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Dexter_Draxler [Mage] | Initiation Application
« on: February 21, 2020, 05:40:36 AM »

Initiation Program

General Information
1. Forum Name: Fahim
2. Level ingame: 1 (New character)
3. When did you join the community? 2012
4. What did you learn so far? Multiple fera, vampire, werewolf.
5. What do you wish to learn? Mage race.
6. If you have previous characters, list them here along with their race: Kiro_Kudo(Nagah), Lyron_Walker(Vampire), Faris_Dagher(Vampire), Oscar_Nyman(Ratkin), Taymor_King(Vampire), Nicholas_Leonor(Vampire), Zane_Steele(Werewolf)

7. Do you understand the program and why it was created? Yes.

Character Information

1. Character Name: Dexter_Draxler

2. The race you want: Mage

3. Explain in short about your character (how they got to Angel Pine, what is their initial goal, and so on). Dexter lived in Las Vegas for most of his life the son of a wealthy family. One day he was kidnapped for ransom when a white van rolled up on him. The traumatic experience was enough to bring out the awakening in him. He fought against his captors and was freed. He didn't feel safe in Las Vegas anymore so he moved to San Fierro. He met Stuart there at a party where Stuart discovered he had awakened powers as well. He moved to Angel Pine to become Stuart's Apprentice.

4. If you have a Mentor in mind already (another player), please explain how both characters met: They met at a party and Stuart discovered that Dexter was a mage as well. They got along really well and after some time Stuart offered to help Dexter discover what he was.

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Re: Dexter_Draxler [Mage] | Initiation Application
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2020, 05:52:07 AM »
1. Forum Name: Mike
2. Discord Name: Mikey#6363
3. List of characters / Level / Race: Stuart Turner level 50 Mage
4. Race & Systems you will be focusing on: Mage and how to use magick effects properly (how to roll arete, foci and how the spheres work)
5. Last Admin Record (and what was it): It was an ajail almost a year ago for breaking rule 2.
6. Character Name that is the Mentor: Stuart Turner
7. In case that it is a NPC Mentor (A Mentor Background), provide the RPFs here:

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Re: Dexter_Draxler [Mage] | Initiation Application
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2020, 09:36:14 AM »
My apologies but this is denied due to overflow in the mage initiates. We have specific ruleset for how many per race can be, and mages are at 5/5 now.
Will lock for now since the Mage-Initiation slot is all taken up.

I suppose in 2 weeks' time this will be available once more.

For now, denied, I will reply once more when the slots open up.