Author Topic: Veil Breaches and Character Kills  (Read 505 times)

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Veil Breaches and Character Kills
« on: April 06, 2020, 21:31:02 PM »
It's about time we stopped treating the veil as a joke.

If you break the veil for a stupid reason and can't back it up to an admin you will be character killed on your following PK.

If you break the veil and have a valid reason to do so, you may or may not be given some leniency.

You have been warned.

Human witnesses do not need to be present. NPCs, the Lightweave and in certain occasions Hunters will still result in the same outcome if present.

Stop treating it as a joke. If you roleplay elders, high rank werewolves, high arete mages and anything else that's in the upper tiers of the server, you will be held accountable and to a higher standard.

If you are unable to kill someone out of sight or without obvious powers, you shouldn't go for them in the first place. If you attack someone and things backfire, it's still your fault you had to use Celerity or whatever powers.

Inflicting Delirium or Revelation might save you in some cases, but if it's borderline stupid - you will still be penalized heavily.

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