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John Gregory
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John Gregory

"Manners maketh Man"

Basic Information:
Name:John Leopold Gregory.
Place of birth:London, England.

You're a very wise and learned person. Although the name implies age and experience, it could be that you're just extraordinarily precocious. Either way, you know a great deal and give the impression of solid common sense. People come to you for advice, and it often pleases you to give it. Learning is a great tool ó it's what separates us from the lower animals. It's also your greatest strength. Hungry for knowledge, you pore through books, scrolls and archives on an eternal quest for trivia. To you, life is a school and class is always in session. Your wisdom is often handicapped, however, by Distance. To you, everything is abstract; to others, you seem remote, impassive, and clinical. While it seems to strengthen your objectivity, this trait cuts you off from your surroundings. To progress, you'll have to find something more meaningful than mere Knowledge.

Everything that matters in the world struggles to survive in the face of its enemies. This isnít necessarily a commitment to tradition, though. The thing you defend may be some fragile innovation or the hope of future progress. You may see your role in martial terms, or otherwise; this is an archetype for healers and priests as well as warriors. You find your fulfillment in defending the cause to which youíve given your allegiance.

Hair Colour:Light brown.
Eye Colour:Blue.
Sexuality:Heterosexual, but no interest in a relationship.
Family:Father dead, Mother alive(Alzheimer's). One Brother, James (location unknown).



-People with no respect for knowledge.


  • Graduated with a degree in Military History and Ethics.
  • Promoted to Corporal II in 1985.
  • Traveled to the Far East and studied Chinese and Martial Arts.
  • Spent over twenty years perfecting his craft.
  • Fell in love and had his heart broken.
  • Composed a big Bestiary on dealing with supers.
  • Survived thus far.


John has spent many years tracking and killing vampires. They are the supernaturals that he deals with most, he is disgusted by their nature. Preying on the weak, drinking their blood, giving in to their animal urges and even going so far as to "embrace" others. John's duty is to protect innocent civilians and vampires make this most difficult.

John has the least disdain for werewolves. Although brutish and generally stupid, he hasn't encountered too many that prey on humans. Therefore John hasn't had too many run ins with their kind. He hopes to keep it this way.

Johns most hated race of the supernaturals. Most demons are selfish and monstrous, using human skins for their vessel and making humans their thralls, John has no empathy for these traitors to God and takes some small pleasure in dealing with their filth. As a strong believer in God, Johns desire to carry out His will and bring those demons to justice is one of the only pieces of satisfaction John gets in his line of work.
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Re: John Gregory
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Ooh I remember u actually
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Re: John Gregory
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Added race relations.

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Re: John Gregory
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A hunter eh, dope.
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