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Rendezvous in Rome
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July 18th, 1983:
John collapsed onto the couch, with the remote in hand he began to shuffle through stations, 2am television was not meant for the sober, reality tv and old comedy shows on repeat, John felt the tiredness taking over and each press of the remote felt like a closer step to sleep. He wasn't fully asleep, he was half and half, he could still hear the music from motel room next door but yet felt perfectly at ease. That's usually when they came to him. Unable to wake and unable to sleep, John waited for the sweet embrace of sleep. It didn't come, a headache did instead. Not a dull pain, but a sharp intense and deep pain, he only got those on special occasions...from behind closed eyes, John could hear the television cut to static, and through the noise a clear and deep tone drifted into his head: "Find another at the heart of the Church." The headache disappeared as quickly as it came and the television returned to normal. John was dragged from his sleep by a bang, the remote had fallen from his hand and onto the floor. He felt as though his shoes were made of lead. His head dizzy, he staggered around the motel room gathering his bag and supplies for his journey. "A pilgrimage of sorts" he thought to himself. He left the room key on the table, took his bag of belongings and closed the door.
"Where to sir?" the taxi driver asked.
"The airport."
"Going anywhere nice sir?"
"Rome, son. God has called me home..."

July 24th, 1983:
The trip took several days. But it was worth it, the beauty of Rome was beyond compare. To be at the heart of the Church, to experience the architecture of the Colosseum, St.Peter's Church, the Apostolic Palace. John never felt closer to God. He had yet to make contact with any other Imbued in the city. Not an easy task, with the large amount of tourists in the area. God would send him a sign soon, he thought. He had kept himself busy, he managed to grab a radio from an empty police car. He read the local newspapers and kept himself wary of anything suspicious. As he made his way to St.Peter's Square one Sunday morning to hear the Holy Father's Mass, John spotted what he was looking for...a priest, dressed in his black cassock with a small silver cross in his neck and a symbol on his hand:

"The mark of the Redeemer!" he shouted internally. That couldn't have been a coincidence, among the thousands of people in this square, that priest should find his way beside me. He had asked for a sign and the Lord had provided. Once the Homily had ended and the priest began making his way, John caught up with him.
"Father, might I have a word?" The man was in his late sixties, his hair a deep grey and receding. His face wore the age of his soul and his eyes a dark green.
"Of course my son, what can I do for you?"
"I believe I was meant to find you."
"Come with me."

He led John to a small chapel along one of the cobbled streets, this wasn't a tourist spot. The street was empty but for an old lady sitting on a chair on a balcony across from the Church. The street was lined with shops, but the doors were shut.
The priest beckoned John inside the Chapel as they walked down the aisle and blessed themselves at the Altar. The sat down at one of the front pews.

"Forgive me my son, I am Father Alvito." John gave his introductions.
"I prayed for God's aid and he has sent me you my son, there is a terrible darkness stalking our beloved City. One of the night folk prays on my flock. Twelve dead in the last three months and all with the same puncture marks on their neck. So far the police have made no connections, the victims are scattered around the city, not known to each other, some tourist and locals. I don't have the strength to take on such a creature anymore. That is why I called to God and he answered my prayer!"
John made inquiries, how many did the priest think were involved, recent sightings, witnesses and any means he could to get information. Before leaving, the priest took off his silver cross around his neck and gave it to John. He left with the priest's blessing. One mean son of a bitch was roaming Rome preying on the innocent and John had been summoned to deliver God's justice on the unfortunate creature.

Two nights later, John had the scent. His police radio picked up another body but this time there had been a witness. The victim's wife had returned home suddenly to find their family friend over her husband with a mouth dripping with blood.  She had thought him a cannibal, before she fainted. It wasn't long before John tracked the creature to a motel outside of Rome. A little help from God and a call from the motel owner to the police station about a male, shirt covered in blood and who paid triple the price of the room had made an easy target. John began to close in.

John watched the motel for three nights. Finally his mark had left the room, ready for another victim. John followed him silently, plotting his movements as the creature made its way back into the City of God. The creature stalked the paths and back roads, avoiding drawing attention to itself. John watched from a distance as the creature slithered into an open window of a house. John approached cautiously, listening for movement. He took out his lock-pick and made short work of the door, he creaked it open ever so slightly. The room was dark, no lights, he figured the family were asleep upstairs that lived here. He was wrong. The creature hadn't made its way to another victims house, but had led John back to its lair.

Before John realized what had happened, a sharp shriek was heard as John felt a heavy weight on top of him. His bag slid away from his hand as he fought to keep the creatures ferocious teeth from his neck. The sight of the vampire was terrifying, the look of a normal man, with teeth too big for its mouth and sharp as the claws of wolves. John had to find some way to even the odds, his bag out of reach he took a risk of grabbing the cross Father Alvito had given him from his neck, breaking the chain and pressing it hard against the creatures forehead. It let out a scream as a hist of steam appeared upon contact with its skin. It leap off John and fled to corner of the room. John had his opening, he ran to his bag and opened it as the creature came at him again.

John grab the stool from the floor and swung it at the Vampire, who was moving at incredible speed, when John looked back at this moment he thought it must have been God's grace that allowed the blow to strike. The stool broke off the creatures back, causing it to stumble and fall to the ground causing the legs of the stool to break. John quickly grabbed the broke legs, splintered and sharp and dived onto the creature, a leg in each hand and drove them through its chest. It was over.

When he walked back into that small Chapel, Father Alvito knew the deed had been done.
Bless you my child! The Lord did send you to me, I prayed for your return every night. You will always have a place here should you find yourself in our glorious City again." John stayed for a few nights, enjoying the sights, praying with Father Alvito and enjoying the benefits of a job well done. Before leaving, Father Alvito brought him down to the crypt beneath the Chapel. He walked him to a statue of St.Michel casting down Satan. John noticed that the sword he held was not made of stone, like the rest of the statue but of steel, coated with silver.

Father Alvito reached up and took the sword from the Archangel's hand and handed it to John.
"This sword has been passed down since the time of the Templars. It was given to me by another of our brothers who passed through this Church's doors many years ago. I have no use for it now my son, but your struggle in the name of our Lord continues. Take it with you and may it be used to deliver Evil from this world and aid you in your darkest hours." A gift from God, John warmly thanked the Father and gave him a hug. A bond over God, was a bond for life. John left that Church that day on August 5th. While he hasn't returned to Rome since, he thinks of Father Alvito and keeps him in his prayers. John's fight continues, but he hopes one day that his path may once again lead him to Rome.
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Re: Rendezvous in Rome
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Its pretty good, but you have some easily noticeable grammar mistakes, and uh;
"puncture marks on their neck." Don't know if you're aware but vampires can and will close those marks, so yeah, but over-all good story.
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