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Siegfried Bauer
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Kneel before me before I drain the blood within you that is unworthy. Kneel before me, a true childe of Veddartha.

NAME: Siegfried Bauer
NICKNAME(S): The Blue Blood Knight
ORIGIN: Province of Hanover, Kingdom of Prussia

RACE: Vampire
CLAN: Ventrue
SECT: Camarilla

Regere sanguine, regere in veritatem est

A well dressed, a well presented man from what we call Lower Saxony today in Germany, Siegfried descends from a long line of "high up" political figures and further down the line monarchs and knights alike.

Arrogant and grandiose, Siegfried is in a personal quest for power.


A soldier in 18th century Prussia, Siegfried was at the heart of the battlefield in Mollowitz, the fateful events that led to his current situation. His current ailment.

Commanding a group of combat-hardened, veteran soldiers, ordered by him to follow his lead into battle, charging toward the Silesian battalion facing his. A skirmish ensued and within moments of the first sword clashes, Siegfried was cut down from his horse and lay lifeless on the battlefield.

With blood pouring from both his leg and his arm, his men being gunned down by Silesian troops, his breathing became faint and wavered.

This was just a battle within a battle. A battle that eventually led to a Prussian victory but Siegfried paid the ultimate price.

(Please bare with as I'm preparing this on a fairly decent scale)

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Re: Siegfried Bauer
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fucking love kevin spacey

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Re: Siegfried Bauer
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fucking love kevin spacey

Me too, he's a fantastic actor.