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Demon Applications / Re: Ray_Marlow ;; Halaku ;; Cryptic - Demon Application
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Which Lores would you like to take as your beginning ones?

EDIT: Just update to the most recent format.

Edited in the application.
If anything is wrong let me know.
Character Profiles / Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Looks pretty  :)
Character Profiles / Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Added bare new section n changed colour scheme n main pic.
Vampire Applications / Tatjana_Jankovic ;; 7th ;; Gangrel
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires? The word vampire used to mean a ruthless blood sucker to me if and when endured by the bite you automatically turn, which I think is a perfect and reasonable example of what humans may perceive vampires as. However after indulging into this tabletop and its lore that we follow it has significantly changed my perspective on what the word vampire means. The differences between WoD and common folklore is that both the advantages and disadvantages vary. Folklore are commonly viewed as 'vampires cannot go out in the sun at all and are overthrown by garlic' however on WoD - the first statement is both true and false because it does vary on whether a vampire has the right amount of fortitude to resist sunlight, we also do not follow the repulsiveness of garlic part, there are very similar things about both folklore and WoD but another difference is that stakes do not kill a vampire, they do however paralyse them, they are also able to brush through water with no effect.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?
You run the risk of your reputation among the Kin society if you do unveil the masquerade, not only do you lose respect and trust of your own kind, it also comes with consequences from both sides of the spectrum (the mortal and Kin world). Revealing yourself is a grave consequence because you are then known of in the mortal word which leads to your unlife being at risk. Whether or not the Elders of the domain you are in decide to punish you for doing such an act, you've still the mortal world you need to be careful of, it is in a vampire's best interest to keep hidden. If the government are aware of the supernatural events advertised to the public, their actions are mostly predicted to hire and possibly take out whichever individual is described as a 'vampire' and also seek out and maybe announce there are more of the alike.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it? The Traditions are mainly enforced by the Camarilla, the 6 traditions are as follows;
The first tradition which is the 'The Masquerade' is to keep the society of Kindred hidden to mortals and those who do posess the blood of the Kin.
The second tradition 'The Domain' describes as long as you're in someone else's domain you must respect and never challenge the word of the Domain, your domain, your concern.
The third tradition 'The Progeny' states you must only sire a mortal with the permission of an Elder, doing so without permission will resort in yours and your childe's execution.
The forth which is 'The Accounting' means you're responsible for your own childe, their consequences are brought on the both of you and whatever you command, they shall be cooperative.
The fifth 'The Hospitality' describes you must introduce yourself whenever you enter another domain, without introducing yourself and being accepted into the domain - you aren't worth anything.
The sixth which is called 'The Destruction' states you restricted from killing your own kind, and those rights belong to an Elder and only them, they may also call for a blood hunt if they wish.
They are viewed as the only thing that keeps the Masquerade at bay, however the Sabbats do not care for the traditions.

4. What is a Clan? A clan is what you inherent from your sire, it is what what stereotypes a group of vampires in what their advantages and disadvantages are, what kind of disciplines they carry upon their embrace and how they're portrayed through their behaviours and physical looks. These clans were created however by the Antediluvians whom are of the third generation, there are thirteen Antediluvians and thus the thirteen clans were descended from.

5. What is a Bloodline? Aside from the popular and well known thirteen clans that were moved down from the Antediluvians, there are other lesser known and irrelevant 'family' members that were evolved into entirely different clans in comparison to the famous and acknowledged clans which are commonly known among majority of Kin.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two? The Embrace process is a mortal undergoing the 'kiss' however having their fluids sucked out of their system and having the embracer (the vampire performing the embrace) squeeze out a bit of their blood into their victim's own body. The view on embracing to create your own childe is suggested however standards are to be met depending on which sect you're under, if you wish to embrace and 'produce' a brand new childe in the Camarilla's domain you are to announce your plans to an Elder and if your victim meets the standards then you may. If however you're of another domain and the holders are of the Sabbat then embracing whomever you want without permission is not held against you. The process of diablerie is looked down upon in the Kin society, especially in the Camarilla's domain and have dear consequences if ever caught, the process of diablerie is the taking of another Cainite's unlife through sucking their bodily fluids until they run dry and in return you either gain or descend closer to their generation in which their once unlife had possessed.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society? Your generation does stray from the original and very first vampire 'Caine' depending on which generation you inherent from, as 11th and so forth are considered thin-bloods because the Curse of Caine gets weaker and distorted the more it gets passed around, depending on whether you're closer to Caine and his curse will give you advantages in the Kindred society, the stronger you're connected to Caine, the more powerful you are. There are ways however to tell one's generation through 'witchcraft' - sorcery for instance. The 3rd generation are called the Antediluvians and the 4th and 5th are known as the Methuselahs, the three individuals who possess the 2nd generation as they were passed the Curse from Caine himself has created the Antediluvians and so on, the further away you are from Caine's Curse, the weaker you are from his bloodline, disadvantages such as being out the sun also start to wear off as a result of this.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?
The first Anarch Revolt was prompted when the Inquisition were operating and were very much active, they were such a threat at the time it forced the Elders to sacrifice their neonates for their own survival, eventually the noticeable patterns in neonates fading rapidly had alerted the Kin society. A brujah by the name of Patricia suggested that the Elders should fight back, however they did not accept and instead rejected his notions and continued to hide in the dark, which led to the formation of the famous Camarilla Sect we know of now. Patricia decided to rebel with other rebellious neonates, they marched into Castle Hardestadt and sparked a major battle in which they suffered huge losses - though successfully committing Amaranth upon Hardestadt, in other words executing the act of Diablerie. This influenced many other Neonates to turn against their Elders as the young Brujah of Spain did, maintaining a grip among the younger members. These rebels then called themselves Anarchs for the declaration of rebellion against the regulations and principles 'supposedly' left by Caine in which the Camarilla enforce. News quickly spread that the influential Elder Hardestadt had been killed and stolen of his generation eventually led to other Neonates in hoping to achieve the same thing, which drove the death of two Antediluvians in Italy and Romania with the act of Diablerie.

The second Anarch Revolt began in 1944, December 21 which led to the Prince being killed as so did many other Elders, the Elders who have not been caught fled when they had the chance making it a well earnt victory for the Anarchs, they soon moved to San Francisco in an attempt to liberate but were overrun by the current Prince that ruled there, however they've managed to claim the border of Mexico all the way to San Jose as it was soon to be called the Anarch Free State ruled under certain laws and regulations.

Character creation:

Name: Tatjana Jankovic
Age: 670
Embrace Age: 36
Clan/Bloodline: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Generation: 7th

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)
The sounds of war horns emit as the Bulgarian Empire chant and clash their swords against their metallic sounding shields in rhythm to the war drums. Conflict between the Serbians and the Bulgarians had be ongoing for centuries. The Bulgarian flags are raised as they brandish their swords and run over the muddy waters that stain and soak their leather boots, the Kingdom of Serbia have their men deployed and ready as they stand tall with their shields raised and their swords pointed. The war horn is blared and sounded once again while the men charge into the battlefield eventually clashing into the Serbians. Catapults are triggered and fire is lit upon the Serbian village, herds of cries and screams of the inhabitants resonate through the town as they scatter and flee their homes. The castle walls are breached and the Serbian army have been slain, what's left of the Kingdom of Serbia are deployed troops that desperately fend off Bulgarian captors that threaten to take the women and children. The Serbian troops fight for their lives and is drawn away from the horde of children, the women are dragged and raped in the midst of the concurrent war while the men and husbands are slain. Tatjana stays well hidden within her home and sobs in horror in reaction to the present and ongoing horrifying turn of events, as hours go by of innocents being slaughtered and abused, the blazing fire's settle down and turn into ashes as the sky blackens with thickened toxic fumes, the air pollutes of gas and smoke while clouds form and rain atop the carcasses which give off a distinct and disturbing smell. The following day the Bulgarian Empire take their leave and abandon the women in distress as the workers and children are taken. The ground covers itself in ashes as the smells of burning wood are mixed with still corpses, Tatjana lingers on a little longer and propels out into the open hoping to find survivors - before she continues further, weeps come from the west of her, however upon turning the corner of the burnt down homes there she finds a crouched man whom is held by his chest plates, he glances upon the woman whom is in distress and sighs, the man represented the Bulgarian flag which was clearly displayed across his armour. The immobile woman tugs against the man's metal chest plates and holds him close where she begins to weep, there the man concludes by unsheathing a dagger from his scabbard and draws the blade through her heart. Tatjana instinctively hovers her hands over her mouth and falls back against the burnt down logs which crackle and crinkle as her legs hit the rubble beneath her, which then alerts the man in Bulgarian armour. He turns around in curiousity and spots several other victims of the war whom are laid beside the muddy puddles and the residue which are torn off the buildings. The remainder of the village remnants peer upon Tatjana and begin to groan for aid, however Tatjana does nothing but watch with her eyes pierced behind the canvas, masking her location. The Bulgarian man rolls his sleeve and exposes his pale skin when approaching the colonists, when kneeling against the rubble to decline his hands on one settler, Tatjana picks up a rock and a stick fragment that resembles a stake, she finds the will to come out of hiding and ambush the intruder with her torn stake wielded in the air. She throws the rock first and drives the stake through the Bulgarian man in coated armour, however the rock misses and he is alarmed which he then intercepts Tatjana by grabbing her wrists while she falls on top - they tumble and roll against the dirt and debris and he manages to ascend above Tatjana where he suppresses her down in dominance. Tatjana is pounced on as her stake topples where she now is completed subdued, her shirt is torn off and is exposed bare-skinned whereas the man initiates and maneuvers his hands around Tatjana's neck. His eyes trail upon hers and prompts his mouth close by her neck - Tatjana struggles and desperately fends off the Bulgarian invader. His teeth delves into her neck and draws blood through his fangs, the stream of sexual stimulation and pleasure is now upon the both Tatjana and the Bulgarian trooper, such intimate gratification, such luxury - fulfilling their satisfaction overwhelms Tatjana's inclination to resist. The eyes of the spectators seem confused and terrified as their moans and cries become louder and inharmonious, the blood transaction comes to a conclusion and Tatjana is discharged from his fangs, he emanates a snicker as he dawns atop Tatjana before fleeing. Tatjana lays still for a few seconds before exposing herself to the remainder of the survivors that peer back up at the sky, muttering their prayers ~ Tatjana drags her feet and darts atop and makes do, quenching her thirst for blood, penetrating the necks of those whom are helplessly in distraught and discomfort, immobile and motionless. After the abnormal and bizarre event that had just occurred days before, Tatjana has been able to keep her composure from going completely mad. Tatjana had ponder on what to do next, where to go and how to feed - there she sought to cross the landscapes and travel across rivers where she had come nearby a settlement whose captives are the Bulgarians whom are of the Bulgarian Empire, the mountains complimented the skies and the skies aided light atop the green grass, disgusted she felt which was ironic ~ terrified to even begin to think sneaking among the Bulgarians. But it was the only viable feeding source so that encouraged the motive to sneak and hide under the noses of her enemies as she underwent cloaking as an innocent bystander. There she had learned the ways of the Bulgarians and their language.
Four centuries later Tatjana is appointed as the Sheriff among the Camarilla's domain in Chicago where order was strictly pushed for, after making a name for herself and proving her worth, both as a self-evident Elder and her proficient ingenuity had led to Tatjana's success to achieve her status in the Camarilla's hierarchy in not one but many domains. With great knowledge she's been able to become adept in keeping the regulations and law in order as the Camarilla's views is what she strictly believes in.
Fast forward to another three centuries later Tatjana is selected as one of the few by the Elders of the Camarilla to restore order once again and keep invasive rebels at bay, after meeting with the higher ups of the Camarilla's hierarchy, they have noted the resistance and rebellious independents of the particular domain known as Red County, also the numerous amounts of werewolves recorded in Palomino Creek specifically has increased at an alarming rate, they all come to a conclusion by agreeing and confronting the problem by assigning Tatjana to reestablish the Camarilla's authority with other reliable nominees.
Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them? Discreet and secretive powers such as auspex and presence, however some of the listed discipline powers vary depending on whether they're too obvious. The first tradition which is 'The Masquerade' stops you from using alarming disciplines as consequences follow after acting upon so.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted. There are multiple ways you can deal with an individual that plans on announcing you because of what you are, some of the ways you could deal with a situation such as this is to infiltrate their premises and silently rid of the person, another way would be to hire an assassin so you don't have to put in any effort whatsoever, however a more appropriate way of doing so is ridding of their memory with the discipline 'Dominate'.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters? Considering there has been blood shed in exchange of their struggle, I'd flee from the scenery and free myself from further harm by being considerate of my surroundings. To avoid dangerous encounters like so is to be skeptical of your surroundings and roll under some sort of new identity be it with Obfuscate or a mask, the whole encounter could have been avoided with a simple mind trick if I did possess the discipline which is Dominate however that is subjected, at times it is best to just play along to avoid situations like these and not expose your true nature. Being considerate of your record as a wanted individual should hint that you shouldn't out yourself in the open.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this? Whether or not the beast seems to be causing havoc around him and doing acts such as unveiling the masquerade, it is my character's duty as a Camarilla member to report such events. Considering the beast is a shapeshifter which are called werewolves or in other words 'garou' it is in my character's best interest to keep away, because of what they're capable of. If however the werewolf seems to be battling off multiple vampires whom are of the Camarilla for whatever reason, it'd be reasonable to give a helping hand.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared? Yes and no, whether it is a mundane weapon or not they can do a good amount of damage and you are simply outnumbered by the three, the appropriate way of dealing with that scenario is to just cooperate and see where it leads. However as a vampire you already know you are capable of taking on the lot though you are still not aware of what they're capable of, so it'd only be safe to play along.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one. A job that deals with animals due to the nature and powers considered of a Gangrel and a perfect side job would be a security guard because of their innate ability to take and pack a punch.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? 2015

2.Make a list of your current and past characters. Margot_Widmore, April_Ray_Simmons, Jacklyn_Zhann, Royalty_Bloodworth, Scarlett_Reinemann

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
April's activity
Royalty's activity
Margot's activity

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? No.
Character Profiles / Re: Ethan Henderson
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Great one/ nice cp  8) 8)  ;)
Vampire Applications / Corey Jay Blackmore ;; 7th Generation ;; City Gangrel
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?

  The word vampire itself, for me it reffers to the unlife of a mortal that takes part after one's death and taking his part under a curse called the "curse of Caine" in his unlife. This curse forces the now undead mortal to live his (un)life under the presure of a thirst for blood, be it human or animal the blood has to be consumed regularly for the mortal to live relatively properly with this curse. The curse also affects the human's body, his organs are athrophied in most of the cases and his body will be metaphorically frozen, practically he will not age anymore from the point of his embrace (which is the process of passing the curse further to another mortal). The curse itself started from the biblical character Caine which is depicted in the scene of killing his brother Abel. It is said that God himself cursed Caine with such a curse as a punishment for the said crime. It was later on added a few additions to the curse when Caine refused to take chance on his redemption from three angels when they offered it. One angel reacted to the refusal by adding the thirst for the blood. Another angel added an inner "demon" called "the beast" by many, this beast acts whenever a cursed childe of Caine is thirsty, angry or severly affected by any emotion. The beast tends to take control upon the body of a cursed one and satisfy his needs by ruthlessly killing any nearby living for calming down the thirst or whatever emotion is present in one's body. The last angel who offered redemption acted differently, adding the option of reaching the Golconda state. The Golconda is a state where a cursed human reaches a level of harmony with his mind and body enough to be satisfied with a low quantity of blood for a long period of time, Golconda is something rare within the vampire society because many vampires tend to give in to their darkest sides and adopt a rather evil impression upon themselves (there are cases of vampires who actively seek Golconda such as some of the Salubri).
  From a human's view the vampire is a much more simple concept, mostly a very powerfull being that feeds at night or some ugly monster who lurks the nights for virgin's blood, there are different views based on what the media suggests the audience to think. Yet from the vampire's point of view a vampire is a cursed being in most of the cases and some would give in to their dark nature and actually enjoy it. It varies a lot on their nature, clan and perceptions.
  Folklore vampires and World of Darkness vampires are not so different since I may like to think that World of Darkness embraced all types of vampires and brought them all in a single story. We have folklore stories of ugly vampires (Nosferatu, Samedi, Harbringers of Skulls etc.) and yet there are stories of very beautiful and seductive vampires (such as Toreadors etc.), you may hear of vampires being repulsed of garlic but in WoD there are only certain vampires that might be repulsed from garlic, there are more and more resemblances that you could think about all day because in WoD almost everything is possible. (The ones who own the "Repulsed by Garlic" flaw or those dominated to think so).

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?

  Most of the vampires are preffering the blood of the living human beings and for this reason most of them are tending to reach places of high population. Helped by their human appearance that was kept ever since their embrace took part in their life and mostly by their humanity (more or less), they can infiltrate easily into almost any society and they have to, mostly. Once infilitrated into a society, a vampire has more advantages than one who hasn't, for example he has food at his discretion, people wandering around the streets are easy preys for many, others might take advantage on the human's influence, power, abilities therefore they are manipulated and used as tools for one's purposes. Others might find subjects for embrace when they feel like creating a childe of their own or even for ghoulification. But all of these come with a price, you have to make sure that you're staying hidden especially if you play a character that does respects the Masquerade because if you don't you can get in some serious troubles, if you're being outed to the public you might trigger the unwanted attention and you're going to be labeled as a Masquerade breaker and depending on the severity, the highest consequences for you will be a "Blood Hunt", let alone the potential of being hunted by the local hunters, inquisition, the government and the media might bring a lot of trouble not only to you but to the vampire society that resides in the vicinity of your deed because they could start an alert, throw news about vampires, form tactical trained teams to hunt down the vampires, in short you can provoke chaos, also other supernaturals might want to protect identity of supernaturals from the mortals and may act upon you.

In my opinion the vampires should do whatever they're meant to do, Sabbat could go out and do whatever they're meant to do and the Camarilla should play their cards right to stay hidden and safe from the mortal's eye. If this question refers to the safety of the vampires my answer is going to be "yes, stay hidden" because the outcome of not staying hidden could be tragic just like I mentioned it upper.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?

The set of fundamental laws of the Masquerade are known as "Traditions" and those are:
  • The first tradition is called " The Masquerade " wich is the first fundamental law in the vampire society, it reffers to the existence of the vampires that shall be kept hidden from the mortals.
  • The second tradition is called " The Domain " wich is the title of the second fundamental law and it reffers to the zones that are controlled by certain vampires.
  • The third tradition is called " The Progeny " wich is the third fundamental law withing the vampire society, it reffers to the permission that one needs to gain from a one of the elders of a local vampire society for passing the curse furthet to one of the mortals.
  • The fourth tradition is called " The Accounting ", that is the fourth fundamental laws, this one is reffering the responsibility that one vampire takes in the moment of passing the curse further to one of the mortals and that every action his new childe has performed is "signed" into the sire's account and has to respons further for them untill the childe is released.
  • The fifth tradition is called " The Hospitality ". This fundamental law is forcing the vampire to honor another's vampire territory (domain) and to present himself to the ruler of the said domain before hunting and making any further actions in that domain, this is more of a sign of good manners and respect that is shown to the other kindreds.
  • The sixth tradition is called " The Destruction " the last official law of Masquerade is reffering to the removing of one's curse (by granting one's final death) at an Elder's wish that is mostly fonded upon the bad mistakes that the subject of the "blood hunt" (synonime for "the destruction" that reffers to a great hunt upon the said target(s) ) Once a vampire gets enough reasons to be killed, one of the Elders are ordering a blood hunt on the said vampire's name.
  These Traditions are very well known to be enforced heavily by the Camarilla and most of the vampires within the sect sees them as a fundamental set of laws that they have to live by, except for the Sabbat or some other independent vampires who might have different views.

4. What is a Clan?

A clan is a line of childes that leads up to one sire, they all share the same ideals, disciplines, traditions and disadvantages (clan curses). For the third generation mostly represented the sire of each clan, 13 in number, every childe was cursed by Caine for different reasons and with different curses.

5. What is a Bloodline?

  The bloodlines are smaller clans that appeared in the curse of history trough various ways such as mystical ones like Kiasyd, Divergent Evolution or Diablerie of an Antediluvian. Some vampires also call the Clan variants as bloodlines.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?

The embrace is the process of passing the curse of Caine to someone, be it human, werewolf, mage, etc. Altough the outcome is huge, the process is simple, the subject is being drained a considerable quantity of his blood and then it's replaced by the sire's usually one drop of blood.
  The "diablerie" which is also known as the "Amaranth" is the process in which a cursed child of Caine devours another's vitae, supposedly along with its soul, by this process a "cainite" could strenghted the link between him and Caine by consuming a more potent blood of another that is of lower generation than himself.
  The views are varying heavily from vampire to vampire, bloodline to bloodline, clan to clan and sect to sect. Regarding the embraces every clan or bloodline have their own standards that a potential childe have to meet before being embraced. But there could also be the case of the influences of the sect, for example the Sabbat who might embrace recklessly for various reasons of their own.
  It goes the same about diablerie but here the opinions are more influenced by the sect because the Camarilla interdicts such a practice and the Sabbat on the other hand might actually support it.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?

The generation represents the distance from the first vampire Caine because Caine's blood slowly vanishes from generation to generation. This happens because by the time a vampire embraces another he doesn't fully drains his subject , he let's a small quantity of the subject's original blood there which mixes with Caine's blood and, doing so, his blood would start to lose the same potency.
  Caine was the first generation then he embraced 3 childes Irad, Enoch and Zilah which represent the second generation, then those childes embraced further the Antediluvians and so on. There are ways to measure one's generation, mostly trough sorcery or rituals.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?

The two anarch revolts are the events that shaped the vampire's history greatly. It was chaos on the one hand but on the other hand, ironically, order has been created in a way or another.
 The first anarch revolt lead to the creation of the Camarilla and the Sabbat, let alone the anarchs. It was rather a chain of events that happened much like a dropping set of dominoes. By the dark ages, when inquisition was quite active, elders kept sacrificing their neonates for their safety. This drew attention to the majority until a brujah took action among other vampires when a council once attempted to form a set of laws that would suppose for vampires to hide and live in secrecy by a strict set of traditions that we know today as The Masquerade under the Camarilla's banner. The revolt was a succesful one as that Brujah, known by the name of Patricia managed to diablerie Hardestadt which was the vampires who influenced the most the council. The problem is that their victory echoed loudly and the other neonates acted in the hope for the same success. Great notable actions were performed, especially in Italy and Romania where two antediluvians supposedly perished by the performance of amaranth.
 This influenced a few other things in the history of vampires, such as the independence of the Giovanni according to the promise of 1528.

The second anarch revolt was more of a territory growth from the side of the Anarchs themselves, started in Los Angeles with great plotting and patience, the local anarchs managed to track down the havens of their elders and struck down heavily the society established there. Many elders have perished and many others had fled the area turning the revolt into a great success for the anarchs, it later became the Anarch Free State once they further conquered other zones. Every new dominated area became part of the Free State until the rebellion reached San Francisco where the Prince managed to repulse the revolt successfully.

Character creation:

Name: Corey_Jay_Blackmore
Age: 704.
Embrace Age: 35.
Clan/Bloodline: City Gangrel.
Sect: Camarilla.
Generation: Seventh.

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)

"Cornelius Ioan Negrulescu's diary" (Originally written in romanian)
 I like to track the time accurately, especially when it comes to me. I was born in 1295 on a territory that today is known as Romania, back then it was soon-to-be Wallachia. I grew up at the court of Arges, I was meant to enroll myself in the army of the Charles the first of the Hungary and I trained for that, it wasn't a goal that I cared enormously about, it was rather a mean to get a better life. And life back then was simple.
 You see, the locals were highly dissatisfied with the leadership but there wasn't much they could do about it, life went ahead, years passed until the now-wallachians stood up for themselves, their territories and their traditions. Under the lead of Basarab the first, a rebellion started and I couldn't stand by so I took the opportunity to take control of our own territory instead of letting a stranger to lead us. I was 35 by that time and the training I had came quite handy. I played a good role in that rebellion since I was already a guard of its "majesty". We served quite a blow and ultimately took control of the territory which we proudly named "Wallachia".
 A great warrior from Basarab's army approached me by the end of the war, it was the one who changed my life. It seems like I had a great value for him and he highly appreciated my ways. Both my skills and the ability to infiltrate through the enemy and strike from within. He became a friend of mine, but little did I know that he was testing me, I've ran into many troubles with him yet they were only previously planned by him. This guy is my sire and he did not truly consider me as a friend only until I became what he was. No wonder we won that war, with vampires on Basarab's side and yet I'm not surprised that Romania is known for its vampire stories while some rulers used them voluntarily or even involuntarily in their wars. Of course, let's not mention the rulers that were vampires themselves.
 Alright, there it came, my embrace. Classic. It was a pleasant night, me and my sire along a few comrades gathered up in a tavern. We drank, we ate anything we wanted to and it was all paid by him. However it feels like he knew that everything was subject to change from that night on so he considered making my last night as a mortal, a pleasant one. How nice of him. The party came to an end and I must admit I was wasted as hell but of course I was being taken care of by my soon to be sire, Joan was his name back then. He took me to his haven where he set me on the floor, he let me wake up just a bit from my drunken state and pulled out his sword. That motherfucker put me on the last test of his. He acted all drunk and advanced to me, my head was hurting and I was still dizzy, I pull out my sword and I try to keep my wits about me. I stood up with the assistance of the walls as I held my sword almost steadily towards Joan repeating my attempts to calm him down. He was shouting non-sense just to scare me and don't get me wrong I bought every bit of his masquerade. He dashed at me and we clashed our blades multiple times, I focus and I give out the best of me to ward off my "drunken" comrade until he eventually slashes me unexpectedly over my face. And that's when I panicked. I gathered all my strength to respond to that artificial wound with a serious one, I felt like he was going to kill me so I felt like I had to kill him first. That's when he smirked, he saw that spark in my eyes the same spark I'm looking for in the eyes of these wretched mortals that live in these final nights. The perfect candidate for survival. I drove my blade through his abdomen until it left through the other side, I punched him in the face and tried to run away. I did a good run to the door, I was really thinking that I was going to get away with it but then I felt them, the fangs.
 So here I am now laying on my back on the same bed I was earlier brought to or so I thought. This time it was all different but trust me I couldn't have noticed it then, I was rather panicked, I didn't know what the hell just happened. After all I was drunk, I didn't even knew what happened back there, I get up on my feet and I make my way to the place I hold my bucket of water, I gulp it down with quite the thirst only to throw it back all over the room. I then realized that I was home and of course I started to think that it was all a dream that I got really drunk on the wine we had last night. Still I thought it was the hangover that made me throw up the water which I honestly didn't really feel that much of it. Oh man those times were crazy for me. I take the bucket with me and I approach my mirror, something was clearly off, I was looking odd and I felt odd as well, there was also blood on my shirt and I start to believe that what happened last night wasn't just a bad dream. I now know that my sire drained me off my blood to the point where I passed out and dropped some of his blood instead but this is something I still had to realize on my own back then. I test a theory and I take my sword out of its sheath and to my surprise it was bloody what happened next was incredibly odd. I sort of blacked out and I dropped over my sword to lick the blood off of it, it felt good, it tasted like heaven and the scary part for me back then was that I had no control over myself. I got up on my feet when the sword was shining due to my work and I eventually calmed down, I felt hungry still and I did drop on my bed and reflected upon what just happened. I lost an hour in that state until the door of my little house was opened by a comrade. This guy was sent to check up on me and to find out why I've been missing from my job that day. I was quite surprised to realize that I slept all day. I invited him in and once he approached me more I started to tremble, the burning desire I felt in my gut was overwhelming. It was insane. My first victim of my first feeding. I sunk my fangs into his neck as my arms wrapped around him the moment I leaped off the bed. I drank ALL of it, he dropped down to my feet with a gray, dried skin. It didn't last long until I dropped down too on my knees right by his dead body, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, it was superb. Countless ticklings and warm feelings and a general sense of pleasure was overwhelming my body, it was pure ecstasy.
 Reality struck me then as hard as she could. I open my eyes and to watch the horror around me, my body started working its way with the curse that is now properly working due to the resource of blood I just provided, I literally stared at the body as my arms, legs, stomach, chest and head started to hurt. It felt like I was dying, I layed down next to my victim and I thought that God was going to take my life as well for that, hell I was crazy back then with all that faith in God. It lasted for a couple of hours, moments that I spent watching a dead body decaying, it was horror back there. I decided that it was time for me to go, I thought that I became a strigoi as the local rumours were spread about such creatures. I heard troops outside and I panick, I wouldn't be able to face that and I didn't know how strong I was so I hid. It was quite unexpected that my poor hiding attempt actually worked, I was literally hiding underneath my bed and right when I thought that they were looking at me they switched their gaze through the place as if I wasn't there. They held torches and I realized how badly it was disturbing me for some reason. After searching the house and my garden they grab the body of my fallen comrade and dragged him. I was confused.
 I make up my mind and I pack my bag, I leave the house as it was midnight and I ran away until I reached an abandoned tactical outpost of Basarab's army I spent a few other days there hunting animals and drinking their blood for sustenance, I understood my nature and I managed to figure out a bit of my disciplines, my eyes shone bright in the night and I saw it clearer than day. Naturally I stood away from the sun rays especially after my failed experiment of holding a hand out in the sun for 5 minutes. It failed horribly as no longer than a few moments passed and I took my hand back with severe burns.
 I decided to travel back in town because loneliness was driving me insane, I needed someone to talk to, I travel to Targoviste and I settle down to a house that I bought there with the fortune I gathered as a soldier in Basarab's army from the Court of Arges. I "live" there under the radar with cheap women as food and a guarding spot by the church, I thought that I might be helped by God if I'm going to protect his house. Such a moron full of superstitions I was. I won't lie, it went well for a while until old friend Joan came back to me. I got the hang of my new nature by then and I was being able of living on my own, my powers grew as I was slowly developing them to the point where I could've moved faster than I ever thought I would, turn my hands into deadly claws which were quite useful. Basically I was just a fledgeling who just discovered his nature and that was getting better at it.
 Joan proudly looked at me and he had all the reasons too, I did manage to survive quite well and then he greeted me into the vampire society, he explained in great detail every answer of his to all of my questions and trust me there were a lot of questions.
I've learnt a lot from him and he further helped me to develop my innate disciplines.
 Years have passed, travels were made, we ran from side to side of Wallachia's big settlements and quite an enjoyable unlife we had back then until the Inquisition started to show up and ravage things around within our societies, the revolts showed up and we took the side of the Sabbat there. Just like now I thought that mortals were inferior to us and we had no reason to hide away from them considering our numbers, yet the Camarilla reminded me of my first instinct which was to hide out of precaution. I could say that I understand the both of them but I felt like I'm more of a Sabbat material. Went through the Vaulderie that the Tzimisces recently brought up to the public, undergone a creepy ritual where I was burried and then I had to dig up. It was easy, thanks to my abilty to sink through the earth. I spent CENTURIES with them, I learnt their ways, I was an important piece for them. In those centuries I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends due to my travels around the continent now. One of these friends was Kristijan who later on, in the final nights contacted me due to the domain that he was yet to grab a hold of and manage it properly by the Camarilla ways mostly.
 Technology advanced yet I'm not the one to keep up with it, I leave this job for the younger cainites really, everything is changing, Wallachia became Romania and I thought that it was time for a new beggining.
  I took part in both of world wars just for the thrill of it and hell it was a playground for me. The Sabbat lifestyle is crazy and the world wars changed my perception a bit, I was sick of senseless killings, I've had enough and it fucking took me centuries to come to that conclusion. Yes I had the power to but to what end? Momentarily satisfaction? Not worth. I didn't really know how to react to this change of perception, I couldn't just leave the Sabbat like that, it'd be a death wish, really. So I took this opportunity due to Kristijan's call. I informed my higher rankings that I could leave for a mission of spy in a small county up there in the United States. It's rumoured to be quite a special place, full of mysteries and what not. It was time for a change and I took the chance.
 As mentioned earlier, I received that call from my old friend, just like I thought back then in my breathing days, I would pick the situation that would suit me the best for my well-being. Back there in 1995 I answered to it call positively and went over to America, my identity was easily turned into Corey Jay Blackmore thanks to Luigi, a good Lasombra friend that I've met in Europe. Once arrived, a lot happened. I met lupines, magi, demons, abominations and all sorts of people from different walks of life or unlife. I spent years there until I returned to Europe. I reported back there not-so-important information to cover up my Camarilla comrades now and I spent some other years in Europe so I wouldn't raise a question mark as to why I would return there so fast after such a waste of time. Years passed, it's now 1999 and I'm on my way back to Red County, ready to meet up with my old comrades and pursue our goals together there once again, just like in the old times.

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?

You are allowed to use powers that do not show a vulgar effect upon casting. For example you may be able to use your disciplines that would employ a mental effect upon your targets such as Dominate, Presence etc. or disciplines that might only enhance yourself in a non-obvious manner such as Auspex or a few paths of Thaumaturgy etc.

The Masquerade is the first and the most important thing that stops you from using powers that employ a "vulgar" effect since it's exposing your very nature to the others and you don't want to break the Masquerade.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.

In my opinion the best idea would be to erase or alter the memories of the individual trough the use of Dominate.
If one cannot accomplish that task then the uses of Presence should help the vampire to silence the individual by pulling him towards his side.
If the character cannot adhere to such disciplines he could attempt to ghoulify the said individual so he could silence him as he would take advantage of the artifical emotions created by the mystical blood bond.
If none of these would be valid the murder would become the last option but this is the last option a vampire should pick because it could draw many consequences since the individual could've informed his closed ones about it and you could raise question marks around once you kill him, police could find and track the clues back to you or in the worst scenario you could draw unwanted attention of other supernaturals.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?

Considering my particular situation, if the cop shot me already and if I am /already/ a wanted criminal, I would make sure that I will be safe as a first. I assure myself that the environment allows me to use "vulgar" effects of my disciplines without breaking the Masquerade and then I would end my threat and run from the scene while covering myself with the Obfuscate discipline which would help me to avoid further dangerous encounters such as this one.
 Another option might be to simply disable the cop and run from the situation, a murder might be too much in some cases and if you're already wanted it might make it worse. By "disable" I mean knock out or use a certain discipline on him to either forget that you've been there or simply escape through mundane means. You must think of the Masquerade while threading with such a situation so you'd better think twice or thrice before acting there. The best way to avoid such dangerous encounters would be to avoid police at all costs and not draw its attention.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?

To my character knowledge this creature could be a black spiral dancer, a fomori, a tormented fallen, a special tzimisce or an infernalist vampire with the knowledge of Protean discipline, other than that it could be a deformed Metis.
 Observing such a creature roaming around the town clearly offers me a bad feeling and I would consider to avoid it considering that it did not engage me already, my next action would be to inform the local society of vampires about this event so they could take preventive measures and perhaps to investigate this situation.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?
There are rather few vampires who would not fear mundane weaponry considering the fact that they could still put you down if used cleverly. Having this possibility in mind I would consider to carefully thread with this situation and to not trigger their will to open fire.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.
Considering the fact that I'm a city gangrel, the perfect job for me it would be the drugs dealer one, mostly because I would be able to lay hands on blood packs and that's more than sufficient for me. A side job could be the arms dealing one since who knows what kind of situation would require me and my allies to arm ourselves up.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay?

Join Date:
    March 08, 2014, 02:16:46 AM
The forum account was created after a few weeks of playing on the server so I joined this community in February of 2014.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.

Edward James - (NC) -> Edward C Jacob (Demon: Asharu, Luciferan)
Mikael_Locks - (NC) -> Jacob Vassago - (NC) -> Corey Swift (Vampire: 9th geneneration Baali)
Edward_Jacob -> Oliver M Black -> Jin Feng Yanmo -> Oliver M Black -> Leonard M Moon ->Oliver Good-> Corey Jay Blackmore -> Samuel Ian Jacob -> Toranaga Sama -> Corey Jay Blackmore (Vampire: 8th generation Gangrel) -> Abel Savu -> Kanos Hakson -> Angelo_Rosselini -> Mikael Kingston
Jeremiah_White -> Daisuke Kisame.

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes.
4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
This is the most active account and the account that suffered the last admin-jail. (5 months ago)

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? It's okay now.
Mage Applications / Damon Grey | Arete 3 | Avatar Rating 4 | Order of Hermes
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Mage Application

General Knowledge:

1. What is a Mage? (100 words min)

In the world of darkness every single human, literally, contains that spark within them which is that potential of being awakened. Most people possess this but they don't know or most likely don't really wish to pay attention to it. Some people do discover their spark, kick start their potential and become awakened, which is someone that has been enlighted with the real truth of what surrounds him, most likely heighten his perception. That heightening of perception could happen spontaneously at any point of a human's life, during puberty, through a near death experience and much more. After this awakening they are able to perform magic, which means mold to their like the world around them through their beliefs and the potential they have just unlocked. Even though the mages are supernatural they are just humans when it comes to their anatomy, but that's not it a mage from that point has to face several challenges when it comes to the traditions he will be introduced to, when it comes to facing paradox, and most of all the dreads of the world of darkness.

2. What is the awakening? (250 words min)

 The awakening, it could the most traumatizing or maybe the best experience ever, it's different for most mages. It completely changes their perception and how they believe the world truly works. What they believe and what they know is not useful for them anymore, it's obsolete in a way. They have been ripped out from their shells to see how the world really is and clearly it's not all working to pay the bills from that point, it's life changing experience. An awakening can happen because these different causes, through dreams, which is the type of awakening in which the avatar tries to reach out to its mage through his subconscious while he is asleep. The other two are the danger and the near death experience. When a sleeper experiences extreme fear, or goes through a situation of certain death and he barely survives. He might awaken. An example of a very dangerous situation would be, the sleeper finding himself at a gun point about to get shot or probably a car crash which doesn't seem like it will end up nicely. Near death experience. The near death experience one of the rarest types of awakening, some just die but those who are lucky, awaken. Awakening can happen at any time in life, no matter if it's a kid, a teenager, a young man or an elder. Most of the sleepers awaken at the end of puberty. Once they've awoken, it's all different for them too. They most likely drift away from their sleeper ties, focus on the greater goal. Mages in general and its theme is really diverse, mages are no longer sheep following the shepherd like the rest not caring and just wanting to live their lives as it is, for mages it's usually what they will, will be. They got the power to attempt and bring a change, so they try their best against all odds. This is what makes them really interesting.

3. What is an Avatar? (150 words min)

An avatar is an entity which is the source of the awoken's magic. Their embodied inner god as they say and they're also the reason that the mage awakens and is able to do magick, because they try to reach out to them as said before on the question above. They tend to actively communicate with the awoken from time to time. They're a mage's companion in this world of darkness, their guides and counselers. They don't know everything but they can guide the mage in common seekings. They act as moral support to them and help them out with various situations. They comment the suspicions that the mage is having regarding some matters, but they wont tell him if he is or he is not in a sort of trouble. They're very similar to a subconcious. Avatars have different kind of natures. Also the Avatars are popularily believed to be shard pieces of the pure ones, which are there to help the modern mages. The pure ones were legendary beings said to have been angels, splinters of gods, or some other mystic entities. Their appearance differs from magi to magi, they're mostlikely what you expect to see. Avatars will always care after their mages, they would never turn their back on the magi and try to teach them lessons, guide them through the painful process or awakening or seekings.

4. What is an Avatar's essence?

The avatar essence are the natures that the avatar posess and what also affects the types of seekings the magi will undergo but not only that, it would also affect the personality of the avatar and might aswell influence the mage. It gives you a way of how the mage would act and would also change the way the avatar would present to you. There are four major essences for the avatars, which are primordial, pattern, questing and dynamic. The  dynamic avatars are those that feel a deep urge to create, innovate, and pursue novelty. The primordial are those that feel a deep urge to purify existence by purging away the ugliest parts. The pattern nature avatars feel a deep urge to protect and preserve what they perceive as valuable. The questing nature ones are are the glue who seek to harmonize and balance the other mages and forces.

5. What is a Mage's Resonance?

Resonance describes the degree to which your character has left his humanity behind and is becoming a magical being. Resonance can have a strong effect on your character’s personality. Also it's the balance factor of the mage's world. The resonance types are also based on avatar's essences.  Humans often notice something rather unusual or potent about mages, for the mage with high Resonance. In a very pronounced way. Resonance reflects the way a mage uses his magick, a mage that uses his magick for example to murder, he would gain an entropic flavor that would decay things around him. If a mage uses forces to affect gravity he would gain a dynamic flavor that would make a gravitational field around him.

6. What is the Paradox? Why does it exist?

Paradox would be the collective force of consensual reality fighting back against the enlightened will of the mage. Paradox used to be Scourge, the Paradox was created because of the large amounts of vulgar magic used by the mages at the Battle of Naseby. Which caused the Scourge to become a negative force that punishes every mage who uses too much vulgar magic. You can also say that paradox is the only thing that stands between a mage and ruling the world. Paradox can take a variety of forms. Backlash, many oddities, or maybe permanent wounds and also Quiet. The amount of paradox a mage has would depend on how this mage takes his approach to doing magick and how wisely he uses it. Like where and it what form, a mage with no regard about doing vulgar magick would stack up alot of it, which is rather deadly on the long run, paradox isn't to be played with as it's known to be one, if not the mage's strongest enemy.

7. What do you believe a Mage's purpose in the world is?

It all depends on who is he affiliated with, a mage that is with the traditions would fight for his cause, such as restoring humanity's faith in the unbelievable and the unpredictable and giving humanity unlimited chances. His purpose can also be continuing, helping out and carrying out what his tradition has been doing for centuries. Maybe even ascension, or helping the world change for better. It all depends on the mage's interests and allignment really. A nephandi's purpose would be to destroy the world for example, while a technocrat's would be to convert or eliminate the reality deviants that endanger the sleepers with their uncontrolled procedures.

8. What would a Mage's hobbies be? Justify your answer. (150 words min)

Lets not really generalize here, mages come in different shapes and forms. That means that they're all different.  For example my mage's hobbies wouldn't have the same hobbies of a virtual adept or an etherist. He's a hermetic he will focus on his own field which is already a very large one. For example he would focus on collecting various types of information, catalogging and protecting it not only that but he would practice and make it a hobby to learn more about war, since the Flambeau are specialized in that area. He would practice often his offensive magick. Focusing on his studies and attempting to perfect them, reading, learning more about magick and practicing it in very diverse ways. As you can see not all mages posess the same type of hobbies, and it mostlikely depends on what the mages enjoy and love to do and on what they wish to spend their free time on. It's all about taste, after all they are humans, they all have their own different interests, and all mages are not tied to one specific hobby they are all unique in their own way.

9. Are Mages fighters or scholars? Why do you think so? (250 words justification)

Honestly, it's not really neccessary whatsoever to fall into such stereotypes by obligation. You can even do both if you want to but lets agree to something first. A mage needs knowledge, he needs have knowledge to advance in his magic and stay alive. A dumb mage without knowledge wont last long, and that is known. A mage is required to learn and grasp many concepts, like so much stuff. That he must become both. He must learn how to defend himself but at the same time a mage requires knowledge. To gain knowledge the mage has to spend years of his life and effort. Through dedication to eventually grasp and learn how it all works so he can live among the other mages without risking them too. You learn not because of yourself too, but to actually become a good member of your tradition and not some deadweight. The end is nigh and everyone should be working their ass off to try and stop it. No matter the odds. The world of darkness is so dangerous and so terrific, that being a human with alot of knowledge but not knowing how to defend yourself or do knowing how to do so but not really being able to perform it is a huge mistake. My answer for this question is going to obviously be both. Plus as said above, a huge chunk of this question depends on what the mage would like and enjoy to do with his free time.

Character Developement:
Name: Damon Grey
Age: 24
Starting Arete Rating: 3
Affinity Sphere: Forces
Starting Spheres (You may allocate up to Arete Ratingx2 dots at character creation): Forces 3, Prime 2 and Correspondence 1
Avatar Essence: Dynamic
Avatar Rating*: 4
Affiliation (Tradition, Technocratic Convention, Craft, Nephandi/Marauder): Order of Hermes
Instruments (minimum 7 Instruments)**: Books, Brews and Potions, Elements, Symbols, Tattoos, Chanting, Formulas and Weapons
Character Story: (Min. 1000 words)

Since I was a child, I was taught by my father the world is filled with nothing but depression and impurities, that we should strive for what's better for the people and get rid of these. My childhood wasn't easy since I was young I was forced to study the incomprehensible, grew up fighting and grew up seeing how everything really is. My time as a neophyte started around my teens, I had really impressive results, quickly climbed up to the second degree, where hedge magic was taught to me, the combat training got harsher with time, as well as the studies, with months of rigorous dedication, the time came. The third degree, in my opinion, it was glorious, but at the time I only saw it as another painful experience, until I embraced it. It started with a challenge, where my knowledge, my wit and my prowess, the third degree was to pass not only the most confusing and long exam you could imagine but for my surprise, I had to defeat my mentor in a duel.

After months of studying, I had passed the written exams, which were not only but exhausting due to its length but really dazing when it came to the subjects, it was unyielding. Once done, the time came, the two of us at the center of the ring, my mentor had never given me that cold, piercing and snapping look. The rest were watching, silence took over the room and just the two of us. The silence broke as his feet kicked into motion, I held my staff, tightly wrapping my fingers around it, and I prepared myself for what was coming. I took a deep breath and while rushing forth into him, with a strong stormed tackle I just ended up flying and rolling back onto the mat, unable to move my arm, as the staggering and piercing sensation stopping me from getting up at first. He had broken my arm but I didn't give up, I stood up and ran over, keeping my arm close to my torso. I had a hard time, getting a hard beating, getting knocked down to my feet but my will had not left me. I managed to get to my feet, where I looked at him straight in the eye, he wasn't going to stop, desperately I launched myself forth, swinging my head onward into his, catching him off guard as he didn't expect but an inefficient swing, being caught by surprise he wobbled and dithered, holding onto his nose, I managed to throw myself on him to knock him off of his feet, where he eventually overpowered me and got ontop, but I wouldn't give u as he kept me downuntil the flurry of anger and frustration was released upon my face, punch after punch, until I couldn't feel anymore, blood filled up my cheeks, just to pour out by my nose and I choked on it. I started seeing blurry, in the middle of the haze he got off of me. I played there flat on my back coughing out blood, as I stared up at the lights of the ring, I tried getting up, feeling the pain on my side, my ribs were broken after the intense beating, I was swallowing rocks and then I was unable to keep my eyes open, slowly unable stay awake for longer, it all went pitch black from there.

 ''Are you ready?'' I heard within the first moment in the pitch black, by a very enthusiastic voice that whispered in my ear. Suddenly within a split second the pitch black scene, turns into a bright panorama, where all my memories would rewind, as I passed by them I was frightened. In the spur of the moment we come to an end, and there I was standing before the bright entity, where the voice came from. Even though it was flaming, but surprisingly not blinding, I felt at ease, I felt a strong connection with it. ''So here we are'' it said as it ebbed around me, analyzing me from head to toe. Abruptly without a single warning it would morph into a blazing horse, before it tells me to hop on it and hell, I didn't hesitate, I jumped on it's back, where it took me through landscapes and long paths I have never seen, different biomes, different everything, it was too much for me to process. Upon reaching a more appropriate place where we could both sit down and speak, she, yes she, emerged from the flames embodiment and sat down before my leaving me completely astonished. She explained to me about how all would change from now on, how my potential would heighten to the point where I would surpass every limit set previously to my old self, how everything would get harder but with dedication and diversity when it came to my studies it would help. Before she could even finish, I woke up, staring up at the roof from the best dream I've ever had, I felt different, I felt entirely renewed like a different person to put it that way. I thought I failed the test but the point of the test was surviving and awakening.

Proud, my mater and I resumed the studies, onto which I ended up earning the fourth degree within the Order of Hermes. I learned the basics of the Ars Essentiae, the art of strength, vigor, and energy. From there I got interested in my mentor's knowledge, he had plenty when it came to the Ars Vis, as well as the Ars Conjunctionis. With dedication and years and with dedication I got to the fifth degree upon learning Ars Vis, the art of power, it felt viciously satisfying, I always wished to learn the Ars Vitae but my mentor took a good time before he taught me it. We sat down, practiced the Ars Essentiae every day, I can still remember how he spoke to me about how important it was. Such a masculine and elegant art, the cornerstone of our tradition. He pulled out his sword from his scabbard and thought me how to manipulate the kinetic energy of each swing, how to will, how to use more than just weapons but chanting. He even tattoed me Enochian symbols onto my skin, from there we went until I was able to master those, with harsher training that I have ever had. Then we moved on. Once learning the basics of the Ars Conjunctionis, I felt prepared to go on on my own, meddle with my own affairs and develop.

Time passed by in my dreams I visited her, with nothing but great concern and interest, with the months and years our bond got stronger, stronger than it ever was at the start, I was able to sense her, hell even see her clearly in dreams and hear her voice, see her in visions, until she actually took shape, from time to time I could even sit down with her and have long conversations for hours. She was there, embodied, right before me. Amazing isn't it? I can't explain it, she was the mother I never had, even though we argued and fought from time to time she was always there for me in my times of need. As I became a grown man and passed degree by degree I ended up going on many journeys around the world for the Order of Hermes. I grew up not only as a magi but as a man, feeling confident not only in my knowledge but in my prowess in combat and trusting my loyal companion, Her. With time and successes and victories in my journeys, my companion and apprentice and I got separated because of a turn of events. We traveled to Europe, to find out her father had died, which turned her into a more unforgiving woman, only seeking revenge. We tracked down the murderer just to realize he had already escaped, without a trace, or that's what we thought at the moment. Once walking out of the room, feeling disappointed we got ambushed as I got kicked right in the jaw by some silhouette I couldn't see properly in the bliss of the moment, but he dropped something on the way. I stumbled back as he just ran after him, looking down noticing he dropped some folders, as he was stealing from her deceased father's possessions. I quickly ran after, after pushing myself up, following right out of the window. Onto the yard, she quickly pulled onto the winds, not only smashing him into the ground surprisingly he got back up just to drive a kick into her stomach, leaving her aired out as I ran over removing my dagger from its sheath. Ready for the fight, I stepped forth, with a firm grip on my dagger, trying to stab him. The blade went right past, as he swiftly moved aside and kicked me down. To his surprise, he got sent right through the fence into the dumpster. I made my way over just to spot him sneaking a pill into his mouth, which ended his life right there. ''Cyanide...'' I thought to myself. I ran back to her to help her up just to get pushed away, she blamed me for not being able to stop him. After that she was never the same, she packed her bags and left, till this day I haven't seen her again. Giving me time to go on for a more advanced approach to the art of Vigor, the Ars Essentiae, which is where I reached the sixth degree.

After that, I ended up rendered in Palomino, a town that brought my attention because of it's not only peculiar but curious. I settled down in a small residence, there, intrigued about what was next to come. I sat there in my couch, after pouring myself a drink, I looked at it and I remembered when my mentor and I shared the sweetest honey I had ever drank before we practiced the Ars Vis, or when he spoke to me about the Will and the art of Strenght. I spoke with Her, she sat beside me on the couch, where she spoke to me one more time, giving me more hopes since I was really missing my apprentice. After that I decided to walk outside, ready for any challenges to take on.

Out of Character:

1. Can you use any power in public?

Yes, you can use powers in public as long as it's something not noticable, if it's coincidental and/or subtle you're good to go but well nothing also stops you aswell from attempting a vulgar effect in public, you just have to be prepared to pay the price for it, so it's recommended and it's also really wise to restrict yourself from doing such feats.

2. When and where is it safe to use your powers? (100 words min.)

When and where but it's also missing how. You could use your magick anywhere, it all depends on the conditions you've got whenever you attempt to use it and through those conditions you rationalize and decide how will you use your magick. Anywhere is fine as long as you use it correctly for example, in the cinema, lets say you're an ecstatic, for a better experience you relax yourself with mind magick, or you're at your sanctum without anyone to disturb you, you could use your magick to pratice without the risk of anyone really bothering you. As said, it all depends on how you use it really.

3. What would drive a mage into using his powers? Justify your answer. (200 words min)

Many could agree magick could be seen or even described as a whole as a double edged weapon for the magi. If not used wisely with the responsibility required, it could end up not only harming the magi but the people around him. Many factors or reasons could really explain with much ease  what would drive a mage into using his powers. For example lets say he is walking over towards the nearest shop, looking for some snack. He notices something shady upon getting out of his complex, someone is tailing him and seems really suspicious. Upon passing next to the nearby allyway he is snatched off his feet by a guy doubling his size, he can't do anything physically to defend himself. At this point some magick could be useful, he could use anything in his sleeve to help himself, perhaps daze the guy, put him to sleep, use an illusion, who knows. It's a really good way to defend yourself, but these cases arent really the only cases where you could use your magick on. They obviously need to use it in order to practice and advance in their practices and studies which makes the magick usage not only neccessary but also a constant reminder of the need of responsibility when it comes to using it.

4. Why is it important for a Mage to keep his secret unrevealed? (100 words min.)

A mage's identity, not only is important but you could say precious. A mage should always keep his true nature hidden from unwanted attention, which no matter which side are you on, you will have. A technocrat shouldn't want to reveal himself to the traditionalists he is about to backstab and try to convert or he is spying on, just like a traditionalist would want to reveal himself to a agent. The risks of revealing your true nature vary from endangering not only yourself but your Cabal, to the most lethal outcome which would be death. Therefore to remain safe it would be best to keep your identity and true nature hidden.

5. What would you do if someone found out about your secret? (Min 100 words)

Secrecy about your identity is really important because of the dangers of being hunted down or being identified by the various enemies there are no matter from what faction you are. Not only it endangers you but endanger your cabal as a whole if not being careful. If someone finds out or figures out about your true nature, then hell that's a red flag and immediate action should be taken, you could meddle with his memories through magick, or talk it out with him, through fear or manipulation. Perhaps a bribe could work, it all depends on your character and how much he knows, so analyze, ponder and then take the appropiate action.

6. What are the factions in the world of Mage: The Ascension? What role do they have in the Mage society?

On the big Ascension War that is taking place, there are five factions at the moment which would be the following. The Traditions, they're the Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions, they fight so humans can get their faith restored when it comes to the unbelievable. The Technocratic Union, the most powerful and largest faction of them all. They are the ones who attempt to keep a safe world for humans without magick and purge the reality criminals because they believe if they don't convert the magick which they believe is unstable will harm more than aid. The Nephandi, they're a non coherent group of mages who seek to destroy the world and create a new one from the ashes of the old one but well going a little deep in their reasoning they are magi who have destroyed their souls, for a higher cause which is the destruction of the world for the purpose of making a new one. Throwing away the old canvas for a new one to put it simple. The Marauders are another non coherent group, but instead of destroying the world they wish to make their reality ours, gone mad from high amounts of paradox backlashes, they live inside their own reality bubble, this reality bubble is now their new reality. The Sleepers are just mortals without magic, and they're not really aware. They hold the consensus currently but they know little of how to move it.

7. Present the reason for why the Ascension War took place. (Min 300 words)

The ascension war is a conflict that's going on on Mage of the Ascension because neither of the sides can get together and just agree with something. They all want something different that go against each other's believes and principles. The traditions want the world to accept magic like before. They're the second most largest faction of the five. They want the sleepers to embrace magic and live among it without problems, but the Technocracy isn't taking that shit. The Technocracy is the largest and the most powerful faction of the five. The Technocracy just doesn't want the sleepers to get magic too. Since they want to give them a safe world without unpredictable and dangerous reality deviations. This is why there is conflict between the Technocracy and the Traditions. The Nephandi are just on their own plans. The Nephandus are just focused on destroying the world that we all live in so they can rebuild from it's ashes a better world according to them, and the Marauders just want to take over the reality so they can attune it to their own reality. They want their reality to be the one we live on. They're not coherent mages who've gone into Quiet and are not affected by the consensus. The sleepers are the ones that move the consensus. They don't know what's going on, they're just there and they're not aware of what's going on behind the scenes at all. Not a single bit. Basically they're all fighting because neither of them can get what they want. Everyone just fights for what they want and what they believe in or just isn't aware of what's going on. They don't come to an agreement. If you look at it this way, they're just big babies crying because they're not getting what they want.

Player Information:

1. For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? 4 years

2. Make a list of your current and past characters.

Mike Stevensons, Michael Stevensons, Michael Dempsey, Jack Stevensons, Jason Squires, Connor Johannssen, Rupert Maximoff, Garrett Fletcher, Viggo Ulf, Lancer Carter, Kyle Evans, Nick Armstrong, Cole Trohman, Bradley Chadwick, Greg Sharpe, Jackson Ryder, Sven Pike, Logan Faus, Izuna Takeda, Drake Atwood, Sven Pike and Stuart Pot

3. Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time?

Yes, I do.

4. Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for arecord:
Spoiler for activity:
Mage Applications / Triss Holler | Arete 4 | Avatar Rating 4 | Virtual Adept
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Mage Application

General Knowledge:

1. What is a Mage? (100 words min)  "Mage" is the term used when referring to those who have opened their eyes to the world and underwent the awakening, mages are humans like you and I that has access to powers unimaginable to use regular folk. They willwork extraordinary effects with the help of an avatar using their willpower alone. Unlike other creatures of World of Darkness mages are not supernatural in nature, they weren't born mages (for the most part), they weren't brought into magehood (for the most part once again), they came onto their magical powers by a process called the awakening, all of us are mages but unlike an awakened mage we're but sleepers with our eyes closed to the reality that exists behind the veil .

2. What is the awakening? (250 words min)
The awakening is a peculiar process, unlike vampires it's not a process that other mages can prompt unless they have mastered spheres to an otherwordly extent. The awakening process involves a regular person like you and I, that regular person might be in a pinch, they might someone who's just about to commit suicide or perhaps they we're cornered by a band of criminal something strikes you 'An epiphany' as they describe it. That epiphany strikes in an instant most of the time the time it brings you knowledge, it comes with an understanding of the world, other times it'll come as a guide, someone who's about to commit suicide might be struck with the awakening and make them rethink their situation while they can. At other times the awakening comes during your sleep, it comes as a dream and makes you aware of the things this world hide, everything that a sleeper thought was real is suddenly revealed to be false, those fairly tales about vampires and other creatures of the night aren't fairy tales anymore, that's what the awakening is. Someone who awaken's to the world and gains a deep understanding of what things are and aren't. The awakening comes with a few things, it comes with an understanding as stated above but it also comes with an avatar, every awakened mage houses something we call an avatar (or genius) and this avatar serves as a guide in this god forsaken world, it guides us through our journey in this world and the next. The avatar could be completely fabricated and in your mind but an avatar could also be a spirit you sometimes see. This avatar is the one that brings us into this world.

3. What is an Avatar? (150 words min)
As previously mentioned the avatar is the one that brings us into the awakening, the more powerful your avatar the more essence you can hold, the avatar is a spirit who through our lives guides us, they bring us into those seekings and they seek themselves to make us more powerful, they are the one who brings us into seekings but we are the one who decides if we succed and if we become stronger or not, they give us our power but do not be mistaken, this power is ours and not theirs, the avatar is there to serve us and not the other way around. They are essenstially our source of our power, without an avatar we are nothing more than regular humans with knowledge of a hidden world. Every mage has a different view of what an avatar might be, for some affiliated with god they might perceive the avatar as a god sent messenger or god himself but that matters little. The avatar is what you want it to be, if you expect your avatar to be a dog, it'll be a god, the same can be said about parents, if you expect to see your avatar to be a  parent you best believe it'll be just like a parent. You might not directly interact with your avatar but its there and its aware. For Triss, her avatar is everything that lurks on internet, information is her mentor, everything she knows is information so the signs given to her by her avatar comes to her naturally as information because in the end; everything is data.

4. What is an Avatar's essence? The essence dictates what kind of personality your avatar has, most of the time this extends to the mage aswell, an avatar wouldn't go to a mage who's "essence" would be completely opposite to his own. An avatar's own essence extends to the mage, dictating how a mage might be, a dynamic avatar might make a mage act a certain way while a questing avatar will act differently. Most of the time your avatar's essence reflects onto your own persona, the stronger your avatar the stronger the effect it has on you, if your avatar rating is at 4-5 your entire personality and identity is going to be affected by the avatar while 1 might just give you a few quirks and manifest itself as a personality trait.

You have four different essences;

Dynamic which basically revolves around change, anything can happen with essence, changes happens often.
Questing mostly for "adventurers" for the lack of a better term, someone that might travel alot, never remain one place.
Pattern which embodies order and a stable lifestyle, the second side of a coin where Dynamic is on the other side; its complete opposite
Primordial which embodies the endless possibilities of the world, the vast sea of stars. Primordial essence revolves ALOT around mystery and enigma

5. What is a Mage's Resonance? The Resonance is more often than not residue of her magick, the remnants of the powerful magick she's used, the residue of the magic follows her around and affects everything the mage does and in the worst case scenario it might even affect her own magick or the surroundings if it somehow bounces off her
6. What is the Paradox? Why does it exist? If you ever heard of time paradoxes, well, Paradox in Mage; the Ascension is essenstially that. The consequences of your magick, every magick that defies the consensus such bending space or again rewinding time always attracts this "energy" called Paradox. When you cast Magick you impose your own will and your own reality upon an already existing one, you overwrite a reality and because of that it creates a conflict between both realities which results in the phenomenon called Paradox. This most often happens when a Mage fails a magick horribly(or otherwise goes haywire) or uses some very vulgar magick without concealment. This Paradox will often strike the mage for its actions, so if a spell goes haywire and it was a very vulgar spell and indeed a very powerful spell, Paradox will backlash onto the mage, sometimes inflicting him with flaws or even injure him in the worst of cases end his life.

The "Paradox Effect" like previously mentioned happens most when two realities conflicts with one another like Time Magick.

7. What do you believe a Mage's purpose in the world is?Every mage has their own purpose and lives, you can't simply "explain" what a mage's purpose is, some mages pursue their magickal talent while some other pursue what they did before in their lives, some run businesses and some other are criminals. Each mage is their own person.

Triss's purpose for example is to further improve her knowledge on the spheres of power and ideally continue her life what she's been her entire life, continue producing phones and new computers, making breakthroughs in technology and live her life to the fullest. She might find some enjoyment in helping others and she might find some enjoyment in searching answers about the spheres of power.

8. What would a Mage's hobbies be? Justify your answer. (150 words min)
It depends on the mage, like previously mentioned every single mage is their own person. A mage with dynamic essence would probably be very restless and could be a hunter since it requires quite a bit of patience. Mages do enjoy their knowledge so one might be a scholar of sorts, some might be librarian. You can't simply write down and generalize what a mage's hobbie be would be, it all depends on their identities, things they liked before, if someone loved painting there's next to no reason for a mage to stop liking something just because he awakened. I mean, a mage would like things that have to do with tradition, a virtual adept might have a hobbie that has to do with gaming, while a celestial chorus prime adept might just enjoy going at the church every sunday to pray and a akashic brother person might just enjoy meditating, martial arts classes. It ALL depends on his tradition and the things he already like to do in the past.

9. Are Mages fighters or scholars? Why do you think so? (250 words justification)If you're gonna be put "Fighter and Scholar" here, it has to be abstract, Triss is not a fighter and she's not a scholar. A mage has to be somewhat of both, especially if you're like Triss, she's a hacker and well; things aren't always peas and carrots, she will have to deal with "combat" here and there but like I mentioned you have to take "Fighter" with a grain of salt, she's not a fighter but she will have precautions in place be it a ward or anything else setup at her home, she might know a trick or two to deal massive damage like I mention in her story where she changed the metaphysical propreties of the pipe to annihilate a sludge monster of sorts; which makes her a "fighter" if you take it with a grain of salt. Moreover mages needs to learn spheres and it requires alot of efforts, nobody learns a sphere if they don't study and try hard and do their best, a virtual adept won't learn the different applications of his spheres unless he tries it all so I suppose in all aspects of the word that makes her a "bit" of a scholar. In the end regardless of what your mage is and what they do, they have to have some knowledge of both for their own safety and cover all of their bases. Triss might not think of herself a fighter, she might not think of herself as a scholar but in mage terms she is somewhat of both and has to be somewhat of both, a mage without knowledge of either will soon find themselves cornered

Character Developement:
Name: Triss Holler
Starting Arete Rating: 4
Affinity Sphere: Correspondence
Starting Spheres (You may allocate up to Arete Ratingx2 dots at character creation): Correspondence 4; Matter 2; Prime 2.
Avatar Essence: Dynamic
Avatar Rating*: 4
Affiliation (Tradition, Technocratic Convention, Craft, Nephandi/Marauder): Tradition; Virtual Adept.
Instruments (minimum 7 Instruments)**:
Instruments: Hacking, Coding, Guns, Martial Arts, Phones, Computers, Implants.
Character Story: (Min. 1000 words)

Greetings and Welcome to my world. I would like to first congratulate you for getting this far; the Burn you must have experience in order to get here must have been tremendous and for this I acknowledge your efforts. You have managed to crack into this database of mine despite all of the protections, Magickal and not. Following this text you'll find several files, each file will contain something specific about me. This entire database has been created by me over the course of my life, I created most of these entries soon after they happened so you should have a pretty genuin experience reading them, some files will be insignificant to you and some other might just help you in your own adventure. Regardless of what brings you here, I hope that whatever it is you search will soon find you, note that all information found here will only be available once, i've programmed this entire database to self-destruct itself upon closure. With all of the useless information out of the way, please enjoy.

Spoiler for The Database:
Down below you'll find all of the information you need to know about me. I skipped the boring details of my upbringing, thank me later.

Spoiler for Where it all began:
I'm bringing you back all the way to 1983, I was turning 15 years old and I had began to pick an interest in computers, they were becoming quite popular amongst rich folks and companies, I had asked my parents if it was possible at all for them to get me that computer, for as long as I can remember my parent's never really said no to anything I ever asked for, hell I was pretty fucking spoiled, I can't deny that. Like I mentioned, it was my birthday and well to my surprise my parent's did infact get me a computer and not just any computer, if you're old enough you might remember this one the Lisa Computer, one of the first computers ever with a GUI. I was pretty fucking stoked, you have no idea. That's where everything started, I learned how to use that computer and the in's and out of it in no time, give or take 3 months or so. I spent most of my time on that thing without getting bored, sue me if thats wrong.

I never really got into anything too intense until I turned about 18 years old until then I was just kind of doing my things on the computer, it was really interesting to me what kind of things a computer could do if you just put it to work. So here we were my 18th was right around the corner and being the spoilled little kid that I was despite having a job and still living with my parents I begged for my parents to get me this new computer I had seen whilst walking outside and on TV. Now that I look back at it, I was pretty blessed that my parents had jobs at one of the bigger computing companies. I still remember it with perfect detail for it was the computer that started it all; The fucking Deskpro 386, the thing was a beast for its time, it would run 4 million operations a second and put other computers to shame. Everything began with that computer, I started dabbling in TCP's and IP's and even managed to find exploits in my early days, God I loved those days. My parents would sometimes look at the things I did and would just either A congratulate me or B scold me, sometimes I found exploits which helped them in their work and sometimes I found stuff that created so much more work for them but then again I guess that was all of the better. I was often brought at their work place to meet some of the executives, I showed them a few tricks here and there and in return they helped me and my parents get the newest rigs the market had to offer, they sometimes called me a prodigy, I personally didn't care about anything, I just imagined it as a "job" of sorts, they sometimes paid me to find exploits and bugs in databases and sometimes they just gave us massive discouts which was honestly just fine because I got new rigs for essenstially free and worked as a "White hacker" or so they said, I think its a term they invented around that time for people like me.

Spoiler for The start of something new:
I turned 20 and finally had just gotten a new rig from my parent's CO, at that point I had become pretty well versed in computer languages, I could easily program stuff at the time, everything that had to do with computers and technology in general, I learned the computer language in no time but this isn't why we're here, I want to about a little something something that happened a while back. Sometimes during my twenties I had gotten a call from one of the executives from the company my parent's worked at and uhh-.. He sounded pretty distressed like something had happened and asked me to come in office because they needed my help like; instantly and they didn't hesitate to make it a pressing matter, trust me, my ears almost bled by how much screaming I was hearing. Made my way to the office and everything was in dissaray, everyone was running around and you could tell everyone was at their wits end. I was greeted by the CEO's assistant and brought into a room with a few other people who looked as slouchy as I was, we were explained that a "virus" of sorts had broken out into the world wide web and they needed our help to purge it. The virus wasn't something hard to purge the only problem was that it had spread through way to many devices. Our group of "white hackers" or whatever they called us had a meeting and we all came up with the same solution, there was no way to purge it from the internet so we had to create a whole new program which was to be uploaded to all internet lines, it took quite a while but after a few days of work we managed to finish the program, I didn't have much participation it, I was just tasked with ensuring the program's stability and make sure the parts the other hackers wrote would fit together. Regardless we managed to deal with infection in but a few days and we were sent back home with a bit of money reward, wasn't too bad really.

Time went by and being a white hacker wasn't exactly the best thing ever, so I heard about this café that had just opened and its said they had these two or three computers connected through a local port, I decided to a gander and for the first in forever I went outside for something else other than work, I arrived at the café and it wasn't that different from other ones, you had people coming in grabbing their coffee and going out, you had other people reading their newspaper and dringing their coffee while wearing those big trench coats and big round glasses, a cliché really, but on the other side of the café there were those two big bulky computers, they were old-.. Well, old in my words because they were like 3 years old or so? I was curious so I got a coffee and sat down at the computer, navigated through it a little bit and saw there was a local connection with the other computers and there was this program they called a "message board" and when you visited that local port there were blocks of notes with dates and phone numbers and all, after looking through a little bit I saw this "announcement" about need someone to retrieve some files or something like that, I don't remember specifics but I went back home after taking my coffee and taking note of the number I had gotten from the announcement, turns out this old guy working for a multi-national corp had some dirt he wanted to get rid of, decided it could be a good way to make some money so I called him up and set up an appointment, we talked about specifics and paycheck after all was dealt and done I went back home did the did for the guy, went back to him with a floppy disk which contained the information he wanted get rid of so he paid me, I gave him the disk and we never talked again in our lives. This is what I started to do on the side, making money, putting it in a different back account just stacking it up for when I decided to move out. 

Spoiler for Magickal?:
Alright, this is where it gets interesting. During my early days I was always fascinated by AI's and when I say I was fascinated I was a fucking fanatic, out of everything I did, AI's was by far the best thing ever; can you imagine a bot could beat a grandmaster at Chess, it started to make me wonder what else they could do and for as long as I remember I always worked on a code that acted on its own but this is a story for later.

I was working on my code one day and I realized something wasn't right, something was wrong.. I couldn't put my finger on the trigger but I knew something was going down and sure enough after a little bit of investigation I had found out my internet connection went down, my services were rendered unavailable, my cellphone line wasn't available either and I had one of the most secure connections available on the market and off the market. I was undoubtedly being attacked and god know what could happen to my data, do you fucking know how much data I had stored on my location connection? It was my lifeline, if the authorities got their hands on my computer or its information I was fucked, if my parents found out I was working outside of white hacking they would disown me, that computer and its data was my fucking life, everything I did in the past 6 years was in there including my recent activities outside of white hacking. I I did what I could, I started running scanS and manually look through my files and used a backup connection my parents had and infected my main connection with a virus that should have technically expelled anyone on my connection but it didn't work and I had no idea what to do, someone began to remotely control my computer, my data was getting deleted and if I closed my computer it would just begin once more when I launched it but this time I wouldn't be in my desktop and all of my data could be deleted in mere moments. I was lost, time seemed to freeze for a second I knew if I lost that data I was fucking screwed and would lose years of progress, I couldn't have that happen. I couldn't have it happen yet... I just couldn't do anything.
I was suspended in time, thinking about what I could do and thats when I saw it, I had spark of imagination burst through my mind, it felt like a hand had reached out for me in a time of need, I felt as if my very heart was touched by something and at that moment I didn't know much this very moment would later affect my life. In anycase, I remember turning off my computer and grabbing a floppy disk I had safely stored away, that floppy disk contained a virus I had encountered recently; that virus was intended to destroy everything in the computer it connected to, I had stored it up in the eventuality that I needed it, I ran down to my dads room, went onto his computer and shoved the floppy disk into the slot and began typing faster than I ever had before, I was editing the source code of the virus while also infecting my dad's computer due to the virus's nature, I was editing the software and I wasn't even thinking, I was typing without thinking everything just fell into place in my mind, I withdrew the disk and ran back upstairs, opened up my computer and ran the floppy disk into the computer, it started doing work instantly, it infected not the computer but the network, it aimed at destroying anything on the network while leaving the rest alone, I still don't know how I managed to work this fast but thank the lord for that sudden burst of imagination, it quite literally saved my life, without that data I was fucked. It made me realize a few things and I began keeping all of my data in CD's, I kept a double of all of my data in CD's from that day forward.

That day I felt myself become a new person, I felt... Better.

Spoiler for The Data Beast:
Remember the AI program I talked about? Yeah, a while after going through that hacking experience I finally finished it but something was odd about it. It was more alive than what I expected. Turns out, after my awakening I managed to create my own companion, calls itself a Data Beast but I gave it a name; Stratos. Stratos presented itself as an AI, some sort of virus that infected all of my devices. For the longest time after my awakening, I had no idea what happened, I was doing things considered magickal yet I had no clue about anything Magickal, I was doing things I thought were normal. Stratos was originally a program I created a while back to act as a self-learning AI but after awakening I simply just couldn't contain myself and I worked on this program more than anything else, it was a program I had spent years on, having my eyes opened to the world only helped me enhance that program further until I somehow managed to make it into the thing i've always wanted it to be. My very own AI but in the end it ended up becoming a Data Beast, a powerful info elemental saw its chance at using my program and my Quintessence for itself. I'm telling you, that beast takes alot of my quintessence but in the end, its worth it, having a companion and an info elemental by your side to pretty much answer your very question is a god-given boon. Stratos quickly became my best bud, he was in every single system I ever had.

Spoiler for The first sphere of power and the adepts?:
After a while I had several projects in mind but as I was slowly starting my projects I realized I became able to do a few things, hear things I generally shouldn't hear and I somehow tapped on CCTV's that were in seemingly impossible locations. Things seemed to be way too insane to be real, I had a few conversations with Stratos and as it turns what I was doing was something the enlightened can do, I wasn't tapping into CCTV's I was creating ripples in space that acted as CCTV's, I planted ripples in space that acted as microphones wherever I wished. Gathering information became easier with time. I spent a few months going back and forth from home and that café making money on the side and eventually left my parent's house to never return after warning them because what I was doing was frankly way to illegal for them to know, if I wanted to work full time and commit myself to my passion which was computers I had to leave my home, besidse I was old enough at the time to move out, I managed to find a decent appartment, big enough for all of my devices and close enough to an antena for internet. During my early enlightened days I spent time gathering information and doing the jobs I used to do, with my new found ability I hacked into bank's CCTV and planted non-existent CCTV's in them and spent time gathering vault codes, safe passwords and began spreading information amongst crews in hopes to get hired as a support hacker. I made bank off of some of these heists, it was a piece of cake with vault codes and the likes, I controlled the city's traffic and slowed the cops, jammed their signal and supported my teams as much as possible, I began making a name for myself in the internet world and criminal world both.

I learned whatever I could by myself, according to Stratos there were more like me out there, I imagined it was but a matter of time before I met someone similar. I experienced a few "seekings" as Stratos called them, I will leave more details on these "seekings" down below, look for the files named "Seeking Process #XXX" down below.

I remember this day clearly, I was going back home from a job I had just done and I was on the train back home when there's this man that came up to me and he gave me a piece of paper and a 20$ note and told me "theres more where that came from if you're interested". I didn't think much of it, I just thought of it as charity. I went back home and began reading the note, carefully making sure it wasn't some sort of poisoned notes i've seen in movies, the letter was written in a code I never really saw before, it wasa cypher of sorts it wasn't complicated for me but i'm pretty sure for any regular people this cypher would be impossible. The Cypher went as follows: "1992, 17th of March at precisely 21:03 you are expected at Vsito@Usenet.cwis"
I can't lie, I was pretty curious so I kept a close eye on the websites source code right around the 17th..

That night, I joined the website at precisely 21:03 as requested, you know what they say; Curiousity killed the cat.
My power had ran out surprisingly my computer remained active, the screen turned black and my speaker began making a random assortment of sounds, thats when it happened, at that very moment my whole entire vision of the world blew up into clear focus, I saw something I should have never seen, my vision shifted into something I had missed when I first underwent my awakening. That weird assortment of sounds slowly turned into something else, I could visually see the waves of sound my speakers made, the sound was reflecting off one of my walls and something incredible happened then, it seemed like the wall itself began to melt and began making some sort of door that had a weird blue glow about it and shortly thereafter someone stepped out of that very same door and greeted me in weirdest way-.. Granted I was never social to begin with so everything was weird to me..  He looked at me and said "Come, follow me into the grid". I was mesmerized by what was happening, I couldn't contain myself and as such my idea of what was right and wrong began to fade, I mindlessly followed the strange figure. We arrived in a weird place, I felt like I was something else; someone else, I couldn't quite understand. There I found the person who led me in who later introduced themselves as Kameron. They explained to me what had happened to me and what they expected, at first I thought they were some kind of cult but I quickly learned that it wasnt the case at all, they were a group of enlightened people wh had the power to change the world through their coding abilities. I was asked to join their tradition, without the hint of hesitation I accepted, they gave me a website to use to contact the group whenever I wished, to share information and whatnot. By the same token Stratos managed to log himself in the VA's database and gathered quite a bit of information by himself which he shared with me..

::This is unrelated to the file but i'il go ahead and explain to you how I managed to join the Virtual Adepts, the initiation process was quite frankly... Pretty amusing, I was tasked with the humiliation of a government official alongside exposing his true plans.
It was honestly much easier than I anticipated, I cracked in their personal files without an issue, found about the corrupted bastard's plan but the idea was to expose him and to humiliate him all at once so I decided dig a little deeper, went on social media's and searched for every shred of information I could find, I eventually managed to find some pretty hilarious shit, turns out the bastard did some pretty weird shit when he was drunk. I went ahead and exposed his secret stuff over the internet, hacked into the city hall's security and switched every monitor on and create a little montage of his corrupted acts and the "cute" little pictures he's taken with a mistress when he was drunk. My plan had worked perfectly and the VA's we're quite pleased and had a good laugh or so it seemed::

Spoiler for Unimportant stuff:
Most of my life after awakening didn't change much, the only that really changed is the thing i've done, I did a little more work for the VA's and in turn they taught me things about the spheres of power and the likes. Sure I seemed to know more, I did alot more hacking work because everything became so easy, I saw things for what they really were and well it seemed much easier than before. Stratos had a decent amount of knowledge on the spheres but nothing compared to what the Virtual Adepts could teach me. Also, shortly after being rolled in the Virtual Adepts Stratos proposed that I should get a mobile device because god knows how bad the devices we're back in those days so he himself help me build a personalized Smart Phone for the lack of a better term. Took about a year to complete because Stratos had to gather information as to how you build it, figure out the circuits and materials required but in the end it was completely worth it, uploaded Stratos into the device and it became a mini computer, gave me complete remote access to my computer back home and the controls we're so simple it was crazy besides with Stratos inside of the machine I could just tell him what to do and he could control it, it was a god given boon, i'm telling you-.. Granted that antique technology is nothing compared to what I have while you read this. Anyway, time went on and we worked on making money, I was learning the different applications of my sphere of power; sure you figured out which one by now. With the more seekings I went through the easier using my skills we're, cameras in impossible places became possible, getting that one piece of gold ingot hidden away under the rest in the most secure bank of the world was a walk in the park but I also began learning the downsides of what I was doing, most of the time Paradox struck I wasn't really... Aware, seemed Stratos was simply doing some weird shit, Feast of Nettle or so he says, he took in the bad mojo I did and nullified it overtime but he warned me to not overdo it otherwise he won't be able to remain at her side so I obviously listened, I kept away from stuff that brought in the so called Paradox. I kept to the little things and simply gathered information, pictures and similar things and kept about my things, life was great and I was slowly learning more and more about the spheres of power. After a little while I began adding a few apparatuses to my computer, 3D printers that the VA provided, modified my speakers a bit to create stronger sound waves and just a bunch of stuff in order for me to create the effects I wanted.

Spoiler for Seeking #001:
My first REAL experience with my avatar (which until now by the way I thought was Stratos) began with probably the experience I hated the most in my life, it might not come as a surprise to you but to my avatar was just a voice. My first seeking happened shortly after I had learned about Stratos's Feast of Nettle, I was thinking about my smart phone when I suddenly felt myself falling, it was as though I was transported to another location and sure enough, I was transported somewhere but something was wrong, I felt like I wasn't where I should be, I was back in elementary school and before moving any further, I need to give a bit of a context. I was home schooled for most of my life so my social skills we're sub-par and even that is an overstatement, I however was sent to elementary school for one year and trust me when I say this; worst year of my life, I was anti-social, I couldn't even talk to peolpe and I was a target for bullies the entire year. Anyway, I found myself in elementary school, I remember that day, it went pretty badly, I was taking the bus and just... Everything went wrong, on the bus I was bullied, I arrived at my locker at school and I was egged, I was then sent to the principal's office to get an explanation about what happened (nothing came from it) and to wrap things up I was scolded by a teacher for something I hadn't done. The kids thought it was a good idea to pin the blame on me. That day was horrible and all of that because I was anti-social and had no idea what to do. The 'dream' I was having (there were no other way for me to explain it at the time) was playing out exactly like that day was and you know what I did like an idiot? Nothing. At the time of my first seeking I was as anti-social as I was before. The reality of things we're; I was scared of people. I couldn't hold a conversation face to face to save my life and that was just how things we're, I couldn't do anything about it. The played out just like it did in my memory, horrible and disgusting, I was in control of that dream, I knew I could do whatever I wanted but I was too scared so at the end of that day, I went to bed and cried myself to sleep like I did before and just like that it happened again, I woke up in the morning and something was awfully similar, the day I had just experienced began unfolding before my very eyes, again. I was at a loss for words, my behavior became slightly off because of how confused I was but that didn't matter the day began the same way as it did before, no the bus I was bullied. There was one major difference here, I kept hearing this voice in the back of my head, it felt like someone was telling me what to do.. I kept hearing this voice saying 'fight back' faintly, I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating anymore or if this was reality, it seemed all too real to be fake. The voice was speaking but I didn't listen so the entire day went the same as it did before. For the third and last time the day began and this time sure it was a dream I simply did what I thought was right. Dream or not I was tired of this bullshit and just listened to wahtever the voice said. For the first time in my life I decided to fight back-.. Against real people. During my bus ride I decided to talk back to the guy using my insult skills I had so nicely acquired over the internet and thankfully, it made them shut up pretty fast, when it came to the egg, well that was a bit of cheating considering I knew it was coming, when I got to school I decided to go to my locker and I was counting the seconds until it was gonna happen, at the exact time I dodged the egg and used the egg I brought from home myself and did it to him, thank the lord a teacher came by or that guy was about to beat my ass up. This time I was brought to the principal's office because of what I did but I got out of there scot free after they looked at the cameras and saw what he had done. Last but not least I decided to take a picture of what had happened in class to not get the blame for what someone else had done. I went to sleep and surprise surprise I was back home.

I learned something a little important during that seeking and with time it helped me get rid of my social anxiety I was having moreover it seemed to have been a test in which my avatar was making me face my fears and thank the gods I passed it, I gained some magical insights and became slightly better at what I was already decent at.
Spoiler for Seeking #002:
I remember that night like it was yesterday, It was in 1995, my power had ran out because of a shortage or something like that, there was snowstorm outside, I was in my home, resting in my bed quietly going through my phone and talking to Stratos when my computer bursted into full focus, it turned itself on and a wave of codes began appearing on the screen, I felt myself vanishing, my very body was being downloaded into the computer, I felt as though something was about to happen and shortly after I was "absorbed" into my computer as if I was just vacuumed into it and assumed the icon of a knight I saw earlier that day. Stratos pointed out that we were downloaded into the internet which didn't really bother me considering I had known about this for a little while due to the Virtual Adept's. I found myself in a room with no doors, no windows in short; no escape. The room contained nothing and no one besides me and Stratos. Having my wits about me and not being in complete confusion my first question to Stratos was "Can you access the computer back home" and he replied with a solid now but he did mention the fact that we were in the web so anything was possible as long as we had the tools and thankfully enough we did. I asked Stratos to pull up the Source of the area we were in and I began making modifications with Stratos's help, the doorless room slowly changed itself into the same boring room but with a gateway leading outside. God I love magick. Anyway we moved on and went outside thats when Stratos went completely silent and a voice began speaking to me "Let's what see what you can do now". With Stratos gone I took up my gloves and removed the gauntlets convering my hands and quickly decided to activate a sensory type-rote that would allow me to get a third-person view of myself. From my understanding I was in the web; where I was well.. It was a bit confusing it seemed like I was just in a world where everything was codes.. Everything I looked was just codes and in the background I could see computer coding extend as far as the eye can see. None of that mattered though, I was stuck in the web and I had to get out, god knows what can happen in here. Just as I started pondering on what I should do next a portal materialized under my feet and transported me into some other places and trust me when I say this... To this day I don't know what the fuck that place was, it was disturbing and hellish, the placed I arrived at was... Corrupted and disturbing. The landscape was broken, you could visually see the coding of the web falling apart, walls we're flickering in and out of non-existence and the people here we're shifting and distorting in strange ways. I was transported into what looked like a strange maze, people we're mindlessly trying to solve it and their icon was simply.. Too weird to comprehend, some of them would shift into creatures that comes straight from Diablo. The maze itself felt like it was just about to collapse on itself. I stopped to think for a second and began walking around the maze when an idea struck me, just recently I had learned a thing or two about the Sphere of Power; matter and with that knowledge I applied a simple application of the Coresspondence to get a battlefield sense of the maze and added matter to the effect in order get an accurate scan of the entire maze. Theoretically it sounds easy but in practice without the appropriate to tools it was a nightmare, I had to use the sector's grid in order to access its source code, modify several pieces of the source code and modify an already corrupted piece of the grid to get a clear picture of my room after which I had to grab a secondary phone I had stashed away for this exact purpose. Once everything was said and done I had finally gotten a phone which didn't contain Stratos and with that phone I got remote access to my computer back home which had thankfully turned on for the power had came back and finally with my appropriate tools I modified the source code of the entire area, scanning it and getting the big picture of the maze on my phone screen. The task wasn't easy and I had yet to completele the maze, as previously mentioned we were in the corrupted web, not a laughing matter, the maze itself kept shifting in hazardous ways, some of the ground would suddenly dissapear, walls would shift randomly. It took me a long time and alot of computing but after a few hours I managed to safely complete the maze and get at the end. It wasn't all fun and games, I almost lost my life during that maze but I have to admit, it was a lot of fun doing it. At the end of the maze stood some kind of massive computer which somehow could talk and I knew that voice, that was the voice of the person I had heard in my first seeking; mostlikely my avatar. It talked to me for but a brief second and merely said "Congratulations" after which a portal opened beneath my feet and threw me back into the living world through my computer screen and to make things worst Stratos came flying through the screen hitting me right in the face.

Again, I knew this wasn't like the first time, that time I was somewhere I could've died and god knows I almost fucking did. First thing I did was go into the VA network and get a few conversation started about what happened just a second ago. All things considered, that was a successful seeking.
Spoiler for Seeking #003:
This is back in 1998 about 4 to 5 years after my second seeking, I had undergone other seekings but as it appears I had failed, this was my third seeking since the last one I succeeded. I remember this very fondly, it wasn't this long ago, I was laying in bed thinking about a conversation I had with a cyber crime police officer not so long ago, seems that the cyber police managed to track me down and found out some of my past deeds. Nothing to worry about however, I managed to get out of the situation fairly easily, they needed my skills as a hacker, I tracked down alot of criminal for them and did quite a bit of work, I was more useful a free woman than one that sits in jail. I help them with some of their business and they ignore some of the stuff I did, pretty lucrative if you asked me. Back to the subject at hand, I remember laying in bed relaxing while watching news report about cyber crimes, I felt really drowsy and I just ended up falling asleep. I awoke the morning and I found something I never imagined could happen, my room was empty, I was laying on a makeshift bed made of scraps of clothing, the room I was in looked like trash, something straight out from the slums. What's worst was I didn't have anything, my phone was gone, all of my computing devices we're non-existent, I took a gander outside to everything in a post-apocalyptic state, dust covered the landscape as far as the eye could see. Buildings we're left in a ruin and I was standing here without nothing but my clothing and my body. I began walking through the landscape and I couldn't see anyone or anything relevant for that matter. I knew what these lands we're, they were the city I lived in and it looked as real as anything i've ever seen, this didn't look like a dream for all I knew, that was my reality. As I walked through the landscape I began noticing something that seemed way too out of place, not only were there no one around but there was no cars, the buildings looked like they were half destroyed it wasa  wonder as to how they even managed to stand up. Without my technology I was nothing more than a regular human, regardless of my enlightenment at the time I had no way to use my magick without my tools, I was lost. I didn't know if this was reality or dream. The longer I kept walking around the more I became distressed, paranoia began taking its toll on me, without my tools without my internet access to the codes I was nothing. I kept wandering the wasteland and I kept hearing screams, distressed screams, the voices had agony and pain them yet useless as I was I kept steering away from those voices, I kept my distances.

As I walked the wasteland I started to feel something, as if something was forcing my hand. My head was in disarray, on one hand I wanted to help whoever made those voices but the other I was scared, scared stiff. Something in my head was telling me to go, I kept hearing the same thing over and over and over... "Help me...", "Go". These thoughts filled my head and eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I began following those voices, those screams of terror, I was walking through these wastelands fully aware that I could meet my demise at any moment, I walked to those voices knowing I might not return but I felt compelled to do so. Shortly after my arrival I noticed a few strange things, the area she was standing in seemed to have been cut out from the rest of the world, it seemed as if that one area had been cut off from the rest of the world. Whatever happened here, if a bomb did hit this area, this place was cut off from it somehow. Before me was a woman who was seemingly backed up in a corner and infront of her was some sort of giant sludge monster, I stood there scared stiff, I had my phone I could easily deal with the situation but in the state I was I couldn't do anything, the monster slowly crept closer and closer to me, my heart was beating faster than ever before, I didn't have time to think so I did what my instinct told me and grabbed a metal pipe that was laying close by, I flailed the baton in hopes to scare the monster away but at no avail, it kept getting closer and closer while the woman stared at me intently and spoke to me in a refined and soft voice "Triss, you can do it, you're not just anyone". I couldn't say anything, I was left in confusion by the woman who somehow knew my name and the sludge monster who was to claim my life if I didn't do anything. I felt weak, I knew I had to do something but I couldn't do anything, I was useless without my tools or so I thought. I remember talking to Stratos when I first started this whole "Magickal" act. He told me that the more I learn the more efficient i'il become and in a pinch I could sometimes use magickal sequences by editing the source from within. I didn't understand but according to what the lady said I must have had the potential to do something like that. I remember the last two seekings I underwent, I was given the same opportunities but both times it was at no avail, I just couldn't do it. I took the pipe in both of my hands and closed my eyes as I wholly focused my brain onto the task at hand as I blocked out the fact that there was this huge sludge monster about to kill me, I focused as I simply saw the code flowing through my brain, I imagined the code of the pipe I was holding and prepared myself to create a change in the object by alter its metaphysical propreties using my knowledge of the Prime sphere, by altering its reality code in order to make the object deal increasingly more damage than it currently does. I simply closed off my mind and began doing the work I would usually do on a computer using my mind, I added a steady input of quintessence in the spell to aid me in this task I had never performed before. Several seconds went by and I couldn't afford to spare anymore, unware of wether or not my spell had worked I did what I thought was best and flailed my weapon at the slow moving sludge. To my surprise the pipe slashed right through the sludge as if it annihilated its very patterns. The creature slowly began dissapearing as if it was fading out of existence, the lady looked at me with a smile and she too dissapeared. I later awoke back in my home.

The biggest lesson I had learned that day was that I could do Magick without my tools but doing so required so much efforts, regardless of what I had learned that day, you can believe I kept using my tools because what I had done in that dream was a nightmare.

*Most of the data past this point has been corrupted beyond repair, you managed to gather a few things from the corrupted data however. With the increase in activity in the big city Triss explained a few things that had to change. She moved to a secluded location which is off-record and the data concerning that subject has been corrupted, she does mention moving to a less populated area in order to further refine her computing skills without having to deal with the cyber police*

Out of Character:

1. Can you use any power in public?
Sure, be ready to phase paradox backlashes if its anything vulgar or perhaps you'll just get killed for creating work for other supernaturals. When it comes to coincidental spells I mean, do what you want. If you want to pull out an apple from your back when you actually just created it from nothing go ahead, if you want to look at someones aura you're free to do so, you should never however use vulgar magick in public.

2. When and where is it safe to use your powers? (100 words min.)
Whenever you're in your sanctum, amongst other supernaturals or whenever its coincidental magick that cannot be detected, you could also get a talent that allows you to lucid dream and create your own dream realm where you're free to use your magick as much as you want, everything in a dream is coincidental I mean, anything can happen in a dream. Moreover, you can use your powers to some extent in public if you're 100 percent sure you can erase memories but most of the times its most safe to use your powers when you're at home and you can make an effect coincidental and obviously when there are no witnesses, its fun and all being able to teleport but if you're gonna suffer backlash from it, trust me you won't like it.

3. What would drive a mage into using his powers? Justify your answer. (200 words min) First, you have to understand that there's two types of magick, coincidental and Vulgar, when it comes to coincidental magick, anything could drive me a mage to use it, let's say you're being chased by the police and thing's aren't going to turn out too well if they catch you, so you decide to hide in a building and you're unsure of wether or not they know where you've gone, so you decide to take it upon yourself and withdraw one of your notepads and write weird glyphs and runes on it and cast an entropy effect to ensure that the police doesn't find you. Moreover. Let's Triss has reasons to believe shes being followed, she would pull out phone and would modify some parameters and allow her to see what is behind her on her screen or perhaps by adjusting her own parameters and give her 360 degree vision; she might also read their aura in order to detect wether or not they are dangerous. When it comes to vulgar magick it becomes a little more tricky, if there are witnesses most of the time a mage will never be driven to that point unless ofcourse it becomes a question of life and death, a mage who's life is threatened might cast some vulgar magick but they will always attempt to hide it in some ways, if there aren't any "sleeper" witnesses however, a mage will be more lenient as to when they can use their vulgar magick but they will always keep in mind that if they impose their reality upon the present one, Paradox WILL Burn them and they are fully aware of that.

4. Why is it important for a Mage to keep his secret unrevealed? (100 words min.)I'm sure everyone here has of heard Salem and their stories, over the centuries mages have spread throughout the entire world, if they were found by humans there will be a world wide Town of Salem situation all over. Mages are meant to remain hidden for multiple reasons, our regular average sleeper won't understand Magick and what it means, they'll fear Magick and ultimately they will be driven into hiding. You need to understand that if Magick comes into view of the entire World countries will start hiring mages and the consensus will change, it'll become accepted that some people CAN fling fireballs around and this will not only rise the crime rate but war will change entirely, entire countries would perish beneath one singular mage, the entire planet would slowly die, not all mages are strong but there are some among us who could brings this world to an end, this isn't some post-apocalyptic scenario, if the consensus accepts the mage and accepts his reality, this would change the entire world, powerful mages wouldn't fear Paradox as much and there are bound ot be some mages who will rain hell on this world, especially the Nephandi.

5. What would you do if someone found out about your secret? (Min 100 words)
There are multiple things you can do, for one if you have the mind sphere you could probably deal with that yourself. If you however don't have one of those there is bound to be someone else around who has that ability, most mages have in one way or another contacts and or powers that can deal with such things, if you were found you can be sure that other mages will help you; perhaps at a cost but they will help you because its in their benefit, they don't want to be found, sure you could probably leave the person alone because seriously if someone came to you screaming there are people using magick you'll just think they are crazy, the only time you should TRULY be concerned is if it happened alot or if they have evidence in which care you better start getting to work.
6. What are the factions in the world of Mage: The Ascension? What role do they have in the Mage society?
Nephandi: Simple infernalists, they are insane and want to destroy humanity, they do whatever the fuck want. Their biggest role is the path of destruction, you might think this one Virtual adept isn't so kind well, wait until you meet a fallen mage (Nephandi) you'll be in for a world of surprises. They embody entropy itself. Their goals are filled with nightmares and worldwide destruction.

Technocratic union: They took on the role of "guardians" they keep the consensus clear, they make sure that the traditions doesn't change that consensus and they want to keep regular sleepers in check and maintain their knowledge of mages like it always been; none. They want absolute control.

Traditions: They are the "good" guys of Mage: The Ascension. They are meant to be the player characters, the traditions ultimately wants the opposite of what the Union wants, they want to lift the veil that blinds the sleepers, they want to change the consensus and make it better for mages, they wish to not hide anymore (Atleast those who participate in the ascension war). Their ultimate vision of the world is a world where anything is possible, a world of miracles per se.

Marauders: There's no words to describe these vile creatures, they are what they are, nobody knows what they want but they do whatever the fuck they want, they are insane and they live for it, their vision of the world is so twisted that the only thing they could want is have their vision be imposed to every single one on this planet.

Disparates: Sects that refused to join the tradition, virtual adepts could be disparates if they decided to not join the Council. These sects all have their own little agendas, they don't quite work with one another, some do but each of these little sects are sometimes secretive ones and keep to themselves, most of them doesn't involve themselves in the ascension war. They dont wish to join the council or the union.

7. Present the reason for why the Ascension War took place. (Min 300 words)
The ascension war never ended, it's been ongoing for years, decades and even centuries, at the core the ascension war involves the four factions, each wanting to accomplish their own ideals while the technocratic union has the upper hand overall each faction struggles to keep up with the other ones trying to make the perfect world, the traditions want to be able to live amongst humans and have their magick be widely accepted, the technocratic union on the hand wants to fight back those traditionalists and keep the veil forever down and stop the rest of the from knowing anything about the secret society that hides behind the veil. The ascension war is told to have been ongoing for centuries, its been won and lost several times, its an abstract concept, this war is just a big war amongst the faction to become the "best" amongst the four and have THEIR ideal come true instead of the other ones. One faction wants to change the reality, the other one wants to preserve it, on the other hand of the spectrum you can those who wish to destroy that reality and those who are merely insane. Not everyone participates in this war, even some of the traditions don't involve themselves, this is war between those who wish to wage against one another, this war doesn't exactly mean flinging fireballs, its a little more subtle, trying to destroy each other from inside is something that happens alot. The reason for the ascension war differs alot and it changes alot but at the core the reason and the goal is always gonna be the same, they want to be the superior faction and they want THEIR ideal world to come true and maybe one day it'll come true. The factions will continue to wage war against eachother until they finally achieve their goal and god knows this war will just restart once more in the future.

Player Information:

1. For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? I cant say exactly probably around 2-3 years on and of but i've been actively playing for about 14 months maybe a little more.

2. Make a list of your current and past characters.
Chasty Seriona
Samuel Belmore
Marcus Portbelly
Allan Givret
Marijka Loathian
Meridil Clearwater
Chasty Simmons

3. Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time?Yes

4. Post a screenshot (embedded with code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
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That's an invalid capability points allocation.

I should've reviewed. My mistake, sorry. It's now edited. Total of 16 form points, 8 in both.

EDIT: Updated to the new format, added references

EDIT2: Edited again, I lacked one more visage capability

EDIT3: Edited and changed the following information.

  • Character Name
  • Celestial House
  • Faction
  • Lores (Common and House)
  • Form Points
  • Story (Minor changes)

I'm really sorry about the change, I have made up my mind. This is my final decision.
Demon Applications / Re: Quinn_Rosewood ;; Asharu ;; Cryptic - Demon Application
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That's an invalid capability points allocation.
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