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The Woland Twins
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"It's not how you think it is"

Full name: Layla Woland.
Full name: Kayla Woland.
Nicknames: Lay; Wol.
Nicknames: Kay; Wol.
Date of Birth: 06/06/1966.
Age: 28.
Nationality: American.(?)
Hometown: Not Specified.
Current Residence: Red County, Palomino Creek.
Past Residence: Not Specified.(?)
Occupation: Firefighter.
Occupation: Medic.
Qualifications: Unknown.(?)
Qualifications: Unknown.(?)
Nature: Patient; Serious.
Nature: Joyful, open-minded, adventurer.

Skin: White.
Hair: Long, blonde.
Eyes: Blue.
Height: 175 CM.
Weight: 60 KG.
Distinguishing: Her calmness and neutrality.
Distinguishing: Her positivity and cheerfulness.
Tattoos: A red pentagram on the upper left back.
[spoiler=The Pentagram]
Piercings: None. (Visible?).

Parents: Long gone.
Siblings: Kayla Woland. (Twin sister)
Siblings: Layla Woland. (Twin sister)
Relationship with Parents: Non-Existent.
Relationship with Siblings: Perfect.
Relationship with Siblings: Perfect.
Children: None.
Children: None.
Social Status: Asocial Benign.
Social Status: Social Benign.
Marital Status: Not married.
Marital Status: Not married.
Relationship Status: Single.
Relationship Status: Single.
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
Known friends: None.
Known friends: None.

Smokes cigarettes?: No.
Smokes cigarettes?: Rarely.
Drinks alcohol?: No.
Drinks alcohol?: Rarely.
Does drugs?: Yes.(?)
Does drugs?: Never
Knows of supernaturals?: Yes.
Knows of supernaturals?: Yes.
[spoiler=Racial Alignment]
Humans: Neutral.(Usually Good.)
Vampires: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Werewolves: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Black Spiral Dancers: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Tainted Werewolves: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Fera: Neutral.(Usually Bad.)
Tainted Fera: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Hybrids: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Mages: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Angels: Neutral.(Usually Bad.)
Demons: Neutral.(Usually Selective.)
Animals: Neutral.(Usually Bad.)
[spoiler=Racial Alignment]
Humans: Good.
Vampires: Neutral.
Werewolves: Neutral.
Black Spiral Dancers: Neutral.
Tainted Werewolves: Neutral.
Fera: Neutral.
Tainted Fera: Neutral.
Hybrids: Neutral.
Mages: Neutral.
Angels: Neutral.
Demons: Neutral.
Animals: Neutral.
Religious views: Not a believer.
Religious views: Agnostic.
Political views: Not a single fuck given.
Political views: Apolitical.
Likes: Silence, darkness; calm atmospheres; achieving success; foggy weathers; rainy weathers; walking at nights; walking in "bad" weathers; serious people; mature people; intelligent people; deviant art; reading; writing; being observant; knowing environment; being respected.
Likes: Enjoying her time in a good company, being admired, having fun, reading, romantic things, people with beautiful eyes.
Dislikes:Noise; dumb people; childish people; her comfort being disturbed; being oblivious about things; arguing with someone; useless arguments; being dragged into fights; swimming.
Dislikes:Being hurt, disappointed or frustrated. Being left alone or abandoned. People talking bad things about her behind her back, or spreading rumors. Being ignored or disrespected, and being unappreciated.
Hobbies:Pretty much likes if materialized.
Attributes: Patience, maturity, silence, seriousness.
Attributes: Her cheerfulness which does not replace maturity and seriousness when it not is needed..
Flaws: Rarely infuriated, but if yes, it's too real.
Flaws: Her cheerfulness comes in excessive doses sometimes, which can be a problem of a kind..

- "Woland" is not their real lastname, in fact their real lastname is either unknown or lost and forgotten. The choice of this lastname was made in 1967, when Mikhail Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita" was published. They took the lastname from one of the characters of the book, for some reason.
- Both of the sisters show interst in a reverse infernalism philosophy, which goes by motto "Devil by nature, angel by mind", indicating that they are inclined to doing good deeds despite their questionable natures, and this is a thing that might be surprising and counter-intuitive in some socities, likable in others, and unacceptable in some others.
- Often being misunderstood for their strange approach to things, they are usually not accepted into societies, and themselves rarely attempt to join ayn. Sticking by themselves and people with common sense(From their viewpoint) they have lasted long and are planning to go on this way.
- Their birth date (choice) is not a coincidence or an accident, and in fact took them effort and resources to get it done.
- Their actual birth date or a date of this sort is actually close to a similar number, which counts back at least two centuries.
- They are not devil worshippers, and don't really admit his powers. They are just interested in it on a philosophical level.

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One character is still there, so this exists!