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« on: March 31, 2018, 12:42:47 AM »
Again and again, and AGAIN.
How many are of you-.. disgusting things, why do you exist, I thought to myself as I held my sword and shield loosely due to the devastation, the harsh reality seemed like it, there are more of them.

How, how do their numbers overcome OURS!? We've rallied all the subdivisions of the church, all for this final battle, yet it seemed like we were the one's loosing it. I shouted, as clenched my teeth, while running up a small dirt hill which was just a small part of the huge battlefield. Swords, spears, shields, bows, were everywhere, the never ending arrows circled around both armies, as Humanity fought the Vampires in a true battle.

Yet, I see no light through the dark clouds, I see no GOD helping us-.. Why, why now?! After EVERYTHING we do for you, fight for you, KILL for you, you don't show up in a battle where humanity's beliefs and ideals will be shattered if lost...

I finally climbed up the hill, as I looked down, seeing the what seemed as a never-ending slaughter of individuals who desperately were fighting for their existence on this Earth..
As I watched, I heard a child's whisper come behind me,
"We can all live here, together, all you have to do-.. is give us your BLOOD! Besides, your God is dead anyway. After that, a insane laughter followed, upon turning around I stepped back words, due to this I fell down the hill straight into the battle, where a pale individual appeared in front of my eyes, holding nothing but a spear. I got up only to get knocked back by his shoulder, following with a series of spear thrusts towards me. I blocked off each one with my shield, but when I attempted to counter him with my sword, he managed to connect a hit by my side, thrusting it through my armor like it was paper, straight into my chest.

The pain was overwhelming, yet, what was left of my Will, was used to stay my ground, and swing my sword at the pale individual, which led to his head being sliced off, following the inevitable blood splatter.
That's another one, I thought as I looked into my sword, seeing my reflection, noticing the other blades and arrows that were pierced into me. One spear, two daggers, and three arrows, even I couldn't believe I was still standing.

I couldn't think of the pain that much, I was too busy charging at my undead foes, who seemed to be as terrified as I was. They possessed inhuman like speed, but we possessed sacred relics, which were used to grant us divine protection, or a divine blade.. Soon enough, I entered the battle field, with my armor covered in blood, and my vision blurry due to huge amount of sweat and tears.

Hours passed, and I was still standing, only this time with the support of my sword, I took off my helmet and looked around me, the corpses and ashes of many were all laying on the ground, while the slight wind blew in my face, getting me a clearer sight of what was around me. I breathed deeply, as I used the support of my sword to climb back onto the dirt hill I once was on, and once I got there, I truly saw the difference in numbers.

In front of me, stood a army of pale individuals, each with its own expression and clothing, each with its own unique weapon, sword, dagger, spear, mace, bow.. Yet when I looked back, the only humans I saw, were dead. The battle was lost, our divine quest has been destroyed-.. when I think back of these moments, the only thing that consumes my mind, is hatred, hatred towards
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Re: War
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Pretty creative.
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Re: War
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Pretty creative.
His creativity becomes more creative at night.
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