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Hybrids Roleplaying Guide
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Hybrids Lore (Advanced Hybrid Roleplaying Guide)


After you have read some basics about the Hybrids lore in Nico's guide, Be aware it's outdated and some of its information is no longer applied in VWH so I thought about rebuilding a guide for everyone who would like to roleplay Hybrid race.
Also I recommend you to take a look on Rodriguez' guide, It contains some useful stuff that may help you for developing your character.

Hybrid (Abomination):-

Hybrids, in few words, are a mixture resulted by the rare success of an embracing that happened to a werewolf by a vampire. They are known with several names, "Undying Children", the "Damned Urrah", the "Vrykolas", the "Pale Ones" and "Luna's Demons" but they are mostly known as "Abominations".

"Embrace? What's that?"
Basically embrace is transforming a mortal (Mostly humans) into vampires by draining some of their blood and replacing their own blood into their system to pass the curse of vampirism to them.

"So a vampire can embrace Werewolves and Fera too? How?"
Yes, vampires can but the probability of the Werewolf/Fera to survive it is too low. Some of them linger on in agony for a time before death, but most die instantly and painlessly, and many werewolves believe they are being spared of Wyrm's curse through the blessing of Gaia. But, a very few do not die and nobody knows why Gaia allows the existence of Hybrids. There are several stories that explain why Gaia lets them alive but non of them is certified as truth of Gaia's intentions.


Abominations Occurrences:-

Garou: Slightly more common than all of the Fera Hybrids, rare percentage of the embracing survives.

Ajaba: Ajaba Hybrids work in the same manner as Garou, save that they lose Gnosis for violating the particular commandments handed to their people by Gaia, rather than the Garou Litany.

Ananasi: simply cannot be Embraced (or even turned into a ghoul) -- their system violently rejects vampire blood; in death, it sits insert in a werespider's mouth and throat, doing nothing.

Bastet: may be Embraced, but if anything suffer an even more pathetic fate than Garou. Every 28 days, the Bastet automatically loses one dot of permanent Gnosis until it is a mindless cannibal corpse.They're known as "soul-dead" and are killed on sight by living Gurahl.

A Corax: Corax Hybrid will at least be quickly released from its suffering -- it bursts into flames and dies the Final Death when Helios rises, even if it is hidden from his rays.

Gurahl: sadly, may suffer the Wyrm's ultimate degradation in the same fashion as Garou, save that they lose Gnosis for violating the Code of Ursa.

Kitsune: are protected from becoming Abominations; Bai Mianxi has bargained with Helios, Luna, and Gaia to ensure it. An Embraced Kitsune instantly dies the Blood-Fire Death: its body erupts into a brief but incredibly intense pillar of flame, leaving behind nothing but a pile of ash (possibly two piles, if its would-be sire can't get away quickly enough).

Mokolé They die at sunrise like their Corax counterparts. Unlike the wereravens, and unfortunately for everyone in the area (including its sire), a Mokolé Abomination spends the entirety of its short unlife in a brutal, mindless frenzy.
These never occur as well, because vampires cannot tolerate the elements within their blood to complete the embrace.

Nagah: subjected to the Embrace simply die. (Like very rarely to survive)

Nuwisha: cannot be Embraced; they die instantly.

Ratkin: are susceptible to the Embrace, but suffer perhaps the most gruesome fate of any of the Changing Breeds. Whatever force suspends a vampire's body at the time of death doesn't work for the Ratkin; its corpse undergoes a normal cycle of rot and decay even as it drags itself through the night, until nothing remains but a pile of sun-flammable bones. Whether the ratkin remains conscious after the brain rots away is a matter of shuddersome speculation.


Hybrids Characteristics:-

- Hybrids are no longer able to eat or drink, they feed on blood (whether human's or animal's).

- Hybrids do have fangs like vampires do, they can feed on humans/animals when the sunlight isn't present.

- Hybrids have become immortal and no longer age.

- Hybrids can not shapeshift from human form to their animal form in the presence of the sunlight, instead if they were already in animal form and attempting to shapeshift in human form in presence of sunlight they feel a lot of pain (You lose 25 points from your health as a penalty).

- Hybrids can use their physical powers in their human forms. (Including strength, speed and jumping skills).

- Hybrids can still reach their various forms in their animals' forms (Crinos, Hispo and Lupus. Glabros isn't available).

- Hybrids do not prefer to wander or reach forest as it will cause them a lot of harm if they are caught by werewolves or any Gaian creatures so play it smart and don't go inside forest (unless there is a really good reason).

- Hybrids do still remember the gifts and rites they possessed before their Embrace, they can only affect Wyrm rites. (Which means they are able to use only gifts and rites learned from the dark umbra aka BSD gifts).

- Hybrids can learn and use Disciplines as usual for a vampire of their clan or bloodline. (It will be so difficult for them since it's new thing to them. Only two disciplines are allowed to be accessed with supervision of hybrids race moderator.

- Hybrids also suffer from constant depression and psychological erosion.

- Hybrids are never able to increase their Humanity, Virtues, or permanent Willpower with experience points. (Instead humanity can be decreased, all depends on the in character actions).


Ego:- (WoD)

Abominations gain a new Trait: Ego, which is associated with their own form of Path, called the Hierarchy of Wyrm Taint.

Ego is the measure of their new consciousness, which is now divided and liberated from their former "pack" mentality. Ego is the mark of a vampire Garou's separation from the rest of its race . Ego is similar to the Humanity Trait possessed by vampires, but a different scale is used to determine loss of Ego.

If a Hybrid's Ego drops below seven, it will bear the stench of the Wyrm ; the only spirits it will be able to influence are Banes . Its totem will desert it, but Bane totems will welcome alliances with the Hybrid. This taint can only be removed if its Ego is once again raised to seven or more.

Hybrids continue to have the ability to step sideways regardless of their Ego rating.

• A Hybrid's beginning Ego is equal to her Gnosis score.

• Ego represents how well the Hybrid can resist the bestial urges within it. These are not natural urges, but Wyrmridden emotions. A Hybrid that falls to zero Ego is lost utterly; it is a thing of the Wyrm .

• Ego does not determine the Hybrid's chance to frenzy - that is governed by its Rage. However, for every frenzy it suffers, it may lose Ego, depending on its actions during frenzy.


Hybrid's Sire Bond:

(Explained pretty well in Rodriguez' guide)

All Abominations basically have the occurrence of a sire bond, they become the "chide" of whomever embraces them into the creatures that they are and by blood, form a bond. They listen to what their masters tell them despite the fact they might have different opinions on different subjects. However, this bond can be broken (usually by the death of the master; sire) and thus the Abomination is set free from this bond. There's a known Abomination who's sire bond was broken by his pack members killing the sire, and despite the fact his old pack members tried to kill him plenty of times . . the abomination/hybrid kept with his beliefs as a Garou and proudly aided Garou within the War Of Chicago. So, once their free from this bond, abominations can essentially just form their own opinions on things and even attempt to stick to their Garou side and completely go against the vampiric community.
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