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Revelatory Forms (Visages)
« on: March 17, 2016, 08:11:31 AM »
Apocalyptic Form

A player who does not wish to take their default Visage capabilities begins with 16 Form Points with which to build an apocalyptic form. Each capability has a point value ranging from one to four. These lists include "common" form powers (available to demons of any House) and more specialized powers listed by House. The player must purchase eight revelatory capabilities (four normal and four High-Torment) for the character, thus establishing the character's beginning revelatory form abilities.

A starting character's revelatory form is still based on her primary lore to some degree, so it must have at least one of the basic template's special abilities described in Chapter Seven of the Demon corebook. This one special ability can come either from the normal or High-Torment abilities of the Visage.

A player who wishes to purchase a form capability from a different House list pays one more point than the listed cost. The abilities on the list in the Player's Guide can be taken as either normal or High-Torment powers. Abilities purchased to fill High-Torment slots cost one point less than the listed cost.

Link to the Reference Material post where the Player's Guide can be found: Click me. (page 98)

Link to the application format: Click me.
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