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Full name: Abigail Wilson.
Nicknames: Abbey.
Date of Birth: 13/01/1966.
Age: 28.
Nationality: Australian.
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Current Residence:Red County, Palomino Creek.
Past Residence:A small wooden house in Melbourne near a forest.
Occupation: Medic.
Qualifications: Survival.
Nature: Defensive, caring.

Skin: White.
Hair: Long, black.
Eyes: Blue.
Height: 175 CM.
Weight: 65 KG.
Distinguishing: None.
Tattoos: None. (Visible?)
Piercings: None. (Visible?).

Parents: Emily Johnson(Later Wilson) and Jonathan Wilson.
Siblings: None.
Relationship with Parents: Distant, not well-maintained.
Relationship with Siblings: N/A
Children: None.
Social Status: Friendly but distant.
Marital Status: Not married.
Relationship Status: Single.
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual.
Known friends: Her Cat.
Spoiler for Picture of her Cat:
Vehicle: FCR-900.
Spoiler for Vehicle Picture:

Smokes cigarettes?: No.
Drinks alcohol?: No.
Does drugs?: No.
Knows of supernaturals?: Yes.
Spoiler for Racial Alignment:
Humans: Neutral.(Usually Good.)
Vampires: Bad.
Werewolves: Neutral.(Usually None.)
Fera: Neutral.(Usually None.)
Hybrids: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Mages: Neutral.(Usually Good.)
Angels: Neutral.(Usually Good.)
Demons: Bad.
Animals: Good.
Religious views: It's complicated.
Political views: She doesn't bother herself with caring.
Likes: Playing with her kitten; nature; walking; reading; swimming.
Dislikes: Being disrespected; being discomforted; being disturbed; being criticized; people teasing her cat; corruption; Weak people(by Willpower.)
Hobbies:Pretty much the likes.
Attributes: Smart, intelligent, decisive, accurate, perfect eyesight, devotion.
Flaws:Sometimes has problems with hearing, hesitates from meeting new people.

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Updated her character sheet.