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Priya Khatri | Research Department | Head of R&D
« on: December 01, 2019, 01:50:55 PM »
Angel Pine Research & Development

General Information

Full name: Priya Khatri

Date and place of birth: 02/02/1975. Mumbai, India.

Phone Number: 16821

Address: Angel Pine Motel

Education: Bachelor in Sports Science and Masters in Pharmaceutical Science.

Experience in the research and development field: Helped the Mumbai department of research to develop vaccines for common diseases.

What position are you applying for? Head of R&D

What do you think you will contribute to the field? With my extensive knowledge about pharmaceutics and drugs, I think I can do a better job as a researcher(mainly head of the department). I can identify the most common patterns of drug usage and can work in a team with other researchers like me and lead them properly.

What's your current/last occupation? Currently un-occupied. Worked as an intern at the Mumbai Department of Research.

Have you used any type of drugs? Yes, I have consumed and conducted research on various date rape drugs back in Mumbai to determine their effects.

Have you used any type of consume copious amounts of alcohol? No.

Have you been detained by any law enforcement agencies, if so, why: No.

Do you have a criminal record, if so, list your offenses: No.

Tell us something about yourself (Preferences, hobbies, bio, etc.) (100 words min.):
My name is Priya Khatri and I am 25 years old. I hail from the South Asian country of India from the city of Mumbai. I have studied and currently posses a masters degree in pharmaceutical science and bachelors degree in sports science. I have been an athlete since school and I wanted to enter the olympics but my parents encouraged me to follow the Medical field instead and so I did. I am from one of the most influential castes of India, "Kshatriya" caste. I believe that I can be a good idol and a leader and have the great honor of leading the R&D division of APES. I promise good work and progress if I get the position of the head of R&D.


I hereby declare that:

All information given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and no false information is given.
I fully understand any false information or misleading information that is given may lead to me being barred from future applications.
I authorize my records and any information given in this document to be investigated.   I am allowed to resign at any given time, and my application is allowed to be denied for any reason.
- Sign here: Priya Khatri

Date: 14/07/2000
Signature: Priya Khatri


Age: 16

GMT: 5:30

Country: India

Do you think you are able to be professional both in character and out of character at all times?: Yes.

What is your character's race? (Please note that this will affect In-Game relationships): Fera

How long can you be IG daily/weekly?: 2-3 hours regularly, in a week a lot.

List all of your accounts here:

Your admin record here: Clear
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Re: Priya Khatri | Research Department | Head of R&D
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 02:00:52 PM »
Dear Ms. Khatri,

We at the Angel Pine Emergency Service administration have received your gracious application. We hereby invite you to commence in a first interview with the Director himself, Dr. Elmar Licht.

May we meet shortly,
EMS Director Elmar Licht.