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Character Profiles / Re: Reggie
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((Turn the blue text in something brighter i can barely read it)) Nice CP
Character Profiles / Re: Reggie
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Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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>demons HOST looks 22
> demon is 18 billion yrs old

thats what drugs do my nigga

Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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hell yuh!

he does NOT look 24
thats what drugs do my nigga

>demon looks 22
>is over 18 billion years old

ahuh, agreed

>demons HOST looks 22
> demon is 18 billion yrs old
Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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hell yuh!

he does NOT look 24
thats what drugs do my nigga

>demon looks 22
>is over 18 billion years old

ahuh, agreed
Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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hell yuh!

he does NOT look 24
thats what drugs do my nigga
Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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hell yuh!

he does NOT look 24
Character Profiles / Re: Jacob Ivarsson
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Vampire Applications / Bernard_Vahn ;; 9th ;; Gangrel
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?
In my own personal view of Vampires, I believe them to be Undead creatures that feed off the blood of the living. Now, when it omes down to the view of other Humans.. It could be rather subjectible. Most people would stray towards the thought of the 'Nosferatu' movies and ectera..
Folklore and World of Darkness Vampires differ quite a lot, but they are very similar in many aspects. Notible features can be, burning in the sun, vunerable to silver(flaw) or feeding off the blood of the victims. Although, Folklore Vampires tend to take a more light hearted approach to the Undead creatures in books and stories. While the World of Darkness Vampires? Not so much.. The authors of WoD went for a more gruesome and horrific view of society and how the Vampires function in their stories.  Kindred, or Vampires being the children of Caine. Who betrayed God and killed Abel, being cursed with Immortality and later further curses such as a Hunger for blood, the beast within and vunerability to sun light. They event went as far to write about how Caince recieved his Disciplines. Having a romance with Lillith who was Adam's first wife before Eve. They fell in love, and Lillith allowed him to drink her blood. This giving his the ability to use Disciplines. In turn, giving Caine's Childe to do the same.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?
If a Vampire was to be outed in public? Well, a lot of different possibilites could occure that would damage the Vampires credibility and possible Un-life.
One of the first actions that would be taken into effect? The Masquarade, the set rules and guidelines that all; if not most Vampires live by. Some stray Factions spit on the rules, but they still apply depending on the Prince of what territory you are staying in.
When a violation of the Masquarade is caught, depending on the seriousness of the sitatuion.. It more than likely leads to a Bloodhunt. Bloodhunts? They're set hunting parties performed under their Princes orders, and controlled by the Sheriff. They are the british hunters to the fox, obviously the fox being the outed or disobedient Vampire.
When the Vampire is caught in a Bloodhunt, he'll usually be bought to a trial infront of his peers. Nine times out of ten, if it was seriousness enough for a bloodhunt? He's going to be executed.

Now, onto the more Mundane side of the law. If the Goverment caught wind of some crazed blood hungry murder out of the streets? Extremley strong, fast and agile? You'd think they'd take to quarantining off the entire streets of the city. Quite similar to how Bloodhunts work, except you'd be expecting a lot more guns and trucks than claws and fangs.

In my opinon, if a Vampire is caught and out in the eye of a Mundane and no Vampire or Kindred witnesses it? Stay hidden, though you'll likely end up being caught by the Nosferatu working under the Cammarilla in no time.  Though, if a Kindred witnesses the breaking of the Litany? Come clean, you're either going to be punished and executed. I believe that is better than being ripped apart by a pack of angry Gangrel.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?
The Traditions or otherwise known as The Masquarade are a set of rules and guidelines goverened by the ruler of the city. This ruler is more than likely called the Prince, his body guard The Sheriff enforces the Princes rules by the blood. Doing everything that his master commands of him.
Though before we get onto the list of laws, there are a few more rules that Kindred associate with and live by.
Domain: This is a word used by Kindred for someones hunting ground, usually the Prince is fine with it so long as it stays hidden but other Kindred must ask permission unless given other rules while staying in the Domain.
Progeny: In order to keep the Kindred society from becoming overwhelmed and inflamed like the Humans. The Prince has a set of rules in place for sireing offspring of a desired clan. During a meeting with the Prince, a sire may ask him for permission. The Prince will then look over the documented Kindred inside of the city and make sure that the respected clans are not becoming out weighed in numbers. This could cause an uproar of the clan members thinking they own the city.
Accounting: The Sire of a Childe is responsible for the Neonate untill she has fully matured in the way of the life of being dead. Usually this is a longer process than normal depending on the clan, Nosferatu being one of the clearly obvious ones. Ya' know, with all the derangements and deformities.
Hospitality: In order to keep every Kindred in check, the Domain ruler would ask all Kindred that enter his land to present themselves. This rule stops any unwanted murders and makes a Bloodhunt on a rogue Kindred that much easier.
Destruction: It is not only the Prince that may call for a Bloodhunt, if a Kindred becomes so destructible to his enviroment. Generally an Elder of his Clan or a neighbouring Clan will set out a Bloodhunt on their own. Under the Princes supervision, of course. In the absence of the Prince the Sheriff will verify the needs of a Bloodhunt or not.

Now, I'm going to be explaining how each of The Masquarade's less known rules play into effect below:
Feeding on the Lupine: The Prince of the city will forbide this act as the blood of the Lupine is highly addictive towards Kindred and can cause a frenzy in the Kindred quite quickly. Lupine blood is also in high demand. This makes the feeding process riskier and thus furthers the possiblity of a frenzying Kindred.
Do not sire the young: As an obvious rule, if the Sire Embraces a child that has not fully matured in their Human nature.. The Childe and it's Sire will more than likely be sentenced to an execution by the Prince for endangering the existence of the Kindred in the city.

4. What is a Clan?
The Clans stretch back far into history, each of the thirteenth third Generation taking on aspects of the thirteen clans.
Years, thousands of years and the Clans became to prosper more and more.. Each Clan having designated Elders which ruled and took charge of their members. In the Modern nights there is said to be thirteen different Clans that are all present, though there are some lost to the ages that none know about.
The thirteen Clans are:
Clan Assamite - Silent assassination, generally used in the middle east as hired guns and smugglers. This Clan takes pride in their eastern heritage and embraces it in other countries.

Clan Brujah - This once noble Clan of kings and rulers now stoops lowly to the streets as Thugs, Rogues and miscreants... Some say that the True Brujah are the rightfull lineage of the bloodline.

Followers of Set - This Clan woreships an Egyptian god, they strive towards collecting relics and artifacts to further their knowledge on the unknown of our world.

Clan Gangrel - Untamed, wild and beastly.. Clan Gangrel shows the other Kindred what it means to be one with your inner beast.

Clan Giovanni - Necromancers and Magicians some say.. This Clan tend to dabble in the dark arts of resurrecting the dead as minions in their Domains.

Clan Nosferatu - Not unlike the Gangrel, the Nosferatu have truly a more beastly appearance... Malformed limbs and body parts spring off this Clan. Some of the members see this as a curse by their creators or as a blessing, being able to show the hardship that their kind of gone through.

Clan Ravnos - Generally seen as theives, gypsies and miscreants.. Clan Ravnos is a Clan that specialiases in using Illusions to trick and distort their enemies.

Clan Toreador - Seen as the pinicle of Kindred perfection, the Toreador as the poster boys and girls of the Vampire in the Mortals eyes. Beutifull, entrancing and unresistable.

Clan Tremere - The Tremere are known for the sorcery that somewhat mimmicks that of the Magi. It is no wonder that that the bloodline was created due to an immortality spell going terribly wrong by a Magi.

Clan Tzimisce - Blood magicians and bone sculptures, this Clan surely does have a ghastly appearance depending on the generation of the Kindred in speaking. The Tzimisce generally use their Discipline in order to sculp their body into what ever image they please.

Clan Venture - The Venture are the normally candidates for the Princes, they took charge of armies in the Dark Ages and now revolt back to sitting in chairs. Allowing their lakeys to do their biddings.

All of these Clans coming into play after the second generation embraced the thirteen Antediluvians.

5. What is a Bloodline?
Bloodlines are smaller, yet potent offspring of an original Clan. These Bloodlines are usually created by an Elder or disobedient member of the Clan taking matters into their own hands as they pry for power in the Kindred scociety. Some of these bloods lines can include the Baali and the Lihaana.
The Lihaana are an exceptionally rare Bloodline. It is said in their stories that their creator wandered into a forest, feeling it's despair as the spirit of this domain knew that the Humans would destroy it. In a last effort to save it's forest, the Spirit promised power to the Gangrel; binding himself to the Gangrel, creating the first Lihaana.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?
The Embrace is the act of transformaing a Gaian or Mortal being into a Kindred. This act is extremely dangerous as the Kindred must first drain the body of it's entire Vitae. Leaving the body open to the Sire's blood, he would then slash or bite his wrist open. Feeding the corpse his blood.
The Embrace does not come without problems, since the amount of blood given is not nearly enough to sustain the newly made Kindreds body, they result in a Frenzy attacking everything within sight; attempting to drain them of all their blood. Sires are recomemnded to keep blood packs or a Ghoul nearby to sate the Neonates new bloodlust.

Diablerie is a tricky subject, this act is usually banned by the Prince of the city and is treated with an instant Bloodhunt. No execution, just being torn apart by your once was brethren.
The act of Diablerie is a gruesome one at that, and it is only performed by the desperate or the power hungry. Diablerie is where the Kindred would subdue another Kindred of higher blood potency, draining their entire body of blood as he attempts to 'absorb' all of their powers.
This act leaves the Kindred with a disgusting aura of wiggly black lines ontop of their already pale Kindred aura.
Diablerie is widly scorned upon by most Factions in the Kindred society save the Sabbat. The Cammarila deem it a disgusting show and act against it immediatly with hostility. The Anarchs tend to stray away from doing it, clearly out of pure sense from the obvious negative effects that it holds.
The Sabbat tend to take a 'I do what I want' approach to everything, further than even the Anarchs do. The Sabbat generally do not care for acting out in their beastly ways, prefering it to acting as a Human.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?
Vampire Generations are of which the Kindred is born, the first Generation being Caine. Who sired his first four Childe in the ancient times. These Childe sireing their own offspring, and so on. The Generation is the blood potency of which the Kindred lingers from Caine, a second generation being nearly identical to Caine is raw power.
In the known society today, only the extremely low generations of living Kindred even know what a generation is. Even than the knowledge of it is sketchy, Kindred measure strength by the taste of the blood. Generally a Prince tastes a droplet of blood from the Kindred, his Venture taste pallet allowing him to practically feel how strong the blood within the Kindred is.
Generations measure from:
The First Generation: This generation is the smallest, being that of Caine himself. No other
The Second Generation: These are the direct Childe of Caine, being near in power to him.

The Third Generation: Known as Antediluvians, these Kindred were the thirteen unlucky ones to be cursed with the Clans. They do not have access to all of the Disciplines as does Caine and The Second Generations. Instead, it is simply limited to each Clan.

The Fourth and Fifth Generations: Known as Methuselahs, these Kindred as nearly as powerful as the Third Generation. Though they managed to escape the everlasting Topor that plagues aging Kindred.

The Sixth and Seventh Generation: Though these Kindred are younger than the Methuselahs, they still hold a great stand in the modern Kindred society. They are known as Elders, as all Generations are before them as well.

The Eighth and Ninth Generation: These Kindred have been lucky enough to be blessed with the perfect balane of age and generation. Although they are young, the blood of Caine flows strongly through the veins. Making them deadily advisaries.

The Tenth and Eleventh Generations: Although they are young and the blood of Caine is not as potent as it once was, these Kindred have stood up for their kind in their own right.

The Twelth and thirteenth Generations: Comparibly the most unlucky bunch of Kindred, they are often called out as thin-bloods and mocked or even hunted down for being creatures that should not exist. They show the weakness that will fall upon the Kindred society.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?
The First Anarch Revolt was created during the old days of the Inquisition. Kindred neonates were furious by their Clan Elders who would sacrifice the Neonates as plea bargins with the Inquisitors. The neonates were dwindling at an alarming rate during this period, and they needed to stop it at any cost. Elders of the Councils spoke up to one another, saying that the time is not to hide or sacrifice our own. But it is to fight the humans, take back our rightful place as the hunters. The others rejected the Elder known as Patricia, her plan breaking the Masquarade laws. They though it would be better to hide, this council later becoming the Cammarila.
Disgusted with the Elders not taking action, Patricia left the council and sided with rebellious Kindreds. In order to drive her point across, Patricia created a large group of Brujah neonates, she stormed  Castle Hardestadt with her new found army and a gigantic battle insued. All Kindred on both sides suffered great penalties, this act showing the Council that action must be taken.
Once news spread about the defeat of the Elders and the victory for Patrica, all of the Brujah turned to their sires; lashing out at them in Frenzy as they shed away the yoke of their oppresers.
Patricia starting a world-wide union that would shake the Council to it's very knees, this prompting the support for the formation of the Cammarila. The group know know as the Anarchs starting to gain influence in all fronts, Italy, Romania and more countries fell to the words of them.. Thus marked the first Anarch revolt.

The Second Anarch Revolt - Even though the Cammarila had officialy formed and the Sabbat now taking hold of cities, the Anarchs stayed in strong numbers; wanding in independant groups where ever they could hide. When the French Revolution began, the Anarchs took this as a blessing; using the commotion to take away the hold of France that Clan Toreador had previously ran.  Despite the Anarchs wanting to take over more of Europe, the Cammarila soon caught up. Restoring order to France and it's Kindred.
Many of the remaining Anarchs from the French  Revolution found their way to the United States, namely Los Angeles. The Cammarila was soon on their tail again, noticing the large influx of Kindred entering the city; the high officials of the Cammarila assinged  'Don Sebastian' as the Prince of Los Angeles.  Over the years of Sebastian's rein, he would ignore the Anarchs. That is untill largely famous Anarchs started to pop up in Los Angeles. Sebastian now knew that the  Anarch pest were becoming too severe for even him to ignore.
Sebastian ordered a beat down of one of the leaders, Jeremy MacNeil. He was used as a demonstration to all of the Anarchs, but instead of fighting back. They plotted in secret, scouting out the different Elders Havens and base of operations.
December 21, 1944, the Second Anarch Revolt began.
The Prine, 'Don Sebastian' had been killed by an unnamed Kindred, all Elders that survived the attacks fled to city in fear of their lives and the Anarchs once again ruled Los Angeles. Soon after dominating Los Angeles, the Anarchs took to San Franchiso where they attempted to overthrow the local Prince there. Needless to say they were reppelled, but their efforts were not in vein. They had captured the lands from Mexico to San Jose.
This land would late be known as Anarch Free State. Though do not let the name confuse you, the State soon became a front for vicious gangs of Kindred tearing at each others throat in hopes of becoming the dominating force.
Thus ending the Second Anarch Revolt.

Character creation:

Name: Bernard_Vahn
Age: 128
Clan/Bloodline: Gangrel
Generation: 9th

Character Story:(Min. 1500 words)
“Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends.”
― George Bernard Shaw

"These are wise words from a man.. I don't even fuckin' know.. I'm name after him though, that's gotta be worth something? No? Alright.."
It is the the year, 1887.. The third of December.
Bernard, the young rugid man stands tall at the porch of his house in Los Angles. The small neighbour harbouring violent gang members. All out to get your money, never to help a fellow neighbour.
The street is rustling with people, there seems to be excitement among the young as it nears Christmas. Despite owning a house and living comfortably, Bernard's family does not have the luxury of Christmas. The holiday feeling void and empty to Bernard, his own sister; Grace. Even going as far as to celebrate it around her friends.
Sadly, for Bernard he has no friends. He is the social outcast of the school. Greesy hair, spotted face.. The nicknacks of what a 'Nerd' would be labeled as. Needless to say, this is Bernard's last year at College. He finally has his freedom, and with freedom... Comes exploration.

"Finally..." Bernard says with a sigh of relief, his graduation gown floating along in the wind as he walks. "I'm finally out of there... Fuck me.. The years took long to get by..." He says again, clutching the graduation scroll as he heads home, happily swaying his arms with the motion of the wind.

Bernard would only need to take a glance of his street, noticing the bright and colorful decorations presented out on the front porch. Bernard thinks to himself,
"Ah, they couldn't have.. That must have costed us a fortune..." before jogging slightly up the road from his house. As Berneard would near his house a loud bang followed with various muzzles flashes emitted from the doorway of his household, two gang members wearing yellow would come sprinting out. Both of them sporting a black bag which appeared to have money inside.

Bernard's expression changed quite quickly, it moved from happiness to freightened in a manner of minutes. He booked it up the round, darting up the stairs of his porch as he glances down at the three dead bodies infront of him.
"No... No.. No! Fuck! No! Dad! Mom! Grace!" He wehelped in his hands as he kneels in the pool of their blood, picking up a small letter that says: "Happy Birthday! Bernard! We hope this money will get you your own car one day" Bernard's hands balling into fists, clearing angered by the events of the day.

He would take to his feet, tears strolling down his cheeks as he phones the Police; ambulances, the morgue and police are arriving outside of his doorstep minutes later.
"They're... They're in there...." Bernard whelped, pointing backwards at the bodies by the smashed birthday cake.
His expression becoming void as he just stares out of the doorframe, people walking in and out of his house as they manouver the bodies into bags.

Two years later, Palomino Creek.
There appears to be a man, sitting against a cobblestone grave; his clothes dirty and ripped. It is obviously Bernard, the events from two years ago scarring him internally; providing him a deep hatred for all gang related events. "Always alone... Always alone..." Bernard mummbled to himself, a slow faint voice in his head saying: "Do it... You know you want to there is broken class everywhere.... Do it!" Bernard closed his eyes, the voices in his head getting to him as he grabs a broken beer bottle; holding closely against his wrists as he would sit up onto the cobblestone grave.

"I can't do it.. I can't do it... I can't.." Bernard says as he wields the broken glass to his wrist, clenching his eyes shut as he hears a distinct but loud irish accent yell out to him. "An what te' fuck do you think you're doing?" Bernard glances up, noticing the long scruffy beared man; his clothes covered in muck and grass.
Bernard looks up, gasping as he looks down at the bottle against; aw struck at what he was about to do.
"Thank you.. I can't believe I was going to do it.." Bernard says, looking back at the Irish man. "What do I call you... Sir?" Bernard emits, a slight smile on his face. "Fackin' SIR? Gaw, you're trully a lost cause. Ain' cha'?" The Irish man says, fiddling wth his beard as he contemplates thoughts. "Ye' know what? I'm Larry, pleasure ta' meet you "SIR"! Hehe.. You wanna be ma' friend?" Larry says, twirling his beard around in his fingers as if he was a little girl; cackling loudly at the scene he had just acted out.

Bernard would shuffle on the grave, shrugging his shoulders off as he speaks.
"At this point.. I've got nothing to really loose, why not.. I'm Bernard by the way." Larry smiles as the pleasantries are exchange, darting fowards at tremendous speeds as he knocks Bernard out cold; falling lifelessly into his hand. "Anotha' one bites ta' dust..  Haha.. " Larry sings as he walks towards a rusted old shack, it appears to be past Lupine country where they are safe. Larry would simply drop Bernard onto the floor inside of his shack, opening a cabinet as he swings around a bloodpack through his fingers. "This is gonna be fun..." Larry says, placing the bloodpack on the floor.

Larry leans over Bernard, his body shadowing him from the rooms light; he uses his mangled fangs to pierce into the neck, arms and chest of Bernard. Draining him of all his vitae, leaving but a pale and dried up corpse. Larry hums biting into his own wrist as he squeezes out blood into Bernard's mouth.
"Oh...... Here it comes! This is gonna be good!" Larry says, as he witnesses Bernard's body begin to conturn and twist; the poison of the Kindred's vitae forming and molding his organs around to exactly fit that of a Cainities.

Larry chuckles loudly, throwing the bloodpack at Bernard's face while retreating to another room with a view. Bernard would awaken from his slumber, his eyes blazing gold with a fiery inner as he litterally rips the bloodpack open in seconds; draining the pack of all it's contents.
Larry would chuckles, yelling from the other room.
"Ya' atta' boy! Drink up!" Bernard growls, hearing Larry in the other room as he slowly stalks fowards towards the door; unknowingly to Bernard. Larry would plunge a stake made of wood directly into his heart, Bernard falling down to the ground in a frozen state of paralysis.
"Well! I better feed you another pack actually.. That wasn't enough.." Larry would go on to groom Bernard, feeding him bloodpacks while the stake remains in his chest. In a few hours, Larry would whistle while walking over to Bernard; pulling the stake out quickly.

Bernard would shoot up, his golden eyes blistering through at Larry as he yells out.
"What the fuck did you do to me?!"
Larry would smile as Bernard yells, tickling his chin as he explains. "You're Kindred now tospot. Welcome to ta' family!" Bernard exhales as motions from his previous life, obviously not needing to breath. "I don't get it, Larry... " Bernard says, confusing riddling his face.

The years would go by, many training sessions taking place between Larry and Bernard. Basic of the Cammarila, Sabbat, Anarchs, Clans and Disciplines are discussed through training in the forest.
Larry fumbles around with his fingernails as he looks at Bernard tearing his way into a bloodpack, laughing loudly. "So, tospot.. Ya' wanna' learn a thang or ta' about Disciplines? Namely Protean?" Bernard glances at Larry as he finishes the bloodpack, coughing slightly. "You're actually going to teach me now? Really? Thank you!" Larry laughs, stepping out of the shack to look up at the moon. He throws numerous amounts of bloodpacks on the ground infront of Bernard, clapping loudly.

"Now! Protean, this is a nice little addition to our clan.. It brings out ta' inner beast.. I want you to focus on your eyes... Imagine using the blood inside of your body to fuel your balls of ya' eyes.. Imagine.... Seeing in the dark, vision it in your mind and concentrate your body on doing it! Larry claps his hands, stepping back to allow room for Bernard.
Bernard would step fowards as he stares off into the pitch dark, his eyes slowly gaining a red hue as he concentrates further; burning the vitae in his body to power the discipline inside of his. His eyes now fully glowing red, the iris shinning bright.
"Aha.. I.. I did it! Larry!" Larry claps, patting Bernard on the back and speaks. "Now, ta' drink some of the blood and we're going to focus on one more thing tonight.. Feral Claws.. It's pretty niffty."

Bernard would step back away from Larry, taking his hands in his own as he drinks a partial amount of the bloodpacks; the contents streaming down his chin. "Claws.... Eagle talons... talons.." Bernard whispers to himself, concentrating on his fingers as he burns his vitae in his body. The tips of his fingers starting to form a sharp curve, as Bernard grunts they grow at full length; the vitae fully burning away as he activates Feral Claws.
Larry claps loudly and fast, smiling as he is proud of his achievement.
"Good job, Gangrel. You're not a tospot any longer! We'll continue this tommorow.. Your body needs some serious rest.. Bernard would smile at Larry as he forcefully deactivates the Disciplines, using his hands to open the shack door as he wanders inside.

Two months later, reigour training has been completely.

Bernard stands tall on the porch of the shack, closing his eyes as he invisions his new Disciplines; activating his  Shape of the Beast. His body malforming, twisting as it shrinks down and takes on the form of an Eagle, he soors through the sky; feeling the breath blow against his feathers. This is the freedom he had imagined so long ago, but he had never invisioned it to be so true and fulfilling.
Bernard would flinch in the air, thinking as though he heard something down below at the shack. He concentrates, burning his vitae away in his Flight Form to gain Heightened Senes; and as he does so. He hears grunt from Larry, the slashing of a sword and a clank.
Bernard swoops down and re-assumes his Human form, concentrating as he uses his vitae once again to grow Feral Claws; his fangs extending as he would rush inside of the shake.
"No.. Not again..." It appeared as though Larry had been torn to piece and ashed, one of the back windows was smashed but Bernard missed the fight entirely. He would snarl heavily, clenching his clawed fists as blood drips frmo his own palms. "I will avenge you, Larry... I will.."

Bernard would spend the next years up untill the Modern nights, hunting and preying on the gang members of Los Angeles. His acts not going notices, respectively staying hidden under the Princes rule.
One night, Bernard heard rumours of a Cammarila sect created in the town Palomino Creek. Rememmbering this as his Sire's last death location, he flies to the location using his Flight Form. Hoping to honor Larry's death with the blood of the Kindred's enemies in PC.

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?
Vampires have a plefora of different non-physcal abilities. You can take Auspex and Animalism - Feral Whispers as just a few. These non-physical abilities are okay to be used within range of Mortals, however they should not be used in a suspicious manner.
What stops you from using them? The local Cammarila faction in-game and the Police, both factions can have permission to CK a character if abilities are used all the time in public.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.
Option One: If my character is to be a Gangrel, I would take a foward approach and attempt to take him out before he reveals any plans of a speech to someone close to him. If he winds up dead after telling someone that he has a massive secret, that is going to look extremely suspicous.
If it came down to murdering him, I'd tear his body apart and throw it into the nearby forest. Blaming the Lupines for the attack.
Option Two: Now, if my character was a Toreador I would use that good 'ol seduction and manipulation in order to get him to side with me. Despite not using disciplines, I'm confident that I could use my knowledge of manipulation to correctly defuse the situation and stop him from speaking out to the public.
Option Three: My third option would be to befriend a local Tzimisce, if he can succesfully alter my appearance though bone merging. I can take on a whole new life, hopefully not having to worry about the pesty person who discovered my race.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?
In this scenario above with the blood shedding, it can be extremley dangerous to the Officer. If at any point he accidently swallowed some of my blood. He could become addicted as small doses of Kindred blood are mouth wateringly addictive to Humans.
Not only that, but I could end up in prison or Frenzy at the Officer from lose off blood. Either way, Mortals would end up finding my existence and I would break the Masquarade.
Simple solution to not encounter the scenario above would be to actively avoid breaking Human laws, stay well within the confines of Human society and nothing bad will happen.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?
Now, there are three possible answer I can come up with...
One, there is a Gangrel using his abiliy with Protean to transform himself into a half-wolf creature. I would slowly approach him, make sure he is sane and then warn him of the laws from the Masquarade if a Human was to see him.
Two, it is a Lupine. In which I would turn away from; slowly walking back into town as I have no buisness with them.
Three. it is a Tzimisce in his Zulo form. The same response would be to the Gangrel, except I would take extra procaution as the Tzimisce are usuaully alinged with the Sabbat.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?
I would be scared, no matter the scenario. Guns can still harm me and my partner, I would hand over my possesions to the man. Once they had left, I would contact the authorities and let the Police handle it.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.
Considering that my Clan is that of the Gangrel, I believe a cleaner or mechanic would be an ideal priority job for a Gangrel. The dirty enviroment feeling just at home to him. His side job would likely be a warehouse night-shift guard. Less interation and more possibility of an intruder, giving him the option to feed off of them in secret inside of the warehouse.
Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay?
I have currently been playing VWH:RP for around three years now.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
((All other characters are listed under the namechanged tabs in these accounts))

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part?
I do undertand. I fully respect the Race Moderators authority in taking my race away, if I perform poorly.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for A-record and Activity:

(I do not have the account name for Ronald_Dove, but he was perma jailed for a Racechange since a Hacker got onto my account.
The Metagame on my A-record was also kinda false, apparently I was taking In-character information to out-of-character which Jack said was not allowed
I would like to add, that I am a lot more mature now. I take the rules more seriously than before and do not act without confirmation on things.)

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be?
I do not believe so, no.
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I love Steffi Cheon.
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