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RP Items
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:17:26 PM »
You Need To Apply
You need to apply for them in the roleplay feature applications section. If your character owns a Wonder or any other similar item that employs supernatural-based power effects (e.g.: Wonders, Fetishes, Talents (Not abilities), Relics, etc.) or doesn't employ supernatural-based power effect but it is considered valuable or rare (e.g.: Silver Great Sword, C4 Explosive, etc.).

Getting The Item From Another Player
If you're giving a certain item empowered with supernatural powers, you are obligated to make sure the player (User of the item) has all the knowledge regarding the item in question. You're directly responsible for the actions related to the item. Be aware of the consequences. Same rules apply if you're taking (forcefully) such item from someone roleplayly.

Cross-Game Items
If your character is receiving an item that was already applied and approved in the roleplay feature applications section and the item in question is a cross-game item (e.g.: The item was created with Lore of Forge which is from DtF game and your character is a Vampire (VtM game).) you're obligated to apply for the item again.
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