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House Rules
« on: February 01, 2017, 10:31:58 PM »
  • The book indicates that Hunters cannot perceive other Hunters as their auras is the same as Human's auras. Here, as a house rule, Hunters can distinguish other Hunters with this ability. (They don't automatically know that the other perceived supernaturals are Hunters as well, they can just see those are not "wrong" as the other perceived (AKA "Monsters") ones.)
  • The race uses the Experience system for gaining Edges as described in the book Hunter: The Reckoning Players Guide (Page 85-86). (That means there is no gambling Conviction.) (Edges gaining system use the path system which means they are learned from down to top. E.g.: You need to learn Hide (Innocence 1) Edge before learning Illuminate (Innocence 2).)
  • All Hunter characters start with a Level 1 Creed Edge.
  • Balance (Judgement 3) Edge's duration has been decreased to 1 turn per rolled success. (The Edge still works as described in the book; it temporarily suppresses an opponent’s supernatural tricks, leaving him as nothing more than a human or animal. Outside combat the Edge's duration is 3 minutes per rolled success.)
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