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The Edge
« on: April 13, 2016, 06:55:13 PM »
It was just a normal day on the job, being a deputy can be both boring and stressful sometimes, but you know, it's what I do, it's what I have to do, it's what I'm expected to do, I've been doing this for like what? Five months? And I've already raised myself up to Corporal. I was on Route 68, just sitting there in my cruiser by the side of the road, watching for speeders. There are usually barely any speeders really, I just sat there in peace and quiet. Better than just being in Palomino, gives me the proper environment to think clearly. Eh, I was under a lot of stress recently, almost everyday there'd be a shoot out, Red County would turn out to be the wild west. People sometimes expect too much from me, some spit on me, some don't care. But even so, I still push myself over. Then there's that inner voice sometime I reject every time. “Why? Are these people really worth protecting? You're hurting yourself by doing this. You'll grow insane. You will snap and in the end - you will become one with it and be swept away, like the sands of the desert.“ Even though I'd reject it, it is true in a sense.

It was morning, like around 5 AM. I got up earlier because I couldn't sleep, couldn't sleep from all the blood that has been shed, all the deaths delivered, even though they deserved it, it seems to have a impact on you, it seems to bother you, it seems to drive you insane, it gives you that inner feel of depression. You wish you could just drop under a bus and be done with it but you still have that feel of commitment to the world or is that just cowardice?

I was just sipping on my morning coffee, I like it black, really hits me in the morning, I'd just dig into my seat and enjoy, just stay put and observe, felt good to be parked on the side of this road, there was lots of vegetation and wildlife living around me, I found it- refreshing. Their lives are so easy. I'm not a really social person, I don't just walk up to someone and start a conversation, I don't have the motivation to do so unless that person is someone I know, someone I trust, I just have this job which I have full commitment to, and a few friends on the side, I used to have more, but they all seemed to have left the county. I kind of feel as if I don't fit in, I'm not a really interesting guy so I just keep myself on the side most of the time, I just don't want to bother people much. Sometimes I do actually talk to random people but only if I feel like so, if I feel motivated to do so.

I was just enjoying myself in nature then I hear a female voice coming from my radio, I look over to it as I listen.
“Dispatch to all units – BOLO for a black Greenwood, last seen heading westbound on Route 68 from Palomino Creek, occupied once by a IC3 male, suspect is wanted for murder and is reported to be armed and dangerous.“

Looks like I'll have to be expecting another shoot-out. I pull myself up on the seat and look over to the rear view mirror, expecting him to come at any moment, and my expectations delivered. I see him speeding down the road, passing by me, I immediately reach for the ignition and twist the key, once the engine turned on I hit the gas and turned my sirens on. I reached for my radio and contacted dispatch. “Uniform 1 to Dispatch got the Greenwood in my sights, we're heading westbound on route 68, will attempt a 10-41 Alpha, 10-70 code 3.“ He was going really fast, I was trying to catch up with him. We were still on Route 68. Once I've gotten close, I grab my megaphone mic' and shout. “RCSD PULL OVER!“  To my surprise he did so.

He pulled over to the side of the road and shut his engine off, I followed up, parking in a bit sideways to get more coverage in case he decides to shoot. I reach over behind my seat for my M4 carbine and flick the safety before stepping outside. I set my aim onto the driver's seat, but I couldn't see much, the windows were tinted black. I shouted. “DRIVER! GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE WITH YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!“

A few moments after, he'd open up the door and push it away. He'd remain in for a couple of moments before I see something poking out and turning over at me, I soon realized that it was a AK47, he blindly fired a burst over at my cruiser. I immediately dropped into cover. There was a brief silence once I ducked down.

Next thing I hear is him stepping out then several bursts from his rifle follow, I could hear the bullets penetrating the cruiser's exterior, the air escaping from the front tire as it got popped. I realized, time slowed down, everything seemed to be seemingly silent, my senses seemed to sharpen, I look up and I see bullets flying over in a slow fashion, disturbing the air as they pass through, I could hear my heart beating loudly, I couldn't hear anything other than my heartbeats.

Then, I hear a click, that particular click that means “You're fucked“. I knew that click, his AK jammed, this was the opportunity I needed. This was a free kill. This is what will get me out of here alive. I look up and I see him being shocked, he reaches his hands over to the gun bolt, trying to unjam the gun. I immediately lift myself out of cover and set aim for him and I pull the trigger. The bullet launched itself out of my rifle's barrel and flew over directly at him, it penetrated through his throat.

He chokes and reaches for his neck as blood shoots out of the hole which the bullet made, it would be squirting out of control. Time went slowly back to realtime as I watched him collapse down. I drop down onto my knee and look down, breathing heavily, my heart was pounding hard, I was trying to calm down, this is what was happening for the last, I don't even know anymore, month? For me it has been for far too long.

I heard a loud thunder coming from the skies, I look up only to notice that clouds have gathered, a drop of water landed down on my cheek, then another one dropped straight into my eye. I drop my look down and wipe it off. I take a deep breath as I reach over to my raincoat in the cruiser and slide it onto myself, I'd flick the safety on the M4 Carbine before depositing it back behind the seat.

I stand up straight and look over to the body, I slowly maneuver around the cruiser and approach it. He was lying lifelessly on the floor, a bullet straight through his throat. Blood was still coming out of his throat, it was all over his body, clothes stained by it, he was lying in a blood pool. His eyes were just staring into the abyss, the sight – disturbed me. I'd look away and run my hands through my face and sigh heavily. This is going to take more sleep away from me.

I lower my hands down only to discover that they're covered in blood. Pure, red, blood. How did that get there? I didn't even touch him, the blood, seemed to extend down to my forearms to cover it, as if consuming it, like a snake digesting its prey. As I was looking at my arms being consumed by blood, the same started happening to my feet, blood appeared for no reason at all and started moving up, as if trying to consume me whole, I panicked, my eyes widened in shock, I didn't know what to do. I was scared out of my mind. Then I notice, that everything around me turned red, everything was covered in blood. I start pacing backwards as I was shocked by the scene. I reached some kind of a edge, I stumble over backwards and I roll down it and drop onto some dirt road, I blacked out.

I find myself waking up in pitch black, I was confused and scared, I also noticed that it was a bit foggy, I reached for my flashlight and flicker it on. I point it around, trying to figure out where the hell am I. I start walking in a random direction even though I couldn't see anything. I was just walking in the dark for half an hour until I noticed a street lamp, that old kind of fashioned one from like five decades ago, I go over to it in hopes that it would help me figure out where I am. I managed to reach it, but there was nothing there, just a random street lamp in the middle of nowhere, I sigh and lean myself against the lamp, I slide down as I look onward into the dark, I didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, I feel some kind of a thin hand touching my right shoulder, I look over, noticing a skeletonal hand, hand with no flesh, just bones, I freaked out I immediately moved away and I look up at the direction from where the hand touched me and I see a three meter standing figure dressed in a black robe with a hoodie on, his facials weren't seen, it was pitch black, it held a long scythe in his other hand, and was staring right at me. It was the Grim Reaper.

I stared right at it, I was shocked, scared, I was on the ground lying. He approached me slowly and said. “Your time has come.“ This further shocked and confused me, I just denied it. “No, I couldn't have died, it couldn't have been that bad! I still have much to do! How the hell did I die?“ He reached out his free hand and extended out his index finger, pointing towards by stomach, I looked down to it to only notice a bullet wound, it didn't hurt.
He spoke “You got shot and fell down a hill, you broke two ribs and punctured your right lung.“

I couldn't process this, I don't know what's going on or where am I, is this perhaps the afterlife? No.. I'm still alive, this is all bullshit. I immediately got up and ran off in a random direction. Soon, the place got slightly illuminated by a unknown source, I've seen, people, dead people, people I killed, people I knew that died. They'd be giving me a cold stare as I'd hear their screams of their agony, I'd hear their moments before death, it was overwhelming me, I covered my ears, tried to shut it off and I kept running, it didn't work, but I continued to run for hours. I've seen my mother that died due to cancer, she said.
“Stop trying to be a hero Jack! Live a normal life! Stop being the boy on the side!“

She was right about me, but I kept on running, trying to get away from it all.
I got away. The place was still illuminated, it was just a big empty flatland, I was tired, I stopped running and just walked.

I reached some kind of a road, I stopped for a moment and looked both ways, the fog was still here, clouding my view, I couldn't see much, I just picked one direction and started heading alongside the road, maybe a car would pass and I could hitchhike a ride. I suddenly hear something in the distance in the opposite direction, I stop and turn around to meet with whatever I heard, it sounded like some kind of emergency sirens, though it seemed like they were slowed halftime. Soon after a ambulance would pop out of the fog, driving down the road, but everything was slow again, halftime that is, I just see the ambulance passing by me, and I feel the sudden need to get to the ambulance, as if I'm needed, as if something of mine is there. I immediately rushed after it and shouted for them to stop, it didn't work, I continued to run after it but it was just too fast. The ambulance disappears in the fog and the sirens fade away. I continue to run, following the road. I ran into something.

It was my old car, a 1969 Dodge Challenger, I couldn't believe it, it looked totaled, I wrecked it in a car accident – uh, I better not think about what happened before... Bad memories revolve around this car. I didn't want to take it due to that, but I had to, I immediately went into it and reached for the ignition, twisting the key. The engine hesitated to turn itself on. “Come on! Come on! Don't let me down now girl!“ After several tries, it turns itself on, I felt relieved.

I hit the gas and drove down the road, trying to catch up with the ambulance. I was driving for twenty minutes and I still couldn't locate it again, then I notice the same ambulance passing right past me on the opposite lane. I hit the brakes and turn the wheel to the left to perform a U turn. I hit the gas and follow the ambulance, the fog is slowly fading away, but it was still cloudy. I hear a echoing voice coming from the ambulance. “God damn it! This guy is losing a lot of blood! We're losing him!“ I was still far off, but I did the best I could to keep up. I hear another echoing voice coming from the ambulance. “He's out!“

Silence took place, I did my hardest to keep myself after the ambulance, it was driving really fast, and this Dodge..-well, forget the Dodge, need to keep myself focused onto the ambulance. There was a beep fading in and a short electric discharge following it. I felt a sudden boost in speed, I was catching up to the ambulance more easily now. There was another long beep fading in and a electric discharge, another sudden boost, stronger than the last one. Again, another one, this time, it looked like I activated NOS, I charged towards the ambulance and it looked like I was going into a tunnel with the ambulance, I neared it and went straight into the back of it, a sudden white flash appeared, I couldn't see anything.

The flash fades out, I jump my chest up and inhale deeply, it was painful as fuck, I find myself riding in the ambulance, lying on a stretcher, my vision was blurry, I could see someone above me, treating me.

Then, I could see some kind of a entity forming to stand above me opposite of the medic. I was still in shock from what happened, I couldn't think properly, my mind overheated, I was so exhausted, I just slowly closed my eyes and drifted away into sleep. I was on the edge there, I almost died. Soon after I was hospitalized and stayed in for a couple of days before heading home and continue on my life, I needed to think about what happened there.
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Re: The Edge
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stop trying to be a hero jack live a normal life

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Re: The Edge
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stop trying to be a hero jack live a normal life
you cant stop alladin from being aladin.

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Re: The Edge
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stop trying to be a hero jack live a normal life
you cant stop alladin from being aladin.
don't let your memes be memes.

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