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Lilia Mayes
« on: March 24, 2018, 04:12:28 PM »
Spoiler for Lupus:


Name: Lilia Mayes.
Aliases: Lil'Mayo, little loba, Lily.
Birth date: 13th of September, 1985.
Embrace date: 10th July, 1999.
Place of birth: America, Red County.

Nature: Survivor.
The Survivor never concedes defeat. No matter what else happens, she who survives always has more of a chance at achieving her goals the next day. Survivors may be unpopular voices in the Garou Nation, criticizing the ideals of noble sacrifice and fighting a losing war. However, they can also be inspirational, refusing to succumb to despair or accept what others consider inevitable.

Demeanor: Loner.
Even in a crowd the Loner sticks out because he so obviously does not belong. Others view Loners as pariahs, remote, and isolated, but in truth, the Loner prefers his own company to that of others. For whatever reason, the Loner simply disdains others, and this feeling is often reciprocated. Criminals, radicals, and freethinkers are all Loner Archetypes. Kindred Loners often hail from one of the rugged individualist Clans like the Gangrel or Ravnos, and they have a proclivity for ending up Autarkis by dint of not giving a shit what some up-his-own-ass Prince or Archbishop says is a law.

Affiliation: N/A


Race: Hybrid.
Generation: 9th.
Clan: Gangrel.
Tribe: Tribeless.
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash.
The Ragabash is the mythic trickster, the fool who is alternately foolish and wise. He plays the role of the contrary, questioning tradition in order to find the wisest path. Although the New Moon may seem disrespectful, his wry humor and incisive insights are meant to serve the greater good of the Garou. The clever Ragabash doesn’t question every decision — only those that need it. In the field, the New Moon is a cunning scout and unconventional tactician, leading the enemy into ambushes and striking at their soft underbellies when they least expect it.
Rank: Cub.


Height: 1.47m or 4.8ft
Weight: 46.1 kg or 101 lbs
Apparent age: 14.
Physical marks: A large bite mark scar around her right shoulder.
Extras: A pair of pink shades and a black backpack.
Eye color: Brown.
Eye shape: Vertical, slit-shaped pupils. Much like a cat.
Hair color: Dark brown.
Skin color: Pale white.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Build: Mesomorph.
Clothing: A dark orange padded jacket, under that a pink and purple stripped top. A small pair of black denim jeans and muddy sports shoes.


- A constant slight frown on her face, never smiling at anything.
- A tired look most of the time, nightmares haunt her always.
- Under any type of stress, her left eye will twitch uncontrollably.
- Constantly sniffing and looking over her shoulder.
- Can speak French.
- Loves animals, especially ducks.

- Has a rage rating of 5.
Spoiler for Rage:
Rage has other effects on a werewolf beyond frenzy. Other animals, especially humans, can sense the predator that lurks just under a werewolf’s skin. When a human’s Willpower is less than a werewolf’s Rage, that human will avoid contact with the Garou if at all possible. He might cross the street to avoid “that weirdo,” decide to hail a cab rather than sticking around, or even run in fear. Most humans have a Willpower score of between 2 and 4, so the Curse is no laughing matter. Humans aren’t the only creatures affected by the Curse: wolves and other animals avoid the Garou whenever possible.

This Curse makes normal relationships with humans and wolves very hard and maintaining a family next to impossible. The Rage within a werewolf makes even their own Kinfolk uncomfortable, albeit to a lesser degree. Only other werewolves can offer a Garou true companionship. The Litany commands against the logical result of such close companionship.


- Survive;
There are so many things she needs to do first.
- Learn;
She doesn't fully understand how powerful she really is, nor what she's capable of.
- Cope;
Find a better way to live with herself.


Garou: So much in common with them than I like to admit, they're coming for everything I hold close to me and it will not be given up so easily this time. I won't abandon the ones I love like I did before, even though there aren't many left...

Cadavers: It's hard to be scared of them at all, if you watch them long enough they'll turn and start to kill each other. They're only human.

Usurpers: I want my one back.


[ooo] - Dead: not around anymore.
[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Dislike: distant, avoiding.
[ooo] - Neutral: no judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Friendly: sympathetic, valuing.
[ooo] - Family: admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.

Laurren Madison: "Sometimes I feel like there's nobody else to blame but me for what happened, I stood and watched. I never deserved you Laurrie, I'm so sorry, mom."           
Spoiler for Laurrie:
23rd of April 1999.    

Brad: "It wouldn't be worth going on any longer without a purpose so I'm glad I have you... I will get stronger and I will learn to protect family properly. Thank you for being there."

Heather Cadaver: "You are kind enough to keep my secret along with pretending to be my friend, I'm grateful Heather."

Kat: "I used to think it'd just be me and you at the end. Sorry for not visiting more but your house and the company you keep scare me."

Ava:: "I wish I could get close to you to talk, it'd be nice to see you properly again."

Devy:: "I hope they're teaching you something worth while, I miss you."

Sam: "You don't understand fully and that's good, I'd like to have kept things the way they were before... You're with better people now."

Isaac Cadaver: "You murdered four of your own kind all in one go... I know it's what I should expect from Cadavers but this scares me."

Stuart: "Useless person who feels guilty now it's all over, I had hope a long time ago but now I'm just disappointed."

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Re: Lilia Mayes
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it doesnt look bad
To see the face of immortality, you must leave the human world
This fire, these woods, the wind in the branches overhead,
This is the true world, the Mother’s realm,
The seat of the immortal, the heart of our world.
The Weaver spins a gilded web, and strong, but it is false,
Ephemeral, when placed against the branches or the flames.
Steel and glass give brave assurances, but only viewed against our
fragile flesh.
Inside that flesh, inside ourselves, is immortality.

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Add a theme song there maybe? Here's a perfect one for Lilia:

EDIT: Fuck, you already have music. Fuck me in the ass.
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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Nice :)

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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oo nice

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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hey this is nice

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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pretty good

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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no izuna? ok

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Oooo we got a Ronin werewolf, good luck suriviving.
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Re: Lilia Mayes
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nice, no touka? no china lady?

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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hmmm naked cadaver

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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Love it
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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Usurpers: They just want excuses to kill you.

Wth when did they actually kill anyone grrr
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Re: Lilia Mayes
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Usurpers: They just want excuses to kill you.[/color]

Wth when did they actually kill anyone grrr

howbout laurren?