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"ARE YOU READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME? Over 100 countries and 10,000 cities across the world have been considered for this life changing event, and this county has been picked! On June 17th, 1996 at 03:22 PM ((Monday, August 1st, 4 PM EST)) Sankuaii(priest or teacher) Hakamashi Sanjo Sanji will be speaking at the Palomino creek church in his first of many seminars that he will be holding in this area!

Hakamashi will be speaking a Kowaii (sermon), on the tenets of his religion of Sanjism.  According to a brief 5 paper synopsis he released on the religion, the Sankuaii described Sanjism in the following words.

"A system of thought that seeks to free the impressionable mind from the shackles of confined thought that have been brought upon us by those who seek to suppress humanity for their own benefit. We do not adhere to deities, we simply acknowledge the existence of cosmological beings that seek to help us in our ascension from to the fourth dimension, to a higher level of thought."

THIS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear the great Sanji speak to you! He has been to hundreds of countries around the world spreading the message of love, peace, and transcendence and has touched the hearts of millions of people!

If you are tired of being boxed in by the bigotry of this county and wish to hear a fresh, new outside perspective, then please come down to the Palomino County church on the aforementioned date to receive your new enlightenment!
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