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Story of a ghost.
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:26:38 PM »
A man I don’t know, an unknown face, is he mothers of fathers friend? Perhaps a colleague, or the debt collector? What is even a debt and why is mother and father scared of it?
But he’s sitting down calmly, he looks like a nice man. He even brought sweets for me. It’s an odd day, Mother and Father stayed home, and I didn’t have to go to the bookbinder, Mrs. Jones today.
Sometimes I don’t understand Mother and Father, they say we need to work, that we won’t get anywhere, yet all we did today we sit at home. Eating and drinking. It was delicious, but I don’t understand it.
I feel asleep early, it was just a strange day.

That’s all I see, the same frames, the same clothes, the same thoughts and the same faces. It just keeps going, without stop. (No no no, don’t do that, it’ll leave a mess you don’t want to cle- Oh great, you severed his hand… This is why I can’t stand the Bruhurja, or whatever they call themselves.)
No matter the time, day or night, it keeps haunting me. I wonder how things could take a turn for the worse, when everything was already so bad.
I realize that now, years and years… (See, devouring her would lead to a blood hunt, just as I told you, why don’t you listen? oh right, you can’t hear me.) I wonder how many years, I stopped counting… We were never anything big in the scheme of things, we were just another poor family doing our best to get by every day. We never had any luxurious events, food or even any fancy clothes… Not like the Man.
I now realize that it was a happy day, a birthday. And they were celebrating me. And I suppose I should be thankful to have a happy day as my last.

Oddly enough, I don’t miss those days, I never really enjoyed them. Yet they haunt my very existence. I suppose I’ve simply gotten used to the undeniable fate that things change over time. (there there, don’t cry, being abandoned is natural, even father abandoned the dark mother.) Of course, not everything changes, but most changeable things do eventually arrive at the pre-destined purpose of all.
I’d be thankful if all these voices could just be quite for attest a full ten minutes, please?

I just wish things would be easier, (Oh no, don’t go into the sun you know you’re not- oh, too late.) a “life” without all the… politics, violence and unnecessary craziness.
Now I realize that I’m not perfect, No one is, but I think I’m more well behaved than most. And I don’t throw fits like most other, I was never a troublesome child! I did my work as I was supposed to and always listened to Mother and Father.
I just hope my surroundings see it that way too. Speaking of surroundings, where am I even? And why’s there so much… oh right, I did this.
*long sigh*
… I better return home soon and tell him I’ve finished.

After living most of my undeath hidden, I’ve grown accustomed to not being seen or wanted, but I guess it can’t be helped to be wanting to at least be acknowledged for what you can achieve. A gift of Malkav, acknowledged for its potential.

I spent countless years trying to adapt, but I was never accepted or welcomed. I was always made a fool of, I still am, but at least I do get some acceptance… Or so I like to think.
After many years by the side of my sire ,many years of madness, learning everything from this to that, he simply left.
Being alone out there, in this body was… to an extent easy… I never had trouble luring in a victim, but I could never really seem to get things done.
What made it difficult wasn’t feeding, oh no, what made it difficult was other kindred. Seeing me they would… almost always… either try to use me, outright kill me, or just use me as their personal toy. I never had much of a say in anything.
That’s why I decided to refine my “craft” and use it in a… some would say unorthodox, way.
I learnt that dabbling in matters that is not of my concern was the best way to stay out of trouble but doing so was never easy. Other kindred tend to make it my concern. Either because they’re lazy, or because I’ve got potential, I don’t know.

After refining what I already know and could do, I spent a couple of years in a small town somewhere in central Europe. Every week the same, find something to prey on. Cause as little effect on the town as possible, staying hidden from the population.
Then it struck me.
Instead of scurrying around in the shadows all the time, refining my ability to simply blend in would be a much more efficient way to stay off the radar.
So, I started experimenting with what I could and could not do in order to blend in with the humans.
Looking back at it, it was a cute, desperate attempt at finding a place of my own. But it worked.
I would have to change town every few years, but it meant I could have something to call home for a short amount of time. Keeping myself nourished wasn’t an easy task… It seemed to become more and more difficult as the years passed.

“Living” like this brought me to him, or rather, him to me.
I noticed him early on, he always had this… how should I say it… an aura of death and despair. I immediately knew that by following this man, I’d see plenty of fascinating events occur.
I had some fun along the way. He never could seem to find me when I spoke to him. I think I made him mad, mainly because I wouldn’t let him “eat in peace”. I’d just stand there, by his side, watching him do what he liked, occasionally telling him some of the stuff I heard from the cobweb.
Eventually I decided to appear in front of him, to let him see me. But he never paid any mind to me, even as I talked to him.
So, I had to take drastic measures.

Whilst he was having his way with a young, pitiful, woman, I played a little trick on him. I stepped out of the shadow, revealing myself.
I think that scared him, he pounced at me.
So, I just vanished again, giving him a teeny tiny taunt… He didn’t like that.
He tried to talk me into coming back, all calm like, but I could see it in him, something was off. Therefor I decided to leave him be for a week, or at least it felt like a week, it was probably closer to a day. In fact, it might have been the following night.
He sat in front of a desk, doing whatever, looking out on the people I think. Wait, were there even a window there? I don’t remember.
I decided to sit down on his bed, right behind him, a mere couple of meters between him and me.
After sitting down, I didn’t bother with keeping myself out of sight, I just let it be. But he never turned around.
The minutes passed, and I grew tired of waiting, thus I exclaimed “You were frightful yesterday, you really startled me.”.
He turned around calmly, looking at me as he’d appear concerned about it.
He apologized and introduced himself. We had a rather lengthy chat after that, quite a pleasant one to be honest.

The outcome has been a most… terrifyingly pleasant one. I stay at his side and serve him, and he handles the issue of feeding. It’s better this way.

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Re: Story of a ghost.
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Good luck kiddo :-)

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Re: Story of a ghost.
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That's really nice, good luck!

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Re: Story of a ghost.
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That's really nice, good luck!

Thanks, glad you like it! :)
I might add more, might not, I feel it's a good open end ^^