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Innate Powers
« on: February 19, 2016, 12:43:10 PM »
Innate Powers
  • Immunity to mental Disciplines, Gifts, Lore Evocations, Mind Sphere, and any form of mind control or supernaturally induced fear.
  • The mortal host is immune to aging and disease.
  • When in their Apocalyptic Form Demons can soak Lethal damage.
  • Celestials may spend Faith points to heal bashing or lethal damage. One Faith point heals ALL of your characters bashing damage. Lethal damage is healed at a rate of one level per Faith point spent.
  • Resistance to Illusions
    • Demons are especially adept at discerning the real from the illusory, and they may attempt to penetrate illusions or supernatural forms of concealment regardless of the source. When confronted by an illusion or in the presence of a person or thing that is supernaturally concealed, the Celestial can see past the artifice with a successful Perception + Alertness roll at difficulty 7.
  • Invocation
    • The power of a Demon's name is such that invoking it, even in conversation, is enough to draw that spirit's attention, no matter how far away she may be. What's more, the subject can attempt to ascertain who is speaking about her, where that being is, and even what is said. Elohim and Fallen take notice when their True Names are spoken. The feeling manifests itself differently for each. For Angels, it is an invisible pull that tugs at their mind. When a Fallen senses their True Name being spoken, it sends a chill across their skin or down their spine.
      If a character concentrates, she can attempt to determine who is using her True Name and why.

      Make a Willpower roll at difficulty 7. The amount of detail gained depends on the successes rolled.

      One success: The character receives a mental picture of the person who invokes her name.
      Two successes: The character receives a mental picture of the speaker and his immediate surroundings, including the people to whom the one that has invoked the True Name is speaking to.
      Three or more successes: The character can hear what the speaker is saying for the duration of a single turn. The character may continue to eavesdrop on the conversation, though she only hears the voice of the individual who invoked her name. Eavesdropping requires a successful Willpower roll at difficulty 8 for each successive turn. If the roll fails, contact is lost. There is no distance limitation on this ability, not even between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Supernatural Awareness
    • Demons can sense supernatural energies at work within an area equal to their permanent Willpower in miles. If a character wishes to sense the energies at work in her area, make a successful Perception + Alertness roll at difficulty 7. If the roll succeeds, your character detects the momentary distortion caused by these energies. Additional successes provide further detail.

      One success: The demon knows that something has occurred (or is occurring) in the vicinity and a general idea of how powerful the effect is or was.
      Two successes: The demon gains a rough idea as to the direction from which the distortion emanates, and has a rough idea of the distance.
      Three successes: The demon knows without a doubt the direction from which the distortion emanates, and has a rough idea of the distance.
      Four successes: The demon knows precisely how far away the disturbance is, and in what direction. If she knows the area well, she can work out exactly where the event took place or now occurs.
  • Apocalyptic Form
    • In order for the transformation to occur, you either roll Faith at difficulty 6 or spend a Faith point. Either way, the transformation is instantaneous. You may choose which Visage powers you wish to use specifically by declaring them before you roll or spend Faith to manifest. Low Torment demons may activate High Torment Visage abilities by gaining a temporary Torment point. If you botch the transformation Faith roll, you lose a point of temporary Faith.
    • When a Celestial manifests her Apocalyptic Form, mortal witnesses suffer the effects of Revelation. (Pg. 253 Demon Core Book)
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