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Sean Jefferson.
« on: January 10, 2017, 03:07:34 AM »
Sean Jefferson

About Him

Name: Sean Jefferson
Nickname: Sean - Jeff
Nationality: American


Skinning Knife:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Baseball Bat:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Brass Knuckles:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Colt 45:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Tear Gas:
Spoiler for Hidden:


Spoiler for Hidden:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Spoiler for Hidden:


The Apparent Age: Mid of his thirties
Skin Color: Black.
Hair Color: Black.
Eyes Color: Brown.
Height: 189 CM.


Smokes cigarettes: No.
Drinks alcohol: Rarely.
Is religious: No.
Drug user: Rarely.
Know supernaturals: No.

Relation Ships

Parents: Mack Jefferson , Amanda Jefferson .
Brothers: Raymond Jefferson , Carl Jefferson .
Sisters: N/A .
Relationship with parents: Never met them .

[ooo] - Enemy
[ooo] - Hate
[ooo] - Distrust
[ooo] - Neutral
[ooo] - Friendly
[ooo] - Best Friend/Family.
[ooo] - Admired/Love .

Raymond - Yo Ray,Wass'up?
Carl - Ay Carl.
Jamie - You're great leader and a good friend,I give you all the trust.
Mosi - You're one of my best friends.
Kevin_Price - You're my brother but from different mother,You're my best friend.
Luke_Yu - Good fighter,has a good heart.
Markus - You're good but doing stupid things on public.
Juan_Martinez - Stupid leader,bad fighter and acting like kids,How dafuq you'll create a Cartel?
A white male wearing green jacket (Methusasel) - Cocksucker,Take my advice...Don't lemme see you,becuz' if i've seen you i'll kill you.
Nikolai Kotov

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