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Linguistics (Knowledge)
« on: February 15, 2018, 10:38:41 PM »
Linguistics is probably the most used Knowledge in our game yet it doesn't exist in the 20th anniversary editions of the game lines we are following. Here's the system we'll be following to avoid confusion:

You begin play with the native language of your choice for free, but if you want to speak any other languages, whether modern or ancient, Linguistics is a must. This ability allows you to understand additional languages, but at high levels also offers a more general understanding of linguistic structure. Linguistics may allow you to recognize accents or decipher word puzzles.

Novice: One extra language.

Practiced: Three extra languages.

Competent: Six extra languages.

Expert: Ten extra languages.

Master: Fifteen extra languages.

Specialties: Romance Languages, Kanji, Idioms, Hieroglyphics, Written Expression, Ciphers.

Everyone with the Linguistics Knowledge should get a /(r)ole(p)lay(f)eature which looks like this when it's correctly formatted: