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Experience Points: Acquisition and costs
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What are experience points?

During the course of a chronicle, characters -- much like players over the course of their lives -- learn from their mistakes and grow. Change is inevitable, even for the eternal undead. Over years and centuries, vampires hone their Disciplines, and refine their skills at the Jyhad.

Characters improve themselves in skills magical or mundane. A system of rewards, called experience points, is used to reflect these more quantitative changes. Experience points reflect the Traits that a vampire hones as time passes.

At the end of each scene, the Storyteller (or in our case, moderator) awards experience points to each character that's using the Application based gain type. Between scenes, players may spend their characters' experience points to purchase or increase Traits.
Experience points can be used to improve Attributes, to acquire new Abilities or enhance ones the character already has, to raise existing Disciplines or purchase new ones, or to increase Virtues. The costs for all of these different changes vary greatly.

The Storyteller is the final arbiter of how many experience points each character receives, as well as which Traits may be raised. Accordingly, the Storyteller should oversee where experience points are spent. What this entails is - when reading a cooking book to get 3 exp points, you shouldn't use those 3 exp to buy Brawl 1/5, seeing as it makes no sense. We lack the capacity to monitor every XP you use, but please use caution and make certain there's a bit of common sense.

Currently, our XP system is split into two. OOC & IC, bound and permanent.
Bound XP is tied to your character, and you will not be able to use it it when namechanging.
Permanent XP is bound to your account, you'll have it on all of your characters and it cannot be lost upon namechanging.

OOC XP is spent when purchasing Combo disciplines, Thaumaturgy paths, etc.
OOC XP is received by donating, you receive 1XP point per 2 USD, it's also bound.

IC experience is spent to raise attributes, abilities, virtues and disciplines, and is also removed on PKs
IC experience can be gained via Roleplaying or simply playing the game if you're on Farmer based gain.

How much starting XP do I have?

 By default, all players start with 120 XP. For every level you gain, you receive 3 extra points, as such, at level 15 - you'd have a starting XP of 165, at level 30 you'd be getting 210 xp, and so on.
 Furthermore, as a vampire you get additional experience based on your Generation.
Vampire and Hybrid characters of Generation 11th and lower get extra Experience Points at character creation:
  • 11th get 33 extra Experience Points.
  • 10th get 66 extra Experience Points.
  • 9th get 99 extra Experience Points.
  • 8th get 132 extra Experience Points.
  • 7th get 165 extra Experience Points.
  • 6th get 198 extra Experience Points.
Note that your character automatically gets those extra Experience Points upon race change or approval of the race no matter if you donated for the Generation or applied.

How much IC XP can I get, and how?
Farmer: Players who play daily can garner XP based on the amounts of paychecks they collect, this method is effective for players who play a lot or leave their accounts on /h sleep mode 24/7. At the beginning of your character creation, you receive 1 XP point for every Paycheck you collect, the amount is however lowered drastically over time. This decrease in gain rate happens every 30 paychecks, as described in the chart. Essentially, what this means is that eventually you'll have to play 5 hours just to get 1 xp. To reach this step you'd have to play for around a month.
Note that if you switch to XP based over time, HALF of the exp you gained as a farmer is lost, you will enter a negative xp state and your stats will be lowered.

 Applicant: These players take screenshots in-game or roleplay in the presence of a storyteller/admin, and gain XP based on how well they fared. The amount of experience you receive varies from scene to scene and depends on whether or not you met certain conditions. Take note that XP is gained if the scene has at least  some importance, while holding a debate in an Elysium will get you 1 xp for social interactions, walking in the street and saying hello to a person then chatting about the weather may not.

Automatic: Each player gets one point at the end of each scene.

Learning Curve: The Character is awarded 1 XP point if they have learned something new during the story. Keep in mind, learning curve does not get awarded for learning information related to your progression. I.E. You are hunting in a new domain, someone tells you the location of a decent club downtown where you could easily hunt unhindered. This does not count. An example of a learning curve would be learning how to bite a human without draining him, how to lick his wounds, etc.

Roleplaying: If you roleplay your character well, make detailed lines and they make sense and hold relevance, you will also be awarded a point for roleplaying. Though entire paragraphs are not necessary, a well written /me line might just secure you another point.
I.E. /me shoots the Shovelhead in the head. vs /me slides the buckle of the leather holster to the side and reaches with haste to his deagle. As his finger reaches the trigger he retracts the gun and points it at the white shirted shovelhead. With a swift move, one of his fingers dash against the security pin, toggling the safety. A loud bang is heard as the bullet escapes the barrel, headed straight into the Sabbat's skull.

New Tactic: A character trying a completely new tactic, even if it fails. This encourages players to continue to innovate and keeps them invested in the story.

Restraint: A player who encourages others to have their chance in the spotlight while patiently waiting their turn.

Heroism: On rare occasions even vampires can truly behave as heroes, risking all to let friends or even strangers escape from disaster or death. If a character acts heroically and manages to survive, he should be rewarded. Some players might try to take advantage of this idea. Don't let them. Stupidity and suicidal behavior should not be mistaken for heroism.

Concept: If the player follows his character concept and manages to Roleplay according to the model he picked, he can in some instances be awarded an extra point. A concept can be picked from the Clanbooks or created in form of a Character Profile. What this entails is the proper projection of your likes, dislikes, stereotype beliefs, nature, domeanor and so forth.

The awards from this point below are awarded once per story, not to be confused with scene.

Success: The characters achieved all or part of the goals they set out to accomplish. Even minor victories can be rewarded if they pushed the game forward.

Danger: The characters survived against harsh odds and grave dangers.

Wisdom: The player, and thus the character, came up with a brilliant plan or even a spontaneous strategy that enabled the coterie to survive when it would likely have failed otherwise.

How much do upgrades cost?
Combo Disciplines: When you get some extra XP, make sure to check the Combo Disciplines, these are a mixture of two disciplines that you can acquire in forms of /rpf. In order to acquire a combo discipline, you need to meet the clan prerequisite and discipline rank requirements.
They have a dynamic cost, and range from 9 experience to 36 on average. Everything else has a fixed price which is detailed in the chart below.

Spoiler for Main XP cost chart:


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Re: Experience Points: Acquisition and costs
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This is a really helpful guide and I personally think that you should be given moderator back.




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