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"Jay" [WIP]
« on: January 08, 2017, 03:59:22 PM »
Theme Music(s)
Spoiler for Theme Music(s):

About Him

Full Name: Jamie Trey

Nickname: "Jay"

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Los Angeles

Nature: Rebel
Spoiler for Nature:
The Rebel is a malcontent, never satisfied with the status quo or the system as it is. He hates the very idea of authority and does everything in his power to challenge and undermine it. Perhaps the Rebel truly believes in his ideals, but it is just as likely that he bears authority figures some ill will over a "wrong" done to him in the past. A rebel may hate institutions categorically, or she may be consumed with opposition toward a single particular authority. Teenagers, insurrectionists, and nonconformists all exemplify the Rebel Archetype.

Demeanor: Trickster
Spoiler for Demeanor:
The Trickster finds the absurd in everything. No matter how grim life (or unlife) may become, the Trickster always uncovers a kernel of humor within it. Tricksters cannot abide sorrow or pain, and so they strive to lighten the spirits of those around them. Some Tricksters have even higher ideals, challenging static dogma by exposing its failures in humorous ways. Comedians, satirists, and social critics are examples of Trickster Archetypes.

Race: Vampire

Age: 50

Apparent Age: 20s

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 155 lbs

Social Relationships Status
Parents: ??

Sibling(s): Joel Trey (Deceased)

Relationship with family: Joel - Was great

Martial Status: Single

Sexuality: Heterosexual

[ooo]Loathe/Kill - "You're in my shit-list."
[ooo]Enemy - Dislikes, hates, kill if necessary.
[ooo]Distrust - Avoid, negative impressions.
[ooo]Neutral - Just met, first impressions.
[ooo]Good - Worth buying a beer with, positive impressions.
[ooo]Friendly - Likes, admires, inclined to help.
[ooo]Close People - Worth dying for.
[ooo]Romantic Interest - Love, adore.


Joel - "You deserved a better life.. I'm sorry. My best wasn't enough. I'll miss you little bro."

Jeff - "Ahh.. someone who I can lend my trust on fully without doubt. However, guy's as boring as he gets, and always giving a low prior on what I say."

John - "A ghoul who acts like he's the superior of everything! Obnoxious attitude he's showing, boasting of his vampire that I don't familiarize with.. I'm keeping you here in this part of my book, may I revise it if you show some respect toward us."

The business brothers (Sully & Scoot) - "Someone who I can lean on for cash and some other shit that might be valuable. Y'all fine folks, so in exchange I offer help. Let's keep it that way."

Frost - "Dunno. I don't see the guy a lot.. His attention is always somewhere else, or otherwise he'll just stand on the pavement all night, doing nothing. He looks boring. But I guess I can revise that thought if I get to interact with the fella."

Abdul - "When do you speak is a mystery."

Gorilla (Nina) - "Definition of a fully loaded whore. Lucky for you, you're Scoot's bitch. Otherwise I'd torn you to pieces for aiming a gun at me head."


Spoiler for Humans:
"Ahh.. y'all becoming more and more predictable. Y'all fight, or kill each other for something unreasonable. Y'all steal just to suck something outta your pockets. Y'all pretentious.. while some of you are just fine. Might be best not stretch out a vast of relationship with 'em, keep 'em in  limits."

Spoiler for Vampires:
"Brothers and sisters... I respect some of you, while some of are just hateful. If I have to trust one of you, I'll have to locate us a common ground first."

Spoiler for Werewolves:
"Brash pieces of dog scum. Y'all physically stronger than we are, I admit that for a fact... But if that fact hadn't stand between us, I'd torn y'all to pieces!"

Spoiler for Demons:
"Tricky little bastards that wears mortal skin as a disguise."

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Re: "Jay"
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wtf u showin fangs to us, RIP Masquerade. jk

It's a good character. Gud lak.

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Re: "Jay"
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Loved the CP and your character concept is according to your cp.

Btw I don't know of we interacted ic before but add Daniel Frost in your relations list.

Spoiler for Cliffhanger:

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Re: "Jay"
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wtf u showin fangs to us, RIP Masquerade. jk

It's a good character. Gud lak.

lel. tnx

Loved the CP and your character concept is according to your cp.

Btw I don't know of we interacted ic before but add Daniel Frost in your relations list.

yep.. updated

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Re: "Jay" [WIP]
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Nice CP dude
Another one.... ehh nvm.

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Re: "Jay" [WIP]
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Nice Character Profile , Good Luck! :)
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Yes :)

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Re: "Jay" [WIP]
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Wherr is Nicholas? :)