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Flynn Lancaster
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Flynn in the Modern Nights.

Flynn's family tree.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Flynn's creations.
Spoiler for Hidden:

Flynn's conjured bodyguards.
Spoiler for Hidden:

Flynn's resurrected puppets.
Spoiler for Hidden:

General Information:
Name: Flynn Lancaster.
Nicknames: Lord Lancaster, The Warlock, The Sorcerer.
Embraced Age: Twenty-five (25.)
Actual Age: Seven hundred and fifty-one (751.)
Place of birth: Lancaster, England.
Nature: Idealist.
Spoiler for Explanation:
The Idealist believes -- truly, madly, deeply -- in some higher goal or morality. The object of his idealism may be something as pragmatic as the Camarilla's eventual triumph or as amorphous as the ultimate good, but the belief is there. Idealists are frequently either very new to the Blood or very old, and many seek Golconda as the final expression of their idealism. In the meantime, an Idealist tries to reconcile his beliefs with the demands of vampiric existence, often acting contrary to his self-interest in doing so.
  • Flynn is set in the mindset that the Tremere are the next step in vampiric evolution and wishes to see this come to a reality, by ascending the entire clan into godhood.
Affiliation: House Tremere and The Camarilla.
Society: Elite.
  • A group of Tremere that believe that they are the next step in vampiric evolution and are dedicated to show the supremacy of the Clan.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Race: Vampire.
Clan: Tremere.
Generation: 7th.
Sire: Audron Gelario.
Childe: None.
Hair color: Blonde.
Eye color: Green.
Willpower: Seven.

Parents: Edward Lancaster, Mary Of DeJohn.
Siblings: Aurora Lancaster, Henry Lancaster.
Half-Siblings: Michael Lancaster.
Cousins: None.
Relationship with parents: Good.
Relationship with siblings: Good, romantically involved with sister.
Relationship with half-siblings: Extremely bad, Flynn and his half-brother both waged war against each other in Chicago.
Marital status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.
Children: None that he's aware of.

Does he smoke?: Occasionally, it depends on his mood.
Does he drink?: Alcohol? Not so much.
Is religious?: No.
Aware of supernatural presence?: Completely aware.

Disciplines And M&F:
Thaumaturgy - ●●●●● ○
  • Path of Conjuring - ●●●●●
Dominate - ●●●●○ ○
Auspex - ●●●●○ ○
Necromancy - ●●●○○ ○

  • The Bone Path - ●●●○○
Celerity - ●●●●○ ○

  • Deceptive Aura (1pt. Merit): Flynn's aura is bright and colourful, he registers as a mortal on all attempts to read his aura.
  • True Love (4pt. Merit): Flynn has found true love and draws power from it, he gets one automatic success on willpower rolls which can only be negated by a botch.
  • Additional Discipline (5pt. Merit): You can take one additional Discipline as if it were a Clan Discipline. (Celerity)

  • Infertile Vitae (1pt Flaw): Flynn cannot create a childe, all attempts leave the childe dead.
  • Prey Exclusion (1pt. Flaw): Flynn refuses to drink from the homeless and only drinks upper-class blood, feeding causes frenzy.

  • Flynn is in love with sister.
  • Flynn was originally a mage within the Order of Hermes.
  • Flynn is the CEO of Lancaster Industries, a company that delves into real estate along with the transportation of fossil fuels. While Flynn is the true leader of Lancaster Industries, he uses humans to be the face of his mega company. Lancaster Industries is deeply routed within the criminal underworld, using their fossil fuel container transport as a way to smuggle cocaine into the United States and other countries.
  • Flynn has learnt the discipline necromancy and is quite skilled in using it, he has raised thousands of corpses in the past to further his goals and his understanding of death in general.
  • Flynn's primary path is conjuration and is quite fond of it, typically using it to its fullest extent, conjuring people out of thin air to do his bidding or to possess them and walk through the public under a different face and vessel entirely.
  • Flynn has been known to have hybrids, werewolves, mages and even demons kidnapped to be experimented on at Lancaster Industries in efforts to understand the creatures, their weaknesses and how the Tremere can benefit from them.

- - - -
[ooo] The person is dead.
[ooo] - Enemy: Dislike, distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Impartial: No relation, ambiguous ties.
[ooo] - Friendly: Like, positive opinion.
[ooo] - Close Friend: Would die for.
[ooo] Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Henry Lancaster - "You could have told me half a century ago that our sister was alive, but I understand why you never. You had heard of the 'atrocities' I committed back in the Old World, you wanted to protect her, I understand."

Aurora Lancaster - "So you are alive and my God you've changed, you call me cold and cruel and say that my time as a vampire has changed me? You're the one who abandoned your family and left and yet like a moth to a flame we can't stay away from each other."

Audron Gelario - "My sire, the man who taught me everything I know and guided me through the ages. There is no-one else I have this much devotion for."

Michael Lancaster - "There was a time I considered you my brother despite not having our name, I even gave you our name when father passed but now? You're not my brother, not anymore. If it wasn't for Aurora I would have personally given you the final death."

Valerie Hartford - "So you're the reason I am what I am. You took my sister from me, turned her into what she is and seduced her. I spared your life only because Aurora asked me to."

Kristijan Novovic - "You're helping me when I'm at my weakest and I won't forget it."

Tychus Rodriguez - "You have aura about you, power but you don't over actively flaunt it. Makes me wonder just how powerful you truly are."

Takeshi Karasu - "I'm doing you a favour, one that I can strip from the world in an instant and I expect something in return eventually."

Opinions on other clans and races:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Most of my own kind sees me and my entire clan as nothing more than thieves who stole our immortality. Their heads are so far up their own arses they can't see past their ego, we are the next step in vampirism and that's simply a fact. We wouldn't have survived this long and achieved so much in such a short time span if that simply wasn't the case but alas, here we are.

Spoiler for Hidden:

Brujah - My brother is one of them and he truly is the embodiment of them now. I much preferred their old counter parts, fantastic teachers and scholars, that is, if they even truly existed. But between you and me, they existed.

Assamite - Their hatred for us is comical to say the least, if they weren't cannibalistic savages in the first place, we wouldn't have cursed them.

Followers of Set - Nothing to really say.

Gangrel - Children of the beast, I must say I hold some level of envy towards them. To control the beast and understand it like they do, it must be a blessing. Or a curse.

Giovanni - I've learnt your secrets and they didn't help me all too much when it came to my goals, though I suppose it was all for nothing anyway.

Lasombra - Dominators of the shadows and a once high and mighty lineage. You're the reason for your own downfall, you consorted with all sorts of creatures and they dragged you down.

Malkavian - Don't underestimate these kindred, their third eye does wonders.

Nosferatu - Good spies.

Ravnos - I'm desperate to learn the secrets of your clan and your mastery of illusions.

Toreador - A fairly underestimated clan.

Tzimisce - Another one of our enemies and a powerful one at that, your clan ought to be put to the sword entirely. You're far too much of a threat.

Ventrue - So the top column of the Camarilla.

The Magi
Spoiler for Hidden:
My old kin, they'd probably try and have me killed in an instant or at least would have back in the old days. In truth they're only human and make the same mistakes as mortals, some might pretend to be all powerful but they have their weaknesses.

The Garou
Spoiler for Hidden:
I've had extensive dealings with your kind, I've learnt a lot from you and your connection to the earth and spirit realms in general. We typically fall on opposite sides and that's understandable, you're deep routed in your beliefs and ideals and kindred are simply the enemy from your point of view. Ironic that you probably kill more innocents in your quest to destroy the Wyrm than some of the kindred you hunt down.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Had several dealings with these mutations, haven't properly tested their limits yet however but from what I have learnt they're extremely intriguing. These creatures simply put shouldn't be allowed to exist if you hear the garou's point of view on the matter yet here they are. Perhaps it's just rotten luck or maybe genetic, I'm interested eitherway and I intend to find out.

The Fallen
Spoiler for Hidden:
I've had a few of the fallen at my labs and quite astonishing, proof of a higher power at the very least. Tricky though, you kill them and they just find some other poor sod to invade. They're not mindless though, on the contrary, they're quite intelligent and can be worked with to some extent.

Skin Mod:
Spoiler for Hidden:
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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Lancaster Industries are at the forefront of the modern world with their fingers in every pie, from oil mining and transportation, to real estate, owning law firms hell even owning a few clothing lines. Flynn created the mega-corporation back in the 1920s and uses humans to be the face of the corporation in the public but runs everything himself from the shadows. Lancaster Industries have an entire science division dedicated to testing new weaponry and bio-chemicals, the darkest part of this science division however is without a doubt the secret organisation operating within the labs. This organisation often targets supernatural creatures and has them kidnapped and experimented on, all to further the Tremere and increase Flynn's power. Lancaster Industries agreed to a partnership with the corporation Pentex in 1973 and the two have worked closely together ever since, making Lancaster Industries a target of the Garou though the more knowledgeable Garou know to keep away from Lancaster Industries as many Garou who go into one of their labs never come out, atleast not how they were.
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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Flynn I

The red banners of the Lancaster rose rustled and shook against the power of the rain and wind, the tapestry dripping wet with the Lancashire rain, the dim light of the candle was the only beacon in the dark, leading Flynn through his ancestral halls though they were more like a labyrinth. The clashing of swords could be heard coming from the courtyard, even in the storms Henry continued to train and spar in the name of god, family and kingdom. Flynn caught a brief glimpse of Henry slamming his sparring sword on the wood of a red shield, flicks and pieces of the wood came shooting off in all kinds of directions like a meteor clashing with the earth sending dirt and debris in all directions. Henry was the fighter of the family, Flynn was where the intelligence lied.

The door to Flynn's study crept open as Flynn stepped inside, feeling a bit of relief in the only place he can. Aurora's lifeless eyes caught Flynn's. Not Aurora, only a painting Flynn thought to himself. Aurora was dead. Flynn didn't spend much time interacting with people anymore, his brothers became more distant too, Henry completely let himself become consumed with his training, shunning his lordly duties and Michael, his younger half-sibling, had just stopped talking all together and barely ate his food. The loss of Aurora had ruptured his family completely, Flynn was just glad neither of his parents were alive to see it and the state their once proud house had fallen, the Lancaster Rose had withered and the petals had fallen off.

The pages of the grimoire and forbidden knowledge were tattered and torn but the power was still there. In the recent months Flynn had buried himself in knowledge that the rest of the Hermetic Order had forbidden but Flynn paid little mind to it. Aurora's death consumed Flynn, he wanted to find a way to bring her back but everything he read in the ancient tomes had been no help to him, he lost the only person he's ever truly loved and it had destroyed him. The thought of growing old without Aurora was not something Flynn intended to do. The warnings he had received from the rest of the order didn't bother Flynn much, he already had little to live for except bringing Aurora back.

Flynn II

A year had passed since Aurora's death and now Flynn had been declared head of House Lancaster with his older brother forsaking any claim to his families lands and titles and leaving in the hopes of adventure. Flynn had found little enjoyment in being the head of his house and typically left the majority of his duties to his steward while he studied and searched through the occult. Whispers had began to spread through Lancaster and the great Lancashire area about Flynn's nocturnal activities and the missing criminals from the cells though it was all whispers for the time being, people were bound to notice. One of the first things Flynn also ordered was to legitimise his half-brother, giving him the name Lancaster.

The cobblestone floor of the castle dungeon had streams of blood flowing through the moss that originated from a rack in the centre of the room. Strung up the rack was some random thief Flynn had taken from the dungeon prison, a longsword stuck out of the criminal's chest, Flynn thought it was funny that the man had red hair that somewhat matched the colour of his blood. Written on the man's forehead were odd glyphs and writings to symbolise the occult, Flynn had attempted to resurrect the man but failed, no life came from the man, nothing. He became just a corpse and nothing more. The stench was something else, an entire chamber of corpses filled the next room, all products of Flynn's failures. "Guards, take this one out!" Flynn called out to the dark oak door, he didn't see these criminals as people anymore. Just projects.

As Flynn dug through his grimoire he became more and more perplexed and stressed, he wasn't finding anything related to his endeavours. Dusty book after dusty book after dusty book, Flynn was reaching his tipping point. Flynn had been looking into vampirism and acquired several tomes on the affliction. Flynn had taken a keen interest in a clan called Cappadocian, the idea of vampirism played on the back of Flynn's mind but wasn't anything particularly strong. "Mi'lord!" a voice from behind the oak door called, Flynn rolled his eyes. "What is it?" Flynn called out to the door and was met with "There's a guest begging your audience, mi'lord! He comes from a far land and is a nobleman!" Flynn once again sighed before standing up. After making his way into the throne room he saw a short man with incredibly dark hair and an oddly pale complexion. "My name is Audron Gelario, my lord. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." he said softly.

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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kawaii!! <3 . <3

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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How Original :)

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Relationship with siblings:Good, romantically involved with sister.
Whaaaaaat? nigga...

OT: great character, neat character profile, love your work, keep it up man.

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Well there goes our IC friendship Tremere mofo.

OT: Hopefully the first appropriate Tremere we shall bare witness to considering what I've seen thus far by the others is ridiculous, but I have faith in you Hal... Though we've had our quarrels overtime I would like to think we've become closer to friends than enemies. I like most of your roleplay, and I'll see you on the scientific battlefield to achievement of power beyond that known to species alike. *Nods*
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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Heh more like a Giovanni if u know what I'm sayin, yeah bro

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Heh more like a Giovanni if u know what I'm sayin, yeah bro

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Is his sisters name Rapunzel? Ahue, huehue

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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filthy tremeres ;3

nice profile bruhhh

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Give me your bar.

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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What a beautiful man.

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Re: Flynn Lancaster
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das a cool one