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The Referral Program
« on: December 22, 2019, 02:28:36 PM »
The 2020 VWH Referral Program
Hello gents.

We're crossing into a new year, and it goes without saying that the playerbase has been diminishing and will likely continue to do so. There's no shame in admitting servers like VWH are a dying breed. SA-MP itself may very well be on the verge of collapse, what with the recent drama. What is a shame is letting it die without doing anything about it. Regardless of whether you're staff or a simple player, this community has been a cool hangout for years to many of us.

We as staff keep trying to push things here and there, making it easier for players to adjust and hosting roleplays when able - but it doesn't seem to be enough. To have players, you need roleplay - and to have roleplay, you need players. A playerbase that's interested in perpetually driving plot forward.

With the intent to increase our playerbase in mind, I introduce to you our Refferal Program.

The system is very simple and basic. You invite people, teach them the ropes and after they play for a given amount of time and become full-fledged players, you get a reward. There are no stringent requirements. An application will be submitted via PMs by the referred player once the requirements are met. This message may be forwarded to any of the Managers.
Code: (Example) [Select]
[color=maroon][size=12pt]Refferal Application[/size][/color]
[b]In-Game Name:[/b] Lutka_Niko
[b]Refferal's Name:[/b] Bob_Derl (Caine)
[b]Other:[/b] Bob is my classmate and he invited me two weeks ago to play. i rly like the serv and have been playing every since.

Quote from: Eligibility
  • The referred player must play for at least 30 non AFK hours. (/activity)
  • The referred player must display at least average roleplay skills and English profeciency.
  • The player must be introduced to the basics of the World of Darkness rolling system.

Rewards will be passed based on how many people you've invited. Certain milestones will award greater things. But honestly? Isn't your contribution to the server's well-being and the pride of seeing it grow rewarding enough  ??? ?

Jk. The rewards are as follows:

Tier 1
(1 to 4 referred players)
- $2,500 per invited player; $1,000 extra to your invited player.
- Referral role on Discord;
- 20 Contribution Points per invited player.

Tier 2
(5 to 9 referred players)
- $5,000 per invited player; $1,000 extra to your invited player.
- 25 Contribution Points per invited player.
- 1 Custom RP item with slightly altered stats. (I.e. Short sword that does 4/L instead of 2/L; armor with no penalty, etc)

Tier 3
(10 referred players)
- $5,000 per invited player; $1,000 extra to your invited player.
- 30 Contribution Points per invited player.
- 1 Custom Supernatural Relic.
- 1 Gold Donor Package
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