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[Jake Summers]The Past, The Present
« on: March 15, 2017, 02:35:06 AM »
A some sort of loud bang emit from the other side of the room that I lived in that brought the sound as if a hammer smashed a nail countless times without any disregard of stopping, echoes pulsating to the vibrant area of the dorm - but was broken in the process, the thing itself. My half-squint eyes pitched over as the signal was clear to me from wherever the obscure route has made its end… My breath, stench in mild alcohol flavor of whiskey from yesterday’s party was dimming away, but enough for me to wake up and blend over to my feet. My crooked smile pushed over with an abnormal facial that I felt when frowning upon the ticks that screeched over my ears as I knew what I would need to do, WILL know what would happen if I would sit my lay off my ass all of the remaining day – I would get fucked by my boss if I get too late.  The clock even has shifted its signal an unclear time of its scope as the red numerical flashed to me that blurry that I could not afford to see. Was I still drunk? Or I am just quietly sobering up, laying on my bed..? Who the fuck even drinks on Sunday night after Friday and Saturday? I have a mask of a drunkard each single week to get wasted for washing all those desperate tears away and. Basically that is me, Jake Summers. Excuse my french, but I couldn’t tell what the FUCKING time was, yet I thought to myself that I had the vibrant, cursed electronic clock set it up to six—What? Six? No, no, that can’t be the possibility. Maybe it was nine?! Shit, now it looked like as if the 6 and 9 numbers merged together, flashing 8 at me from the dilating version. I squirmed my eyes together with by alternative hand’s fingertips brushing with a slight rub before pushing my bare naked ass off the bed. As usual, the bed wreaked in stench of my sweat that reminded of lavender merged with that Davidoff “Cool Water” ocean scent and rotting, cursed alcohol with chocolate sweet tobacco. Fuck, it smelled like shit when I snorted that in and.. And.. AND.. You have to be shitting me?! I descent my chin that down to notice that my sheets that I leaned on were colored of a crimson rose from the white layer of it on the front edge I had covered my face in-- Wait. Crimson rose it was..? Ah.. Now it all came back to me that I had a fight yesterday with this son of a bitch who was like: “ Hey, you need to get the fuck out from here before you get your ass whooped, son. “ – He cocked up a delirious facial expression as if he were delaying an orgasm. Either the power of alcohol did hit him right in the head or the mid-twenties guy really did seem to cock up the nerve. A lank, broad-shouldered guy with casual wear, nothing ordinary about him, but the motherfucker probably enjoyed irritating my time as I sipped on “Blowjob” . Yes, no pun intended, that is a drink. I taught him a lesson to not to fuck with me. The crooked smirk of his soon dimmed away when he was left there, laying on the floor and soaked in blood as it kissed his whole facial patterns – college payed off when I played as a quarterback in rugby. Though the bastard did manage to sucker-punch me and since of that, now I know why I cannot feel my upper lip as I rubbed in my face more and more when elevating myself from the bed. I arched over, hoovering past the room as if I was insecure of my tipsy movements. For that, I had to held over the wall and launch my way in the other side of the room to check if the time was actually ticking. *”Tick-tick-tick.. TOCK.”* - I pushed off the switch, swirling over at the left towards the bathroom to get my beloved cold shower that I never intend to miss out, especially when I cannot concentrate any further. Even so, it is my remedy for a better health care. “ I fucking love my life.. NOT. “ – I snickered to myself, cackling like a complete maniac who was victorious before bashing through the doors as I bind my core inside the shower to talk with myself in the deepest thoughts that I had it in me.

I knew already that it was over 8AM. At 9AM, my part-time job starts(I am lazy as fuck during the morning, so do not mind my attitude). I am Summers – Jake Summers. Yes, you read my last name right as it is. There is a saying: “ Hot as ever, hotter than never, hotTEST the test forever and ever. “ Joking, there is not a saying like that, haha: – I chuckled to myself when saying that as the valve turned right in when I was inside the shower, finally closing it before looking at the mirror just to see my handsome, rugged-looking face of your typical 22 year old. Oh, I love the water, squirting all over me as the droplets of it just pour down on my body all over and over again! I can feel and understand why it energizes the human body that much since I read through books and shit like that. Oh, there is some company named “Google”, where you can find information in there, but it will be launched in like the next few years, so fuck that shit – books all the way. A bookworm I am. And I am pretty much a productive person, always imagined that I am that kind of human being with some altruistic feelings and shit – I could rob almost anyone or anything, like I’m the fucking leader and I take what’s mine instead of the corruption that lead us, yet.. It was just me. I hate the fucking people who do bad things, yet I remain the joke as if I am nothing in this motive – why are there so many evil lurking around? Why does this pain have to come up? I never was that judge – I always was that type of person who wanted to do good and bring justice to those who do harm, terrorizing everyone. Even though that I am under the mask as a part-time guard in a shop, I still see people trying to ‘smuggle their way out’, steal some shit and treat it as if everything’s alright. Why this keeps happening? You will never know.

Ah, shit, the water is too cold. I spun down the valve off, imbuing out from the shower and back to my room. I was fully aware that it has not been clean for almost a month due to I broke up with my girlfriend; – the walls were cracked as if a mole himself ranted through, the ceilings were clearly visible with black stamps of spiders which had their white pearl nets sagged right in and, best of all, half of my clothes were ragged over the dusty floor which wasn’t wiped off over. That explains at how I start to ‘give’ up, yet I did not, because outside does not count at all to show how a person he is, impacted by his emotions. About my ex-girlfriend? I don’t really want to talk about that because world has flipped like shits and giggles just because of her. Maybe just a little bit. I am a terrible liar after all. Molly... Well, the word explains it itself(I’m just hinting you out a reason, so that counts as a suggestion though), but she just ditched me for a fucking guy who appeared to have had more paper than I did because he did not slave his ass as I do. CEO or some type of bullshit.. With Molly? Go figures. But that is not the reason-…

Anyway, I got up to my clothes, sacking them over before opening the dresser on the farther side of my little room that was about 2x4 as the plan said itself. Monotonic as ever – the guard’s costume looked like as if it was always prideful and when I held onto it, it reminded me of those days when I was a kid as teachers asked children at school at who they want to be. I always told: “ I want to be a police man! I want to protect someone! I want all the bad guys deserve what they got! “ – I heard that in a childish manner inside my head which made my crooked smile flash over before putting on the guard’s costume. Oh, and I worked as a supermarket guard, not those.. You know, high-ranked ones. I was pretty an average guy with average life, so I guess the job fit me before my dreams gone shattered. I live in a ghetto and there are some wicked people around me that I just want to fucking kill and protect those who are dearest to me. But who do I have to protect? Nothing else, but me, myself and I.
Now I will not bring up how I am going to eat and shit like that – I opened the fridge, took out three eggs and smashed them over the plate that I did not wash a few days ago. I spun that shit, cooked me a GREAT omelette with few crusts and that. I finished eating. It is healthy since from three to five times a week I hit the bars just outside the street, you know – street workout as calisthenics most of the people love to call. The chicks dig my body and I dig it, too. Okay, back to reality – I’m all dressed up, looking all nice, except for that fat upper lip which sagged over and.. Well, my breath stinks, even at how many countless times I washed my teeth. I pushed myself off from the room, slightly swirling from the alcohol and got outside of this accursed place.

And holy shit, it was a sunny morning, because it’s summer. Jake Summers hits the job during summer time sadness. Hah, go figures. Anyway, I’m heading up all casually to the work, watching countless people stroll over from side to side as they gaze at me. Yeah, they do that a lot when I’m on my uniform since people find that rather intriguing. Maybe it is just my handsome face that gets all the attention or it is probably just the satisfaction that you can see right through. Nevertheless, I cocked up, pretty much right at time before checking out my plain watch with metal inscriptions to it – it read: “ 08:59” . “ Right on fucking time. “ – I pushed it out underneath my breath, feeling remorseful with my now happy-two-shoes expression before getting back near the cashier just to stand there in my spot. The boss will not be pissed at me anymore and I can just stand there still, reading how people leave in and leave out the grocery store to hide the alcohol scent of mine. It still fumed off.

Anyway, it was not a big shop and I slaved my ass here from 9 to 3, from Monday to Friday. I even had a break time of 30 minutes just to grab some food and then chalk right on it. Also, I was equipped with a tazer and had this silly ass baton that I would use, in case some shit happens. Either way, to be strict and formal, I have been working here for over three months and I come up with a conclusion that I might quit after few weeks, because I find this job too fucking boring or too fucking disrespectful. Come on – they listed this: great orientation? Check. Psychological maneuvers? Check. Diligence, right attitude, respect? Check. Problem solving? Check. I am basically your right-hand man when it comes at grinding and checking everything out. My stature did not even say that I am a weak willed, weak looking individual.

“ Oh, motherfu- . . “ – I sprayed the words almost out of my mouth shortly after when getting a glimpse of you-know-who. That’s right. I saw my ex, Molly, getting knit-knit wrapped with her boyfriend. Hell, I did not even know the guy, but as far as I heard, he was such a total fucking douchebag. I mean, come on – he is shorter than me and he looks like as if he does not pack any weight. Also, the guy came here not a while ago and Molly just ‘dropped’ her panties down on him because of all the money – yet, the strangest thing is that we dated for two years and how the fuck he managed to steal her from he in a few fucking days?! I had that anger unflushed down from me when I met my eyes at both of them. “ Hey there, Molly. “ – I managed to push it out, even though that I was not willing to. They walked pass me and Molly did not even.. Notice me? What the fuck?! I sucked into my teeth and stood still as an ice break commenced before noticing the guy flashing out his teeth out of me. His teeth were disgusting as his whole appearance – rich ass work, high-class receiver, crooked smile and shows a bad tendency. How the fuck do these guys get everything they want to? And why the fuck Molly is walking pass me when I greeted her? Something was not right and my--- .  . .

“IT DOES NOT LIVE” – My head split over as the voice sensed out through my head as if someone nailed right it in with a hammer. “ IT DOES NOT LIVE! “ – the voice was still there, echoing before plausible back in the stop. “ Wh-.. ?!!? “ – My eyes dilated and my whole stature rose up as if I was fresh again. I have had to squint my eyes, blinking, to double check before dropping my jaw when I could not believe what I saw. The guy that was with Molly looked even more disgusting, but not in -THAT- way. He was much more pale and the hideous outlook of his began to shift even more that seconds later, the physique screamed of his to my brain – as if he was a walking corpse. I looked around once again. Wait.. Is this a hangover or what? I looked up my hand and the guy again – my vision was clear as a waxed window and I could not believe at what I am seeing. I had to do something. I had to.. Change something.. I have.. I need to.. No.. FUCK! … FUCK! FUCK! He noticed me as his slither voice screeched over before grabbing Molly the waist. She did not even react. What is happening to me?! Am I seeing monsters now?! I quickly slapped my hand over the tazer as it was a reflexive sight and my body pushed over at the aim: “ IT DOES NOT LIVE! “ – the voice pushed down my head as it rocked hard to my mind. “It” noticed that I took my tazer out, but I was too naïve to shoot him – all of the people who gazed at us were twisted eying me before he made an escape out the doors along Molly.
I froze for a split second, but my mind told me that I need to chase after them. “ Kill him.. Maybe.. It does not live.. “ – It is all I could think of as my drive sacked over towards the exit. I did not fucking care about the job no more, I knew that there are many jobs like this, but.. For Molly’s sake, I had to run after him, I had to do it for me and her! For everyone! I knew that there had to be a change in division and I bolted as fast as I could, following their trail over. “It” ran over at the alley-way with Molly subdued beside his arms as if he were head-locked her before I  blocked his way in. I was faster, but not that fast when I took my aim at the monster which laid his eyes before me. It was a horrific view to be presented with – IT had claws which sent over three inches long, the body of his was even more narrow and lank than before and the vision that I cleared up to this figure was horrific – he even had fangs! Molly did not even scream as if she was in a trance – her skin was more pale, but she did not look like the monster. I needed to save her and I had to do it now! – “ If you move one step back, I’m going to roast you! “ – I screamed, having my target aim set right at the precision of the monster who had Molly in a head lock. Shit.. Even though that I took courses at shooting ranges, but this was barely my sixth time at occasion like this. The monster finally embarked, letting out a head-splitting moan before saying: “ AAaswerfeh! YouuUR FuUCKiNG bITCh DIES RIiiGFHt HEaeeERE! “ – He scowled and on the very moment that I let my grip up the gun, I fired the tazer towards his head. I pressed the knot, sending the electricity input to its head. The monster gagged for a second, but then let a psychopathic cackle: “ DIEEE! “ – it.. It did not work?! No! NO!

“NO, MOLLY!” – I moaned it out, quickly turning to the monster in order to save her. The monster did his job as his reflexes were better than mine which he twisted the neck of hers and then threw her like a pivot at me. I grabbed ahold her, but the monster was now concentrated at me fully and I knew that this was not a persuasion timing; Molly was either dead and unconscious and there was nothing I could do now! I.. I heard her neck crack! I did not loose it, taking out my baton which flanked by the waistline of mine to the left. The monster gazed at me as if I were an idiot “ YOUUuuuU .. DIEEE!! “ – He burst shot at me with full speed and all I could do is to flip a coin – either smack him with the baton or either die, because it’s teeth gnawed and its claws embarked over. “My baton..” – I kept it in mind and even though it sounded dumb at first, but I believed in myself – I grunted when it was a few feet away before giving it my all -; “DIE!” – I embarked and felt the energy through my body which whiz over to the baton which hammered sidewards of the monster’s dominant temple area, crushing it all the way to the wall. I felt like an action hero in a comedy, but this was straight a nutcase – my whole core shifted along which split its head and IT was.. Dead—Wait! His body was burning outside and dust crumbled over as the wind blew. “ What.. What the fuck?! ARH! FUCK THIS! MOLLY! “

I demised over towards her. I clipped on my knees, falling beside as the alleyway echoed with my voice: “ MOLLY! NO! “ – And it was long gone before I had the chance to grab into her. She was dead. Her pale skin regained the flush of bristle and her hair flint over the scorched pavement. I felt anger, but I felt power that I could do by my decisions. “ Why.. Why the fuck did it have to be this way?! WHY DIDN’T I WAIT?! AH, I’M TOO FUCKING IMPULSIVE! “ – I cursed, yelping in aid as I let out a grip of my baton which smashed against the ground, breaking in half. I could not understand why this happened, but.. Molly was all I had before my parents passed away. That was the main reason why all my dreams shattered and I pulled over depression, but when I met Molly, she is…- No.. She was fascinating. She pulled me out shit and she knew what she had do and I had this tingling feeling that something was not right. God, and this fucking voice?! Where the fuck did it came from? Why now? Why not the day when “IT” stole her from me? Three months have passed and all I had was only her.
I could not be deceived any longer. Crying would not help me to resolve me and the problems that there were. Molly was dead and the monster’s body crumbled off. I was in the alleyway and if I stood here any longer, I might have got in trouble for.. Murder. I gazed back at Molly once more, meeting her lips with mine before giving her the last kiss: “ Molly.. I will always love you and I will make sure that every motherfucker will die.. EVERY FUCKING BITCH WILL DIE AND I WILL PROTECT OTHERS NO MATTER WHAT COST THERE IS! “ – I moaned it out with a scream underneath her hair, tears droplet over her cheeks as if she heard me. That same smile and that same beauty of hers.. I wished that I stayed longer, I wished that I changed everything.

But it was too late.

I ran away from the scene, climbing through the fence from the alleyway. There was nowhere to go, except my house. I embarked my eyes over and I could not believe what I just saw – there were more like ‘IT’ .. Some of them were over the scene by the bus stop, some of them were driving a vehicle, some of them.. No. I had to run! I had to get away from here somehow! “Yo yo yo, where ‘chu goin, mawfucca’, why the rush, a’ye a’ye? Why there’s blood on ‘chu shirt, mayyyne?! Aww, dun’ tell me, dawg, che’ kno’. You fukked up a loc’ up na’m-sayin’ ahaha?! Shieeet dawg chu’ getting’ dress ‘n shit ait’. “ – Blood? Shit, I needed to sprint over my room now since I was already near my flat. Brad was a gangster and, street wise, I got along with him pretty fine. He knew all the hiding places and-- . . “ Brad! S-Shit! THEY.. No.. Brad! LISTEN TO /ME/! I’ll fucking do everything and I need your FUCKING HELP! I need to FUCKING move away from this city! I’ll give you /EVERYTHING/, even this fucking flat, but you fucking better tell me where I can hide! “ – Brad was that type of “Say-no-more-I-got-chu’ “ type of friend. He was in his twenties like me, but dumb-witted expression of his explained that he was into robberies and slaughter. I did not like to talk to him, but he HAD to be the last person I talk to before moving on. Brad curved up a delirious grin, dapping into my shoulder with words like that: “ Yo, I got chu’ homie, say no-mo-mo, flow like’u rivah, mayyyne! Mi’ gots a cuzzy from’uh Blaine County in Blueberry, finna hit him up right no- “ ; “ BRAD! NOW! “ – I flipped the tables upside down my mind and gave him a few dollar notes which screeched over from the back pocket of mine. Brad, without any objection, took them with a crooked grin before fondling over the keys which rust on the edges and an insignia of a house number was scribbled over: “ N.O: 8, Blueberry”; “ Number Eight.. “ – I opened my eyes and then enclosed them once again, reading what this said: “ Safe zone. “ – Before I took a glimpse off from the keys, Brad was already gone. I did not understand what was happening.

I was on my way to the spot from Santa Monica to Blueberry, arriving with a bus. I did not see any monsters on the bus or everywhere. Maybe I was still hallucinating or it was my brain, giving me depression shots with shocks? Needless to say, I readied myself over there, stopping beside the main building neighborhood which had insignias “HACKSAW SQUAD” laced up. I had that same poker face over, but still read through the tags of the walls. I do not know if I was hallucinating, but one of the walls read: “ Safe zone against monsters. “ – What the fuck? I did not plan to stay any longer, rooted to my feet whereas the fact I scribbled over the search for Room 8. Setting my keys up, twisting them up, I’ve took a step inside to find nothing but plain old looking room with dust, poly scribed walls and clothes thrown up beside. It was like.. Starting over. I hissed and then stepped on something which brought my attention – a newspaper which massaged my foot, titled: “ Murder, murder, murder. “ – I cocked my brows together and picked up the newspaper, reading its continents and.. Holy shit. The description fit everything what happened today. Is Brad.. ? No. Brad was not a monster. But.. Did Brad know about what I saw.. ? This is the key answer, but he was long gone before I had the chance to ask him.

Guess my life restarts over. Guess that I will need to find out the purpose of my life. I guess that I am something.. Unique.


The crowd at a bar ebbed and flowed, crowding the sidewalk near the entrance that shunned the main entrance. Men, lank as poles and rugged, preened as they made their way into the bar before lashing off from an exquisite ’90 Cadicall Limousine. It was a daring view to hue your eyes as as those businessmen freed their necks of ties when lashing up inside to have a drink after a hard work’s day.
I was that kind of guy who was sitting up at the bar, writing up verses for “The Count of Monte Cristo” in a day dream. A lovely barmaid, searching my face, clawing a little, faintly caressing her hair stripes with the alternative fingertips had blissfully placed a tankard that dwelled in alcohol. I forgot what I ordered and looked up at her – in exchange I received her sharp contrast of brown hued eyes that were screaming under the heat of the dwelling gaze.

“ Is there anything else you would like to have, handsome? “ The black dress of hers tugged at her hips, but not blatantly as she swayed undulating. She looked pretty in black and so damn sexy as her loins, narrow-like had perplexed me I awe.

“ I.. No. “

“ You’ve been staring at me, young man. “  She stood there as out of the blue one of her ankles had crossed the other which made her hipbones jut even more forward than before. My trousers were instantaneously too tight.

“ I-I have to g- “

“ But you didn’t finish your beeeeerrr, handsome!~ “ Purring in a low neon echo that channeled in mezzo-soprano voice, the woman just pushed herself off in her usual lank position that dared to grace in this scrutiny.

I simply sat there while she stood at the corner, eating me with her eyes before turning away her petite face. Her raven-like hair framed miraculously that flushed her face with that loose, curved smile that bolted from the tip of her crystal clear teeth.

I forgot my fucking book, I forgot this tankard that she left, but I did not forget her scent that expressed freedom and possibilities to explore the world.. If you do know what I mean. I wanted to play around and I did not have anyone around to play with anymore. I wanted to touch her ; tearing her dress off from her naked skin that rocked in mild chocolate color. I wanted to just.. Run away from my past with her. At least for a night.

I stood up and drove past her once she was stationed back in the bar, appealing her lewd and vibrant eyes to the further clients. She looked up at me, turning her head in surprise ; her chill expression was replaced by a slow smile and a barely visible lip bite from the bottom. She was glad to see me.
“ The way you started to smile. You’re a nice looking lady when you smile. “ He continued as the barmaid had a permanent gleam in her eyes during this small-talk. “ You also wear a nice dress. What is this? Versace? “

“No. It’s my b- “ The words of hers were stuck in her throat as if she had her vision leering away, lips parting as if she had seen a ghost. She was in a shock.
By instinct I tried to turn away, but I fell to the table with my head smashing across the edge that whammed in droplets of crimson red color. It was my blood/ The impact was so strong as if a mule had kicked its foot right in, sacking a pound off. I saw stars.

“ ArhHh! WHAT THE FUCK?! “

It was one of the men in suits that had stood up and sucker-punched me right in the temple. A tall, broad-shouldered guy just like me, but much more bulkier and bristled in a rogue outlook. I instinctively pushed myself off when he tried to grapple ahold of me ; I sent a jab to the head of his without any luck – his head was as tough as a rock.

“ You don’t fuck with me, you fucking piece of shit! “ I felt my back kissing the floor as he threw me in a speed of light before lifting me up just right above his head. The pain was reflexive and a terror of a yelp was heard from a woman. Only a split second had passed and everyone inside the bar had met ends meet outside ; There was only me, the panicked woman with a fine ass and this dude left.
“ What the . . WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?! “ I spit out the mixture of blood and saliva the floor before lodging my eyes at him. I felt that my face was disturbed and inclined with a miraculous, tense outlook that burned with compulsion.

He was not human as I focused on him briefly. I saw the hideous outlook of his as the truth had unfold to me that he was not one of them. The words, the memories and the inscription “KILL IT” .. It just blazed in my mind, but..

The woman that was over at the bar was screaming in panic ; a call for help. Seconds right when I stood up, the monster had graciously swayed towards her – his suit was now torn in pieces as a hideous outlook had perceived its miraculous body shape that caressed in fur. I did not understand what that was, but his moan was beyond me ; a howl, as you would say so;

The breath of pastrami and garlic. He stank like shit. I swiftly maneuvered my dominant hand over, focusing at my inner prowess as there was nothing else to do; Either it’s HER or it’s ME! I wanted to kill that little motherfucker so bad and protect her that my conclave would be extracted as it is!

I sank my teeth right and let my body work right in. The monster had arisen himself, moaning out when he had engaged me in combat whilst trying to claw me with his ambidextrous hand. I barely slipped aside from his paws, falling over at the counter where the woman was that fainted in despair. She couldn’t flee, she couldn’t moan, she couldn’t whisper ; but I knew that I have to save her! I didn’t want to see other people to get hurt anymore as I lost too much to this world!

And my thoughts broke off when he was nearing us.

“STAY THE FUCK BACK!” – My temper got ahead of be as I’ve signaled the enemy with my alternative that flourished.

“STAY.. THE.. FUCK.. BACK!!!”  I moaned it out, screeching as my hand slashed itself to the air, pawning up. I felt how I radiated with energy as my physique worked its pace off from my body when my cry for help had made ahead when I faced him with ends meet.

The monster tried to push himself further to me, but he could nor tackle, nor engage me anymore. As if the area that surrounded me and the woman was a holy grail that he couldn’t move in.
And then I saw it. It was.. Odd. He tried to claw himself right in, but sparks came from the barrier that we were lashed in.

The roar of his came out and in a baffle when he, once again, tried to persist through the barrier, but a static charge had impulse him, backing him down. I took extra precautions and took it to my stride; My body worked on its own when I picked up a nearby knife from the bar as it was one of the only things that were instructed up close. As I wield it, I swiftly lodged myself in, grunting in pain when dazzling the humanoid with a thrust towards his head, driving the blade from the handle.
It was a fatal hit and he collapsed. I did it again. And again. And again. AND AGAIN!

“ YOU.. “ Stabbed him. “FUCKING.. “ Stabbed him to his eyes. “MOTHER--! “ Launched the knife to his head. “—FUCKER!! “ And then I swayed the blade all the way so swiftly, yet robust, that the knife had shattered along with the monster. It ashed.

He was just like the last one I fought. He was the same. It was breathtaking.

I ascended myself up as the clothes of my were covered by its blood in crimson red.

“Shit.. “ – I pushed out my breath as if it had a lead weight hanging from it. My eyes set up at the woman just beside the counter as I walked right in, but she was unconscious.
I wanted to come closer, to pace my length, but it came back to me – all those drifting memories like marbled halls.. Waiting just outside the perimeter to make my drive flourish away. It has gotten to my head.

“ No. “ I stopped by waking her up. I knew that there would be more trouble if she recognized me or not, but there was a caution that had pierced itself sharp. All I could do was to sway myself off from the area, making my exit through one of the windows from the bar at the emergency exit. My ass was on the line, and I was worried that if there would be more of them, they will give shit and fuck me up before I make my bail.

But one thing was for sure--

The Almighty is watching me.
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very expressive style of writing
first person drama all over

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very expressive style of writing
first person drama all over
Appreciated! Will create more through the time being. I got a nice scheme set up! :)

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Jeff Winters.

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Awesome 8)

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Re: [Jake Summers]The Past, The Present
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Fuck was mentioned 51 times, nice

great story btw :D