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Death and Dying
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Death and Dying
The Truth About Immortality

Should demons fear death? Of course.

Is death the end for a demon? Not quite.

When a demon dies, their spirit (that is to say, the essence of what they actually are; their true self) is ejected from the host body which binds them to the realm. As an incorporeal spirit, they perceive the world in shades of dimness which are dotted by variances in light. These faint glimmers of hope are none other than mortal souls, which are the Fallen's only chance of survival in the event of their "demise." This is because the Angels of the Dimmed Light, demons, have an eternal enemy which is perhaps more loathsome than even the Creator, in the opinion of some.

The Abyss, Hell, The Pit. The infinite prison of darkness and neglect, buried deep beneath the underworld and filled with the corruption of tormented souls. The Fallen are subject to it's massive spiritual gravity, and without something to lock them into Creation, they are forced to resist this pull by power of their sheer will. If they fail, they are returned to their eternal punishment, and are subject to incurring a script death.

If their host perishes, a demon can roll Willpower at difficulty 6 or spend a temporary Willpower point to resist the gates of Hell for a single turn. If successful, the Fallen can then move Willpower + five miles in any direction during that turn. While being completely unable to interact with the physical world, and cut off from their powers, the eternal being isn't completely without options. Possession should be a top priority, but locating a suitable mortal can be difficult.

The will and Faith of certain mortals are simply too strong for a spectral shadow of what was once an angel to overcome. This being the case, a Fallen is wise to search for the dimmer flickers of life within their range. Drug addicts, sick people, morally corrupt deviants, and victims of severe violence or near death experiences. Such entities are in weak enough a state that the demon can attempt to impose themselves into the host. If and when a proper vessel is found, the spirit can attempt to possess them with a Willpower roll at difficulty 8. Thralls of the demon can be possessed at a difficulty of 6, and rare individuals who willingly seek or subject themselves to demonic possession do not require any roll at all. If she fails, she is forced to continue her search of desperation, continually resisting the pull of darkness nipping at her heels each turn.

Upon a successful possession, the player will name-change and the Storyteller will determine the starting traits of the new host, while applying the required penalties. All of the character's OOC experience will be removed, but their IC gained experience will carry over with them. The demon loses one point of permanent Faith and gains one point of permanent Torment. Fallen who have three dots in Lore of Transfiguration or five dots in Lore of the Flesh may not be required to name-change, depending on the circumstances.

The second commonly known available option to the Fallen is to become Earthbound. This is perhaps the most desperate of acts and certainly a last resort for any intelligent Celestial. The spirit inhabits a suitable inanimate object. Discrete, not being part of any other object, and with the proper resonance of humanity, these vessels are arguably equal in required effort to locate. The resonance itself should come from the fact that the object either resembles human form, or has a strong spiritual connection with mortals. A statue, a murderer's knife, a decorated officer's badge, and a family heirloom are all decent examples of these sorts of items. If the demon does in fact come across such a possession, they can alter their spiritual energies to possess the item with a Willpower roll at difficulty 9. If the item has significant resonance pertaining to the demon's House or personality, or has been properly attuned to store disembodied souls, the difficulty is dropped to 6. Either way, success means inhabiting the object. The same penalties are applied to the demon as if she were possessing a human, and she becomes unplayable (account-banned) until such a time that she can be placed into a mortal host through some IC means.

Final Destruction
Nothing Is Truly Immortal

(Coming soon.)
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