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Server Rules
« on: February 01, 2014, 10:09:08 PM »
1. Do not use any cheats, hacks, exploits or third party modifications.
2. Roleplay at all times unless an admins says not to.
3. Do not metagame.
4. Do not powergame.
5. Revenge Killing is prohibited.
6. Do not steal (ninja-jack) occupied vehicles without any roleplay involved.
7. Do not use abbreviations in character.
8. Constantly jumping (bunny hopping) is prohibited.
9. Car Surfing is allowed ONLY on pickup trucks (up to 2 persons in the back).
10. Do not AFK or alt-tab for longer than 10 minutes unless you used “/(h)ouse sleep” feature.
11. Do not advertise any servers or sites without an admin’s approval.
12. Flaming or racism is prohibited.
13. Drive-by as a driver is prohibited, only passengers are allowed to drive-by (legal weapons: Colt45, Silenced Pistol, UZI and Tec9).
14. Do not use fully capitalized sentences in an OOC chat.
15. Do not spam.
16. Do not rob or scam players of level 1 or 2.
17. Do not scam over $5,000.
18. A robbery can be performed only by using the /rob command or choosing between the victim’s inventory items/cash (The total market value of the chosen items/cash cannot exceed $1000 + $50 * [Victim's Level] unless the item cannot be split; e.g., M4).
19. Do not take out heavy weapons (Shotgun, SPAS12, MP5, AK47, M4, Rifle, Sniper, RPG, Katana, Golf club, Baseball bat, Shovel, Pool cue, Cane, Parachute) without any roleplay unless they’re sciptly holstered.
20. IC chat is an english-only chat.
21. Sexual harrassment without an OOC consensus between both sides is prohibited.
22. Do not use celebrity/famous name as a character name.
23. Don’t transfer money or property from one account to another without an admin’s permission.
24. Do not share your accounts with other people.
25. IC fights have to be roleplayed according to the server script/RP fight policy:

  • Both types of fights are allowed if the attacker has a valid RP reason for the assault. It is recommended to RP injuries during a script fight by going into an injured animation such as \"/injured\" or \"/dead\" which would interrupt the script fight and engage the roleplay fight. In a clean script fight where the fight begins when the attacker has struck the first hit or the attacker has shot at the opponent, is recommended, but not necessary, to warn the target about the beginning of script fight. A vehicle crash in a script chase automatically turns a script fight into a roleplay fight where the consequences of the crash have to be roleplayed properly. A roleplay fight can be turned into a script fight and vice versa only if both parties agree.

26. Do not attack a cop if there is less than 3 members of the Sheriff’s Department online. (This rule doesn't apply to resisting arrests. Exception to this rule can be made either with the victim's (cop) consensus or an administrator's consensus.)
27. Do not enter the forest with a non off-road vehicle.
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