos ; Kol_Emerson ; Lynette_Pond ; Marcus_Migliorini ; Amanda_Lebron
Past characters : Leonard_Hepenheimer ; Jake_Wallace ; Johny_Michaels ; Anthony_Bluestein ; Virgilio_Amarelli ; Emily_Michaels ; Michael_Wellington ; Primrose_Acroyd ; Victoria_Caulfield ; Connor_Wilhelm ; Theodor_U_Bachmeier

3.Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time ?
Yes, I do.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.Exact date of the last admin record entry:
Last ajail - 25.09.2016 for PG. However that is not the last admin record entry. Last one was on 20.10.2016 - CKed character.

6.How active have you been on the server during the last 3 months?
Pretty active I would say. On daily basis from 1 to 3+ hours.
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