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Jurge Escobar - [Initiation Program Application]
« on: January 29, 2020, 10:19:05 AM »

Initiation Program

General Information

1. Forum Name: Mahmoud
2. Level ingame: 1
3. When did you join the community? I've been apart of the community since a very long time. But I've sadly forgot my old char account etc. But. I can say I've joined today but I've got a fair knowledge.
4. What did you learn so far? I was taught a couple of things, also alittle about the rolling system etc.
5. What do you wish to learn? I do wish to learn about the rolling system, vampire mechanics etc.
6. If you have previous characters, list them here along with their race: N/A.
7. Do you understand the program and why it was created? Yes, I do.

Character Information

1. Character Name: Jurge Escobar
2. The race you want: Vampire.
3. Explain in short about your character (how they got to Angel Pine, what is their initial goal, and so on). Jurge was born in Sinaloa, Mexico.
He grew up as the son of a farmer and was trained to take over the farm when he would be old enough.
At the age of 19 he met his love Carmine.
Carmine and Jurge became a pair and were together for a couple of years when her father was shot dead on the streets.
Her family including Carmine left the country over the border into the US.
Jurge didn't knew that his girlfriend left the city without him telling where she would go, so he had to find out where his girl went with her family.
He asked around the city and found out that they were smuggled into the US, Jurge tried to get in contact with the human trafficker and succeed. He sold his old whip, a old ugly car from Russia to afford the journey into the US. Jurge ended up finding himself at some placed called 'Angel' pine. He aint giving up yet.
4. If you have a Mentor in mind already (another player), please explain how both characters met: Kretos Nadler. I and Kretos met ICly, we've roleplayed together and Jurge ended up ghoulified and now he serving Kretos in his mansion.
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Re: Jurge Escobar - [Initiation Program Application]
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Can be assigned to me.

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Re: Jurge Escobar - [Initiation Program Application]
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Welcome to the server