Author Topic: *A video tape laying infront of the Sheriff's Department.*  (Read 204 times)

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*A video tape laying infront of the Sheriff's Department.*
« on: October 03, 2016, 05:04:06 PM »
*The tape would be most likely found by any nearby officers, it possess no name label or anything of similar sorts on it, should there be any by passers, they would've seen a bird fly across the department and release the tape just by the entrance.*

*Should the tape be found, and played, it should begin with the image of a masked individual standing in a brick grey-walled room with a small bed by his back, on the bed you'd see a man sitting with his head coverd up with a cloth, he barely moves. the masked male begins with an introduction, stating each step he's going to be performing on the helpless man, he calls such episode ''THE G-SPOT.'' where the masked individual works his skills into piercing the poor man's eyeball in hopes to reach his brain so he may ''penetrate it'' as he states in the video recording.*

*The video is quite disturbing to watch, only the masked individual seems to be visible for the most of the duration until a white colored wolf joins him by the end of the tape, tearing the man apart and devouring his flesh, the recording fades to black as the masked individual declares an upcoming episode 2 which he titles it as ''Big Bad Wolf: how to make an omelete.''

(( ))
((The roleplay was long, i've only captured a few screens above.))
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Re: *A video tape laying infront of the Sheriff's Department.*
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**Marcus collects the tape when he enters**