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Fate's Choice
« on: April 16, 2018, 12:41:11 PM »
Rain was pouring as fast as ever, with deafening thunder accompanying it. Bright flashes filled the skies as lightning struck, mightier than ever. It was a raging storm that very night. Between the trees, in the very heart of the forest, a shrouded glen stood, leaves, and vegetation of sorts surrounding it. Growls, and barks filled the glen, as the struggle had started. Half-way through the night, whimpers were heard, relief filling the atmosphere. In the hands of the woman was now held an infant-sized, fur-covered wolf; it wasn't just any wolf - it was a shame to the Nation, to those of the tribe, andm the pack; a breach of the Litany. The child had been born a Metis, as two couldn't keep their fitlhy 'love' to themselves, a darn disgrace.

The child had been brought up in secret, kept away from the mundane, kept away from the others. No one was entitled to see such, but it couldn't be hidden forever, eventually they came across it, and it's family. Outrageous and unacceptable, a Metis child, whose father was not even present, or known. It was decided both the mother and her child had to leave the pack, they were cast out, and thus sentenced to survive on their own, or find others to welcome such disgrace amongst themselves. She loved him, and would not give him up for anything in the world, a mother's love, is after all, unconditional.

Out in the wild, the winter was tougher than ever, this year, a merciless winter it seemed to be. Having to provide for both her child and herself, she had to find a way to survive, if not for her, at least for her little one. She sought out an old friend of her's, one of the only ones she had trusted, the father of the child having perished before it's birth. In a secluded countyside of the United States was where they would ultimately find shelter; where she would find peace, if only for a couple of days.

Explaining the situation to Michael, he understood she was desperate, and only wanted the best for her child. But he couldn't help her, not in the way she asked. Eventually, with pleading and no other options, she's found someone to raise the child with - her trust wasn't in vain. They settled with Michael's pack, whom wasn't approving of Metis either, but were certainly not as insulted by them - after all, they were still Garou. Brad's upbringing was different than others', he had been born in the war form of the Garou, which is hard to go through childhood in by itself; yet it didn't stop there, his deformities became more apparent with age, the horns he bears were the main topic when poking fun at him. "You're a mistake." "You shouldn't exist." "Look at you, are you a wolf, or are you a ram?" "Surely can't tell if he's either with those horns", just a few of the things Brad had to endure daily.

There was nothing better for him, being allowed to grow up sufficed, taking it in full whenever bullied. This wouldn't go unnoticed by his mother, though, who had done her best to explain there is a place for him amongst the others, he wasn't a mistake, and would become a great warrior one day. It wasn't long until both him and the other younglings would start learning about their purpose, each as their Auspice dictated, warriors, story-tellers, seers, and judges of the Nation.

Thorought a silent night hell broke loose. The camp had been breached into, and the very warriors of the pack had jumped in on the front line, fending off the attackers. Others tended to their tasks, and helped with what they could, while Brad's mother sought him out as fast as she could, making sure he was safe. Watching the others fight was inspiring for Brad, he could feel that being in their place one day, would be great honor. Unattentive, and through the chaos, his mother was struck, only giving him enough time to dash away as his eyes saw the massacre of his mother - they had murdered her in front of his very eyes; frozen and whining, he slowly crawled away and moved not until the battle was over.

The events had taken their toll on everyone, but it had hit Brad the most, the only one close to him, had perished. There was no one left for him, not even others he could call 'friends'. Being made fun of had also went on, having everything grow mentally troubling for Brad. A warrior's psyche however is not as easy to breach as they would expect. He often headed outside the camp, to rejoice in the nature's beauty, as the flowers bloomed during the summer. Away from the harassment, from being riddled in shame, he could clear out his mind, and find peace, even if it was brief.

It had occured to Brad that he wasn't alone through the forest, catching silouhettes out of the corner of his eye, hearing footsteps, and occasionally a hummed melody. He didn't mind it, as long as it had left him alone, it wouldn't pose as trouble. His curious nature, however, kept poking at him, and eventually he set out to see who his misterious companion was. He came across a woman, and approaching her was the peak moment of his life. Meeting each other, and sharing brief details only had Brad grow increasingly curious. They quickly grew close to each other, a bond, the only one which he could have called friendship was formed.

In time, they would only learn more of each other, and Catherine grew fond of Brad, as he did of her. Not finding many to share her views with, she confided with Brad, and heard him out. Her touch soothing as she led her hand to his, their fingers locking together; for the first time, he wasn't feeling ashamed, he didn't have to hide what he was, who he was. He felt her honesty, and her kind heart, but he couldn't be fully honest with her, his nature wasn't for everyone to know. Of course, fate had much in store for Brad.

Months had passed, and the two have become very close to each other, not having a secret, well - except for the one each of them held hidden from the other, enemies of centuries.

The skies grew a dark blue as night was setting in, it was time for goodbye, once again. Wrapping their arms around eachother, he bid Catherine farewell, pacing away himself. Lost in his thoughts on his way back to the camp, he's heard a loud shot piercing the silence, not taking a second guess, he's shifted and dashed back into the depths of the forest, finding Catherine surrounded. Jumping into the fight, he's fought for her, being rendered helpless, she laid there, on the grass - it sent Brad into a raging frenzy, ripping away all of the assailants. Mustering up enough power of will, he's dropped down, next to her, glaring at the blood. He teared up, it couldn't be, she just had to wake up. He's spent the night next to her, but exhausted and wounded, he drifted to sleep - his hand holding her's.

If not for him, Catherine's story would have come to an end the very night. The bright rays of the sun shined onto both, awakening Brad from his slumber, with a stinging sensation in his right calf "Ugh!" he exclaimed, peering over. "Don't move a lot now, it looks awful." she said, Brad's heart racing, she had survived, Catherine was alright -- he couldn't belive it, raising, in pain with both arms wrapped around her. A giggle. Her cold hands touched his cheek as they gazed at each other. Knowing what he was didn't change what she felt for Brad, hours spent with him felt like days going by, she hadn't yet found another to converse, and feel as this for. Left alone after her Sire's demise, she had been learning on her very own, seeking someone she could confide in, someone she could trust, in whom's hands she could set her life and eventually... her heart.

Fate bound them to each other. Not wishing to return to the camp, Brad and Catherine left together, to seek a life for themselves. It was, though, a matter of time until Brad had found out of what she really was - and she was afraid, afraid that he would no longer see her in the same way. Going through a lot together, their bond strengthened over time, and there was not one without the other. She knew it wouldn't last forever, but she didn't want it to end, and through selfishness, she's proposed an offer to him. Having already shared his nature with her, Catherine decided to share her own. It did surprise Brad at first, but he didn't seem phased as much as she had expected. "I want us to be together, Brad. I couldn't bear losing you." she said; "I wouldn't let that happen, Catherine. What I feel for you doesn't change. This is what you are, I've been shamed all my life, cast out, for what I am - I would not hold anyone's nature against themself, especially not yours." Not having sought his fellow Garou in years, he's only garnered the knowledge and reputation during his stay in the camp, known amongst some, stationed as a Fostern. He felt helping those who called him a disgrace, cast him out and made fun of him every single day was not right.

Catherine was always there for him, and he was ready to accept her offer. "I have no guarantee this will work, Brad. I... don't know much of this. I haven't had a Childe of my own before." she said, her voice shaken, not wishing to hurt the one she loved so dearly. "I want us to be together forever, Catherine. If what we can do is try, then... then I want us to do so." he agreed, partly hesitant. Wrapping her arms around him, they laid down, watching the rain pour through the window, drop by drop. Reminscing the first, joyful and beautiful moments they've spent together, she ran her fingers through his hair, while he brushed his thumb against the palm of her hand. Would it have gotten this far if it wasn't worth a try? Turning around, Brad closed in his lips to her's. A kiss, not to bid farewell, but as a gift, to thank her for everything should it turn out for the worst.

Her cold fingers trailed down his neck, coming to a stop slowly, as both of her lips, equally cold were planted on his neck. Her other hand clenched tightly into his, she parted her lips, her fangs piercing the very skin of Brad's - his grasp on her hand tightening in a sudden reaction. His eyes shut, and memories racing through his head, his life was slowly sucked out; his grasp growing limp around Catherine's hand. A last attempt of his spiritual self made, his very essence and Gaia not letting him become a monster - had failed horribly, in his favor, as he slowly collapsed into Catherine's arms.

Pulling her lips back, with tears of blood running down her cheeks, she reached out for a small blade, an incision made for blood to drip through. She parted Brad's lips, and in the complete silence of the dark room she had let her blood drip through the lips of her lover, her other palm clenched into a fist. Unlife had been granted to what was once a warrior of Gaia, both unknown to him, and her, he had become a monster - but he had already been regarded as one, a darn disgrace.

What followed was a discovery for both, an unique experience, which only bonded the two together as strongly as it was possible. Learning of her powers, he had also learned he kept his shifting ability, but had lost others. What was important to him was, they were together, and as such they would be inseparable. Fate had played it's card, and Brad had found what he believe was happiness, the life he had wished for. His story doesn't end here though.

A storm filled the small city, leaving only the thunder to be heard along the bells of the manor's clock tower. Catherine had left a few hours prior, insisting that she had to take care of business with an old friend, which Brad didn't mind, having complete trust in her. She hadn't returned for a great while, which was uncharacteristic of her - which is why Brad took it upon himself to go and check on her, at a manor in the east of the city. Arriving half-way through a fight, he's done his very best to find her, mauling those who stood in his way, to the full extent of his wrath. Shifting back, he paced through the rain, reaching out to her body, when a searing arrow had struck her. It... it was... over, she turned to ash, and he fell to his knees, his world destroyed. Devastated, he's not left what used to once be their home for weeks, lost in depression and psychological erosion.

With years passing, he's come to understand that an Abomination like himself was not accepted anywhere, and he didn't need to, he never was. Pacing down the alleyway at dawn, he had embarked a bus, peering down at his ticket which read 'Red County, Palomino Creek'. A single sigh escaped his parted lips as he looked out the window, awaiting departure -

Forever grateful to her... to Catherine...

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Re: Fate's Choice
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Its fucking cool i love brad s story

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Re: Fate's Choice
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me during simons stories

when youre natively english but cant speak it

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Re: Fate's Choice
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Quote from: Camille
“Sometimes scars are the most refined attire one can wear.”

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Re: Fate's Choice
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Re: Fate's Choice
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and then he tried to 1vs1 a garou, but then another wild garou appeared, leading to them fighting and Brad's incap and then Brad failed rage roll and died, the end.
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