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Relapse Prt 2 - Andrew Greeley
« on: January 17, 2017, 08:44:24 AM »
**Radio host talks for a bit, then tells everyone to enjoy the song coming up**

*Beat would play*

Its that feeling you get on the brink of a rough patch,
You rush back to the drink and just crash,
You act different, distant and drunk as,
One bad binge and you blink and the cuffs latch,
Fuck rap, the music is stalled,
So you can drink booze, snooze, drink booze and withdrawal,
You usually fall,
Puking while refusing to crawl,
Then wake up with no memory, or confused with it all,
Choosing to call your misses and ask for reassurance,
With the comfort its harder to be as nervous,
But after a tear surface the dark re-emerges,
You really got ask is a carton of beer worth this?
Nah, but you pretend that it's fun,
So fun that you dont even need a friend when you're a drunk,
You're alone upon a balcony tempted to jump,
But why mend it with a thump to the cement you can end it at once,
A sensitive cunt, you know you're a coward,
Theres over a thousand of other addicts that you've sobered and empowered,
You let them down, though you've spoken about it,
You've shown that even your own hope can be broken and devoured,
 But rise up, its the way that it is,
We go one step forward and hate when we trip,
But some days it just rains and the brains can slip,
SO stay strong anyone who related to this, please..

I went three and a half years sober, then I thought I could have a normal drink now.. Turns out I can't.
So I've gotta start from scratch-.. One day sober, and for those who've gone through a rough patch it can get better, it has for me and it will again.. Peace.
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