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**Article making headlines in Red and Bone county papers**
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:47:14 AM »

"Member of Hells Angels being pulled over by RCSD"

Something is brewing in the streets of Red County and the mayhem may be heading to your town next. Over the course of 97' alone, Bone County has seen at least 60 biker gang related shootings. The growing battle between biker gangs over narcotics and weapons distribution has grown out of proportion.

Several district public figures have began planning "anti-gang" violence protest to help lead young people away from gangs and violence. Meanwhile other efforts to combat the recent increase to crime and help boost crime fighting within red county to prevent this insurgence of gangs within the county may have already failed.

"The recent outburst of violence has really shaken people up and everyone is anticipating another shooting eventually" says George Bell, resident of Montgomery. The most recent of shootings was a series of drive-by shootings that led all the way through Montgomery (the Hells Angels formal territory) to the Hells Angels club house at the heart of Montgomery.

"Montgomery has always been a quiet and peaceful place to live in but when the Hells Angels arrived everything changed for the worse" says Bryanna Byrd, student and resident of Montgomery. This isn't the first gang war to strike Red County but its suspected that it may be happening over recruitment. The Hells Angels have grown too old to continuing fighting so they require younger, more ruthless members to work for the leaders.

Eddie Briggs former Bandidos gang member and now gang prevention activist says "The recent recession really contributed to the recruitment. A lot of good young people lost their jobs and the temptation of fast money enough to draw many in." He then continued to speak on how they've been so successful "There was no organized crime in Red County before we walked in and took it. It's just that the other three big gangs (Hells Angels, Outlaws, and Bandidos) saw and did the same thing which we couldn't sit around to watch happen."

"The most vulnerable people are teenagers and they see the fast money but don't understand the consequences" Mr.Briggs continued "We give these kids a chance in the mainstream or something more interesting than being look outs for gangs, we may stand a chance."
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