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[OFFICIAL] Robberies/Heists
« on: November 16, 2015, 11:38:33 PM »
An in-depth guide to robbing businesses and heisting serious installments

What is this?

A very simple guide to how robbing bussinesses works and the rules you must follow.

No fancy texts, we go straight to the point.


1. A heist/robber team coordinates their plan, strategizes, does whatever they need to do before going in, sets up positions, gets the cars and whatever.
2. The team goes in, alarm goes off immediately upon entrance. ((Admins should be contacted at this point, or prior to starting the heist. ))
3. Robbery begins, teams take positions, the leader/set leader of the team inside coordinates with the others. ((At this point, a /g will be made making cops aware there's a heist/robbery, after this /g, you begin taking the money.))

4. Money is being taken. (( 5 minutes are to be taken of your time in this step, meaning you will not get any money unless you stay inside for five minutes or until cops arrive, if they arrive before five minutes, you may attempt an escape/attack them.))
5. If/when money is taken, your objective is now to: get out of sight without being noticed, kill all cops in the area or make them retreat.
6. There is no step six, if you're done with the heist, you're done, count the money, bask in the glory.


1. Wait for call.
2. Everyone in the area responds to the area, barricades themselves, does whatever they need to do.
3. Awaits for Spec Ops to enter the field and dictate the flow of things.
4. There are no tasers in this scenario unless the enemy is not considered armed, which is very rare.
5. All shots that you shoot towards the suspects are final, they will not get arrested, they will get RPKed, meaning you must watch your shots.
6. Do whatever it takes to stop the robbery.


1. Roleplay can be involved, but is not necessary, suspects should ALWAYS be ready to fight off in case police tries to seige them, this means writing walls of text for those defending the area is a bad idea.
2. You don't get the money if the cops don't come within five minutes.
3. Serious heists will involve a lot more officers. (This includes the bank, licensing center, car dealership, general/grocery stores.)
4. You may use whatever the server gives, rp items included.
5. When going into injured mode, it means you're done, you cannot continue to rp or get revived, suspects cannot be arrested unless they surrender or are somehow shot with a taser.
6. There are no petty heists, only petty criminals, all heists are as efficent as the ones who organize them.
7. There are no limits to how many people can rob a bussiness, however it must fit the amount of officers online.
8. If you roleplay checking the till and there is nothing in it, you may leave before cops arrive.


Quote from: Rudy
The reward cannot be greater than what is in the business safe per person.

info may be edited by Rudy, Jack or anyone that is given permission by these two, meaning information can change, so watch the topic before you proceed with a heist, and look for any updates



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