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2: Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners!
« on: January 12, 2020, 14:55:24 PM »
Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners!
Welcome to the Ultimate OOC Guide for Beginners! Here we will discuss everything around the community, and around your character. This means that we will focus mostly on the forums, how to apply and progress your character, and a bit of information on how things work here.

Let's get to it!

Before we begin, we must answer a few major questions (Which in turn, will cause major confusion).

What is VWH?
VWH (Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans Roleplay) is a Heavy-Dark-Roleplay server set in the year 2000's, based on the collective systems provided by World of Darkness Tabletop (That is a mouthful).
In simpler terms, it is a mirror of a tabletop game inside of SA:MP. A simulator of sorts if you may call it. You can do various things from being a lunatic supernatural, or just a frightful human, based around a world of pure terror (did I mention we have Supernaturals here?)

What is World of Darkness?
The World of Darkness (WoD for short) is a Gothic-Punk setting for roleplaying games using the Storyteller System, published by White Wolf and its licensing partners (Oynx Path). While typically not a full-fledged game in its own right, it is the shared setting for a myriad of other games. It resembles Dungeons & Dragons, and all those other tabletop games. But the setting is usually in a modern era pre-2010's/2000's.
Specifically, in VWH, we ignore certain major possibilities that are dictated in the book that happens at the turn of the millennia (the year 2000) for the sake of enjoying a more rich environment.

Typically, this tabletop is split into different chronicles, one for each race, that touch upon each other yet never mix. This is what we call a Cross-Over (yes, very daunting). In VWH, we take this crossover mix and essentially mashed all the races into one tiny town in San Andreas.

To see what are our playable races please have a look at our other guide

Cross-over issues, and how we solve them
Because each chronicle has its own set of rules and terms, here in VWH we have specifically tailored rules for each race. Once you have decided on a race and applied for it (We will get to that soon) you will have to go through specific house rule to see what is different from how it is in the books (Oh god, no one told you there are books?
Each house rule is set inside the Race Specific Guide location (if you can't see it, it must be you are not logged in or registered).

Books? What books?
Books. Books. Books. Very daunting indeed. But worry not, we are not an English Literature degree, nor are we trying to be experts. So, what are these books?
Each tabletop game has a variety of books for both what you will roleplay as, and how to play the game. We can split this to OOC books, and IC books. In WoD, we use a certain set of older generation books (Old WoD) because they mix better. That being said, I still haven't covered what are these books.
Let's take an example, Vampires! Do you want to play a vampire? No? Yes? It doesn't matter. This is the same for each race. Each race has a Main book, usually titled Chronicle Name: 20th Anniversary Edition -- Or in our example: Vampire The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition.
Each book will start out by explaining how to use the book, and honestly, this is your best bet.
Once you settled on the race you want, go to the books (link above) and start skimming through it. If it is too much, I suggest googling Whitewolf Wiki - RACE_NAME and start reading about the race.
Each race/chronicle has additional books, which you can go to if you like to read, as well as Novels which are pretty neat to read.
Pro Tip: Go to the Whitewolf Wiki website, look around for the races you want, read the 40-word description of each race. Look at their powers more or less, see what they do. Only after you find that you like it, go to the book.
Another Pro Tip: We have Race Specific Guides and Race Moderators!!! Ask them for assistance if you need any.

Wait, Tabletops have Gamemasters I heard, so where are they?
We have a strong Staff Team that is divided to both enforce certain rules and to also assist in this regard. You are your own storyteller until you want someone to throw you into an enchanting event (which we have often in-game). To join such an event, I suggest hopping onto our Discord server and wait for a community message, they usually are there.
Link to our Staff List

Ok, I think I got this. But what about my Character? How do I make one?
Well, to make a character you first go through the idea of making it (usually on paper or some lost google document somewhere) and put yourself some guides, goals, and notes for this future character. And then, once you decide what spiffy race you want, you hop towards the and go to the Race Related Application.
There you will have a list of questions to see that you are indeed ready to hold onto this Mighty character you have created, only to go down the rabbit hole which is VWH (Warning: It may be addictive, some of us have been here for years, and forgot what are other games).

I made a character, but I want it to be cooler. More powerful! How do I do that?
Power-hungry are we? Jokes aside, we do have another sub-category of applications to powers and traits., THis is different from the usual Race application that makes you go through millions of questions. We know you know how to do your character. Now we need to know, how and why you want these specific powers.
Some of these Character Related Applications demand you to go in-game and roleplay obtaining the power/item/trait, while sometimes a simple short story (about 100 words for the simpler things) will be sufficient enough.

I am still lost. I tried everything, I need someone to help me.
If the whole process is too much, we have the Initiation Program that is there to assist you in joining our delightful ranks. Imagine this: You are lost, walking down the streets of Angel Pine, suddenly you turn your head and a man pops up. Who is this mystery man? Well it is probably a Veteran Player, hungry for Contribution points (A system that rewards players for assisting, while granting them a type of experience points that is useful for the character-related applications). This Veteran will reply to the post you will make in the Initiation Program  and if he is fitting enough, he will become your guide in this world of darkness.

If you have any more questions, hop onto our Discord, and shout for help. Usually, someone is always online.
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