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"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."

Basic info

Names: Stuart Spot
- His birth name, given by his parents.

Nicknames: Stuart Pot, Stu, Pottie, Skittles Boy, Pothead, Stew, Stewie, Mushrooms and The Young Ecstatic.
- Most of these nicknames were given by his friends along his life.

Date of birth: 15/08/78, he's 20.
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States.
Nature: Caregiver
Spoiler for Hidden:
Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. A Caregiver takes her comfort in consoling others, and people often come to her with their problems. Caregiver Archetypes often attempt, as best they can, to protect those who they care about. Nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists are examples of potential Caregivers.
Demeanor: Cavalier
Spoiler for Hidden:
You are as bold, intrepid, valiant and fearless as you need to be to complete your duty. You are the hero who tries to live up to glorious ideals and codes of justice. By protecting that which is good, you seek to preserve the society that made you what you are. If your Nature is Cavalier, and your Humanity ever falls below four, you have to choose a new Nature. You probably hate Deviants, though you may not always recognize them.

Personality: ENFP, The Campaigner
Affiliation: Traditions, Cult of Ecstasy (aka Seers of Chronos, aka Sahajiya, aka Cult of Bacchus)
Titles: (Primary)
- Apprentice
- EMS Intern
- EMT Junior
- EMT Intermediate
- Certified Kitty Destroyer


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Human
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Distinguishing features:
-One of his many distinguishing features is his calm look.
- He's not that tall, he's around five foot ten, and besides his friends he looks small hence it's a distinguishing feature.
- He doesn't have any visible tattoos.
- He always wear long sleeved shirts, shorts and always looks messy or just careless. Mostlikely baked also most of the time.
- He always carries a smile, radiating curiousity from his eyes most of the time aswell.
- He flaunts proudly several tattoos, around his body for example neck, arms, torso and hands which are visible most of the time.
- He seems distracted and aloof, rather deep in thought. He'd appear to be baked aswell most of the time, but that's the effect of his time magick.

Height: 178 centimeters
- He's just not that tall compared to his friends.

Weight: 68 kgs.
- His weight is naturally average, in proportion to his height.


Parents: David James and Samantha Spot
-His father was never there for him, so this was something that affected Stuart alot and the only person there for him was his mother so he really loves her and regrets all the times he has made her suffer due to his decisions.

Siblings: He's got a few siblings, which are George, Francis and Kevin
-They left Stuart with a permanent scar that he'll never forget, and he's never going to forgive them. They left him behind as if he was the runt of the litter and never watched over him.

Relationship with siblings/parents: His father is long gone, and he hates his siblings. His mother is a total whole other story, he wants to talk to her someday but he feels ashamed after all he's done to her because of his stupid decisions. When he grows and becomes mature he might do it.
Marital status: In a relationship.
- He found someone who he likes, so now they're dating. Simple.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Children: One and aborted by the girl.

About him

Does he smoke?: Not anymore.
- He's always smoking cannabis, or cigarettes excesively but nowadays his girlfriend along with his friends are trying to take away this bad habbit of smoking before it's too late.
- Emily has made him stop the badhabit of smoking, after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Does he drink?: Often
- He drinks during parties, special occations, whenever he's at home eating a pizza, or whenever he feels like getting shitfaced.

Is religious?: No.
- Even though his family was catholic and he was raised like it, he never really agreed with many things about it.
- He tried being open minded towards it lately.

Aware of supernatural presence?: Aware.
- Has advanced knowledge and has gone through many events despite his young age.

- Physical aspects
From the start Stuart was forced out of his comfort zone, and molded from a junkie into a fighter for his own good and to ensure his survival.
- Social skills
Stuart's always been open, extroverted and social, that's just his fort in general.
- Meditation
One of his practices, and ways of making magick more efficient for him. It's one of the practices if not the first he started with aswell.
- Practice
Even though, he does dislike studying, he enjoys putting what he learned to practice, it makes him feel more competent.
- Friendly
Stuart's always been rather friendly with everyone, this has made him get alot of ties everywhere and avoid conflicts most of the time but lately due to unexpected events this is sort of fading off.
- His Cabal
And last but not least, his cabal, his friends, the people who he considers a family which are always there for him, is one of his many strenghts and advantages. Or atleast he considers them as so.
- Loyalty
Stuart is the most loyal guy you'll ever run into, you'll find out pretty quickly after meeting him.

- Rarely serious
Stuart's never able to focus on one thing at a time, and that makes him hyped and very immature sometimes. It's rare to see Stuart get serious.
- Emotional
Stuart lets his emotions override him. He usually lets them loose mostly as it's a very good way of focus to his magick. Though sometimes it could become a problem for him, making him act like a child sometimes, because of these.
- Narcotics
Not in need of these anymore.
- Laziness
And in the end Stuart will always be Stuart, he never really liked to study, and was mostlikely forced all the time but he's only lazy on certain things which he doesn't really like doing. If he enjoys to do something, then he'd do it without a problem.

Behaviour: Stuart is always calm, relaxed and most of the time talkative. He's always expressing himself, having fun, minding his own business and trying not to get in trouble.

You can now find Stuart distracted, having a calm and really relaxed look as usual. Though he'd always seem baked. He's talkative as always, but he wont express himself as freely, he would seem a little bit more violent than before, rather defensive if you could say so but thats only against people he considers dangerous towards his and the people he cares about wellbeing. He'd always be the same towards those he considers his friends.

Enthusiastic once again and rather calm now, opening more than before seemingly less stressed and quite relaxed like he used to be trying to just enjoy and have a good time. Held back and less impulsive. He'd seem caring for those around him and protective of them aswell. He would always be seeking out to help and cheer up everyone. That would be his usual temperament now.

Paradigm: Creation is Innately Divine and Alive.

The world, perhaps even the universe, is a living entity. That entity is either part of Divinity or else is Divinity itself. Gods and monsters exist, as do pain, horror, and death; thatís cool, though, because in the end good things come from all the suffering. Death sustains life, life gives way to death, and the whole thing is a cycle that perpetrates itself in an ultimately beneficial way. Magick flows from an understanding of that cycle and your place in it as an agent of change. Everything, perhaps, has the potential of magick, but most beings never realize it. Best recognized as a common perspective among Verbena, Dreamspeakers, Euthanatoi, Ecstatics, and other grimly affirmative mages, this model stresses pragmatic acceptance mixed with wild joy. Certain takes on Kabbalism gravitate in this direction too, with Creation as the infinite embodiment of ineffable God. Minus the god part, this paradigm has a scientific analog in the Gaia hypothesis, which insists that Earth is a living, vaguely sentient biomass. Certain Progenitors embrace this idea, especially in the 21st century, when that biomass appears to be fighting its human infection. Unlike the Gods and Monsters paradigm, this belief system essentially says that there is a point to the madness if you look at the Big Picture and accept that what we perceive as pain and horror are merely ripples across a larger spectrum of life.

- Crazy Wisdom
- Yoga
- Martial Arts
- Music
Yeah, as you heard. Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll brother. Sounds like a waste of time, but it's actually efficient.

Traits: Charismatic, attractive, supportive and artist.


(Present ones)
- Master the Time Sphere
His natural affinity sphere, the passion of grief. Deeply motivated to continue learning it, Stuart is always determined to keep on going down that path.
- Practice a martial art and develop his current skills
Stuart already practices a mix of various martial arts.
- Learn more about the practices of the passion of Lust
Keeping his ties binded tightly to the Lakashim, is one of his goals aswell.
- Keep his head in place, and avoiding trouble
That's something that's not up to him anymore.
- A promotion on the Emergency Services
He'd always say yes to a promotion on the job he loves the most.
- Survive what's to come and try to save the world
Even though deep inside, it'd be really hard if not impossible to do it. Mostly impossible and that brings him down everyday since he learned about the fate of his people and his friends.
- Experience physical contact with the Lakashim
Touching the vibrating pulses of the Lakashim, why not. He's an ecstatic afterall.
- Try out new experiences
As usual, he'd always be out staking for more experiences, and sensations to come.


[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: Distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Dislike: Distant, avoiding.
[ooo] - Neutral: No judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: Appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Friendly: Sympathetic, valuing.
[ooo] - Close friends: Admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
[ooo] - Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Caleb Malik: ''You're my mentor, I'm sorry for disappointing you many times, but I am really trying!'' ''I kind of never see you around anymore, but it's cool.. All the birds or chickens eventually have to fly out of the nest and start out on their own, thank you Caleb.'' '' Thanks to you, I'm starting to become a man, and grow in knowledge.. You're my role model..''
''I wish you were still around Caleb...''

Katarina Anderson: ''I really enjoy her company, we get along really well and she cares about me, I care for her so... Lets see where this little thing of ours goes.''
Emily Martinez: ''You're gone...Though, I'm happy we fixed our troubles. I just hope you'll eventually find peace once again.''
Xavier Reed: ''You were the brother I always wanted to have, and you were the brother I chose. Rest in peace, I will always remember you.''
''Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, like for example now. I really need an advice now, I wish I appreciated you more when you were alive. How fucking dumb I used to be back then...

Demitry the Child of Gaia: ''Even though you're a garou, you decided to befriend me and save me from the vampire. I owe you my life dude.'' ''Where have you gone, Demitry?''
Saria Aerendyl: ''You've always had my back from the start before you even knew me well, I will always keep that in mind. Lately you've suffered alot, I wish I was able to help you but those wounds go way deeper than anyone thinks.''
Mikhail Zharkov: ''Looks like everything is fine as of now, all we gotta work on is on that stick you've got shoved up your ass, heh.''
Ashuramaru Fuujimoto: ''I always thought of you like an annoying brother, you and Emily didn't get along most of the time either. I hoped you'd change and grow up.. Sadly it wasn't like that. Until this day it pains me I wasn't able to do anything to save you. I miss you Ash.''
Destiny Avalos: ''Wondering how come you always end up bent over.''
''I still wonder the same.''

Dem Shucklefield: ''You're obnoxious in general, well always but I think you're a good guy.''.''
Kyle Steward: ''You're still naive, but it'll go away with time, Kyle.''
Mason Fletcher: ''We never had much time to communicate, perhaps if we did it wouldn't have ended this way.''
Edward Blackbear: ''You remind me of someone, I just can't figure out who, I'm curious.''
Alison White and Cam: ''The sisters, well from what I've seen you two are cool.''
Skittles: ''I'm sorry I wasn't there to take care of you pup.''
Alexander Parker: ''We've been friends from before you turned into this, I'm sorry for being so mean. I'm only trying to make you realise you're doing wrong.. Since you don't hear whenever you're being spoken to.''
Daniel Henderson: ''You need to come over and hang around us more often dude.''
Grandma: ''You should come around more often, it's great to have you around as long as you down offer around your vagina lolipops.''
Kimberly Wind: ''You're back and you're changed, I'm happy for you Kimmie.''
Adam Morganelli: ''Keeping grudges is dumb. When you get back we'll talk.''
Frederick Houghton: ''Nice to meet you.''
Tyler Schwartz: ''First off, amateur, you got alot to learn. Just watch me and you'll see.''
Lucan Achterberg: ''You're cool, when you're not acting like a little bitch.''
Lawrence Everett: ''Great guy to be honest, sadly he is surrounded by all of this death and violence. He'll get through it, he's strong.''
Hector of the Get: ''Thanks for the help.''
Cindy Riley: ''Your music is amazing, keep it up. I'm sad you always end up getting fucked up because of other's stupidities...''
Aisha Addlestone: ''I heard you're back though, it saddened me that you gave away my gift though. Jeez.''
Lloyd and Kurt: ''Doper than you'd expect for a couple of gramps. Lately they're all ganging up against you though but oh well. Anarchs will be anarchs, vampires are always so simple minded anyways.''
Aaron White: ''You and your fucking fish I swear.''
Lady Kind: ''Whatever really, you're nice but I don't really know what you're talking about most of the time.''
Edward A Jacob: ''You got the shot to change and become a better person, just do it.''
Kenneth Vallon: ''Well, we don't meet often, but I appreciate you reaching out for me when I needed help. I wont ever forget those advices you've given me.''
Selene Vitalis: ''You're strong, independent and straightforward, I kind of admire you.''
Jeremiah Hnrar: ''One of the nices garous I've ever met.''
Victor: ''Be careful, we don't want you to end up getting killed.''
Marlon Tesfaye: ''Gone.''
Abel Savu: ''I don't know much about you yet.''
Kevin Harbough: ''Dude, you definitely need some manner lessons but other than that aside from a shower you're cool.. I guess?''
David Wimbleton: ''Whatever dude..''
Odo Ragnarsson: ''Noooope.''
Thorald: ''You all smell weird, but out of them all you smell the worst man... Shit-..''
Kristoffer Hanssen: ''It could be true, what Ansel said. Maybe I was too rough on you, but lets not forget what you did.''
Daniel Frost: ''Why would you do that..?''
Leonard Hepenheimer: ''If it wasn't for your wife and daughter.. I would've killed you already.''

Opinions about:


Akashic Brotherhood: "Disciplined, outstanding and impressive warriors, although too much discipline, I dunno. Not my fit."

Celestial Chorus: "Great vocal chords dude."

Dream Speakers: "From what I've seen, the shamans, they're mostlikely all wise and caring. Peace makers, I like it."

Euthanatos: "The assasins, I am usually not a fan of them and now that I met one, I see that they need to recheck their goals."

Hollow Ones: "I still don't know alot about them but all I know is that they're kept away for a reason."

Order of Hermes: "Here, have a drag. You guys need to take it easy, damn."

Sons of Ether: "Impressive dude."

Verbena: "Warlocks and shit.. I heard some girls of the tradition practice sexual rituals. Very attuned to the nature from what I've seen aswell."

Virtual Adepts: "And again, impressive. I like their the amazing shit they could do with those devices."

Cult of Ecstasy: "Lost, that's what we are, atleast at moment."

Five Steps to Ecstasy:
1: Surrender your fears;
2: Focus your intentions;
3. Open yourself;
4. Attune yourself;
5: Repeat Step 1.

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Gud lak.

say hello bruh wachu doin  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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Add Daniel, yo.

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pretty great man I like the color code
looking forward to more rps

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Updated a few relationships and shit

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nice Cp bro . .

i should make dakarai's at one point

the relationships would amaze

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nice Cp bro . .

i should make dakarai's at one point

the relationships would amaze
do it, mang, do it!!!

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boiii where adam at? mushrooms stewie

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Updated a little, added some more relationships.

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Updated a little, added some more relationships.
I thought that we are best friends  :(
btw I'll take your cp's style

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Updated bruh

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where is sheriff

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 ;D  ;D ;D
New picture. Cool

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Shiiii-..I really should start Adam's CP again

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Where is Destiny u bish