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Jacob Smith [Membership Request]
« on: January 16, 2020, 05:16:03 PM »
Club RED Application Print Out

From: Mister Smith
To: P.O. Box 21355

Club R.E.D. Application

First name: Jacob
M.I.: Blanchard
Last name: Smith

Home Address (street and house number): Angel Pine 28
City: Angel Pine
State: San Andreas
Years of residency: 2 years

Country of Origin: France
Years spent traveling: Around 8 years
Special Skills: When you need someone with the diplomatic thing, I am the man. When you need some advice, I am the man. When you need someone to play with others' minds, I am the man.

Explain in details why you think you should be allowed to join: Being able to become a member of Club Red is something beyond imaginary to spend in my undead living. I can offer some strategic ways and mostly to co-operate with others inside the Domain.

What Political party do you identify with? Ivory Tower
How did you hear about Club RED? From Mister Wylcoff and I've been visited the Club Red before.

Rules of Membership

Rule 1: No Violence: Unless booking a private event such as a boxing match, no violence is permitted inside the walls of Club RED. The area for such events will be provided to guests, outside of this any violence done in Club RED will be punished severely.

Rule 2: What happens in Club RED, stays in Club RED. Your business or pleasure conducted within the walls of the establishment and what you see others doing in the establishment is never to leave the establishment.

Rule 3: No non-members: The only time a non-member will ever be permitted inside the walls of Club RED is if a private event is booked in advanced with the staff of Club RED otherwise, they will not be permitted entry, regardless of circumstances.

Rule 4: Politics, difference in beliefs, religion, etc. Are not seen as good reason to cause a disturbance in the Club.

Rule 5: Respect, the rule speaks for itself. All members will show each other respect, and Staff the utmost respect. Remember, without the staff, there is no Club.

Do you understand and accept the rules understanding there will be punishment for violations of these rules? Yes, I do.

Please fold this paper in half, place it in an envelope, and mail it to the P.O. Box listed at the top of the page.

We hope to meet you soon,
Staff of Club RED

((OOC Section))

Player Names: Romeo#6359 - Romeo - Mister Smith, Father, Brick Reader (Discord, Forum, and Nicknames)
Past-Character list:

How long have you been playing VWH? Since 2013
How Familiar are you with VtM20th your own opinion? I am good enough with it.
Are you a Donator or did you apply for your vamp? Nope

Trolling, Toxicity, etc will never be permitted in Club Red's groups, by signing up as a member or staff you are agreeing oocly that you will not engage in these or other rule breaking behaviors. Doing so on any character that has been accepted into "Club RED" is grounds for dismissal from the group entirely, and possibly punishment from the administrative staff on the server. Do you understand?
(Respond "R&U" that you consent you've answered the entire OOC part of this application to the best of your abillity, and agree to all terms stated in the final paragraph.) R&U'd

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Re: Jacob Smith [Membership Request]
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 07:19:27 PM »
*A letter is hand delivered to Jacob's address* "Welcome to the Club Jacob the Diplomat."