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Haytham Silver
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Haytham in the Modern Nights.

General Information:
Name: Haytham Silver.
Nicknames: Long John Silver.
Embraced Age: Thirty.
Actual Age: Three hundred and thirty-one (331.)
Place of birth: New Providence Island.
Nature: Idealist.
Spoiler for Explanation:
The Idealist believes -- truly, madly, deeply -- in some higher goal or morality. The object of his idealism may be something as pragmatic as the Camarilla's eventual triumph or as amorphous as the ultimate good, but the belief is there. Idealists are frequently either very new to the Blood or very old, and many seek Golconda as the final expression of their idealism. In the meantime, an Idealist tries to reconcile his beliefs with the demands of vampiric existence, often acting contrary to his self-interest in doing so.
Affiliation: The Camarilla.
Previous Affiliation: Anarchs.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Race: Vampire.
Clan: Brujah.
Generation: 8th.
Sire: Jacob Jennings.
Childe: Charles Vane.
Hair color: Black.
Eye color: Blue.

Parents: Unknown father and prostitute in Nassau.
Siblings: None.
Cousins: None.
Relationship with parents: Isn't one.
Marital status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.
Children: None that he's aware of.

Does he smoke?: Yes, frequently.
Does he drink?: Blood sometimes mixed with alcohol.
Is religious?: No.
Aware of supernatural presence?: Completely aware.

Disciplines And M&F:
Celerity - ●●●●●
Presence - ●●●○○
Potence - ●●●●●
Fortitude - ●●●●● 

  • Additional Discipline (5pt. Merit): You can take one additional Discipline as if it were a Clan Discipline. (Fortitude)

  • Dark Secret (1pt. Flaw): Haytham has a dark secret that if revealed would make him an outcast.
  • Repulsed by Garlic (1pt. Flaw): Haytham can't stand garlic and the slightest whiff will drive him from a room.

- - - -
[ooo] The person is dead.
[ooo] - Enemy: Dislike, distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Impartial: No relation, ambiguous ties.
[ooo] - Friendly: Like, positive opinion.
[ooo] - Close Friend: Would die for.
[ooo] Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Charles Vane - "My childe and dead. It's a shame you didn't make it to this era, you would've been in your element."

Jacob Jennings - "My sire, I killed you and I've never been prouder of the fact."

Javier Legrata - "While you might not have embraced me yourself you're still the sire I chose, you taught me the majority of the shit I know."

Leigha Gainsborough - "Quite truly the only woman I've ever really loved yet our paths were never destined to end in the same place, not really. I'm not even sure if you survived into these nights. It would be nice though."

Anna Mildred - "You brought out the worst in me and I hope I never see you again."


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Re: Haytham Silver
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Haytham's Story:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Chapter One - Jolly Roger

"Full sail!" A voice screamed out, the air was rippling as the wind howled. Shrapnel was blown across the deck of the ship as red drops sprayed across the deck. The Spanish tongue could be heard riding across the wind as Haytham tried to gather his bearings, scrawling on to his feet. He wiped his face and looks over the side of the hull, the Galleon was in pursuit. "We're not gonna' lose 'em on the open water, bring us to the starboard and head for port!" Haytham called out to his crew, they all began to scatter across the deck of the ship, "Starboard side!" several voices cried out in return to Haytham. The Dancing Lady began to direct its course to the left, aiming for Nassau. Haytham began walking down the stairs of the ship, heading into his cabin before opening a roll of parchment revealing a map of the Bahamas.

The cabin of the Dancing Lady was a fairly simple design, Spanish rugs covered the center of the room, sitting underneath Haytham's desk. The ship rocked as canon balls flew past the hull and into the ocean beside them. "Captain, we ain't gonna' lose the Spanish by heading directly into Nassau..." Quartermaster Flint warned Haytham. You'll see, friend. "You're absolutely right." Haytham replied to him, cracking a grin, "But they'll be riding directly into an open, lawless and pirate occupied Nassau. One thousand pirates occupy Nassau, now they won't help us, not at all but the mere notion will throw the Spanish off our course and they'll retreat." Haytham said afterwards, full of confidence. A worried look covered Flint's face, his patchy beard and double neck looked quite amusing in the current light. "How many times have I been right, old friend? Trust me." Haytham reassured him, patting him on his shoulder as laid the parchment out on the desk.

The crude map of the Bahamas was just well drawn enough to navigate around the area and head directly into Nassau, into the heart of the port. "We can directly enter the port here," Haytham adjusted his marker so it sat over the open port of Nassau. "I estimate the Spanish will abandon their pursuit before we even reach the port but we would continue preparing guns just to be sure. We should reach Nassau within the hour, two or three if the wind suddenly goes against us." Haytham spat out confidently. "Very good, sir." Flint replied to Haytham, he quickly took his leave to alert the men. Haytham looked out of the back window, staring directly at the pursuing Spanish War Galleon. It flew the Spanish colours of red and orange on its tail end pole, the wood of the ship was a orange style colour, Haytham couldn't quite make it out from the distance.

An hour had passed and Nassau was just within sights, Haytham had spent most of the hour looking over his plans and more importantly, his ledger. "Captain!" Haytham heard Flint call out. Haytham folded up his ledger and placed it back in the bookshelf before heading up onto the deck, he saw Flint at the helm of the ship, looking back at the Spanish Galleon with monocular. Haytham made his way up to the helm before taking the monocular from Flint, looking through it directly at the Spanish ship. "They're altering course, sir, they're abandoning the pursuit." Flint spat out obviously. "I told you they would," Haytham closed the monocular before handing it back to Flint, "Now, keep heading for Nassau. Flint come down to the cabin with me." Haytham and Flint both made their way into the cabin of the ship.

Chapter Two - A Decent Cargo for a Decent Night

Haytham sat at his desk, looking Quartermaster Flint up and down. He had an odd face, his nose was crooked as it had been broken several times, or so that's what Haytham believed, his hair balding with a chubby face and second chin covered in a balding ginger beard. Despite this odd face, Edward Flint was perhaps the best quartermaster in the Bahamas, being able to keep the crew happy and being a good book keeper on top of that. "We'll need to move our cargo off the Lady once we dock, as usual you're to distribute the share of the cargo equally among the crew and sell off the rest. Apparently Captain Teach has arrived on the island too, accompanied by Charles Vane. That'll be interesting to hear about." Haytham nodded after he finished talking. "Very good, sir but mind you, Teach and Vane both in Nassau? Can't be any good, that." Flint replied to which Haytham just shrugged.

The ship began to dock in the port of Nassau, the smell of burnt timber, sweat, blood and alcohol covered all of Nassau from dusk till dawn. Other ships were docked in the port, from Teach's ship to Calico Jack's. Many of the other players in Nassau often looked down on Haytham for his young age, many believed him too inexperienced to be a captain though he had proven them wrong for the most part, Haytham's personality often won over his crew and he was a great speaker, often turning enemies into friends.

Nassau had fallen to the pirates back in 1703, with the Governor being deposed. Haytham was only twenty years old when the Governor fell, three years had passed since. Having only recently taken a ship and a crew, Haytham was fairly new to the fold. Haytham had long black hair which he often tied with a grown out beard. As Haytham made his way onto the docks, eyes were staring at him up and down, men itching. Something's wrong. Haytham quickly realised. Despite the tense atmosphere, Haytham began making his way up the port towards the tavern, he needed a drink while Quartermaster Flint attended to the cargo and repaired the ship.

The tavern was quiet and empty, an odd sight for Haytham. The interior design of the tavern had always thrown Haytham off, the interior colours were bright pink and brown. He never understood the choice but despite the poor interior design he ordered a drink and sat down at an open table. The noises of Nassau, sheep bleeping, men laughing, whores being fucked and the clashing of swords. These noises Haytham knew all too well, to tell the truth, Nassau had gotten worse with the death of the Governor. When the Governor was around, there was some level of law despite being the Governor himself being a corrupt backwards piece of shit. However since his death, people died on the streets, the players were at each others throats, Benjamin Hornigold and Henry Jennings. Despite the two big players being at each other's throats, Hornigold's protege Edward Teach had developed an odd friendship with Jennings' protege Charles Vane, Haytham had noticed.

Chapter Three - Those Spaniards...

Four months had passed since capturing the Spanish prize and since then, Haytham had taken his crew out and captured a few more ships though none of the prizes were anything to really brag about. Haytham climbed out of his bed, reaching out for his clothes. He had shared the bed and the night with some blonde whore from the local whorehouse across the street. She was a fairly good looking woman, quite cute for a whore if Haytham spoke truthfully. "Time to get up, princess." Haytham spat out, cracking a grin at the girl. She looked up at him, smiling to him, her white gapped teeth caught his attention. If truth be told, Haytham had a soft spot for this one, he had shared his bed with her quite a few times in the recent months and she had began refusing to take other clients.

As Haytham was getting dressed he heard the bells tolling from the fort, confused he made his way to his balcony only to see a fleet entering the bay of Nassau. The fleet was firing its canons directly at Nassau, destroying ships and parts of the town. Haytham couldn't see any flags from his position, only the firing of canons. He quickly made his way out of the house and into the street below. Men were screaming with limbs missing, blood was flowing through the streets. The constant ringing of the bell was coming from the fort as it returned fire, the explosions of constant canon fire was throwing Haytham off track.

Haytham somehow found his way to the dock only to see several ships being torn apart and beginning to sink. He could see the flags on the attacking fleet now, Spanish and French colours were flying and amongst the ships slowly sinking into the port and bay, his own vessel the Dancing Lady was among them. The right hull had completely given way and blown out, the mast itself had completely snapped in half, the Lady was dying and Nassau was falling.

Chapter Four - The Day After

The Spanish and French fleet had abandoned their assault of Nassau, sinking twelve ships in total and leaving the colony in a ruin. Hundreds had died in the assault but luckily a lot had fled inland away from the town. The embers from the fires and destroyed town were still hot. The feeling of the sand between his toes was a welcome feeling for Haytham. His mind pondered to what would happen, if the British would seize the opportunity of a broken Nassau and return to restore order. The fort had remained mostly intact, the French-Spanish fleet had ruined most of Nassau and sunken the ships at port and quickly left, only one Spanish ship had fallen in the attack though the fort had little time to prepare.

Haytham opened his eyes to the sound of the wind howling, he had fallen asleep. Haytham sat upright, looking out into the bay to see four ships riding in. Each of the four ships were flying the black, Haytham quickly noticed the front of the center ship, it belonged to Edward Teach. Several rowboats were beginning to row into the harbor and Edward Teach was in the furthest boat, standing upright looking at the wreckage. Teach dropped into the shallow water, walking up onto the beach, his eyes met Haytham's.

"What the fuck happened here?" Teach enquired, Haytham spat out the only words he could "Spanish..."
Teach patted Haytham on his cheek before putting his arm around him and leading him up the beach. Behind Haytham followed Charles Vane and Calico Jack with some young redhead girl. As the group made their way further into Nassau more of the locals began turning up at the ruined town. Teach guided Haytham into the whorehouse, for some odd reason, the whorehouse had remained completely intact.

"The Spanish think Nassau has fallen, apparently. They destroyed the town and burnt the ships, killed renown captains but you know what I say to that? Here we fucking stand." Teach rallied to the remaining pirates within the whorehouse. Teach carried on with his speech, rallying the remaining pirates trying to convince them of some higher goal and purpose. It was a well done speech Haytham thought, it got the point across for the most part. "Nassau is lawless no longer! Everyone in Nassau will follow the Pirate Code and suffer harshly should they stray! Under our new banner of the Republic of Pirates!" A loud roar filled the whorehouse, as pirates rose up their swords one by one towards Edward Teach.

Chapter Five - The Months that Followed

Some form of order was restored to Nassau and the rebuilding had begun. Officially recognized as the Republic of Pirates several governors had been elected across Nassau, pirate governors. Amongst these were Edward Teach, Benjamin Hornigold, Henry Jennings, Charles Vane and Jack Rackham to name a few. Haytham was denied a governship as he didn't possess a ship or a crew, Captain Haytham Silver wasn't a captain at all. 

Chapter Six - A Prize

Haytham had borrowed one of Teach's ships and took several of Teach's men along with a skeleton crew. The aim of the mission was to locate and acquire a new ship that Haytham could call his own. Haytham and his borrowed crew had been sailing down the coast of South America, hoping to come across some vessel they could capture. "Captain Silver, sir!" a voice called out, the new quartermaster. Flint had gone missing in the fall of Nassau, Haytham assumed that he had died in the attack. The new quartermaster was a freed slave, cut from his bonds by Teach apparently.

As the ship sailed down the South American coast they came across a small island, the ex-slave was pointing in the direction of the island. Haytham took the monocular from him and looked down it. Haytham was taken aback, it was a grounded Spanish War Galleon. It was just sat in the bay with a small crew on the beach. "Lower speed! Prepare the longboats and the guns, send a team towards the beach and line the ship up with the beach! Send canon fire towards the encampment, fire for five minutes only and then the men on the beach will sweep in and clear any remnants!" Haytham addressed.

Haytham was apart of the boat crew, they had made their way towards the ridge and overlooked the encampment. It appeared that the Spanish ship was left with its own skeleton crew awaiting to join with a fleet most likely. As the loaned ship came into sight the Spanish soldiers began to panic, quickly trying to gather themselves and prepare for a fight but as they stood the first round of canon fire began to smash the beach, hitting most of the encampment. After five minutes of canon fire Haytham's team quickly moved in, firing on the remaining Spanish soldiers, ending their 'occupation' of the beach rather quickly.

Haytham and his crew quickly set sail with the Spanish Galleon underway, heading out with both ships in tow back to Nassau.

Chapter Seven - A Leader?

"So I said to him, 'that's Haytham fuckin' Silver, you prick!' And fuck me, 'is face lit up like a fuckin' candle har har har!" came from below. Guess news of my good deeds are spreading. Haytham thought to himself, his face grew a smile though it didn't last long. As the pirate governors entered the tavern, everyone quickly left. Edward Teach or Blackbeard as he was called now gave one look and grown men almost pissed themselves with fear.

"Silver, good to you're already here." Blackbeard remarked to Haytham before sitting down. Blackbeard was joined by Hornigold, Vane, Rackham, Jennings and Anne Bonny. Anne Bonny had become quite the sight, she was in her late teens and Haytham could barely look away from her half the time though Jack Rackham had a few things to say about it typically. They all sat down, crowding around a single table. "Haytham, you're one of us, which means you get to cast your vote in with the rest of 'em." Blackbeard spoke out confidently. A vote for a definitive leader was called, a pirate to act as 'Magistrate' and keep the law and order in check.

"I'll start," Vane called out first, standing up, "I already cast my vote with Edward." Vane called aloud, Hornigold's face screwed up. He isn't happy. Haytham caught on, though how could he be? From the start it was Hornigold that really kept Nassau alive, learning of new ships for pirate crews and captains to track down and return, establishing trade and commerce with other settlements, expanding the borders of the Republic and now he was being usurped by his own protege. The irony wasn't lost on Haytham. As each of the 'Pirate Lords' cast their vote, Hornigold's face grew more grim, Blackbeard was collecting all the votes with only Jennings voting for Hornigold, once again, the irony wasn't lost on Haytham. "Your vote Haytham." Blackbeard said aloud and full of confidence, he had already won the vote but regardless, Haytham was always going to vote for Teach when the time came. He owed him. "I vote for Captain Teach." Haytham said firmly.

An Overview

Since Blackbeard became Magistrate over the Republic of Pirates they've boomed, it's currently 1714 and Haytham Silver is currently thirty-one years old, a respected pirate governor in the Republic and a deadly pirate on the seas. With his Spanish War Galleon under the name of the Wych Glabra, Haytham Silver had became a nuisance for the British Empire and Spanish Empire, actively attacking merchant ships and freeing slave ships. Most of the slaves on the slave ships that Haytham freed ended up joining his crew, getting a crew of strong African tribals was a challenge at first but in the current era, most men can work on a ship.

Chapter Eight - Mother Mary

Nassau was just ahead, the sun blazed hot in the sky and it had been a long eight months at sea. Haytham's crew had been all across the Americas, attacking colonies, merchant ships, slave ships and even other war galleons. The prizes they had shipped off and sold at the ports they docked at had kept them going and made the entire crew quite wealthy, it truly was a golden age of piracy. Haytham's Galleon had easily became the most notorious ship in the Bahamas and probably across the Thirteen Colonies, every pirate captain wanted it. The Glabra docked at the port, nightfall fell quickly, even in the Bahamas during winter.

Haytham was sat in his cabin, writing out some reports regarding his cargo haul over the eight months, how much was earned and the total net profit. He suddenly stopped writing in the logs when he heard screams coming from outside, being the cautious man he was he grabbed ahold of his pistol and sword, heading for the cabin door. Before he could open the cabin door it flew to the side and before he could blink, four men had restrained him, their skin pale and with demonic level strength. Fear set in, Haytham had never seen anything like it, then suddenly another pale man walked into the cabin slowly with both his arms raised to either side.

"Captain Silver! Ha-ha, it's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Jacob Jennings and we're here to commandeer this vessel!" Jacob's face grew with a wide smile, Haytham couldn't comprehend what was going on, he tried to fight and move away from the men grasping ahold of him but it wasn't any use, their strength was beyond anything he had ever seen before. Haytham tried reaching for his pistol but before he could reach it, it felt as if his neck was being torn open but only for a while, then, then it felt well, nice. It started out painful before turning into a warmth feeling, starting at his neck and making his way throughout his body. All of his cares suddenly faded away and everything began to feel as if it was okay.

Haytham awoke feeling odd and locked within the cells below the deck. "What the... Oi!" Haytham tried calling out but his throat burnt. He heard footsteps walking down below and infront of him stood Jacob Jennings holding a large mug of some kind. "Sorry about this, because it's going to fucking hurt." Was all Jacob said. Jacob then lifted up the hatch before pushing the jug in, leaving it for Haytham. Haytham quickly took it believing it to be water only for a metalic red liquid to pour out, then suddenly, Haytham wasn't Haytham. The possessed Haytham began tearing at the jug, licking up the sides and devouring the contents within it, he then proceeded to begin destroying everything within the cell. There was so much destruction, the cell bars began to bend but held. Haytham again awoke but this time he was overtaken with severe pain, he laid in the corner of the room groaning, shivering and crying. The pain was just so overwhelming, Haytham had never experienced anything like it, he wanted to die, he was praying for death but death never came.

When the pain had subsided, Haytham sat in the corner of the cell, he pondered about everything, the Republic, Nassau, Teach, Anne, all of it. Jacob arrived at the cell for the second time, "Sorry about it all, friend. It's painful the first time but trust me, it gets better." he said, "Why me?" Haytham replied. "Bit of a silly question that, intit? You possess the fastest, the strongest and most well equipped ship out of every pirate crew in the Bahamas and North America. We couldn't just kill you for it because then we'd have fuckin' Blackbeard on our tails and even we don't want that and well, making you a ghoul is quite insulting to tell the truth.

Chapter Nine - A Small Ship

Jacob had taken control of the Glabra for a while now and they had been in pursuit of a slave vessel heading for Charleston, the slave ship was within sights and Jacob wasn't going to let it go any time soon. They began to get closer and closer to the ship, well within range before Jacob shouted "Raise the black!" and his crew did as he commanded, they rose the black. In the dead of night in the middle of the ocean, the slave ship stopped amazingly. They even prepared to be boarded but they weren't prepared for what was coming.

As the Glabra pulled along side the slave ship, the slaver crew were standing at the ready with the white flag drawn but Jacob didn't care, he instantly activated celerity and potence, appearing on their ship within seconds before tearing the head off the Captain. Blood began spraying across the deck and body parts were being thrown around the deck of the ship, the rest of vampires flooded onto the vessel, tearing at the crew to get their fill. The very notion of it all repulsed Haytham, he had killed hundreds of men but not like this, he never reveled in it or took some twisted perversion of pleasure from it but they all did.

Haytham made his way down into the hull of the ship, to the slave quarters, he saw all the slaves lined up in the racks. The rest of his companions began flooding down and tearing at the slaves too, Haytham picked out a slave girl, quite pretty for a slave, he thought. He placed his hands gently onto her before taking a bite into her neck, he didn't take pleasure in this, it wasn't sport for him, it filled him with immense guilt. Once Haytham had his fill he didn't kill the girl, but hoped she'd be spared so he hid her further in the ship, hoping none of the others would find her.

The sun was beginning to rise and the crew were finishing off the slavers and slaves alike, tearing at the survivors. Haytham began to make his way back on to the Glabra to rest for the day before being stopped by Jacob. "Haytham Silver! Did you think we wouldn't find out? I mean come on..." Jacob called out, as Haytham turned around he saw a body come flying down from the mast on a rope. They had stripped the slave girl and hung her off the mast, leaving her on show for everyone to see. The crew all began laughing, but Haytham didn't laugh, he only looked down.

Chapter Ten - Woods Rogers

Piracy was on the decline in recent months, the British, the Spanish and the French had began taking measures to resolve piracy. The Glabra sat in the bay of Nassau awaiting for the arrival of Woods Rogers with an English fleet. Nassau had grown into a large problem for the British Empire, they believed Nassau was responsible for the atrocities committed at sea, they believed the pirates of Nassau had become cannibals, they were kind of right, it was just one crew.

Jacob stood on the deck of the ship, smiling away at the thought of a British invasion. I'm going to kill you, Haytham thought to himself. Despite Jacob being a complete psychopath, he had taught Haytham quite a bit when it came to vampirism and the politics in the secret world along with several disciplines. But despite all of that, Jacob Jennings was a cruel man that had to be killed.

The British fleet was within site, fourteen ships to be exact, sailing directly for Nassau and it didn't look like they were slowing down. All of the ships began to get into position, Jacob ordered the gun ports to be opened up and prepared to fire but before any of that could happen, the Glabra took heavy fire directly from the fort. Constant canon bombardment smashed the Glabra, tearing at the hull, the crew on the Glabra began to panic, trying to get to safety. A canon ball smashed the floor directly between Haytham and Jacob, forcing them both to fall below deck.

Haytham hadn't taken the full brunt of the fall but Jacob had, several wooden shards littered his body. The sounds of canon fire came from every direction, the fleet were upon the Glabra too now, their canon fire began tearing it apart. Haytham didn't think, he just acted. He activated celerity and potence, feeling full of power he rushed towards Jacob and tore his head clean off. Everything felt full circle in that instance until the starboard side of the Glabra tore completely off and dragged Haytham into the ocean with it. Haytham's foot was caught around a chain that was also caught around part of the mast. Haytham was dragged out towards sea, away from Nassau.

Post 1718

Chapter Eleven - Lost at Sea

The waves tore and tore at Haytham's everything. This pull, that push, this tear, he felt parts of himself being torn off as waves crushed him over and over. He didn't know how long he'd been underwater but it felt like an eternity, he struggled and struggled and struggled. There was no sights, no smell, only the cold and the cold was terrifying. All Haytham could do was pull, struggle and wish for death but death being the curious thing it is, never came.

Everything came to Haytham while he was underwater, despite the horrifying pain he was able to think clearly about everything that had happened. All the way back in the beginning, all of Haytham's choices led to this one moment. Abandoning any chance at a good life to become a pirate, bringing on the wrath of Spain, leading to his ship being destroyed and thus him acquiring a new ship, becoming a notorious pirate and attracting the attention of Jacob Jennings, it all led to this, every moment of his life led him straight here. His mind wandered from place to place, his began remembering Anne Bonny, his time with her, his fight with Calico Jack and almost killing him, his entire life. Haytham reflected on it all.

He didn't realise when his footing gave away and he was free of the chains but when he did, he kicked and kicked to rise further and further up. The deep darkness began turning lighter, the blue beginning to return before he smashed onto the surface as if he was a volcano. His vision didn't last too long before everything turned to black. Floating across the surface of the open ocean, Haytham slept and the cloudy skies saved his unlife.

Haytham awoke on the deck of a ship, faces staring down at him as Luna roared above, the black night sky surrounding her. He tried to sit upwards but he felt crippled, he couldn't lift himself up. "Make sure he's fed and lock him up." was all Haytham heard before being smacked across the face, his vision faded in and out, the taste of human blood on his lips suddenly and then gone again, nothing made any sense.

Haytham came to in a small prison cell located in what he could only assume was the bowels of the ship. He struggled around, falling to his knees while trying to stand. Rotted wood and rats surrounded him with the smell of feces and urine filling his nose. He finally noticed a large man sitting just outside of his cell observing him. The man had a short auburn beard along with long auburn hair, his eyes most bestial than man, his ears pointed upwards and strange fangs. He's kindred, a vampire like me but different.. Haytham thought to himself. Haytham awaited the first words to be uttered and they were, "Where is Jacob Jennings?" Oh no.

Chapter Twelve - Where is Jacob Jennings?

The full force of the odd man's fist came smashing across Haytham's cheek and he was powerless to stop it. Haytham's hands were bound behind a chair and with barely any blood in his system, using potence would have been a fool's errand. "Where is Jacob Jennings?" the man spat at him again, the same question that had been asked over a hundred times by now. Every day the man came down to his cell, smacked Haytham around a bit, asked the same questions and fed him a small amount of blood before leaving, this routine had gone on since the first day arriving, though Haytham had no idea how many days had actually past.

"I told you... I killed him..." Haytham replied as he spat out some blood. "Jacob Jennings isn't dead." the man told Haytham as if he actually knew, he spoke as if he saw Jacob survive but that wasn't the case, Haytham ripped Jacob's head clean off with his bare hands or maybe using a sword, the whole moment was kind of a blur for Haytham but he was certain about one thing, he killed Jacob Jennings. "Regardless, we're almost upon Charleston and then you're the Prince's problem." the man told Haytham. Charleston? Why Charleston? Haytham thought to himself, his mind span across all kinds of reasons for this revelation.

Chapter Thirteen - Charleston and the Camarilla

Once taken off the boat, Haytham was led up through the Charleston streets in chains. Pirate corpses hung overhead back at the port, on display for all the world to see. Haytham was being led up by redcoats but weirdly, the man who abused Haytham back on the ship didn't wear a redcoat or seem really all that interested in Haytham, only Jacob. Travelling through the open streets, people tossed all kinds of vegetables at Haytham ranging from carrots to lettuce with distant shouts, "Pirate!", "Thief!", "Murderer!", "Scum!", all these words with such an odd meaning. Haytham stole from oppressive empires and freed entire peoples back when he was human while the empires these people serve under kill thousands, the notion of this made Haytham smile, the first smile in a long time.

To nobodies surprise, Haytham and his escort came upon a large plantation house, probably one of the largest plantations in the state. As he was led up the path he noticed the slave quarters off in the distance, they watched from the distance even. They came closer and closer to the house before the escort and Haytham stopped. "You lot can leave now, I've got this one. The Governor will see him." the man told the redcoats and instantly, they left.

Haytham and the strange man awaited inside the main hall of the plantation before another man who Haytham could only assume is the prince, suddenly appeared at the top of the staircase. "Aha! Fantastic! You've brought Captain Silver, I see? One might mistake him Blackbeard with that beard ha-ha! Set him down in my study, Javier and then take a few days." the Prince said allowed, smiling at Javier. Javier. That's the name of Haytham's abuser, his interrogation officer. Javier. Odd. Javier did as the Prince commanded and sat Haytham down in the the Prince's study.

The study was quite large with several bookcases reaching the ceiling, Persian rugs, ancient items and fantastic goldwork littered the room, this Prince was a wealthy man. Haytham sat in the study, his eyes just looking around the room searching for any sort of answers as to why he was even here. If all this is about Jacob then Haytham needed a way to prove he did kill Jacob. The study doors opened up and there stood the Prince, smiling at Haytham as he made his way to his desk and chair. He fell back into his seat and began writing in several pieces of parchment. "You, Captain Silver have been a very sturdy thorn in my backside for a long time now. Now this was before you became a vampire and hunted down slave ships, massacring everyone on board." The Prince exclaimed, being reminded of what he had done during his time under Jacob brought on awful feelings.

"It's not matter though, I only want to know where Jacob Jennings is, it's obvious he turned you or one of his lackeys did for your ship. I had planned to send a force after him a long time ago but I was just far too busy, I sent my force to apprehend him and slaughter his little crew only for Woods Rogers to retake New Providence Island and blast your ship into the sky." The Prince said firmly, smiling all the while. The Prince had the typical white wigged English look, a true servant of the Empire. "I killed Jacob..." Haytham said, hoping this time it would sink in. "Did you? Who embraced you?" the Prince inquired, "Jacob." Haytham said firmly in response. "That'd make you an eight generation kindred but quite young, Jacob would still have a hundred years on you so elaborate, how did you kill him exactly?" The Prince asked. "Rogers and his ship... The-..they erm." Haytham shook his head, forcing his words to come out properly this time. "Woods Rogers had someone inside the fort and as his fleet arrived to retake Nassau, the fort blew my ship apart and the first line of defence. In the confusion, Jacob took large shards of wood through his body and while he was injured, I turned up behind him and ripped his head off with my hands." Haytham said finally. The Prince just nodded. 

"The story of Woods Rogers is spreading throughout the Bahamas and the Colonies. Around two thousand pirates have officially signed his pardons and renounced the black, the first to do so was Captain Benjamin Hornigold but I'd imagine you already knew this considering the fort under his control blew your ship apart. It would appear that Woods Rogers has officially restored English rule to Nassau." The Prince informed Haytham, it was hard to digest but seemed like the most likely outcome. Haytham's ship was supposed to be a deterrent and a show of force but once it sank, no other ship in Nassau could match an English fleet of thirteen ships. "Did anyone resist?" Haytham asked, curious as to what happened to his home and his friends. The Prince nodded, "Charles Vane is perhaps the most notable pirate to flee with his ship, it's said he met with Blackbeard south of New Providence Island at one of the smaller islands, Governor Rogers refused to send his fleet out to chase him. It'd be just what they wanted, as he said." The Prince explained, it confused Haytham as to how the Prince knew this information. "How do you know all of this?" Haytham asked, confused. "My spies encompass all of the Bahamas and further, Captain." The Prince explained.

"Believe it or not Captain Silver, I didn't actually care for you, you and the rest of Jacob's childe were to be massacred along with him but since you've already dealt with Jacob, I'm not entirely sure what to do with you. I could just have you killed regardless but you don't strike me as evil, not really. You're nothing like your sire, are you?" The Prince asked, Haytham just shook his head. "Very well then, you will report to Javier come tomorrow night, he will be your new mentor and you'll serve under me. My name is Edward Locke, Captain. I hope you don't disappoint me because I'm taking a big gamble on you." This took Haytham aback, was he just recruited into the service of a Prince and the Camarilla? To go from the execution block to working for your would be executioner in an hour was an odd feeling but a feeling Haytham gleefully accepted.

Chapter Fourteen - Javier

The full force of Javier's fist came crashing down on Haytham's cheek, sending Haytham directly onto his knees. Haytham charged himself before activating potence and celerity, trying to maneuver behind Javier, he did so and he sent the full force of his fist directly at Javier's back, but the punch barely did anything to Javier who just turned around and sent Haytham flying across the courtyard. Haytham tried once again to land a punch on Javier but Javier dodged it swiftly, sending an uppercut directly at Haytham's jaw. For two weeks this had went on, Haytham fought Javier in a sparring match and Javier kicked Haytham's ass. Haytham had heard from the other kindred on the plantation that Javier was a fourth generation vampire and that he had mastered nine disciplines. Haytham didn't believe any of that though, he believed that Javier was just old and a master when it came to combat. The two weeks of training had been brutal but Haytham preferred this style of life over his time with Jacob.

"That's enough." Javier said aloud. Haytham lowered his arms and walked towards the bench, sitting down on it before letting out a sigh of relief. Javier had also began teaching Haytham the basics of his own disciplines and a little bit of protean. It was hard to process and Haytham hadn't made much in the way of headway when it came to learning protean but he had grasped presence quite well and was a natural at it. "You've got twenty minutes, fledgling and then we're in the library to study further." Javier ordered. Oddly, some might consider Javier's treatment of Haytham cruel and cold but compared to Jacob, Javier was treating Haytham as if he was a son, he didn't emotionally torture Haytham or put him through horrible treatment. Haytham actually enjoyed working under Javier, he enjoyed it quite a lot though he didn't completely trust the Prince.

The duo both ended up inside the library, a library of the sorts Haytham had never seen before. Books completely coated the room with ancient tomes and the latest books, there was even an author writing about the story of Nassau, the Republic of Pirates and each captain that took part in it, or some Haytham had heard from the men around the plantation. Haytham and Javier both took their seats and as every lesson had went, Javier began talking, explaining to Haytham how disciplines work, the history of the vampires, the factions within the world and each clan.

Chapter Fifteen - Just One, eh?

Haytham was dressed and ready, his own style of the redcoat uniform ready and prepared, a legion set off. Kind of. Haytham along with Javier and around twenty redcoats had been sent out by the Prince further west where talks of dark magic had been brewing, the Prince believed it to be some Sabbat kindred scaring the locals but alas, they were all sent out. Haytham could barely see in the dark, no light sources anywhere but Javier had no problems seeing in this dark. From what Haytham had heard, Javier is able to use protean to see perfectly in the dark by calling on the 'Eyes of the Beast' Javier had called it.

As the wagon went further and further into the forest, Haytham could smell it. The smell of rot filled his nose and it was strong, strong enough that even the regular human redcoats could smell it. Men began throwing up but Haytham and Javier stood resolute. The wagon trailed further and further in until the sights of a small hut could be seen. "Halt!" Javier called and the wagon stopped, each of the redcoats dropping out with their muskets in tow. "Take the firing line just outside the front of the hut." Javier ordered to the redcoats and just like that, they followed his word without question. The twenty redcoats took their firing position, with ten knelt down aiming at the door and ten stood behind them aiming at the door. Javier walked closer to the door, sniffing the area for any clues.

It was incredibly dark and Haytham could barely see but he didn't need to see, only hear. Suddenly the men began screaming and growling noises were heard, Haytham could hear the splatter of blood, he turned to see Javier at the only light source to find Javier was on the floor knocked out. Panic began to set in, the dark just surrounding him but then suddenly, he remembered what Javier had told him with protean, how it worked, what was required and suddenly, Haytham could see but not only that, he had also grown claws. With these little buffs, Haytham was able to see the kindred responsible for the deaths, a deformed scrawny monster. Focusing himself he activated celerity and rushed for the deformed vampire, slashing away at him and cutting him down. Haytham could see this was quite the shock for the deformed vampire but he had no idea why, the deformed vampire quickly turned to ash between his fingers and claws.

Haytham then quickly rushed over to Javier to assure that he was okay. Javier was just out, Haytham picked him up and took him inside the hut before placing him down on the bed, the sights inside the hut were quite the opposite of what Haytham expected. Haytham expected to see blood and guts smeared on the walls but in fact, he saw a regular hut with a detailed map of Charleston and journals. Each journal had a label written on them, each label had a name. Javier, Edward Locke and even Haytham Silver. Flicking through the journals Haytham found information on himself, his clan, his generation, his age and his past.

"What the..." Javier said as he came to, "You should sit up and take a second." Haytham said aloud. "You need to these." Haytham passed the dossiers to Javier, shaking his head. "This is information on Charleston, on us..." Javier spat out. "Yeah, we've got a spy back at the plantation but Javier, this hut, these plans, this isn't some random vampire who's gone dark." Haytham warned to which Javier nodded. "This is a Cainite who was preparing for a war, a spy. We need to report back to the Prince quickly."

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Here will be about 1706 to 1714, Haytham's human pirate years. Expect this to turn up after the main shit has been done.
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ten outta ten

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He better constantly change skins ICly.
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He better constantly change skins ICly.

You didn't hear? Haytham himself literally killed Caine, on top of that Haytham is actually the leader of the Camarilla.

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we'll be bff

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He looks like jimmy neutron.

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He looks like jimmy neutron.
lol, yeah.

Me likes tis char

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Always had a knack for a good char, huh? Great job.
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I'm really glad you gave the vampire race another chance, pretty sure you will enjoy RP'ing a vampire though.

O.T:  Wonderful CP.
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Small tweaks, added two relationships and what will be going into the reserved slots.

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New chapters.

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Hal is a vampire? now i've seen everything.

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looks dope