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Yuki, the Tenebrae.
« on: February 02, 2018, 05:49:20 PM »
    Spoiler for Ingame skin + Download link(click the image):

    Character Story:
    (Click above for a redirect to the full story)

       Yukiko was the daughter of a royal consort. When the Emperor died, a palace wide chaos ensued. They fled the country, but whilst making their way across China were ambushed by bandits. They bought Yukiko and her brother some time to flee, but quickly afterwards the raiders gave chase. She fell in a ravine, and in an attempt to lose the pursuit by silencing her brother's cry, accidentally suffocated him. She decides to commit suicide but instead gets rescued by a group of merchants, who take her to Europe.
       She is sold into slavery to the duke of Saxe Lauenburg. Yukiko is assigned as the lady's maiden to his daughter, and she sparks an interest in music for the child. She gets quite good at it and impresses a lasombra priest visiting from Rome. He ends up embracing Sophie, who in turn ghoulifies Yukiko and keeps her under thrall for the next few decades. Before the convention of Thorns, she is embraced as a reward for discovering an elder's estate. Years later, she joins up with other Sabbat and becomes a pack priest temporarily, within only a decade they are all slaughtered, with the exception of Sophie who flees. Yukiko enters torpor for over a century.
       After awakening from her long slumber, she begins to pursue a path of power and begins to delve on the occult, becoming a mystic among the ranks of the Children of the Abyss. Fast forward in time, Sophie grows uneasy with her childe's ever growing power and plans to take her out. In the modern nights, she's tracked down and another fight ensued. Yukiko fakes her own death, gaining temporary freedom from her foes. After laying low for a decade, she returns and forms the Frei family, gathering her old progeny from around the world and building a new power house. 

    General Information:

    Name: Yukiko Frei Yagami
    • Yukiko stands for cause for joy.
    • The Frei middle name is used by all of her progeny, it's meant to express their newly gained freedom.
    • She adopted the Yagami name upon being freed from slavery. It stands for Night God in the Japanes Kanji.
    Age: 587 (Embraced in 1488)
    Place of origin: Japan
    Racial information: Vampire, 8th generation, Lasombra
    Affiliations: The Lasombra, The Sabbat, The Children of the Abyss,
    • Following the embrace, she automatically followed in her sire's footsteps and joined the Sabbat as soon as it was formed.
    • Upon awakening from her long slumber, Yukiko joined the Children of the Abyss in their pursuit of mystical knowledge and power. She is now in hiding and their contacts have faded.
    • After her own sire tried to hunt her down, Yukiko faked her own death. A decade later she resurfaced and gathered her progeny under a single family. The Frei.
    Current affiliation: Head of the Frei family.

    Physical Appearance:

    Apparent age: 33
    Ethnicity: Eastern Asian
    Skin characteristics: Slightly tanned, frost cold skin.
    Hair characteristics: Medium length messy raven hair.
    Facial characteristics: Diamond,  sapphire blue eyes
    Body characteristics: Fairly muscular mesomorph, not too buff though...
    Distinguishing features:
    • She possesses a very soft voice, sometimes one might detect a faint trace of Japanese in the accent.
    • Although pale, she has been corrupted by the abyss and her skin is afflicted with something similar to the Ever-growing Darkness curse that afflicted the Assamites. Her skin is barely tanned at this stage.
    • When touched, she's cold even by vampire standards.
    Height: 1.72 m or ~5,5 feet

    Personality Insight:

    Humanity/path: Path of Caine |5|
    Temperament: Melancholic/sanguine.
    Trivia stuff: Paranoid, likes to read, religious.
    Languages spoken: Japanese, German, Latin, English.

    Stereotypes: While they shaped her opinion, they do not take priority when dealing with individuals. She'd rather be the judge herself.
    Code of honor/moral ethics:
    • Search for the history of Caine. Learn from his actions.
    • Develop your willpower and predatory instinct. The Beast, like the rest of the vampiric form, may be mastered.
    • Take the vitae of the unworthy so that you may become closer to Caine. Temper this accrual with an understanding of your own potential so that you do not take the Curse for granted.
    • Adapt to the needs of your new condition; cast aside your lost humanity.
    • Study your abilities and the abilities of Caine to discover what belongs within you. Examine the limits and meanings of vampirism.

    Nature: The Architect
    • The Architect has a sense of purpose even greater than herself. She is truly happy only when creating something of lasting value for others. People will always need things, and the Architect strives to provide at least one necessity. Inventors, pioneers, town founders, entrepreneurs, and the like are all Architect Archetypes. A Kindred Architect might seek to create new laws that affect her fellow undead, or she might aim to establish a new Anarch domain.
    Domeanor: The Judge
    • The Judge perpetually seeks to improve the system. A Judge takes pleasure in her rational nature and ability to draw the right conclusion when presented with facts. The Judge respects justice, as it is the most efficient model for resolving issues. Judges, while they pursue the "streamlining" of problems, are rarely visionary, as they prefer proven models to insight. Engineers, lawyers, and doctors are often Judge Archetypes. Kindred Judges might gravitate toward enforcement roles in local society, or they might be a voice of reason in an otherwise radical coterie.
    Concept: Secret Leader

    Personal Goals:

    [] Achieved.
    [] In progress/Ongoing.
    [] Failed.

    [] - Pave the way for the family's arrival;
    [] - Acquire a haven and resources to sustain the family;
    [] - Gather information on the current domain residents before her family's arrival;
    [] - Find a way to co-exist with the current sect;
    [] - Destroy the Lasombra antitribu that stain this county;
    [] - Continue to develop her powers and expand her power house.


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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Welcome to the dark side my friend, enjoy it.

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    holy shit
    Quote from: Jhin
    “Art requires a certain cruelty.”

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    diz iz awezome
    Life is awesome without lying.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    nice lips
    To see the face of immortality, you must leave the human world
    This fire, these woods, the wind in the branches overhead,
    This is the true world, the Mother’s realm,
    The seat of the immortal, the heart of our world.
    The Weaver spins a gilded web, and strong, but it is false,
    Ephemeral, when placed against the branches or the flames.
    Steel and glass give brave assurances, but only viewed against our
    fragile flesh.
    Inside that flesh, inside ourselves, is immortality.

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    i like the the hands raven=) expressed my thoughts

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Elizabeth doesn't like this xD omg D:
    <<Tout ce que vous regardez est pas ce qui se prétend être, la réalité est aveuglé par l'altération de la nature, telle est la question subjective découvrir la vérité de ce qui est vraiment propre.>>

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    y'all cuckboys comin' here on my bitch, nah dog, y'all cats forgot who this be, who this was, this is my hoe yo
    it's been a whole year
    since that day everything was clear
    I don't know about y'all but I've seen the truth
    And it ain't that smooth
    Aids infested slum
    Covered in grey cum
    Shall I remind you of the bright light?
    When weakness turned into might?
    Trust me nigga, I've been through the shadow of death
    And it wasn't a trip of meth
    I've seen my loved ones die
    But I no longer cry
    Cuz' y'all niggas need to understand
    she my hoe and i command

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    It's a good CP, no doubt. Have fun!

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Kawaaaii sugoi desu

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
    « Reply #12 on: February 04, 2018, 11:50:55 AM »
    Depths of passion and gore, mixed with sultry aspects of ours will befall on this very journey..

    The fivesome of us will tell the story as Raven, Lurker, Arham, Danny and I, the sensual slave, will lurk thee' shadows upon thou' wrath...

    Make me a cp ok?

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    errr no, just copy paste the format if u want

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    Re: Yuki, the Tenebrae.
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    Good luck, new character in a while from you.