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*Posters around the town*
« on: December 24, 2016, 03:50:01 AM »
Building the Bloodsport since 1996

Red County Boxing Association presents...

In this event, every single person in Red County may challenge Red County Boxing Association's boxers.

Each fight, participants must pay $20. If the participants win, the participants will receive 10x number they paid to fight the boxer, $200.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Participants may only use /boxing style/ (no wrestling, no kungfu, etc).
2. Participants may cancel the fight only if they agree to pay extra $10.
3. If rule 1 is broken, participant may not receive the promised $200.

For more info, contact Rad Dillion (Call/message 15505).

((the ad was a mistake. it was supposed to be "receive $200" instead of "receive $2"))

Spoiler for spoiler alert:
Spoiler for private message for Indonesian players:
pemain dari negara kita dikit banget. kalo kamu dari Nusantara, jangan lupa undang pemain lain untuk ramein server ini. servernya asik dan kamu dijamin ketagihan mainnya bisa bisa sampe lupa waktu. kita punya sistem yang unik, pastinya teman teman kamu bakal tertarik untuk main disini. kalo bingung mainnya jangan segan segan atau malu malu untuk PM pemain dari Indonesia yang lain seperti gw dan beberapa orang. ayo undang pemain lain dari Indonesia dan buat Indonesia agung lagi ! ! !

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Re: *Posters around the town*
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2016, 01:44:14 PM »
**Daniel would look at the poster, smiling.**
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