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Beauty and the Beast - Chapter I
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Beauty and the Beast Chapter I

Sir Richard stood tall with his chest up high and with his fingers intertwined which rested behind him, he demanded Margot's attention and hovered over her, in comparison Richard was a giant ~ "Drive your desires and inner motives to a greater altitude in order to succeed my dear childe.", Richard threw his hands on Margot and grasped her arms "You can run, and you can also hide" Richard whispered, he hovered and stood over Margot before retreating his hands, "Let the blood circulate inside you, it already knows what to do, so let it consume you" Richard continued, he had removed a knife from what looked like a rusty old cabinet and drew it upon his index finger, moderately making an incision. sir Richard pressed against his finger where blood began drooling, reassuring Margot. Margot instinctively stuck out her tongue and opened her mouth where she had remained still and let sir Richard advance. Richard held Margot's chin and tilted her head "Just like before" Richard muttered, he had aligned his finger toward the centre of Margot's tongue and watched as his finger slowly oozed inside.

The illuminated room shared several drawn out hallways that were dim and where light couldn't reach, which set off an eerie feel. "Choose a path, dear" Richard said as he pointed to one of many hallways which depicted a maze. "How about a game of cat and mice? You're the mouse now hide" Richard suggested. "Are you the cat?" Margot asked, "No dear, I'm not the cat" Richard sighed and before continuing sir Richard laid his hand on Margot, gesturing toward his eyes. She had tailed her eyes up sir Richard, her sire, and made eye contact, "You're a target - go on - hide like your life depends on it" Richard finished.

Margot gawked at sir Richard before it had occurred, a frightening sensation and the unwillingness to scatter into the halls. Margot felt startled, Richard's absolute sheer dominance and intimidation drove Margot into believing her life was at stake if she had not begun running, which she did. Margot broke into a sprint and scurried through the first hallway, though Richard stood tall and gave Margot time to stall before summoning one of his many ghouls, "Albert, find her" he said. Richard lingered for a little longer before carrying on, "Now, I know it's been a while since I've fed you." Richard whispered, resuming to release Albert from his shackles, the sound of chains rattling against the concrete floor had caught Margot's attention. "But you'll be greatly compensated" Richard finished, Margot peeped behind her before turning the nearest corner, catching a slight glimpse of sir Richard's ghoul casually dashing into a random hallway along with his neck restraints jolting and slithering around. Upon turning the corner Margot had delayed time by cowering behind the wall, with barely any vision at the all, the hallway led into what looked like a puzzling maze. Margot was anxious of being caught, not only assuming her life was in genuine danger but to also add onto the fact that venturing the menacing-like maze did not bring comfort to her in anyway. Propelling with every step, she advances into the dark and wanders the maze completely blind.

Margot scrunches her eyes, a glimmer of light is brought upon her and at this point she is comforted by the sun's scourching heat. Margot lifts her head from the table and draws the blinds, sighing with relief. Margot broadens her legs on the wooden chair that she's seated upon, inside one of many Richard's dwellings. Margot hunches over and lays her head upon the table, huddling her arms around for comfort as she tries to recall what happened earlier that month. Margot recollects her memory, picturing herself escaping.

Branches just outside of sir Richard's dwelling which Margot resides in are stepped on, however Margot is completely oblivious as to what goes on outside ~ Two hoodlums sneak around and find a way inside, at the entrance of the dwelling stands a Ventrue in formal clothing, and in his hands - a cane.

In the span of memorising that particular event in Margot's story, learning the ways of concealing and deceiving did not come as easy to Margot, for some reason it was all too difficult especially for someone such as herself. Perhaps it had something to do with motivation, or dedication. For whichever reason Margot failed time and time again, however - whether it's either of those things one thing is for certain. Refusing to accept defeat and going against what fate has in store is what you keeps you from ending up like the others, at the end of a blade's point, only to await death, only then will you be able to tell your own tale. Margot truly believed in those things, she believed withering away in earth's rubble couldn't be worse than having to be captured as someone else's pawn.

Margot sought her way into the maze, treading lightly with every creep she thought it'd be a good time to enhance her senses, at least that - she thought, somewhat confident. She held still at some point as she made her way deeper into the maze, pondering on what to do next. Albert however, still prancing around the maze continues to let his neck restraints jolt around for the time being. sir Richard still awaits for the outcome, fading in thought as he removes a flask of blood and quaffs it down. Hours go by and Albert with his neck restraints jolting against the floor is heard marching toward Margot's direction, she makes her way behind another wall only to perceive Albert run past. The sound of chain restraints stop slithering about, why would it stop? Margot pondered. Margot widens her eyes only to hear the neck restraints drop at her feet, colossal like hands clench Margot's neck and she awakes from her short slumber.

It all felt too real, Margot paces on feeling up her neck and turns around in paranoia. Margot hurries on enabling her enhancements, she stops herself from making too much noise and directly listens. Multiple feet hit the deck and is heard closing distance from within the dwelling to the entrance, and awaits a well groomed Ventrue, still a mystery as to why they're lurking about, Margot actively searches for an exit. The two men whom are perceived as nothing more than goons let in this Ventrue only to bow and nod in agreement, "Sir, this way" says one of them "Is the coast clear then?" replies the Ventrue as he adjusts his sleeve. "It is as far as we know" responds the second hoodlum, they guide said Ventrue to where Margot had been just moments before. There they see an opened window that glittered from the sun's luminous beam, the Ventrue tsked in annoyance and curiously squinched his eyes as he looked around the room, "You find her, find her now!" snapped the Ventrue, the two followed orders and hurried away. The Ventrue whistles a tune meanwhile taking a seat beside the window which Margot just had been in. As minutes go by the Ventrue comes to a conclusion and finally stops whistling, his ear shifts in a peculiar manner which put a smile on his face - only to turn around and encounter what he had been looking for, Margot Widmore.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast - Chapter I
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awh ma gahd

cant wait for the 2nd chapter doe
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