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The fuel ran out...
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:35:30 PM »
"The fuel ran out, the engine died, the tires are popped, yet we can still be together... Nothing can stop me from seeing you once again Layla."

After leaving Red County, he returned to his home town where he grew up. Liberty City hasn't changed much on the first glance, but Gabe did however. He left this town shortly after Layla's death as a broken man, no ambition, no purpose, nothing. Too many memories of Layla haunted him as he tried to escape the old life, and forget about her and what she meant to him. Running away from his past has led him to a small town called Palomino where he joined the car jacking crew that was led by Keith Marshall. He stole cars, used drugs, consumed alcohol... He did everything just to occupy his mind, and car jacking was just a thing he had going on, as it was providing adrenaline. He was so good at car jacking, he was never in prison for it, nobody even suspected that a local junkie could do anything, let alone escape the cops on every turn. After the crew's disappearance, Gabe was the only one left, so he decided to start a company called "QuickFix". Many years did Gabe work as a town's mechanic, but everyone thought of him as a person with mental issues. Because of his behavior that he couldn't help, everyone bullied him, kicked him, punched him... But that didn't bother Gabe much, he loved the pain. The pain reminded him that he is still alive, and that Layla's death is not just a bad dream... The darkness surrounded him, his past, and those unresolved events in his past made him what he was. Nevertheless, he persevered through hope, he believed in better tomorrow...

Many years would pass, but the "better tomorrow" was not in sight. Thinking about Layla every single day, turning around in bed trying to see her, only to realize that she's not there anymore... Everything that he tried to do was accompanied with her smile. Happiness was drained from him, and he became lifeless husk on drugs. He tried to move on, to turn his life around, but it wasn't that simple. Until he met Heller... Heller lost a lot in his life, and was probably the first one to perceive that Gabriel needed someone to talk to, to help him through tough times, instead of judging him. Heller and Gabe became friends, close friends... Until Heller disappeared, and left him all alone again. But before that happened, Heller helped Gabriel, and Gabe turned his life around. He stopped using drugs, and shortly after, his telekinetic ability emerged. He learned how to control it, let's say through "trial and error", and became a monster hunter. He was rather successful in hunting them, and he enjoyed the adrenaline the hunt provided, but in the end, he would just lose even more... "The hunt takes everything away from you eventually".

And it did, the hunt took everything from Gabe as soon as he killed Connie Griggs, a ghoul that could've been saved. He reverted back to his state of decay, and shortly after, he went away from Red County, or rather, he tried to escape what he did... But you can't erase the past, no matter how much you want too. He escaped Liberty City after Layla's death, and now he escaped Red County after Connie's death. He had no place to run too, so he decided to face the past. He went back to Liberty city, and where the majestic oak stood once, he only found a stump. The oak was the first place he kissed Layla, and seeing it cut down only made him feel agony. As he walked through town, he would see Layla everywhere... Facing his past was not something he was ready for, but then again... How does one know when is the time to face the past? He would go to his brother's house, Nathaniel, and as soon as Nate saw him, he came running to hug and greet Gabe. "I thought you died off somewhere brother, i thought i lost you..."

He would visit Layla's parents, only to find out that her father died as well. Layla's mother was suffering from the "Alzheimer's Disease", not even remembering her son-in-law. Eventually, he mustered enough courage to visit Layla's grave. He snuck out of Nathaniel's house in the middle of the night, putting his jacket on, determined to make peace, once and for all. As he stepped inside the graveyard, the feeling of dread and despair would feel the air around him, while in the distance, he saw Layla's tombstone, shining like a beacon of hope... Slowly, he would walk towards the light, he wanted to reach her resting place, to make amends for leaving her... But that was all interrupted by the quick baseball bat onto Gabriel's skull...

As he fell down onto his knees, the unknown assailant would place the tip of the bat onto Gabriel's jaw, lifting his head up. "Do you think that you can just ash kindred, and walk away without punishment?", Gabriel was so close to make peace with his past, but once again, the past he tried to run away from has caught up to him, and this time... There was no escape. "Oh geez, you're not going to cry now are you?", said assailant with a sarcastic tone. Gabriel would not say a word, as he would shove past the vampire, eventually reaching his destination, Layla's grave. He dropped down, holding his tears. He knew that he doesn't have much time, as he just wiped the dust from Layla's picture. The tears would start rolling down his cheeks, but he was also happy at the same time, he was reunited with her... Sadly, the reunion didn't last long...

Another baseball hit would end up onto Gabriel's chest, cracking his ribs open as he was sent flying away from Layla's grave. The baseball would break in half by the sheer impact. "So this is the "Bane of Aqua family"? The man who killed a sea monster with his van? A person that took down Connie Griggs? Quite a resume, but... Here you are, and you're about to die like a pig... Not what i expected, honestly...", Gabriel would spit out blood, while trying to reach out for Layla's grave...

"You know what my boy? This is too easy... How about i kill the only person of value that you have left? Right in front of your own fucking eyes. Poetic justice... I like that.", as soon as he said that, he would bring his bother Nathaniel and set him down onto his knees. "Don't...", said Gabe, barely holding his breath from pain, as the rib cage was dented inside. The unknown kindred would throw Nathaniel towards Layla's tombstone, shattering it completely. He would then withdraw a hatchet, slowly going towards Nate. As soon as Gabe saw that, he focused onto the broken baseball bat, and with some gesturing, he sent it flying into the vampire's heart. He would fall down, completely paralyzed. Nathaniel would be unconscious, and Gabe would be crawling towards Layla's grave.

Blood would spill out of his mouth, on every attempt to get closer to Layla, but he endured the pain, he kept crawling, and placed his hand onto the broken tombstone. "It was... My... Ambition to come here once again... before you, my... love.", as he said that, Nate would wake up, but before he could do anything, Gabe would just yell for him to run! More of the kindred approached, and Nate was hesitant, but then Gabe grasped his hand, saying the following words: "This is how we'll win brother. By saving those that we love, not by killing those that we hate. RUN...", Nate would nod, and with a single tear, he would sneak away from the cemetery. "I knew we shouldn't have sent this idiot to do our job... Get his ass up, it's time to make some dead humans. We'll find the runaway later.", said one of the kindred behind Gabriel.

They would remove the "stake" from a kindred's heart, and then, Gabriel would be brought onto his knees, with a noose around his neck. The rope would be thrown onto the nearby tree branch, and then... Gabriel would be lifted upwards. As they all encircled him to watch his death, Gabe would open his eyes, trying to gasp for some air. "Motherfucker paralyzed me with a stake!". Eventually, all the struggle would leave his body, as he was finally reunited with Layla again. "Gabriel you foolish man... Why did you come to me so soon?", said Layla, as they would hug and greet each other in the afterlife. "I did my best Layla, but it wasn't enough to keep me away from you..."

(Yes, Gabe is CK'ed.)

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Re: The fuel ran out...
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no... not gabe   :'(

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Re: The fuel ran out...
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You are making the vampires look too good.
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Re: The fuel ran out...
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gABe nOH
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