Author Topic: How to: WoDize your character for dummies; by eyeconic  (Read 1961 times)

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How to: WoDize your character for dummies; by eyeconic
« on: December 16, 2015, 03:16:07 PM »
This is a art/photoshop tutorial btw
i wont teach you how to rp

first of all, you must find a picture that relates to your character.

this is the simple part.

for the sake of example, here's mine

Spoiler for Hidden:

as u can see in the pic above, it looks legit enough
(jk looks gayboy vamp)

part 2

get photoshop and then remove the hue from the pic (make it black and white)

(you can do this by pressing ctrl+shift+u to to it in a second, or go to

image-> adjustments -> desaturate

here's how it'll look like after

Spoiler for Hidden:

and as u can see, it is much more gloomy

part 3

in this part, we're going to play with the levels.
create a new levels layer by going into image->adjustments->levels or pressing CTR+L
Spoiler for Hidden:

that should show up

if it does, then you have to slide the sliders, i'll show you how
the first slider, colored black, controls the levels of darkness in your picture
this is the major slider you'll be using due to wod's art very black style
slide it above halfways, or as you see fit.

the second slider controls the midtones or grays, and it works to keep a balance between black and white (or grays, LMAO!)

finally, the third slider controls the whites, making them whiter or darker.

what you're trying to reach by sliding them around is a perfect combination on black and white with almost no gray.
therefore, you should pull the gray slider closer to the white one.

Spoiler for Hidden:

its looking somewhat cool now, but to make it even more mysterious and emotionless/gloomy, we're going to cover the eyes.

create a new layer, and with a small, soft brush, paint black over the eyes

Spoiler for Hidden:

now, have you ever watched sin city?

we're going to add a little spice to the picture by making it sin-city-ish

I'll show you how.

firstly, if you think it's lacking, add a cutout filter.
go to filter->filter gallery->cutout filter, and adjust it so it gets cartoon-ish, but not too much, like this
these are the values I used.
Spoiler for Hidden:

and they got me this
Spoiler for Hidden:

ok here comes the actual sin city part

grab this rain overlay

Spoiler for Hidden:

paste it over the character and set the blending mode to lighten, then delete the parts of the rain wherever you feel like it
Spoiler for Hidden:

congrats! ur done, there's a cool looking wod art styled character you can use for your CP's
Keep in mind that you should change the levels depending on the picture, there isn't a specific level.


to make it even more spicy, you can add a little chatty balloon
grab this free font that's used for comic book texts

and now do the following

add two shapes, a circle, and a triangle. (or whatever shape you want to lmao)
Spoiler for Hidden:
merge them together and rasterize them

Spoiler for Hidden:

then, add a stroke to the shape not too big, around 1-5pixels wide, depending on what you want
(layer ->layer style -> stroke)

and type something inside the baloon.

Final Results

Spoiler for Hidden:

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