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Character Profiles / Re: Dura lex, sed Lex
« Last post by FewLeonTime on September 22, 2017, 06:01:19 PM »
Derailing a cp ?!! Wtf Leon u need doctor.
You need a Blackberry on you.
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Lock on September 22, 2017, 05:29:12 PM »
Vampires can only smell blood. Only characters with a Hurt health level and below can be detected. The ability no longer works on Bruised and Healthy characters.

Changeling Applications / Marcus_Portbelly ;; Troll ;; Unseelie
« Last post by Gaavia on September 22, 2017, 04:48:35 PM »
Changeling Application

General knowledge:

1. Write a definiton of what a Changeling is according to you. (150 words min)

A changeling is a fae that has gone through the ritual known as the changeling way or the arcadian way (for arcadian sidhe mainly) and has reincarnated into a human body upon birth, however you never become a "changeling per se until you go through Chrysalis which is the moment the changeling is granted clear visions of her past lives and her true self until that clarity fades away. To put it bluntly and simply, a changeling is a human that hosts a faerie soul, be it one of a budding warlord or a regular spriggan, the changeling fae hidden by their human seeming. Born human, they can die human without ever discovering themselves, to everyone that does not possess keening, changelings are humans, however to those who can see past the mists, changelings are creatures straight out of the dreaming, powerful and dreamlike, their souls are stuffed away in human bodies to protect them from the banal world that is the Autumn
2. In your opinion why was the Changeling race implemented into the server? (100 words minimum)
My best guess is that changelings we're always part of the world of darkness (when their fifth book was released ofcourse) and now that it has been revamped into a full 20th edition including new rules and updated ones, it makes it for a perfect race to be added into the game, Kyasids for exemple are of faerie blood and they were in the game ever since V20 was released, changelings we're always part of the world of darkness so it only makes sense for them to be in this crossover chronicle especially considering they have now been made into C20.

3. Are Changeling humans or supernaturals? (150 words min, justify your answer)
Changelings are both humans and supernaturals, at the core they are supernatural however their human seeming is everything another human is, the sword will have the same effects (to some extent). Granted changelings do not truly die, their human seeming may very well die to a regular attack, however behind the facade that is the human seeming hides a creature from the deepest wonders of the world, a fae. The fae mien is hidden by the mists using the human seeming, this makes it to where kiths can live peacefully (mostly) amongst humans without being demolished by the lingering banality. /Changelings/ are a mix of both, whilst kiths are supernaturals. It is however possible to forfeit your seeming and call upon the Wyrd to reveal your fae mien, making you a full fledged supernatural.

4. In terms of game system, what is specific about the Changeling race? (150 words min, justify your answer)Banality, changelings are in constant fear of the banality that hangs around them, they are however sheltered (mostly) from this banality because of their human seeming, without it they would be nothing. Changelings have a few things specific about them, you could take glamour as an exemple "the dream stuff", it fuels the most powerfuls of cantrips. Changelings are able to use an array of arts combined with realms allowing them to do virtually anything. However the most unique and specific thing about the changelings in my opinion is both their birthrights and their powerful ability to unleash arts, a devastating way of unleashing their full might upon their enemies.

Banality is very specific to changeling because it is literally their lifeline, the very thing that could be their undoing, banality cannot be avoided and changelings are in constant fear of it destroying their kins.

5. What would you define as the most incompatible feature (for our game) of CtD? (150 words min, justify your answer)
Glamour regeneration. It is a fact that glamour generation can be a tad bit of a pain for our game, the fact is that glamour generation requires time and efforts, sometimes months, especially during revelry. In rudy's game, more often than not players are not knowledgable about this type of thing and doing revelry upon a human could take weeks (which is usually done during downtime, however our game does not have downtime). This makes it very hard for players to roleplay such acts, making it one of the more difficult and incompatible feature of CtD. Banality trait to humans could also be a tad bit difficult because of the fact that people may not know what it is.

6. Tell us something about your character's Kith.
My character's kith is known to be one of the most loyal and one of the most feared of them all, with their titanic strength they can easily mount any challenge imposed upon them. They mostly act as a giant mountain to protect the one who they swore to protect. Trolls are quite literally the meaning of Honor and duty.

7. Tell us something about your character's House.
Unlike most houses, the house scathach isn't so interested in leadership amonst their peers, they are a house known for their prowess on the battlefield, not in the courts.

8. What is antithesis?
The antithesis is a personalized banality trigger that every character has, it changes from character to character.

Character developement:

Name:Marcus_Portbelly (Faerie name will not be revealed)
Court: Unseelie
Legacies: (Unseelie): Outlaw (Seeling): Paladin
House: Scathach
Seeming: Wilder
Kith: Troll
Antithesis: Enchanting a human more than once
Character Story: (Minimum 1500 words)

Life isn't as easy as one might think, what would you do if you lost EVERYTHING many times over? What if you lived countless lives and lost everything you held dear over and over again? What if even after being "revived" you somehow remembered things here and there, things you'd be better off forgetting? Your wife slaughtered before your very eyes, your son hung by his guts just to later come to be known as the headless horseman? That's right, this story will talk about a creature of legends who had lost their former immortality to now bear but a shadow of that power. You think its a joke when we talk about the boogeyman or perhaps the yeti lurking in the mountains? Oh boy, today's the day i'm gonna teach you a few things about the things you've missed out there.

They say fate doesn't exist, let me tell you one thing-.. No matter what you think, fate is real and you can't avoid it. Our protagonist, Thorvald met a certain girl named Jennifer, they were but cubs at the time. However little did they both know their meetings was fated to happen, they quickly grew attached, they began school and the years went by, never far apart they were considered to be the 'odds one out' always prowling the playgrounds, remaining out of sight and especially out of people's way, they were doing their own things in their very own world, it was a fantasy to them, everything around them was so beautiful and so appealing. This was by far one of the weirdest things anyone had ever seen before, kids living a fantasy in school "psch, what a bunch of losers", losers they were considered. Humanity is a very beautiful thing, it is at the very same time a very daunting thing, because they were both considered the schools loser, over the years they were picked on by essenstially anyone and everyone, it even happened that teachers made fun of the duo, this however never bothered them. Thorvald was always the protective kind whilst Jennifer was like a little princess, you should've seen the two of them, really.

The years went by, their bond never faded and it never became any less relevant, granted they were never "together", they were inseparable. Highschool rolled around and as some of you may already know, bullies weren't 'playing' around anymore, they had just gotten into a rough playground. As a result Thorvald had gotten his fair share of beating during his highschool life, the main reason being he was defending Jennifer from the girl bullies and those cowards always called in for their 'cults of fawning boys' to teach Thorvald a lesson. Besides the little hurdles-.. Highschool was a smooth ride until their last year.

Thorvald was out running errands for his family. He was walking down an alleyway when he suddenly fell to his knees without realizing why-.. He looked around for a few seconds and it finally struck him, he gripped his chest and felt his heart beating faster and harder than before, his pupil were dilating, he heard the sound of chains rattling around his head, the pain lasted for but a second, Thorvald threw his head upwards and looked up to the sky and looked upon the azure sky, visions of things he's never seen or experienced before began flashing before his eyes, he heard a faint voice in the back of his head repeating over and over again 'remember.... Remember and reawaken my champion...'. There it was, Thorvald released his chest and felt something bursting out of his chest, not only was it pleasing but it felt like something was coursing through his body, he felt a massive change happening, he felt his personality slipping, visions of a beautiful lady looking upon him with a smile just before being demolished in a show of colors, Thorvald began understanding, he began to remember everything, he was gradually gaining perfect clarity of his life, his past experiences, but before he could see it all it was already fading, all of it was being taken away, glamour was bursting out of his body, thats when he saw his true self for the first time, the torrent of glamour is swirling around him, covering his naked fae body with a voile, it was a beautiful piece of clothing, skin tight leather boots with baggy pants, shrouded in a black cloak and a vest from the french renaissance, it looked surprisingly good. In addition to the voile the torrent of Glamour summoned forth his trusty companion, his chimerical creature from his past lives. The torrent of glamour summoned forth countless entities from the dreaming, including tiny baby dragons flying for the first time and some horrifying creatures bound to cause trouble, the creatures began running away, leaving the area as soon as they are imagined by Thorvald's glamour, all of it quickly faded away and Thorvald regained his senses, allowing him to suck up the remaining glamour and keep it flowing inside of his body. From the shadows of the alley, a figure appeared, his now awakened fae instincts warned him and he turned around just to see Jennifer standing in shock-.. However, if he looked past her he could see a shadow... The understood what it meant, past Jennifer was a tall woman that had uninimaginable beauty. Jennifer had been waiting for this moment for years, it seems she had awakened a few years back-.. Who knew that woman could have been a faerie? Everything happens for a reason, this is fate.

Jennifer looked upon the troll and smiled as she stepped forward to embrace the hulking troll and smiles at him and says but a few words "Welcome back among us". This was quite the show especially for those who belong in the unseelie court. However time for reunions was cut short, the chimerical creature that had been recently summoned came back to haunt the newly awakened fledge, however with but his feral instinct, he grabbed Jennifer's hand and ordered his companion to following, he focused his fresh pool of glamour into an art and a realm, casting a cantrip without the use of a bunk. Jennifer and Thorvald jumped about 3 stories up right onto the building right above them and began making their escape, Jennifer led them both to the town's freehold where they were eventually safe.

Jennifer and Thorvald spent increasingly more time together ontop of their regular hours, at school they were together and now after school they were together, Jennifer awakened at a very young age, allowing her to teach Thorvald the things he has forgotten through Chrysalis, Thorvald had to re-discover himself, it was not easy task, but with time it happened.

The years went on and Thorvald had taken a few oaths with Jennifer oaths that had once been taken but with time had been broken, the last time they were together was just a little over 300 years, this reunion couldn't have made them happier, Jennifer is a noble of house Scathach, one of the sidhe at the seat of the council, whilst Thorvald was her sworn bodyguard.

The oaths we're quite simple, but very obvious. The oath of Guardianship, Thorvald was to protect Jennifer even at the cost of his own life and the second one being an Oath of fealty, making Thorvald sworn to Jennifer. These oaths are sacred and cannot be broken under any circumstances, should an oath be broken, the party who has broken an oath suffers an extreme penality unique to the specific oath, the troll also loses its strength as a titan should he break an oath.

The duo braved the dangers of banality together, they faced off against chimera's together and did their very best to make their houses proud in the Autumn world. Over the years Thorvald managed to get ahold of an underground fighting club and Jennifer managed to acquire a business, a bar in the middle of town, commonly used by unseelie changelings to plot, it has become widely known about the Autumn Sidhe and the former budding warlord banding together once again in the streets of the city. With Jennifer's lackeys they had become a force to be reckoned with.

However as time went on, so too did their mortal lives, they both have been around for 30 something years, the grip of banality was relentless, the first time in centuries, the duo had decided to come together and head into a deeper realm that differs from the autumn world, a realm where Arcadia resides; The deep dreaming. The lingering banality had to be purged and there is very few ways to do so, the best way for the experienced duo was to head into the deep dreaming and accept the request of artifact recovery. The duo summoned their chimerical companion and went to the nearest freehold where they hunted for the help of a guide. They found a gentleman, dressed in green, he was short... Yeah, thats all there was to it-.. He was short. The duo knew of the clurichaun, he was an old member of their house, he somehow had a change of heart and changed courts. Regardless of what the case may be, the Clurichaun accepted their request as long as he gets to keep the artifact, knowing they didn't have a choice the duo hastily agreed and the shorty led them to a trods and took them into the deepest part of the dreaming.

The deep dreaming is quite a fascinating place, upon arrival the duo found themselves laughing amongst eachother, the advantage of the deep dreaming is the fact that its so close to arcadia it grants perfect clarity similar to when you first undergo Chrysalis. In the deep dreaming you can remember everything about your past lives and your current self, it is also the place where a fae is most powerful, Jennifer began radiating of beauty whilst Thorvald became a quite literal towering giant, the dreaming affects body and mind so much that it could leave you wanting, they find themselves replenished with glamour. Without much waiting the duo went on their quest. They had heard rumors of a skyscrapper made of diamond and they knew without a doubt that such a place must hold a powerful artifact and finding such artifact will surely allow them to loosen the grip of banality. With the knowledge of wayfare Thorvald granted both of them the ability of fly at high speed and began heading into the direction mentioned in the rumors.

Without a doubt, the deep dreaming is dangerous place, whilst Thorvald was focusing on cleaving through hordes of flying enemies ahead of them, Jennifer had to focus on maintaining a mythical protective shield around them both during their flights. Their cooperation was unparralled, she had complete trust in him while he had complete trust in her, knowing she would use her magic to protect him. One mistake from either of them could mean death in the deepest part of the dreaming, nightmares are closing in around them everything. Whilst Thorvald is maintining the flight spell he is also maintaining a spell that grants him tremendous strength, his muscles are radiating an emerald glow, his strength is enough to break even the hardest of materials, he could punch through any vaults with /ease/. His broadsword cuts away at the chimerical creatures, destroying them and turning them back into dream stuff.

After a few hours of travelling they had finally encountered the building their were specifically looking for, they landed on a platform at the bottom of the tower to regain their strengths, they spent sometime regaining their lost glamour. The Sidhe prepared a few spells beforehand in order to protect the duo before their entry, whilst Thorvald prepared one of his most powerful cantrips-.. Elderform; he granted the both of them the elderform of water, ready the Troll took up his imposing broadsword and helped his lady up. Thorvald struck his fists together releasing a mighty scream and unleashes dragon's ire granting him the strength of a titan for one single attack. With this opportunity he focuses all of his strength into one punch and demolishes the barrier made of diamond that blocked the way into the diamond castle, the way was now opened and their adventure through the tower had just begun.

The tower had what it seemed to be 4 floors, not quite the skyscrapper they had imagined, but impressive regardless, the first floor was a dark and stout room made of diamond, nothing impressive about it besides the horde of monsters inside, it was quite literally a hack and slash, likely a floor used to decide wether one is worthy or not. The second floor however was well decorated, it had devices not yet available to humans, beautiful tapestry and mind blowing flowers made of fire, the way to the third floor was closed-.. Something had to be done. The way to the third floor read "To understand you must give up". The solution was quite simple, but with Thorvald being a troll, it was gonna be quite a challenge. The duo hopped around the room to find something but they couldn't find anything, the troll attempted to break his way into the third floor without any success, a powerful barrier was stopping him from breaking through to the third floor. At a lost the duo decided to sleep on it, they took turns to guard, they both slept 4 hours and woke up in hopes that the door had been opened. To understand you must give up-.. What kind of message could that be... They moved everything inside of the room outside and vice-versa, no results, at that point they had no idea what to do anymore, the troll decided to do troll things and go outside to bust his way through the sky, however as he crosses the door to the outside he finds himself transported into what it seemed like a new room, he released a roar and the Sidhe quickly followed through and felt stupid for not figuring out the stupid easy riddle. The third floor was-.. A puzzle, one that Jennifer had seen before, it felt like cheating but the answer was quite easy, it just requires alot of thinking. They breezed through without any issues, after their short lived journey they finally got to the top of the tower, upon which they witnessed a dwarf like person made of diamond sitting upon a diamond throne looking down upon them and says in a obviously forced 'tough guy voice' "Who dares tresspass into my castle?" the duo never answered and stayed on their guard, the troll withdrew his broadsword and stood between the 'king of diamond' and Jennifer. The kind stood up and took his diamond axe and charged upon the troll in an attempt to disarm him, however the troll was too old for these tricks and saw right through his attack, the sidhe quickly retreated and began casting supporting cantrips upon the troll, enhancing him to face the king of diamond. The battle was ruthless, the clash of metal and weapons deflecting off of each other's skin, the fight went out for several minutes and no damage could be done to either parties, growing impatient the troll stomped his feet on the ground, making the very earth shake beneath his feet, he demolished a chunk of diamond off of the ground and ran his sword through the shards, lifting them up in the air and in a swift motion of his sword, firing the shards upon the diamond body of the king, the shards made their way right through the king, Thorvald was the first to finally deal damage, the king was not gonna have any of it-.. He himself took it upon himself and took a step back stepping into a gateway that coincidentially lead right behind the Autumn Sidhe in the middle of doing a bunk for his cantrip-.. The diamond sword ran right through her skin, tearing her chimerical self apart, effectivelly killing her until she one day reincarnates. Thorvald, under the shock had been had by the same trick, the king appeared behind him and ran his axe through his chest, killing him instantly-.. Everything went blank and.... That was it.

Several dozens of years later, a young man named Marcus had just experienced the most amazing thing of his life, his eyes were opened to the world, his voile, skin-tight boots, baggy pants and a french jacket alongside a cloak. Marcus was fostered in a nearby Freehold and eventually fate lead him places, one day he appeared in redcounty where he encountered a peculiar lady who had yet to awaken, little does he know about his fate.... The troll's story was about to begin once again, this time he hopefully won't fall the same way he has before.

Player information:

1. For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? 3-4 years on and off, 7-8 months consistantly

2. Make a list of your current and past characters.
Chasty Simmons (Human)
Allan Givret (Human)
Marijka Lothian (Vampire 8th)
Meridil Clearwater (Fera)

3. Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time ?

4. Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.Exact date of the last admin record entry (as a result of a rulebreak):

Several years ago on accounts I no longer have access to as stated in previous applications.

6. How active have you been on the server during the last 3 months (6 months for custom Kiths)?
I have been active in the 3rd month, however being unable to even get on a computer I was not active in the past two months, however this is changing as we speak and I will be active from now on since I am completely back.

7. Is there anything you would like to add or change about the Changeling race? If yes,
 what would that be?
I do not have comments on the subject as of yet, I will need to see it for myself ingame before being able to answer this question.
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Coeus on September 22, 2017, 04:06:32 PM »
Wonderful update, Thank you.
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by virus on September 22, 2017, 03:31:07 PM »
Had changeling book for days, was wondering if you are gonna implement it.. Nice
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Mephisto on September 22, 2017, 03:29:44 PM »
Lovely update. I wish I could check it out.
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Carl on September 22, 2017, 03:24:32 PM »
Best update I've ever seen.

Thanks Rudy!
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Skeeper0 on September 22, 2017, 03:19:24 PM »
cant wait for the first scent of the true form application
you dont need to apply for it if your tribe has it as a beginning gift ;)
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Lurker on September 22, 2017, 02:52:56 PM »
wow, you are like god on earth rudy !
Changelog / Re: 1.9.6d ~ 1.10.0
« Last post by Alexis_Alves on September 22, 2017, 02:43:49 PM »
gonna read about changelings nice update btw
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