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Vampire players are not limited to their Generation. The same way a Werewolf can advance in Rank or a Mage can gain Arete, a Vampire's Generation can be lowered through the act of Diablerie. (V20 core book p. 293)

How does it work here? It is very simple, when the requirements are met, you need to post an application following the same format as if you were applying for a new Vampire character but instead of the new character name you include the character name of the Vampire you are lowering the Generation for but with some changes in the head line and character development section:
Code: [Select]
Full Name ;; Generation (The Generation after Diablerie) ;; Clan ;; DiablerieIn the character development section:
Code: [Select]
[b][color=white]Generation: From [OldGeneration] to [NewGeneration][/color][/b]
The act of Diablerie has to be described in the character story section. The story may include made up NPCs as well as the PCs* currently in our chronicle. Note that there might be IC consequences depending on how was the act of Diablerie was conducted.

No race change token is required once your application is accepted. PM Rudy in order to have your Generation in your /(c)haracter(s)heet lowered script-wise.

* The story has to be backed up with screenshots made in game. You need to declare the Diablerie attempt to an administrator at the beginning of the Diablerie story/chapter/chronicle. In case of success, the character that was "diablerized" gets her or his Generation downgraded by 1 and you lose all the Discipline dots that go over your new Generation cap. In case your character fails and succumbs to death, the target of your Diablerie gets to decide whether you get to keep the character (PK) or not (CK). Metagaming someone's Generation will result in character removal and the whole Diablerie process voided. Upon accepting the application the reviewer of the application can ST a Lextalionis which can (And most likely will) result in the character's death (The character who successfully performed the act of Diablerie can be CK-ed due to IC reasons - Masquerade breach.). If the "diablerist" in the story where the Diablerie took place will result in a CK. The admin record/activity requirements are by one lower for this type of Diablerie (E.g.: In order to diablerize a 7th Generation PC you need to meet the requirements for 8th Generation Vampire).
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